Sunday 15 February 2015

Heroes of Loudwater PCs M8 1484 DR.

Lirael Widdershins (Kimberly), Baron-Warden of the Northwood. Ranger, Legendary Sovereign. Half-Elf, Reveres Mielikki. Married to Sir Jorah Blackthorn, the Steward of Northwood.

Jareth (Nick), Commander of the Northwood Guard. Slayer, Invincible Vanguard. Human, reveres Tempus. Cohort: Crag the Goliath.

Sir Dunstan Ironforge (Philippe), Keeper of the Northwood Larder, Warlord. Dwarf, reveres Moradin. Cohort: Cerdic Ironforge, master smith.

Sir Paelias (Stewart), Ranger, Dark Wanderer, Eladrin, reveres Selune. Cohort: Anaveth, Silverstar of Selune.

Dhaunayane Nasadra (Tiffany), Drow Warlock, renegade from Ched Nasad, Punisher of the Gods. Reveres Lolth and seeks revenge against the Jaezred Chaullsin and the followers of Shar who took over her city.

Current In-Game Date (as of Feb 2015) is M8 1484 DR.
1. The Stoneshoulder Bridge is well on the way to completion. Brikos Stoneshoulder aims to have it operational by the end of the year, allowing caravan traffic over the Greyflow for the first time since the Spellplague.
2. Under Lirael's direction new classrooms have been instituted across Northwood, most of the teaching is by local clerics, sages and wizards such as Anaveth, Brikos Stoneshoulder, Clintus Moonwatcher, and junior wizards from the Fiery Spire, aided by local assistants. Efforts are underway to recruit teachers from further afield.
3. Dunstan has been researching the legend of Stonefang, with a view to freeing Serka Glintshield from her Shadowed Chain vow. In between directing the construction of his bridge, the dwarf wizard Brikos Stoneshoulder has been examining the histories and prophecies on the Ammarindar Plates, the dwarven copper 'scrolls' stolen by the dragon Nightshade and more recently acquired by Arya from the Red Wizard Lord Myuni. He has found reference to a hidden 'earth temple' known as The Roots of the World, somewhere in the Deep Underdark below Ammarindar, below even the drow realm of Ched Nasad. In search of more information Brikos has been consulting with Hallomak Stromm, the legendary savant-sage of Waterdeep...

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