Sunday 30 December 2012

1480 DR M2 - News from Elturgard

News of upheaval in Elturgard to the south – following a major gnoll raid on Scornubel, there comes the revelation that the High Observer had allowed the Reaching Woods to become infested with the brutes over twenty years. The High Observer is forced to resign in disgrace. Nobles and common folk have come together to demand  a secular ruler to balance the power of the Theocracy. Following favourable auguries, the new High Observer of the Order of Torm has anointed the popular Duke Pyvim Kyatt of Westmarch as King Pyvim I of Elturgard, coronated new year's day 1480 DR. The new King has promised to deal effectively with the various threats to the Realm, most pressingly the Gnolls of Reaching Woods that had been allowed to grow unchecked through the dereliction of the previous High Observer.
Pyvim also promises to deal with whatever evil the old High Observer left sealed within Fort Morninglord.

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