Friday 4 March 2022

DuLac & Ducaris Families


In northern Arcata lies the Barony duLac under Baron Brandis DuLac, father of Arifia DuLac and uncle of Barbara d'Ashe. The DuLac are allied with the DuCaris family across the river in Brandiar.

Lord Brandis DuLac - Brandis's estate lies at Ostra; ca M4 1359 DR his daughter Arifia travelled to visit her cousin Barbara d'Ashe (nee DuLac) in the south. During the war much of northern Arcata was occupied by the Witch-King, who raised soldiery from the territory. Lord Brandis DuLac shielded his family by permitting this levy and giving tribute, though he never took the field against King Virdin himself, or allowed Vaasan inhuman forces within Ostra's stout stone walls. Consequently the DuLac are not in good favour with some - but Duke William Hogarth of Arcata is himself known as a quisling following the Battle of Goliad, and prefers such men stay in power.

M10 1360 DR: Baron Brandis DuLac has six offspring, two sons and four daughters, all of whom live, five of whom are married, plus his niece Barbara, wife of Norrin. The five are well married to knights and ladies across the Barony DuLac centred on Ostra, and beyond across northern Arcata, creating a strong power base. 


In recent months (1359 DR) it's rumoured that Friar Dugald has been courting Jane Ducaris (Noble), a noble Lady of Goliad town & now Baroness Ducaris (though the Barony Ducaris itself in SW Brandiar is largely in ruins), with a view to marriage. While unrelated to the old Dukes of Brandiar, the Ducaris lineage is impeccable - Jane Ducaris is a distant cousin of Duke Gareth Dragonsbane himself! The Ducaris are also related to the noble Dulac family of Ostrav in Arcata.

Brandi Ducaris 1335-, Baroness Ducaris fr. 1361
Brandis DuLac, the Baron DuLac 1305-

Lady Maria DuLac (nee Ducaris) 1306-

Barbara D'Ashe-Norrin (nee DuLac) 1333-

Ages at end of 1360 DR
Brandis DuLac, the Baron DuLac 55
Maria DuLac, the Lady DuLac 54
Barbara D'Ashe-Norrin (nee DuLac), the Lady D'Ashe 27
Brandi Ducaris, the Baroness Ducaris 25
Arifia DuLac-Edercast, wife of Malied Edercast 22
Jane Ducaris, the Baroness Ducaris 26 RIP M2 1361 DR

Arifia DuLac-Edercast 1338-

Baroness Jane Ducaris 1334-1361

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