Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Session 93 RL26 4/9/1484 Conquest of Ched Nasad

When the heroes enter the hall of the ruling council from the roof they find the drow waiting, led by the two Patriarchs. A long and gruelling battle follows, Dunstan falls to the Guardian Spiders, but eventually the Jaezred Chaullsin perish; one drow battle champion flees along with a guard. A Potion of Life is found and used to restore Dunstan.
The matron mother of Teh'Kinrelliz has sadly fallen in the assault on the Temple of Shar, which had been corrupted by Orcus' dark energies, the Sharan priests turned to undead abominations. Her daughter Zesstra closed the energy portal opening rifts to the Underdark, ending the immediate threat to the city. Dhaunayane Nasadra is proclaimed Matriach of Ched Nasad.

2 Drow Blademasters Skirm-25 xp 7000x2=14000
1 Lolth's Reaver Brute-25 xp 7000
12 Drow Guards  min Art-21 xp 800x12=9600
2 Shar Hags Cont-27 xp 11000x2=22000
2 Drow Archmages, Zamzt & Tomphael Art-25 xp 7000x2=14000
1 Drow Shadowblade Lurk-24 xp 6050
Total  72650/4=18162 each
Level 26 Major Quest - Conquer Ched: 9000 each
Total 27162 each

450,000 for Level 26
550,000 for Level 27

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