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Loudwater Key & Shopping

 Town of Loudwater 
Population 2,000+
Ruler: Lady Moonfire, High Lord of Loudwater
Settlement Wealth Limit: 840gp - items up to level 9 (4200gp) can be sold for 20% of list price.
Loudwater NPCs
Forgotten Realms Wiki Entry

History - from frWiki.

The great dwarven craftsman Iirikos Stoneshoulder of Ammarindar built an ornate bridge across the Delimbiyr River in 149 DR for elven friends of his, at a time when Ammarindar ruled the Shining Vale south of the High Forest, but much of the population was elven. These elves, who were members of two moon elf families who followed Labelas Enoreth, built a school of philosophy on the north bank of the river. Constructing homes around the school, which they named the Velti’Enorethal, the site grew into a small town. The population grew again when Earlanni sun elves applied to join the school. Later, humans descended from the survivors of Netheril discovered the town and built their own houses, bringing human ideals to the expanding settlement. Most of the humans lived separately from the elves on the south bank of the river. The first Green Regents of Mielikki are said to have appeared at this time.
In 882-3 DR shield dwarves and wood elves fleeing from the fall of Eaerlann and Ammarindar swelled Loudwater's population. In 884 DR a small group of Tanarukk reached the north side of Loudwater, sacked the Velti’Enorethal school of philosophy, and killed many. The last of these Tanarukk were killed on the Stoneshoulder bridge by dwarves, elves and humans fighting together. Attempts were later made to re-found the School, but northern Loudwater never fully recovered.
In 1100 DR the remaining elves began slowly leaving their homes for Evereska, and the north bank of Loudwater was slowly abandoned.
In 1150 DR, fifty years later, a family of mages from Calimshan called the Renshas conquered the Delimbiyr Vale, centering their power in Loudwater. Though they made Loudwater a much more prosperous town by exploiting the Vale's natural resources and expanding its limits, they despoiled much of the pristine beauty of the area and the amoral Renshas also committed several atrocities in pursuit of their art, including the killing of Unicorns. The Renshas ruled for 165 years (1150-1315 DR) before a Nimbrali mercenary working for them named Nanathlor Greysword rebelled against their rule after receiving a message from Mielikki who was angered at the Rensha's actions within the Vale, which she considered sacred. Nanathlor became the first Green Regent since the coming of the Renshas.
The two-year long War of the Returned Regent (1315-17 DR) freed the Vale from Rensha rule and Nanathlor,was acclaimed as ruler of Loudwater. He ruled in relative peace for 52 years (1317-1372 DR) (though only the first four as Green Regent) until Malarite lycanthropes attacked the city after a blood red moon appeared in the sky over the Vale. Nanathlor himself was on his deathbed but the citizenry, led by a young man named Stedd Rein saved the town when Stedd opened his father's stock of silvered weapons. Kalahar Twohands, Gauntlet of the western marches, replaced Nanathlor, who didn't survive to see his city saved. Kalahar oversaw the most turbulent years in Loudwater's history since the war. A mass migration of orcs, threats from a bandit army and their Illithid allies, dragons and several attacks from the Zhentarim.
Along with Secomber, Loudwater was the only settlement of any size in the Gray Vale to survive the effects of the 1385 DR Spellplague, though now much reduced in size.


1. Town Gates A large gateway leads under a tall wall and opens onto the streets of Loudwater. Several bored-looking guards stand watch at the entrance. Two iron gates, East Gate and West Gate, comprise the town’s primary entrances. These gates stand open during the day, leaving a 20-by-20-foot path that leads through the wall and into the town. A walkway crosses over the opening, connecting either side of the wall. Two towers, which are part of the wall, rise 40 feet above a gate. West Gate and East Gate are closed and locked at night, though they are opened for people leaving the town. Each of the gates is staffed by a group of four guards. Lone travelers and small groups can enter and exit for free; traders and merchants pay 5 sp per wagon or cart. Monsters and creatures that resemble monsters are refused entry.

2. South Square Carts and tents surround a large communal well in the center of this plaza. The citizens of Loudwater bustle about the area, shopping for food, clothing, and crafts. Caravanners and river merchants set up carts and tents along the southern wall near the town’s permanent shops. People looking for food, supplies, and miscellaneous items might find what they’re looking for here.

3. Garwan’s Curiosities A sign bearing the image of a unicorn horn, an hourglass, and the words “Garwan’s Curiosities” hangs at the front of this store. Windows provide a view of bizarre items, including a shrunken head, candy wrapped in colorful leaves, playing cards, smoking accessories, fancifully decorated tankards, and more. Locals visit Garwan’s to find interesting gifts or to sell off junk in which Garwan sees value. Strange items lie tucked away in the dusty nooks of this shop, though few pieces are of any real value. However, sometimes rare items pass through Garwan’s, and a lucky customer comes away with a valuable treasure. Thus, a stop at Garwan’s Curiosities remains a favorite diversion among locals, especially Loudwater’s youth. Garwan: Garwan is a white-bearded, wizened man, and he is happy to let customers browse while he sits at the counter puffing on a prodigious pipe.  
Shopping: 50% chance for a random magic item (or 1d6 consumables) of level 1-5, 25% chance for a random item of level 6-10, check 1/week for both. Sold at list price.

4. Starra’s Knives This dimly lit shop smells of oil and steel. The southern wall has a large display containing hundreds of different knives and daggers. No other place in Loudwater offers a better selection of knives, daggers, and other small bladed weapons. Many of the blades on display have accompanying names and stories, though the veracity of these embellishments is doubtful. Deanna “Starra” Starr: The proprietor of the knife shop is Deanna Starr, though most people just call her “Starra.” Folks say that Starra hails from Tethyr, but they know little else about her.
Shopping: A visit to the shop is 50% likely to turn up a +1 dagger for around 250-300gp, and 25% likely to turn up a +1 or +2 enchanted dagger or similar of level 2-9 (d8+1) at 25% under list price, checking once/week for both.

5. Green Tankard Tavern A sign with a green-painted tankard of ale proclaims the nature of this establishment. The tavern’s large common room holds a gregarious group that includes townspeople, riverboat folk, merchants, farmers, and one or two individuals wearing the badges of the Loudwater Patrol. Called simply “the Tankard” by locals, this roomy inn and tavern serves as the public house for the southern portion of Loudwater; the Fisher’s Friend pub (area 15) serves the northern part of the town, including the docks. The Tankard offers beer, spirits, and a variety of expensive wines. Meals are available throughout the day, and rooms can be rented for overnight stays. Regulars and travelers alike gather each day to drink, gossip, sing, and engage in games of chance. Marsh Laval: This loud, talkative halfling is the Tankard’s proprietor. He enjoys sitting back to tell a long story, even to the exclusion of other patrons who are waiting for his service.  He is aided by his barmaids Holly and Penny.
 22/6/180 Quinn: Marsh escorts you through the kitchens, saying hello to two female halfling cooks. Marsh: "This is Brenda and Wanda, my cousins. Ladies, meet Quinn Eventide." The cooks greet Quinn affably. Marsh escorts Quinn to a door and into his low-ceilinged chamber. Marsh: "Here's my books... As you can see, I normally clear around fifty to a hundred each month, after wages and costs. The servers and cooks get five silvers a day each, that's fifteen gold a month. Usually two cooks and three servers, so seventy-five gold between them, but I'm short a server right now. I have the freehold on the property. The whole business with the property is worth around six thousand I reckon, but you can have it for four grand."
From what Quinn knows, Marsh's wages are around double to treble the typical going rates she's used to - a house maid or scullion typically earns around 3gp a month with accommodation, tavern staff earn more as it's harder work, but 6gp-9gp is typical for a good serving maid or skilled cook. Either Pamela Bardew must be earning a lot at the Fisher's Friend for Algrim to have lured her away from the Green Tankard, or else she just prefers working on her back to working on her feet... (compare Northwood Manor wages - 2gp/month per servant & 6gp/month per soldier, bed & board not counted).

6. Loudwater General A hanging sign shows this large building to be Loudwater General. From other signs on the storefront, the place appears to carry everyday goods necessary to those living on the frontier. A person can purchase tools, clothing, food, drink, simple melee and ranged weapons, ammunition, and adventuring gear at this store. In Loudwater General, characters can find items from the Player’s Handbook of 30 gp value or less. Calla Maran: The one-handed proprietor, Calla Maran, runs the general store with the help of her stockboy, Raumandar.

7. Stables The earthy scent of hay and manure is strong in this wide building. The whinny of horses and the snort of oxen indicates that the building houses many beasts of burden. Carts, wagons, and other transports are also parked nearby. Mounts can be kept here for 2 sp per day. Riding horses can also be bought and sold at the stables. Darden, Dred, and Drer: These three brothers own the stables. They are the nephews of Garwan, who owns Garwan’s Curiosities. They manage the facility and employ several assistants who feed, water, brush, clean, and care for the animals.

8. Loudwater Smithy The clank of metal on metal, the hiss of steam, and the roar of flames issues through the open door of this establishment. A hammer and anvil decorate a sign hanging over the door. Here characters can purchase a variety of metallic wares, including weapons and armor. The smithy doesn’t have any martial weapons in stock, but custom requests can be fulfilled within several days. Megana Nistral: The master smith is a brawny human female as broad as a dwarf. Megana’s hearty laugh competes with the hammering beats of her great mallet. She employs several apprentice smiths who are in awe of the woman’s stature and blacksmithing ability.
Shopping: Megana Nistral can craft level 1 (+1), level 6 (+2) or level 11 (+3) magic arms & armour, and non-magical masterwork armour. on commission for the base price. This will normally take some time though, usually around 5 days per item '+' assuming she already has armour plates etc in stock.
Level 1: +1 gear: 360gp 
Level 6: +2 gear: 1800gp, non-magic Masterwork armour 360gp 
Level 11: +3 gear: 9000gp, non-magic Masterwork armour 1800gp 
Working with Curuvar the Brazen they can together create PHB magic weapons & armour.

9. Loudwater Apothecary A sign displaying several oddly shaped bottles hangs over the door of this shop. A dozen different scents waft through the doorway, including tangy musk, cinnamon spice, orange peel, baking bread, and gunpowder. In the apothecary, one might find powdered unicorn horn, dragon claws, and burnt-out Ioun stones. However, the worth or authenticity of many such products is questionable. The apothecary also carries more mundane products, including herbs, roots, and spices, which are mainstays of Loudwater’s cooks and hedge wizards.  Tanara Cothwick: The woman rescued  from the Shadow Lair was given ownership and the previous apothecary Brosha Manx was exiled (M7 1479 DR).
Shopping: Tanara Cothwick usually has several hundred gp worth of arcane reagants in stock, and can create more of these and other ritual components from raw supplies. She knows many Alchemical Formulas (AV pg 20) and can be commissioned to create Potions and Alchemical Items (AV pg 21)  at base price, 1/day.  Level is unlimited provided she has the components available.
She normally has the following in stock:
Alchemist's Acid Level 1: 20gp/vial - 2d4 vials
Alchemist's Fire Level 1: 20gp/vial - 2d4 vials  
Alchemist's Fire Level 1+ Common: When shattered, this flask fills an area with alchemical flame. Power (Fire)  Consumable (Minor Action) Make an attack: Area burst 1 within 10; +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, deal 1d6 fire damage; on a miss, deal half damage.
Alchemist's Acid:  Level 1+ Uncommon Power (Acid)  Consumable (Standard Action) When shattered, this glass vial releases a spray of acid.  Make an attack: Ranged 5/10; Dexterity (or +4) vs. Reflex; on a hit, the attack deals 1d10 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends); on miss, half damage and no ongoing acid damage.

10. Patrol Headquarters The symbol of a crossed sword and axe is blazoned high on this building. The clangs of metal and shouts from within indicate a fight might be underway. This building is the headquarters for the Loudwater Patrol, and it is where Loudwater’s militia comes to train. The members of the militia practice twice per tenday with their fellow volunteers; members of the patrol practice with greater frequency. On average about four Patrol members are on duty at any one time.  Each patrol is commanded by one of four leaders. All are under the purview of Captain Harrowleaf. Captain Harrowleaf: The head of the Loudwater Patrol is easygoing and remains calm and confident even in the midst of a crisis. He is an elf ranger.

11. Tenements and Homes These dwellings crowd together within the walls, taking advantage of all available space. The buildings vary in quality; some appear well kept and house only one family, while others contain many families that have squeezed in together. Hundreds of people live within the protection of Loudwater’s walls. Some live in multitenant apartments, while more affluent folk possess small houses. The apartments mostly hold farmers, fishers, laborers, and craftspeople who are too poor to own land.

12. Temple A temple is separated from the shops, homes, and tenements of Loudwater by a small hedge. The vine-covered walls of the temple rise high above the walls of Loudwater, and the spire’s tip appears to reach a full 100 feet above the ground. The symbol of an oak leaf gleams with its own emerald light above the grand archway leading into the temple. This temple is sacred to Silvanus the Treefather, though worshipers of other benign faiths are also welcome. The temple is holy ground. The interior walls are painted to resemble the sky, and the main floor is one expansive area dominated by a grassy hill around which a crown of trees gently sways in an endless breeze. Brother Griffon: The head of the temple is Brother Griffon. He was an Uthgardt foundling who, after the destruction of his tribe, was fostered and raised by a Loudwater fisher. His loyalties divided, Griffon bridged the gap by becoming a devotee of Silvanus. Brother Griffon is a black-haired, blue-eyed, and well-muscled human—with his rustic dress, he is sometimes mistaken for an Uthgardt warrior.
Shopping: Griffon knows Religious/Healing rituals to level 6, and usually has several hundred gp of religious ritual oils, unguents, and other components available.
He sells healing potions (level 5, healing surge restores 10 hp) for 50gp each, usually 2-8 in stock.

13. Docks Gate An inner wall, smaller than the walls surrounding Loudwater, separates the town’s northern dock district from the rest of the town. The gate between the two areas stands open and unguarded. This gate remains open unless the town is attacked from the river, in which case it is closed and protected by guards.

14. Docks Several large log structures in the northeast section of Loudwater store the goods of merchants doing business in the town. By day, people bustle about the area, transferring barrels and crates between the storehouses and trade ships. The docks are small and allow only a limited number of ships to moor. Several small fishing boats vie with larger ships for space along the docks. By night, raucous noises issue from the Fisher's Friend pub situated along the west wall. Between the docks, storehouses, boats, and pub, this district is active regardless of the time.

Rivermaster Sarl: The rivermaster sees to it that ships are loaded and unloaded, fees are levied and collected, dock space is reserved and transferred, and the docks are managed efficiently. Sarl is a thin, weathered man who has more gray hair than brown; however, his energy never seems to ebb. 

15. Fisher’s Friend Pub The overwhelming odor of spirits and smoke wreathes this tavern. Calloused dockworkers and fishers drink and gamble away their pay. Wizened old men and women sip their ale in silence, waiting for an opportunity to tell a tale of the river. This pub attracts a rougher crowd than the Green Tankard does. Most folks come to the Fisher’s Friend to drink and gamble rather than to socialize. The upper rooms of the Fisher's Friend serve as a 'Fest Hall' (brothel). Algrim's barmaids double as harlots who service Loudwater's docks, frequented by river sailors but avoided by respectable locals. 
The Fisher's Friend is owned and run by Algrim Thane, a big man handy with fists or knobbled club.  He was aided by Chastity Blair, who managed the 'Fest Hall' (brothel) operation.  Chastity was the more ruthless of the pair. M3 1480 DR: Revealed to be a Snaketongue cultist and spy for Najara, she did not survive interrogation by Lady Moonfire.
The three girls currently working as barmaids/prostitutes at the Fisher's Friend Festhall are:
1. Kathy Brooke of Brooke Manor, the runaway estranged daughter of Sir Halvard Brooke of Brownstone (M3 1479 DR). He has disowned her. Since the demise of Chastity (M3 1480), Kathy has managed the Festhall under Algrim.
2. Maggie Arkwright (half-elf), a former bargee girl who survived the river-pirate attack on her barge (1477 DR) by jumping into the water and swimming ashore.
3. Tammy of Hill Farm, only survivor of a brigand raid on her farmstead (1478 DR).

16. Manor House This grand manor house is a jewel of dwarven craftsmanship. The building includes its own stable, buttery, and servants’ home. The manor appears to be over two hundred years old, and it looks as though it might weather another two hundred. Built by a dwarf artisan for a self-styled elf lord, this manor house was the seed from which modern Loudwater grew. The mansion is currently home to a family of half-elves descended from the original lord.
Lady Eclara Moonfire: This half-elf warlock is the head of the town, the High Lord of Loudwater. According to old rumours, crypts beneath the Manor are haunted by the restless remains of former High Lords, some of whom, the Rensha Lords of Calimshan, it's said 'dabbled in dark magics'.  Lady Moonfire, of course, wouldn't have anything to do with that sort of thing...

Curuvar the Brazen's manse is close to the Manor.
ShoppingCuruvar the Brazen can enchant level 1-10 items (PHB, AV, AV2), but will usually charge a commission over base price (+10-40%, depending on flattery!)

17. Run-Down Tenement (ex Lady of Shadows) This decrepit, abandoned tenement building sits dejectedly in Loudwater’s northwestern corner. No doors or windows keep out the elements or the squatters.
Session 1 - Raid on Loudwater:

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