Monday 23 February 2015

Session 80 20-21/8/1484 DR Dhaunayane Nasadra

High Priestess Amathea
Brikos Stoneshoulder is researching how to defeat Stonefang, a task the legions of Ammarindar never truly accomplished. This will enable Dunstan to marry his beloved Serka. Brikos arranges a meeting with Hallomak Stromm in Waterdeep. Hallomak has located a guide to the primordial temple known as The Roots of the Earth - a mysterious drow called Dhaunayane Nasadra. Hallomak believes that the Roots of the Earth holds the Eye of Terror (Terra?) , a primordial artifact that is rumoured to maintain the link between Stonefang and Ogremoch, elemental prince of evil earth. Destroy the Eye and Stonefang should be rendered mortal.

Sorrowsworn Reaper of Shar
Paelias visits the Temple of Selune, High Priestess Amathea tells him that she and Hallomak are battling the devil-cultists called the Ashmadai, allied with Szass Tamm of Thay, and that the Ashmadai seem to be led by a great power of the infernal planes. Amathea gives Paelias a moonstone, which should enable her to communicate with him even in the depths of the Underdark.
Hallomak and Dhaunayane manage to open a portal to the old Dwarves' Deep mithril mine, 9 miles below the High Gap in the northern Graypeak mountains. Nasadra, Jareth Lirael Paelias and Dunstan step through, and encounter a huge elder red dragon - Azaegal, son of Xhitigal! Jareth surprisingly gets on well with the dragon, giving it an enchanted greatsword as tribute, and the group are permitted to pass. Dhaunayane leads them down into the lower depths of the Underdark, but a navigation error takes them into the realm of the Fomor lord called The Butcher. His zombies burst from the mushroom fields and attack; the butcher takes the field aided by a dark Sorrowsworn of Shar, which calls Dhaunayane traitor and tries to slay her. The enemy are defeated. On the Butcher's body is a Ritualist's Ring. Dhaunayane reveals that she serves Lolth. Last of the Nasadra, the royal line of Ched Nasad, she seeks to defeat the Shar-worshipping traitors who now rule Ched Nasad.

Meeting with Hallomak Stromm mq-24: 1513
Pealias meets with High Priestess Amathea, receives moonstone, mq-20: 700
Open Portal to the Old Dwarf Mine mq-20: 700
Jareth negotiates past Azagael, Elder Red Dragon: 10375
The Fomorian Killing Fields:
19 Brute Zombies m20: 700x19=13300
Sorrowsworn Reaper sl27: 11000
The Butcher, Fomorian eb22: 8300
Total: 45888/5= 9178
Roleplay XP bonus +1,000 each=10,178

10,178+ 214,316=224,494 XP
255,000 XP for Level 23

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