Monday 25 May 2015

Session 85 RL24 24/8/1484 Fall of Gorath the Pit Fiend

Gorath, very briefly a Duke of Hell
Maxtorious, Godslayer Champion of Tiamat

While Paelias & Dunstan assist Liana Arunsen and High Priestess Amathea in dealing the mortal Ashmadai cultists in Waterdeep, Lirael Jareth Dhaunayane & the Green Regent Halvath Cormarrin enter Hell to defeat the Evil at source...

They meet a Dragonborn Godslayer sent by Tiamat and a Treachery Demon sent by Graz'zt to close the rift likewise, and despite the Treachery Demon's frequent treachery are able to cross the Fields of Fire, reach Gorath's lair, and defeat both him and two Balors sent by Orcus. As the rift closes the heroes flee just before the lair/temple of Asmodeus explodes, burying the last Balor - which then also explodes.

The group returns to Hallomak's portal and home.

Monsters defeated
8 Legion Devils min-21: 800x8=6400
2 War Devils brute-22: 4150x2=8300
2 Ice Devils soldier-20 2800x2=5600
2 Balor Demons Elite-27: 22,000x2=44,000
Gorath, Pit Fiend Duke of Hell Solo-26: 36000
Entropic Collapse Hazard +5,100
Total Combat XP:  105400/5=21080

Level 26 Major Quest Close the Hell Rift: 9000 each

Total: 30080 each
30080+279074 =309154 XP
Need 310,000 for Level 24

Blessing of Mielikki: Party > Level 24,  310.000 XP! :)

Need 375,000 for Level 25

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