Thursday, 15 March 2012

Session 15 NPCs list

NPCs who appeared:
Tollun, merchant with river barge, you took a trip with him upriver to Orlbar
Jarvis, Orlbar merchant, argued with Tollun over price for 60 casks of 'not really-'58 vintage' Amnian wine
Valeris, Queen of Orlbar
Toruvas, Valeris' Twilight Incanter
Emesha, leader of the Light of the Sun
Karvol, one of Queen Valeris' Royal Guard sent with you, tall and stoic.
Boris, Bandit King of Llorkh
Vale, Boris' mysterious robed spellcaster(?).
Joran, Matt & Dylan - three of King Boris' best warriors, sent with you.
Rangrim - dwarf of Clan Glintshield, son of Prince Thorvil, grandson of Thane Harvak
Lord & Lady Sevrym - nervous rulers of Timbervale, in Llorkh territory
Sir Galtos - Lord & Lady Sevrym's 18 year old son
(Sevilla - Lord & Lady Sevrym's 22 year old daughter)  

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