Tuesday 25 November 2014

Session 79 RL22 24/4/1484 DR Attack of the Swordwings


Lirael has given Brikos Stoneshoulder the money needed for Reagants to recraft the fallen Stoneshoulder Bridge. Aided by Ironforge dwarves, Brikos has begun the rebuilding, hoping to have the bridge completed in autumn 1484 DR. Many look forward to a new golden age for the Gray Vale - "the Shining Vale once more!" according to Brikos.

M4 1484 DR:
Tigerclaw hunting/patrol parties have been vanishing in the Southern Dire Wood. Sir Jorah suggests a small party of heroes to hunt and/or lure out the attackers - Jorah, Lirael, Dunstan & Jareth. They find a deserted Tigerclaw camp near a rift from which warm Underdark air rises. The cherries are in bloom. When the hidden attackers strike, Lirael identifies them as Swordwings, ferocious aberrations of the Deep Underdark. Their breathing slits glisten with greenish-white fungus - the sentient fungal entity Auramycos, said to cover hundreds of miles of tunnels beneath the High Forest.

In a fierce fight the vicious creatures are defeated. In their guts Jareth finds a large diamond, platinum pieces, and a brass efreeti ring bound with elemental fire. He takes it to Anaveth, who is able to enchant it into a powerful fire ring. Lirael communicates with Prince Konn and Shaman Thornstag via animal messengers, Sir Jorah leads the Tigerclaw to the battlefield and Thornstag promises that the Tigerclaw shamans will seal the rift.

3 Swordwings 21,000
Auramycos, level 21 hazard 3,500
Seal Underdark rift, level 21 minor quest 3,500
Total: 28,000/3.5=8,000 each

8,000+206,316 = 214,316

210,000 for Level 22
255,000 XP for Level 23

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