Monday 1 August 2011

Rescuee Notes - end Session 3

The Burning Hand have now rescued 23 women & girls from the slavers:

6 on the Pale Minnow Riverboat
7 from Zark's warehouse, including Lady Moonfire's lady-in-waiting Calia Covere
10 from the Zelbross Bandits, including Holly, Amara deTrevani, Penny Tavistock & Pamela Bardew

According to notes recovered from the Najaran Serpent Man that took a couple days to decipher, a previous group of some 20 captives ("Serpent Brides") were dispatched with Serpent Man guards over the High Moor to the Snake Realm of Najara several weeks ago. These are noted as including 3 priestesses and 6 novitiates from a small river-bank Temple of Oghma east of Loudwater which was sacked by the Pale Minnow slavers, and Eclara, the Lady of Travys Manor, which lay north-west of Loudwater towards the Dire Wood. The bandits sacked the manor house, killed the manservants, captured Lady Eclara and her maids, and made the attack look like an Orc raid. The maids included Pamela Bardew, the blonde who was taken by the bandit leader 'Humungus' as his personal property.

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