Monday 17 December 2012

Session 32 Demonic Incursion 2/2/1480 DR

Ashara of Akanul and her apprentice Amara deTrevani return to Loudwater after 6 months in Akanul, only to find themselves in the midst of a demonic invasion...

Amara deTrevani

2/2/1480: After several days' rest at the Tower of Treona, Lirael Halvath Jareth and Palias ride the 14 miles back west to Loudwater. Leaving their horses at the Stables they head north towards the docks to book transit on a ship downriver, entering the open market square in front of the Moonfire Mansion. There Lirael meets Ashara and Amara deTrevani, newly arrived in town via phantom steeds. Having completed her apprentice training, Amara plans to use her powers to retake Castle deTrevani from the Orcs and restore her family fortunes.
Meanwhile a Bard, Quinn, has newly arrived in Loudwater by boat. Passing through the gate from the docks ward he enters the square, and senses a twisted portal opening below 'him', somewhere nearby. Meanwhile a local doomsayer, Malineus Bleak, has ascended the stage in front of the mansion and is haranguing a small crowd with warnings of DOOM!! - certainly true in his case, for suddenly he screams and is consumed in fire. Standing on the stage is a roaring pillar of flame and blackened bones - an Immolith demon! Quinn notices too late as flaming zombies disgorge from the open storm drain behind him and attack. The Immolith orders them to seize the Ring, and attacks Jareth.
The Immolith Appears

A fierce battle ensues, the crowd flees in panic and Quinn is hard pressed. Malineus Bleak stands back up, now a flaming zombie, and is engaged by Palias. After a fierce fight the heroes are triumphant, Ashara leads the way down into the sewers, seeking to close the demonic portal before it can open further. But more demons lies in wait...

Demon Toad Minions are Lurking!
Toad demons in the water, Mezzodemons on the pathway and a hideous sleep-inducing Chasme fly demon scurrying on the walls attack the party, but ultimately prove no match for the heroes' power. Ashara and Amara press on and find a glowing demonic portal, about to disgorge the enormous form of 20' tall Carnage Goristro. Focusing their arcane powers, they close the Portal before it can disgorge the brute.
Flies & Toads
Demon Horde vs Ashara
In the aftermath, Ashara and Amara bid farewell to the others, heading east to Trevann to raise a force and take back Castle deTrevani from the orcs with fire and sword. In the smoking ruins of the castle they plan to establish a Conclave and train a new generation of Fire Wizards.
Lady Moonfire approaches Lirael and thanks her for defeating the demons and saving Moonfire from having to unleash the power of Karsus the Failed God to save Loudwater from the demons. Moonfire implies that would have been a Bad Thing.
The group reach the docks and book passage to Daggerford with Tollun, a river merchant Lirael knows (Esmerelda once helped him bargain with an Orlbar trader over some cheap wine). The group plan to go to Wyrmscrag Fortress and loot the wealth of Emerald Dawn before taking the Ring of Nemeia to Hallomak Stromm in Waterdeep.

Courtyard: Immolith & 5 flameborn zombies, inc Malineus Bleak: 3700
Sewer: Chasme, 3 Mezzodemons, 4 Canoloth Harriers: 3600
Closing the Portal on the Carnage Goristro: 1200
Total: 8500/6.5 = 1308 + 21,132 = 22,440
26,000 for Level 11 (Paragon Tier)

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