Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Session 92 4/9/1484 Assaulting the Castle

While the others sleep, Dhaunayane conspires with Zesstra Teh'kinrelliz. Lirael arrives. Just after 'dawn' the group approach the Ruling Council's council fortress in the highest web level, posing as a guard with prisoners, Dhaunayane attempts to talk her way in but unfortunately claims to be a drow already in the council hall; the guards open fire, shooting down her conscripts; the group rushes forward to attack. Paelias breaks into the fortress entry hall while the others scale the walls, defeating a second wave of guards; their leader flees and shuts the door behind him. Bolg and the Orcs run up, Paelias uses them as a battering ram to break through the acid-trapped second door into the inner halls...

Castle Assault 7000
14 Drow Guards defeated min-21 800x14=11,200
Door Trap lvl 25 7000
Total 25,200/4=6,300 each
450,000 for Level 26

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