Monday, 3 December 2012

Session 31: Reach Lvl10 - Fall the Dawn 29/1/1480 DR.

29/1/1480 DR
The group are rested after a day at the Shrine of Mielikki. Waking that morning, Lirael finds her bow has been granted a Thunder boon by Mielikki, the forest goddess, Lady of the Gray Vale.

Arya the Wizard arrives from Loudwater; Lirael fills her in on the situation. The Ring speaks with Arya, telling her that her destiny is to free Thay from Undeath and its 'false god' Szass Tam. The group depart Brownstone, reaching Loudwater at lunchtime. They luncheon at the Green Tankard; Halvath visits Father Halvath visits his friend Brother Griffon at the Temple of Silvanus, while Lirael takes several others to see Lady Moonfire, leaving the Ring of Nemeia behind Lirael tells Moonfire about the Ring, and asks why it is seeking her. Moonfire reveals a shocking secret - that she is drawing on the dark energies of Karsus, the Failed God, to protect Loudwater. Lirael confers with the others and informs them of this.

The group leave Loudwater that afternoon and ride east, reaching Treona's tower at dusk. Just before sunset Lirael and Tassan spot a large draconic shape approaching from the south-west, flying over the South Wood. Treona examines the Ring and says she lacks the power to destroy it - only her old friend Halamak Stromm, the demon-hunting Savant-Sage of Waterdeep, might be able to do so.  But she can cast a Ritual of Non-Detection that might shield the ring.

With a thunk, a large green dragon, Emerald Dawn, lands on the roof. Jareth goes up to negotiate with it, but an epic battle soon ensues. Lirael, Halvath and Tassan are all brought near death before Jareth's glaive and a magic missile from Arya finally slays the beast.

Roleplay XP: 150 each.
Defeat Emerald Dawn: 6000/7 = 857 each.
Total: 1,007 + 20,125 = 21,132
26,000 for LEVEL 11 (PARAGON LEVEL)

PCs reached Level 5 in Session 11, the first session of 2012, and reached level 10 in Session 31, the penultimate session of 2012.

2011: 10 sessions, 3 level-ups (2, 3, 4) = 1 per 3.33.
2012: 22 sessions, 6 level-ups (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) = 1 per 3.66.

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