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Loudwater Area NPCs

"Heroes of Loudwater" - The PCs (at Party Level)
1. Lirael Widdershins-Sirocco, Knight of the Vale and Warden of the North, Ranger,  (S)
2. Sir Paelias, Eladrin Ranger (S)
3. Jareth of Orlbar, Slayer, Guard Commander (S)
4. Sir Dunstan, Knight of the Ironforge, Dwarf Warlord (L)
5. Dhaunayane Nasadra, Drow Warlock (S)

Major Retired PCs
1. Halvath Cormarrin the Green Regent, Cleric - Shrine of Mielikki, Brownstone (24)
2. Queen Esmerelda the Iron Queen, known as The Bane Child, Bard - Royal Palace, Llorkh (L18)
3. Sir Dolf Dragonheart, Paladin - Dragonheart Seminary of Torm & Bahamut, Erstlin (D14)
4. Ashara of Akanul, Firesoul Genasi Wizard - Fiery Spire Wizards' Tower, DeTrevani (C18)
5. Shawna Carter of Mars, Deva Paladin - Battling Evil across the Multiverse (D19)
6. Dru-Arael, Black Dog Clan Uthgardt half-elf Druidess - central High Forest (C10)
7. Quinn Eventide (L), Bard, Wielder of Nightbringer, Marshall of Sorrow - Shadowfell Guardian of the Temple of Karsus, Karse (24)
8. Arya, former Red Wizard, Lightning Primordial - Elemental Chaos (C22)

Loudwater Area NPCs
See Gray Vale Page
"Elf-blooded" refers to persons, common in the Gray Vale, of partly Elven descent but lacking in the clear Elfin features of first-generation Half Elves. They tend to be slender and long-lived. Their ears may be unpointed or slightly pointed, often lobeless. Most conform to Half Elf norms in terms of low-light vision etc.
In Town
Moonfire Family Sigil
Lady Eclara Moonfire (L20+??): The youthful (1450-) Half-Elven High Lord of Loudwater, with a minimal interest in her civic duties. Regarded as good-natured but flighty by the townsfolk.  Her large half-elven family has ruled Loudwater since before the Spellplague, and she is descended from the renowned human High Lord Nanathlor Greysword (1284?-1369 DR, High Lord 1317-1369), a human hero of Nimbral isle, and his three successors, the half-elves Kalahar and Velvred Twohands and Tavys Moonfire. A Warlock, she is fascinated by Tieflings. 
An independent monarch in all but name, Lady Moonfire has ruled  since the death of her father, the half-elf High Lord & Silverstar  Tavys Moonfire (1340-1471 DR). Tavys' father was a wood elf, Moonfire (also Paragon Silverstar of Selune), while his human mother Eclara was one of the Travys clan of Tavysburg and Travys manor - now abandoned following its sack and the carrying off by the Zelbross slavers of Eclara Travys, the Lady of Travys Manor and last Warden of the North.  Lady Moonfire's half-elf mother, Vania (1390-1460 DR), was the eldest daughter of Velvred Twohands and his half-elven wife Filia, they had six other daughters over forty years, and many of the extended family have now adopted the Moonfire name in preference to Twohands.  Lady Moonfire has done little to secure Loudwater's position, despite calls to rebuild the dwarf-built Stoneshoulder Bridge that spanned the the Grayflow for over a thousand years (149-1385 DR), since the time when Loudwater was an outpost of ancient Eaerlann, but collapsed during the Spellplague a century ago.  Moonfire is said to regard her fellow monarch Queen Valeris of Orlbar as over-serious and a little uncouth, while she has nothing but contempt for the dwarven 'Mountain King' of Ogremouth.  Following the Midsummer Ball of 1480 she now seems somewhat wary of Valeris' half sister, the Queen Esmerelda of Llorkh.  

Sir Jorah Blackthorn, Steward of Travys Manor
Eclara Travys: The Travys were a long-lived family, almost certainly elf-blooded, but never numerous. Lady Eclara's mother Areta died shortly after her birth in 1451, and she was raised by her father Joran and uncle Michael, before attending college in Waterdeep 1468-1471 DR. Both her father and uncle fell in battle against creatures of the High Forest; Michael against Spellplague ghouls in 1472 DR, Joran against Orc raiders in 1476, when Eclara inherited the position of Warden of the North and held it until the sack of Travys Manor ca M5 1479 DR, when she was carried off by Vilkar One Eye and his men, sold to the Zelbross slavers and on to Najara, where she bore a yuan-ti son ca M2 1480 DR. Finally rescued in prisoner exchange for Lyath the Wereserpent  13/3/1480, then departed for Waterdeep 20/3/1480 DR, where she had friends from her college days to assist her in entering Society. Nothing has been heard from her since.
Eclara Travys

Edmund: Lady Moonfire's elderly (1405-), skinny human factotum, low born, always very neatly dressed in Moonfire livery. Rather fussy, seems to dislike Esmerelda of Waterdeep. Edmund has ambitious plans for the Vale - M2 1480 DR persuaded Lady Moonfire to seek a new Warden of the North in Lirael Widdershins-Sirocco. M3 1480 he had Lirael 'buy out' Eclara Travys's Wardship of the North.
Curuvar the Brazen
Brother Griffon, Priest of Silvanus
Curuvar the Brazen (L8): (1432-) “By Mystra’s Lost Spell!” Resident human wizard of Loudwater. Knows all PHB Arcane rituals to 8th level, including Enchant Item. He can enchant items up to 8th level, charging up to 140% of list price.
Brother Griffon (L7): (1440-) Fearsome-looking, burly Uthgardt human foundling priest of the Temple of Silvanus, the patron deity of Loudwater. Sells Healing potions, knows Religious, Nature & Healing rituals to 7th level. Update 21/6/1480: At the 1480 Midsummer Ball Curuvar and Griffon came out as 'life partners'.
Tanara Cothwick
Tanara Cothwick: Buxom,, attractive brunette apothecary and alchemist, born in 1449, probably elf-blooded.  Once kidnapped and held by the Shadows gang, who failed to sell her to the Zelbross slavers. Eventually rescued by the Burning Hand.  Since then has been an Initiate of Sharess (+4 seduction (enc)). Identified Brosha Manx, Loudwater's other apothecary, as a Shadows gang member.  Can craft Potions (to 10th level) and Alchemical items (unlimited, with the right components). Often favours revealing dress; Sir Halvard Brooke of Brownstone (qv below) is said to be an occasional 'gentleman caller'... Initiatiate of Sharess; knows the Rituals Cure Disease (level 6) Remove Affliction (level 8), Brew Potion, and Create Alchemical Item. Tanara suppllies the Fisher's Friend with poultices. Her holy symbol of Sharess is a silver pendant that nestles at her bosom. It could be a stylised pestle mortar... could be... seems to have a rather bulbous head, though... Fascinated by Quinn Eventide, on 22/6/1480, upstairs at the Fisher's Friend, Tanara initiated Quinn into the Mysteries of Sharess... 23/6/1480 Tanara agreed a little reluctantly to Quinn's request to stay at her house, fearing she wouldn't get much work done!

Calla Maran
Calla 'One Hand' Maran: Doughty late middle aged (1424-) human woman, owner of the General Store. Left hand cut off by a Tiefling thug working for the Lady of Shadows ca M7 1479. Assisted by her stockboy Raumandar, an eldritch youth.
Garwan: Elderly (1410-), affable, white-bearded human owner of Garwan’s Curiousity Shop. Uncle of Zark the Half-Dwarf (RIP).
Darden, Dred & Drer: Garwan’s nephews, owners of the Loudwater Stable (#7). Cousins of Zark (RIP).
Sunsteen Urbeth: Balding, rather unattractive human tailor, in his late thirties (1442-), with a withered & shrunken right leg, rumoured to be from a Spellscar – he uses a cane to walk. Something of a barfly, in '79 Sunsteen had been hanging round the Burning Hand at the Green Tankard since they rescued his niece Penny Tavistock from the Zelbross Bandits. In 1480 he was trying the same with Quinn Eventide.

The Green Regent Tavern (formerly Green Tankard)

27/6/1480: Marsh Laval sold the Green Tankard for 4,000gp to Tammy Hill, acting on behalf of Quinn & Pealias, and left Loudwater on their return from the Shadowfell, end M7 1480. The new owners renamed it The Green Regent, commissioning a painting of Halvath from Tammy Hill as the new sign.
Current average net profit is +15gp/month, +180gp/year.

Senior Staff
Anywyn Pyro (qv below): Lady Lirael's sister manages the Green Regent from end M7 1480 onwards, and also acts as head cook and chief brewer for the Dragon's Milk Beer export business. Anwyn is assisted by her eldest daughters Breton and Bessye as kitchen cooks.
Anwyn Pyro, Manager-Cook of the Green Regent

Kazon Kul, Barman of the Green Regent
Kazon Kul (L6 Brute, ST +4, Athletics +5, & +3 arm wrestling focus=+15)Heavily muscled and tattooed dwarf ex-dockworker and arm-wrestler. M7 1480 Kazon Kul was hired by Pealias, Dunstan & co as barman and security for the Green Regent tavern.
Kazon Pre M7 1480: When he's not porting 
cargo at the wharfs, the fierce-looking Kazon Kul is rarely absent from the Fisher's Friend; drinking, arm-wrestling, and generally carrying on. Somewhat protective of the Festhall girls, at least when it offers the promise of a freebie... A good mate to Algrim Thane, Kazon is particularly close to the Festhall girl Pamela Bardew - he likes a girl with some meat on her bones. Friendly with the dwarf knight Dunstan Ironforge (PC), the only person Kazon knows who can beat him in an arm-wrestle.

Serving Girls

Rose Urbeth, Serving girl
Penny Tavistock, Serving girl
Holly, Serving girl
1. Holly: pretty redhead human serving girl at the Green Tankard, already worked for Marsh as a barmaid when she was among those women rescued by the Burning Hand in M7 1479 from the Zelbross Bandits slavers.
2. Penny Tavistock: Attractive blonde human girl, rescued from  the Zelbross Bandits (M7 1479). Niece of Sunsteen Urbeth the tailor, works as a barmaid at the Green Tankard since shortly after her return.
3. Rose Urbeth: Another relative of the Spellscarred tailor Sunsteen Urbeth, a bubbly younger cousin (1462-). She was hired by Marsh Laval as a new serving girl on Shieldmeet 31/6/1480. The tavern had been short staffed since losing Pamela Bardew to Algrim Thane, M5 1480 DR.

Fisher's Friend Tavern/Festhall

Algrim 'Al' Thane
Left Bed: Kathy Brooke, Maggie Arkwright, Pamela Bardew
Right Bed:  Algrim Thane
Reception couch: Quinn Eventide (if not at Tanara's, or Northwood Manor)
Algrim 'Al' Thane: Human owner/Manager of the Fisher's Friend tavern/festhall at the docks. Algrim is unmarried; he's assisted downstairs by two homely serving women, his stout sister Brigit Thane and their thinner cousin, Alice Thane. Algrim's younger sister Vera recently (M8 1479 DR) married Bartolomew Strong, the Innkeeper of the White Wolf Tavern in Tavysburg (qv).
 Upstairs Kathy Brooke, Maggie Arkwright, and Pamela Bardew (fr. M5 1480) are the 'Fest Hall' workers. Tammy of Hill Farm (qv) was one also, but left M5 1480 DR after a windfall from Pealias. Algrim typically sleeps in one of the large upstairs rooms with one of the girls, unless she's entertaining a client overnight. The other girls have the other room (Pamela had been trying to edge out Kathy, M5-6 1480).   Algrim is rumoured to have a good deal of wealth amassed from the Festhall, but spends little. Reveres Waukeen, although his grasp on coin doubtless pleases Tiamat also... 
The Festhall Girls:
1. Kathy Brooke: (1457-), slender blonde half-elf, aristocratic,
Kathy Brooke
quite intelligent. Sir Halvard Brooke's runaway (M3 1479) older daughter.
He has disowned her. Kathy entertains clients, also acted as the Festhall Madam following the loss of Chastity Blair (M2-M6 1480), temporary managing 'upstairs affairs' for Algrim until replaced by Quinn Eventide 23/6/1480. Not religious, but occasionally reveres Waukeen or Sharess.
2. Maggie Arkwight: (1454-) slim redhead, quiet, pleasant half-elf, a former river-bargee girl who claims she survived a river-pirate attack on her family barge (ca M3 1477 DR) by jumping into the water and swimming ashore. After she reached Loudwater hungry, wet and destitute, Algrim Thane helped her out, and she entered his service as a Festhall girl - she's now the longest serving at the Fisher's Friend. Reveres Selune and Tymora, occasionally Sharess. 
Maggie Arkwright
3.  Pamela Bardew, "Ambassadress of Llorkh": (1454-) Lvl 0 CHA 18 WIS 14 skills: Streetwise +9 Bluff +9 (+13 w Seduction power), Insight +7
Pamela Bardew
Tall (5'10"), shapely blonde human, formerly senior maid to Lady Eclara Travys before the sack of Travys Manor. One of nature's survivors, when she was captured by Vilkar One Eye and his men and sold to the Zelbross Slavers M5 1479 DR, Pamela was taken as concubine by the slaver leader 'Humungus', while Eclara Travys and the other captives were sent south into Najara as 'serpent brides'. After her rescue by the Burning Hand M7 1479 she had no close family remaining, and few prospects. Marsh Laval soon gave her a job as a serving girl at the Green Tankard. In M5 1480 DR she took a job with Algrim Thane as a Festhall girl at the Fisher's Friend, 
Pamela's Cormyran court dress
replacing Tammy of Hill Farm. Some conflict followed with Kathy Brooke, Pamela feels that her own experience and skills as a senior maid entitle her to be Madam. Pamela devoutly reveres Sharess (demigoddess of hedonism, lust, and Festhalls), believing it was the power of Sharess that saved her from a grim fate in Najara. Initiate of Sharess (+4 seduction (enc)). Very 'friendly' with Quinn Eventide. 
27/6/1480: Pamela was taken by Warlord Delderosh in the Sack of Rensard Manor by Kitana & Delderosh, one day after taking a place as a maid there to spy on Lady Jaela Rensard for Quinn Eventide. Queen Esme forced Delderosh to hand Pamela over upon their arrival in Llorkh, evening 28/6/1480, and appointed Pamela her Ambassadress back to Lady Moonfire in Loudwater.
Equipment: grey silk Cormyrean Royal Court dress, 1478 DR season - too short. and tight on top, but not bad. Pammy's Theme

Formerly: Chastity Blair (dec'd): Former  'Festhall' Madam at the Fisher's Friend tavern. Also an agent of Najara and Snaketongue cultist, a serpent-tainted follower of Zehir. Did not survive interrogation by Lady Moonfire, M2 1480 DR.
22/6/1480:  Quinn Eventide becomes Festhall Manager at Fisher's Friend for 20% of the take, plus 50% for any gentlemen callers she entertains herself. And he gets to watch when Quinn & Tanara Cothwick make out...

Barstomun Thane: Algrim Thane's older and meaner brother (also brother to Brigit Thane and Vera Strong-Thane) runs Loudwater's premier moneychanging, jewelry, storage and secured-loan business from a fortified stone warehouse in the docks district. He is assisted by numerous members of the extended Thane clan, including his wife, four sons, and two daughters, and also by two fearsome dwarf mercenary brothers, Herrik & Derrik (L8 Brute). 23/6/1480 Barstomun hired Ilvanus Tarc the Eladrin Wizard (L8, qv) as his Magist, to provide magical security to the warehouse. Barstomum can typically change up to 30PP, 3,000gp, or 30,000sp, at 2% commission, or buy goods up to 3,000gp value. Barstomun has a reputation as ruthless but honest; he never lends without collateral. 

Tammy, as only Pealias sees her now
Tammy Hill of Hill Farm: (1458-) auburn/brown hair, human. Tammy's confession to Pealias M6 1480:  She was nineteen years old, sent out to find food by her mother after her father abandoned the family farm, in Rensard Manor, near Alwyck (M1 1478 DR). She was taken by brigands on the road. She was held captive by the gang, led by the Cyricist Vale, but eventually released by Vilkar, one of the younger bandits, when Vale was about to kill her (Vale punished Vilkar by burning out his right eye). She fled into the night. She came home to find her mother and baby brother dead of cold and starvation. With her family gone, she headed for Loudwater. 
In M5 1480 DR Tammy left Algrim's service after being given 2,000gp by Pealias the Eladrin (PC). She bought herself a small but nicely appointed villa near the Moonfire estate, where she could only see who she pleased. M5-6 1480 DR was a frequent visitor to the Green Tankard tavern, where she could consort with rich merchants and suchlike though she'd much rather have a single special man... Tammy reveres Tymora (good luck). Along with the house, Tammy acquired a hatchet-faced elderly maid/housekeeper in black livery, Dora (1415-). Dora is disapproving (especially of Quinn) but efficient. Tammy's hall has a painting depicting the goddess Tymora rolling dice, in the company of a hazy but clearly elflike figure. She painted it herself - she's quite a talented artist; with training she might be very good. 21/6/1480:  Tammy took Pealias home after the Midsummer Ball, and appears much in love - and lust - with him. Pealias gave her a 1,500gp gold and diamonds necklace for the Ball - selling it she would not need to 'work' again...  23/6/1480: Tammy asked Pealias if he'd move in with her - he said yes. In 1481 DR Tammy is establishing a reputation as one of Loudwater's best artists, rivalled only by Brandini Covere, and is friendly with the dwarven sculptor Brikos Stoneshoulder.

Old Tom the Beggar
Tomas the Beggar/"Old Tom": Elderly (1411-) white-bearded beggar who panhandles near the docks, outside the Fisher's Friend. Has a lot of local knowledge. Tom claims he became a beggar when his children abandoned him and Southwood goblins burned his farm., near Malt. Others say he burned down his own farm in a drunken rage after his children left.

Captain Viylir't'thin Harrowleaf (L6/M12): Wood Elf, veteran head of the Loudwater patrol. Brother of Captain Quen Harrowleaf, leader of the elven Rangers of the Nine in the High Forest. A terrible archer for an elf! Harrowleaf remembers the time before the Spellplague, when the woods around Travys Manor were cultivated fields.
Deanna 'Starra' Star: human female knife shop owner, dusky middle-aged Tethyran.
Rivermaster Sarl: Efficient elderly human overseer of Loudwater's dock district.
Megana Nistral, Master Smith
 Megana Nistral (L10) (1456-), brunette. Loudwater's human master smith.  A strapping lass of 6'3" and as broad-shouldered as a dwarf, she has a strong interest in men taller than her, of whom Loudwater has few. Can craft masterwork arms and armour and knows forge weapon & forge armour rituals (Lvl 11/+3). Offended by Jareth's blase attitude to the Fullblade she forged for him (M2 1480 DR), but reconciled M4 after his nice letter and gift of a gem-encrusted platinum ring (v. 2500gp).  21/6/1480: Megana took Jareth of Orlbar (PC) home after the Ball. She likes having a boyfriend interested in ironmongery, but is uninterested in marriage. Megana's two younger brothers Fregg (1459-) and Dendry (1461-) Nistral are also smiths, both were looking to establish their own smithies. Dendry is the more talented. In M6 1481 Dendry became the Warden of the North's smith at Northwood Manor, while Fregg continues to help out Megana in Loudwater. 
Dendry Nistral, Northwood Smith

Ilvanus Tarc, Eladrin Wizard
Ilvanus Tarc (L8) (1432-, looks about 28)  Eladrin Wizard, friend of Lirael's cousin Jonas. Reveres Selune. Late M6 1480: Pealias offered to employ him as first of his 'Mooncloaks' spy cadre with 50gp/month, 500gp cash, and 500gp/year for rent and expenses, hiring informers etc - plan to  rent a fortified villa in the docks district and set up a small mercantile business focused on loans and storage, a good cover for intelligence gathering. After consideration, Ilvanus turned down the offer (23/6/1480), to Pealias' wrath, taking a job with Barstomun Thane as the moneychanger's magist.
Kally the docks urchin, errand-girl.
Brikos Stoneshoulder (Lvl 12): This noted dwarven sculptor, architect and wizard was attracted to the Gray Vale (arriving 24/6/1480 DR) by news that things are on the move again around Loudwater. Called on Lady Moonfire 28/6/1480, once she had recovered from her Portal-making exertions. Soon friendly with the small coterie of artists and sculptors in Loudwater (Lady Moonfire, Brandini Covere, etc), he initially plans to create a statue commemorating the defeat of the green dragon Emerald Dawn, with the Warden of the North Lirael Widdershins standing atop the beast's severed head - a life-size sculpture of her triumphant upon the head of the green dragon. Following discussions, it was unveiled 19/6/1481 in Loudwater Town Square - as a statue of Quinn Eventide atop the dragon's head.
Ultimately Brikos seeks funding for his life’s ambition – the rebuilding of the mighty Stoneshoulder Bridge that was created by his ancestor Iirikos Stoneshoulder  in the time of Eaerlann and Ammarindar (149 DR). The kernel from which Loudwater sprung, it spanned the River Shining (now Grayflow) until its collapse during the Spellplague (1385 DR). If he can do that, his next plan is to rebuild the fallen Daggerford bridge on the Tradeway, likewise! Brikos can use battle-magic competently to defend himself if necessary (L12 Artillery) but his main talents are with the ancient Rituals of Crafting. As of 1481 Brikos is looking to acquire 50,000gp worth of arcane reagants to begin reconstruction of the bridge.

Northwood Manor, formerly Travys Manor
Lirael's Family (from ca 1479 DR)
Lirael's mother Levana Sirocco, elf

Lirael's brother Arvis, half-elf

Lirael's half-sister Anwyn Pyro

The Widdershins have lived in the Elfstree area for eight generations. Though human, they have frequently intermarried with the elvish and it is rumored that even the supposedly full human of them have a touch of the fey. The current patriarch of the family is Gavin Widdershins (H), married to Wylla Standish (H). Their four children include Syrah (H), Ulster (H), Vetch (H), and Willard (H).
Syrah married Jasper Sylverman (H) and produced two children: Jonas (gone to Waterdeep) and Bevra (now working at Tavys Manor as general housekeeping/maid service and glad of the work as she was doing something similar in a rather grand house with a glad-handed boss).
Ulster’s first wife was Viveca Riverdale (H), who died in childbirth with Anwyn. Ulster remarried some years later to Levana Sirocco (E), having two more children: Lirael and Arvis. Levana is currently visiting her family and has not been heard from for a number of months.
Anwyn married Berl Pyro and produced 7 children in fairly rapid succession, as if to distance herself from the tragedy of her own mother’s death. They are: Breton (13, working at Tavys Manor as a scullery maid), the twins Bessye and Cullen (11), Abbella (9), Devra (7), Ethel (5), and Frist (1). Anwyn left Berl after a botched kidnapping attempt wherein Berl’s “associates” were trying to extract money and other items from Lirael during the days of the Burning Hand. Anwyn formerly worked for a kindly old man named Corm at a tavern in Elfstree, but now runs the kitchen with an iron hand at Tavys Manor.
Vetch married Adina (E) and had two sons, Vail and Rhenn. Vetch is a salubrious and talkative sort, prone to too much drink, but other than that is quite industrious and friendly. He has a way with horses and runs the stables at Tavys Manor. He’d had a livery business in Elfstree and has transferred those horses to the Manor for keeping, though he still rents them out at times to travelers.
Adina, a Moon Elf, is a frail specimen and spindly (in direct contrast to the robust Vetch). She has knowledge of herbs and potions and is happiest when gardening. She is teaching the twins, Bessye and Cullen, her herb lore.Willard is currently unmarried and is a prosperous farmer in Elfstree. He was the youngest of Gavin’s four children and is avidly looking for a wife.

Anwyn Pyro of Elfstree was the Manor's chief cook and Housekeeper M2-M7 1480, manager-cook at the Green Regent Tavern in Loudwater from end M7 1480 DR..
"Lirael's sister (half-sister, actually) Anwyn Pyro is the expert at making ale and likely mead as well. She used to run a tavern. She has six kids (er, maybe 7 now), but she's left herhusband Berl (because he was an idiot and got her kidnapped while she was last pregnant).. Oldest daughter is named Breton. Anwyn was one of Lirael's family that was hired as cook. Breton's old enough to help out in the kitchen too. Anwyn's signature brew is a wicked ale called Dragon's Milk with a higher than normal alcohol content. She won't tell how she does it, though... She is in the market for a new husband...

Lirael has helped Anwyn establish a growing export market for Dragon's Milk, Bargemaster Tollun is a frequent customer.
From late 1480 DR Anywn is manager of the Green Regent Inn at Loudwater.

Arvis Widdershins (8/8/1461-): half-elf, younger brother of Lirael, son of Ulster Widdershins (human) and Levana Sirrocco (Elf). While he often first appears quiet and introspective (like Lirael), those who get to know him well realize he has a cunning and wicked sense of humor. A talented woodsman, he spends a great deal of time in the forests of the Gray Vale. His favored weapon is the bow, but he also carries a number of small knives that he secretes about his person (always be prepared, he says, with a gleam in his eye) and is never far from his guitar, which his elven mother had given him when he was eleven. M6 1480: Arvis has been taking instruction in Ranger skills from Pealias and Sir Jorah Blackthorn. He's considering joining Halvath's new corps of 'Needles', Rangers of Mielikki. 
M9-12 1480: Arvis accompanied Pealias on his trip through the wilderness to Evereska, seeing many wonders. He returned much matured. Since his return he had been spending rather a lot of time with the Manor's new cook-housekeeper, Milla Strong - as soon as big sister Lirael caught on she assigned Arvis to extensive forest scouting duties. Milla subsequently married Dendry Nistral the Northwood smith.
1482 DR: As Arvis has matured and grown into a fine young man, he has attracted a lot of attention from the young ladies of the Vale. At the 1482 DR Midsummer Ball he danced with all three of the Covere sisters, and young Alice Amainas.

Minor Noble Families

For Tavysburg and the Blackthorn family, see North Manor.

1. Covere Family & Hartsfont (pop 510)
 Sir Brandini Covere (L5) (1432-, half-elf), is the widower lord of Hartsfont, four miles north-east of Loudwater. Sir Brandini is a man of refined, artistic taste and non-martial disposition.  Brandini's aunt Dame Aryn Blackthorn (1418-, nee Covere) is Reeve of Travys Manor (qv), making her three sons his first cousins, but they have different temperaments and are not close.
Brandini's eldest daughter Carlia Covere (1454-) is the elegant  elf-blooded Lady-in-Waiting to Lady Moonfire, rescued from Zark’s barrels M7 1479. Her father, Carlia's human mother Gloria was bedridden and in poor health, passing away during Clenderi's terrible winter of M1 1483 DR. Carlia has three teenage siblings: Agnes (1460-), flirtatious, Louisa (1462-), moody, and baby brother Marco (12/2/1464-). Sir Brandini is said to be interested in finding good husbands for his daughters. He is unhappy that at the 1480 Midsummer Ball, Halvath the Green Regent foiled his plan to match one of his girls with Sir Joran Amainas, by introducing Joran to Amanda Brooke of Brownstone. Brandini considers himself the most accomplished artist in Loudwater demesne, and is a rival of Tammy Hill.
Sir Brandini Covere

Marco Covere

Carlia Covere

Louisa Covere

Agnes Covere

2. Brownstone Village (pop 650), Home of the Green Regent
NPCs in Brownstone 
1. Halvath Cormarrin, the Green Regent (ex-PC)
2. Sir Halvard Brooke (invalid), lord of Brooke Manor.
3. Amanda Amainas-Brooke, Forestarm of the Regent. In 1481 she can employ 3rd level Religious/Healing/Nature rituals.
4. Sir Joran Amainas, Shadoweir of the Regent. Husband of Amanda, Steward of Brooke Manor
5. Halvath Amainas (1481-), the baby son of Sir Joran & Amanda.
6. Ser 'Trapper' John, Chief of Needles
7. Ser Diora Falthis of Malt, Shadoweir, Guardian of the Shrine
Brownstone village was occupied by the Darkhold Zhentarim M2 1480 DR, but liberated by the Heroes of Loudwater upon their return from Waterdeep. As the location of the Green Regent and headquarters of the Regent's three Orders of Forestarms, Shadoweirs & Needles, Brownstone has been growing rapidly since mid-1480 DR.
Sir Halvard Brooke of Brownstone
Sir Halvard Brooke (L7): (1427-) stout, possessive human Lord of Brownstone manor. Widower with two elf-blooded daughters; his runaway elder blonde daughter Kathy (1457-) works at Fisher's Friend in Loudwater, while Amanda Brooke (L3), Sir Halvard's pretty, dark-haired younger daughter (1459-), was kept on a close watch. Rumoured to visit the Loudwater apothecary Tanara Cothwick for the occasional 'medicine'... During the Zhent occupation of Brownstone, Amanda was forced to serve the Zhents, while Halvard was kept in a cage and tortured by the Zhentarim vampire Captain Arkos (dec'd), then murdered during the battle. He was resurrected by Halvath the Green Regent 23/2/1480 after Halvath defeated the Reaper of Cyric in the Shadowfell. Halvard was clearly badly traumatised by his own torture and murder, and by witnessing the abuse of his daughter at the hands of the Zhents. He is now (1481) increasingly infirm in mind. Seen as a broken man, he is cared for by his daughter and servants, allowing his son in law Sir Joran Amainas to manage the estates as Steward.
Raltar Cormarrin was the married human Master of Hounds to 
Amanda Amainas-Brooke, Forestarm
Sir Halvard. Brother of Halvath (PC), son of Joachim & Vira (both RIP). Raltar was killed by the Zhentarim invaders M2 1480 DR, but his wife and children survived.
M4-5 1480 DR: With word of the Green Regent (Halvath Cormarrin) spreading throughout the Vale, Halvath's shrine at Brownstone became a place of pilgrimage and the centre of the Regent's growing faith. The Regent institutes a tripartite brotherhood to protect the Gray Vale - the Forestarms (spiritual followers, priests), the Needles (Rangers), and the Shadoweirs (forest knights, martial warriors). Amanda Brooke asked to become a Forestarm and tend the Shrine, and was accepted. On 21/6/1480 with the Regent's blessing Amanda engaged to marry Sir Joran Amainas, Shadoweir of the Green Regent, wedding on 1/8/80. On 3/5/1481 DR Amanda & Sir Joran's son was born, named Halvath Amainas.

Halvath Cormarrin the Green Regent (M9 1437-) Halvath was priest of Mielikki for the village of Brownstone, west of Loudwater town. A big, well-muscled man clad in furs and steel, his brown beard is now greying.  Halvath's family, the Cormarrin, were once a well-regarded family of Zelbross, and provided many men as temple guards at the Temple of Tyr there. When the World-Ash trembled at the Spellplague and Tyr fell in battle with the Hell-Hound Garmr, the fortunes of the Cormarrin and Zelbross declined. Eventually, around forty years ago (1440 DR) the dying town was abandoned, and Halvath's father Joachim Cormarrin sought his fortune to the east, in Loudwater demesne, taking his wife Vira and infant sons. Joachim became Ranger of Brownstone. In time his elder son Raltar became Master of Hounds to Sir Halvard Brooke, also marrying and having several children, while Halvath became the village Priest, serving Mielikki and the spirits of the Vale. Fifteen years ago, (1465 DR) Joachim made the mistake of following a stray cow into the Southwood, and not returning before nightfall. He never came back. Vira died in the hard winter of 1477 DR. Meanwhile Halvath had been growing a little bored with his comfortable life. In early 1480 DR during a river journey to Waterdeep, Halvath received a vision from Mielikki and became the Green Regent, the first in a hundred years. When he returned to Brownstone he found it under Zhent occupation, and with his companions destroyed the Zhentarim and avenged the death of his brother Raltar.
Under the Regent's influence the Gray Vale flourishes, and the Faith of Mielikki is renewed throughout the Vale.

Trapper John, 'Chief of Needles' (L6): Old (1416-), battle-scarred, white-bearded but elf-blooded hunter/trapper of the Southwood, frequently brings packages back to Lady Moonfire. A tough old coot, he investigated the breach of the Empress Cairn M1 1480 DR, and narrowly escaped the Boneshard Skeleton guards - he has the scars to prove it on face and body. Friendly with Lirael, who recommends him (M6 1480) to Halvath as the trainer of Halvath's new "Needles" - the Rangers of Mielikki - based at Brownstone.
Sir Joran Amainas, Shadoweir

Sir Joran Amainas, Shadoweir & Steward of Brownstone (Lvl 11, 1454-). Joran is a brave knight, the only son of Sir Rory Amainas of Sunstone. He was said to be keen to take revenge on the Goblins of Korzzbad for their raiding, but Sir Rory forbade another expedition after the 1468 disaster. Joran was seeking a wife to produce heirs to the Amainas name (1479-80). On 21/6/1480 with the blessing of the Green Regent, Sir Joran became a Shadoweir and engaged to Amanda Brooke of Brownstone, novice Forestarm of the Regent, marrying 1/8/1480, with their son Halvath Amainas born nine months later. With his father in law Sir Halvard Brooke now infirm, Sir Joran increasingly manages the Brooke estate.

Diora Falthis, Shadoweir
Ser Diora Falthis of Malt, Shadoweir, Guardian of the Shrine (L10) (b. 1457) takes after her Viklunder warrior mother, and is a noted beauty and skilled fighter. She is unmarried. On 21/6/1480 Diora pledged as a Shadoweir, a holy warrior of the Green Regent. On 22/6 she bid farewell to her family and travelled to Brownstone to become Guardian of the Shrine.

3. Amainas Family & Sunstone Village (pop 575)
Sir Rory Amainas, Shadoweir
Agatha Amainas-Nistral
Alice Amainas
The well palisaded village of Sunstone is the seat of the human Amainas family, dedicated martial defenders of Loudwater from the Southwood goblins. Sir Rory Amainas (L10) (1429-) once (1468 DR) led an expedition against the goblin fortress of Korzzbad, but was forced to abandon the attempt after heavy losses, including his younger brother Sir Talth, buried in a collapsed goblin tunnel. His only son is Sir Joran Amainas, now of Brownstone. Sir Rory's robust wife Agatha (1434-) is in good health; they also have a teenage daughter, Alice (M2 1465-), a strapping lass as sturdy as her mother. Agatha is a Nistral by birth, and is the aunt of Loudwater's master smith Megana Nistral (above). M6 1480 DR: Sir Rory pledged as a Shadoweir of the Green Regent, but continues to spend most of his time in Sunstone. 1482 DR: Alice has begun martial training to follow her father as a Shadoweir of the Regent.

4. Virdan Village & Jameson Family &(pop 360)
1. Sir Cottel Jameson (1408-1483)
2. Lady Lana Jameson-Greenvale (1455-)
3. Cottel Jameson Jnr (1/11/1480-)
4. Sylvia, old maid
Sir Cottel Jameson, Shadoweir
The aged and eccentric Sir Cottel Jameson (L7) (1408-83) was lord of the small village of Virdan. A garrulous fellow, always free with his 'wise' advice which he will offer to Lady Moonfire or any others available, he is regarded as a harmless oddball by most of the populace. Both Sir Cottel's sons perished years ago in battle with the Southwood goblins. His only daughter Delphine long ago married a rich merchant, and moved to Baldur's Gate. Following the recent (1479 DR) death of Sir Cottel's equally eccentric, flower-pressing first wife Amanda, Sir Cottel soon remarried the much younger Lana Jameson (1455-), nee Greenvale, a very pretty young lady known as a keen river-sailor and deft handler of the Jameson family boat. She inherited the Manor upon his death of natural causes in 1483.

Lana Jameson, on family boat
Rumour has it Lana is a low-born daughter of the bargee river-folk, traders who ply the waters of the Grayflow and Delimbiyr rivers on their family barges. Lana seems likely to inherit the Jameson family estate. Given the rumoured large size of Sir Cottel's fortune, amassed in earlier years as a questing knight, some say that their match may not be entirely for love. They have an elderly maid, Sylvia. In M2 1480 Lana was captured by Zhentarim led by the Red Wizard Vanak (one of only two Zhents to survive the campaign) while sailing solo on the Greyflow River, taken to Brownstone, and forced to serve the Zhents along with Amanda Brooke. She was murdered during the battle to free Brownstone, but was resurrected along with Sir Halvard Brooke by Halvath the Green Regent (PC) 23/2/1480 DR, who entered the Shadowfell to rescue their souls from the Reaper of Cyric. Consequently she is now a devout worshipper of the Green Regent, and of Mielikki his patron. On 21/6/1480 Sir Cottel pledged as a Shadoweir of the Green Regent after the Midsummer Ball.
On 1/11/1480 DR Lana gave birth to a son, Cottel Junior. The timing and lack of paternal resemblance has led to speculation of a Zhentarim father.
In M10 1482 DR Sir Cottel lay upon his deathbed, passing away peacefully early in 1484.

5. deTrevani Barony & Kiris Manor: Kiris-deTrevani
Amara deTrevani
Amara's Raven Mask, as worn at the '79 Masqued Ball
Baroness the Lady Amara Dragonheart-deTrevani (Lvl 18 in 1484) (31/10/1452-) Very beautiful brunette human woman, heir of the Kiris-deTrevani, a family of nobility who had fallen on hard times. Amara inherited the deTrevani title from her mother Lady Ama, who was passed it by her grandfather Lord Aumvor Trevani. Aumvor's firstborn daughter Anwyn married Sir Velius Covere without his approval and was consequently disowned in favour of the younger daughter. This created some bad blood between the Covere and the deTrevani that still exists today.
While out riding one day, Amara was kidnapped from deTrevani Manor on the river east of Loudwater by river pirates (ca M6 1479) led by Vilkar One-eye. She was sold to the Zelbross slavers led by 'Humungus', but then rescued by the Burning Hand (M7 1479). Ambitious to reclaim the ruins of orc-infested Castle deTrevani north of the Grayflow (fallen to Orcs in 1472) and re-establish the deTrevani estates, she learnt the secrets of Fire Magic as apprentice to Ashara of the Burning Hand (PC), a Genasi fire wizard of Akanul. She was slain by agents of the Hand of Naarash, but raised by Treona alongside Esme, and like Ashara she now reveres Kelemvor. M2 1480 DR: After defeating a demonic incursion in Loudwater town square with the aid of Lirael & co, Ashara of Akanul and Amara deTrevani headed east to Trevann to raise a force and take back Castle deTrevani from the orcs with fire and sword. In the smoking ruins of the castle they planned to establish a Conclave and train a new generation of Fire Wizards, now at the Fiery Spire. Amara is first cousin to Dame Aryn Blackthorn (nee Covere). She considers Lady Lirael a good friend and confidante.
As of M11 1480 DR Amara deTrevani was engaged to marry the noble Sir Dolf Dragonheart (D14 in 1484) of Erstlin, a Paladin of Bahamut and former Hero of the Burning Hand, they having first met at the 1479 Loudwater Summer Ball, and been reintroduced by Lady Lirael at Northwood Manor M9 1480. Their respective lieges Lady Moonfire & Queen Valeris  approved the match; they married 21/3/1481. Their daughter Ashara Dragonheart-deTrevani was born 24/1/1482 DR.

Kiris Alkirk, dec'd 1480
Lord Kiris Alkirk, widower of the former Lady deTrevani (1410-1480) was the human father of Amara deTrevani, widower of the Lady Ama deTrevani, and former Lord of the ruined town Kiris Dahn (which had been finally abandoned to the encroaching Goblins ca 1475 DR).  Once regal, now rheumy-eyed, he dwelt with his daughter and a few aging servants at the crumbling Kiris-deTrevani Manor on the banks of the Grayflow River, 14 miles east of Loudwater. Alkirk dreamt of expelling the Severed Eye orcs from the hilltop keep known as Castle deTrevani north of the Delimbiyr, and re-establishing the family fortunes - in early 1480 DR something his daughter achieved, refounding the Barony of deTrevani. With her in charge. Lord Alkirk then passed away peacefully in his sleep at Castle deTrevani, 19/6/1480 DR. 

Kiris Manor (abandoned)
The last known member of the Kiris bloodline aside from Amara is Kiris Hoyt, a wererat who lurks in the goblin-infested ruins of Kiris Dahn. 

6. Falthis Familt & Malt
Sir Otto Falthis
The village of Malt is famous for its brewing, and the half-dwarf Sir Otto Falthis (L7), son of the dwarven knight Sir Flokki Falthis, is famous for his love of the dark Malt Beer. He is married to the sturdy Viklunder Brunhilde Falthis (human), with ten quarter-dwarf teenage to adult children - five sons, five daughters, and now two baby grandchildren, a boy and a girl: Otto's eldest two daughters Jara & Mara are married to two of the Blackthorns of Tavysburg, and live over at Blackthor manor. Jara has a son by Sir Michael Blackthorn, and her sister Mara has a daughter by Sir Arren Blackthorn. The marriages are reputedly not completely happy; rumour (1480) had it that Sir Arren Blackthorn had been carrying on with the baker's daughter!
Of all the Falthis progeny, the third-born daughter Diora Falthis (qv) (Lvl 9, b. 1457) takes most after her mother, and is a noted beauty and skilled fighter. She is unmarried. On 21/6/1480 Diora pledged as a Shadoweir, a holy warrior of the Green Regent. On 22/6 she bid farewell to her family and travelled to Brownstone to become Guardian of the Shrine of Mielikki.

7. Vanegold Family & Jelt
Lisania Vanegold, Cleric of Amaunator
In 1478 DR,  Lisania Vanegold, the youngest in her family (b. 1461 DR) , was training with the Light of the Sun order at Orlbar as a Cleric of Amaunator, when she heard that her mother and eldest brother had died suddenly. Returning home, she and her four remaining siblings (3m 1f) found something evil lurking in the old manor house. Evil - and powerful. A terrible battle ensued, and when it ended, only Lisania still lived, last of the Vanegolds. She thus inherited the manor of Jelt; but her sleep is still troubled - and people still die suddenly in the night...
Lisania has rebuffed intimations from Sir Harvarr Quortath that she should marry one of his sons. Although there does seem to be a sort of friendly rivalry between the two knights... In 1481 DR some rumours even speak of secret trysts between the pair...
Sir Harvarr Quortath, Paladin of Bahamut

8. Quortath Family & Oakbank
Ehlissa Quortath
The widower Sir Harvarr Quortath (L9) (1434-) who holds the village of Oakbank is a doughty and honourable knight, originally from the Sword Coast. He married into local gentry, his wife the older daughter of the previous lord of the manor Sir Willem Coles. His wife Maria (1445-1477) died of a sickness in 1477 DR. He is a devoted Paladin of Bahamut, trained at the high temple in Waterdeep, and all three of his teenage sons were sent for training as Paladins of Bahamut at the Dragonheart Seminary at Erstlin, just to the east in Orlbar territory. He had not granted his only daughter Ehlissa (b. 1467) permission to do likewise, preferring that she marry when of age. 
Dame Vigda Coles
Sir Havarr feels great guilt over his failure to protect the nearby Temple of Oghma, God of Knowledge, from being sacked by river-pirate slavers in 1479 DR, a guilt made worse in that Brandi Coles (1455-?), the younger sister of his dead wife Maria, was an initiate of Oghma at the Temple when it was sacked by river pirates in 1479 DR, and she was carried off with the other priestesses to Najara. Their mother, Sir Willem's widow Dame Vigda Coles (1420-84) did not let him often forget his failing. Sir Harvarr is friendly with his eastern neighbour, Sir Dolf Dragonheart of Erstlin, husband of the Baroness Amara deTrevani.
Sikil Nalambar
In M5 1482 DR the Oghma priest Sikil Nalambar arrived in Oakbank to re-open the Temple-School of Oghma, sacked in early 1479 DR. He has been renovating the temple, and begun holding lessons for local youth, supported by Dame Vigda Coles. Sir Harvarr's daughter Ehlissa Quortath has been a keen student, and became an initiate of Oghma in 1484.
In M1 1483 Erstlin was sacked by marauding giants, and Sir Harvarr's three sons fell defending the seminary, leaving him bereft.
In M8 1484 Dame Vigda Coles passed away.

9. Rensard Family & Alwyck (sacked 28/6/1480 3am)
Jaela Rensard
Lord Myuni the Warlock
Lady Thaya Rensard
Alwyck was the manor of the glamorous new Lady of the manor Jaela Rensard (b. 1453), only living daughter of Sir Golt Rensard (1429-M1 1480 DR), and her consort, the rather sinister Red Wizard half-Shou warlock Lord Myuni. Some say Jaela is also a Warlock. There are mutterings of strange magics at Alwyck Manor, and even debaucheries. Certainly the Rensard serving-maids and stablehands are numerous and scantily clad. Jaela has a cousin, Thaya Rensard (b. 1461), the illegitimate child of her father's elder sister Marta Rensard (1428-1469 DR). The sweet-natured Thaya was at finishing school in Waterdeep (was to be 1479-1482).  
Symbol of the Red Wizards
Symbol of the Red Wizards
21/6/1480 At the Midsummer Ball Jaela clearly fancied Quinn, dancing and kissing lasciviously, while Myuni is interested in Arya, a fellow ex-Red Wizard.
Myuni's Account: He was born to a Shou princess and a Thayan Red Wizard father. During the Thayan Civil War he rose high in the service of the new Zulkir of Invocation, Valas Kul. When the remaining Zulkirs re-invaded Thay in 1478 from their hold in Aglarond's Wizard's Reach, they were crushed. Myuni fled west to the Shou enclave of Nathlan, south of Cormyr. It was there in the Visitor's Quarter of Nathlekh City that he met Lady Jaela, who had come there seeking the Wisdom of the East... 
23-24/6/1480: Arya visited Lord Myuni (taking Jareth) & Jaela Rensard. They discussed the Red Comet, the location of the Death Cyst, the fate of Thay, and Myuni showed Arya some familiar looking Ammarindar plates, which she was able to interpret, concerning the original cyst breach 1500 years ago. Myuni disappeared soon afterwards, using a ritual to travel through the Feydark to Phaervorul and attempt to warn Matron Urlvrain of the impending breach of the Death Cyst. Before leaving for Phaervorul Quinn sent Pamela Bardew to spy on Rensard Manor. 
28/6/1480, dawn, ca 3.30am: Kitana & Delderosh led the Goblins of Korzzbad in the sacking of Rensard Manor and capture of Alwyck. The villagers were permitted to live, the manor staff killed or enslaved - Delderosh took the maid Pamela Bardew for himself. Jaela was stripped, bound, and taken 34 miles east to Llorkh to face the Bane Child's justice, subsequently (evening 28/6) thrown in the Llorkh palace dungeon, subsequently made to serve as a wizard's assistant.
M7 1480 DR: Lady Moonfire called Thaya Rensard back from Waterdeep to replace Jaela as Lady of the Rensard Manor, stripping Jaela of her title.

River Folk
Bargemaster Tollun (1437-): Big middle-aged man with blond hair and moustache. A native of Daggerford, Tollun's five-man barge trades up and down the Grayflow, from Daggerford to Llorkh. Often sells Amnian wine to Orlbar. Tollun is well known to Lirael and her friends, Tollun likes to boast about how he helped defeat a Zhent ambush in the ruins of Zelbross... (ca M2 1480 DR)
Bolchana Arkwright (1435-): Since M2 1477 DR this very fat, coarse featured woman has been the leader of the Arkwright family of River-Bargees, the river folk who ply the Grayflow with entire families living on their large boats. Since succeeding her husband, the half-elf Verdus Arkwright (dec'd M2 1477), Bolchana and her four sons (1460-, 1461- x2 (twins), 1463-), her three sisters, and their husbands, have acquired a considerable reputation for ruthlessness. Usually they take convicted criminals from Loudwater to work their sentences in the iron mines around Llorkh, but they are also rumoured to have traded women as harem slaves to the Bandit King Boris, when he ruled Llorkh until his overthrow by Queen Esme (late 1479 DR).  
Red Bart of the Pale Minnow - see Eastern Gray Vale

Gail Bottomley, concubine of Delderosh
The South Wood 
Warlord Ser Delderosh of Korzzbad, "Knight of the Fingers of Bane", vassal of the Bane Child Queen Esmerelda of Llorkh
Delderosh is a huge and powerfully built hobgoblin war-chief, almost 7' tall. He rides a mighty battle-worg. With Kitana, servant of the Bane Child, Warlord Delderosh of Korzzbad led his warriors to sack Rensard Manor 27/6/1480, killing Lady Jaela's house guards and capturing her and her maids. They took her east to Llorkh to face the Bane Child's justice for her crimes against the Goblins. Delderosh took Pamela Bardew, but was forced to give her up to Queen Esme upon arrival at Llorkh with his 30 Battle Captains, evening 28/6/1480. Instead he took a dark-haired Rensard maid, Gail Botomley, from Kruzgak, one of his five senior battle-captains. Delderosh claims to have five thousand blades at his command.

1482 M9 Ser Kitana of Llorkh reports from Korzzbad to her Queen, Esmerelda. Ser Delderosh's campaign against the Urshani hobgoblins in the west, now in its second year, continues to go slowly. After initial heavy losses he adopted a more cautious approach, and has recently cleared out several Urshani lairs, taking the survivors for Korzzbad and killing those who won't yield. As long as Boris' gold (probably in fact mostly Lady Moonfire's gold) keeps flowing, Delderosh is happy to continue the campaign.
Of more possible concern, Yuan-ti merchants from Najara recently visited Korzzbad. They purchased all the human women taken at the sack of Rensard manor except for Delderosh's own concubine, and expressed great interest in acquiring more. Delderosh offered them hobgoblin females taken from the Urshani, but they were uninterested. Delderosh would dearly like to strike against the soft Loudwater territories to the north, but rightly fears Queen Esme and Bane. More prosaically he also doesn't want to lose the flow of Moonfire gold. Delderosh would like to know if some kind of trading arrangement could be set up; if not Loudwater then surely Llorkh or the Mountain King must have spare females to trade? 

Delderosh, Hobgoblin Warlord of Korzzbad

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