Tuesday 4 November 2014

Session 76 21/10/1483 DR Tanarukkin' the River

Jareth, Dunstan, Boulder, Crag, and two of Lirael's archer-Rangers (Orrick Arroway & Gylda Lodwicke) are tracking a group of orcs reported by the Halflings of Downshire, on the lower Heartblood River east of Karse. Jareth and the orcs spot each other across the river - not just orcs, but demon-blooded Tanarukk! In a fierce river battle between the rival scout parties a spear-wielding demon orc gives Jareth some difficulty, but eventually six of the Tanarukk are slain, though Crag and Gylda also fall. The seventh Tanarukk, a Flamespeaker shaman, makes himself scarce. Jareth finds platinum coins and gems on the Tanarukk. He & Dunstan take the bodies of their fallen back to the Green Regent, who Resurrects Crag. Gylda is placed in Gentle Repose and also Resurrected once the Regent has recovered his strength.

2 Tanarukk Marauders 1600x2=3200
4 Tanarukk Steel Warriors 2000x4=8000
1 Tanarukk Flamespeaker (escaped) 1600/2=800
Total: 12000/3 = 4000 each.
Level 17 quest: defeat Tanarukk scouting party - 1600 each

Total: 5600 +  179,307=184,907

210,000 XP for Level 22

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