Monday, 21 May 2012

Session 16 Episode Summary

S16 25/9/1479 DR
The party are attacked by hippogriffs, one is killed. Karvol the Royal Guard is knocked into the river by archer fish, but Shawna distracts them by pushing the dead hippogriff into the river, and he is able to reach the shore.
The party reach the north entrance of the Stonefang Tunnel; Lirael and Arael/Dru scout dwarven patrol footprints heading west, while the others enter the tunnel. Some distance into the tunnel the party battle stirges, then a small earthquake opens a cleft from which pours spiders.  During the fighting the Zhent Black Sun Adept (Cyricist) Vale tries to kill Arya, but in turn is attacked by the other three Zhents, Banites. He blasts them with the power of the Black Sun and flees south, back down the tunnel.

Sessions 1-15 are here.

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