Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Session 39: 21/2/1480 DR - Brownstone Zombie Inferno

Quinn tried to talk her way into Brownstone.

Halvath falls out of the tree.
Arya's Fireball lands.
One shot, nineteen kills by Arya - 17 zombies, 1 Zhent assault trooper, and an unfortunate zombie dog.
Mopping up.

Quinn looks around the chaos left behind in the wake of the battle. Smoking bodies litter the ground around us. Halvath stands in the middle of the battle, his face a constant battle between despair and righteous fury. 

There don't seem to be anymore Zents to attend to and everyone relaxes slightly, glancing warily toward the barricaded mansion in the North Western corner of the village. 

With everyone's attentions elsewhere no one notices a handful of the undead villagers begin to stir. Three of the smoking bodies rise unsteadily to their feet and begin to shamble towards the group, Halvath's brother among them. 

It is mere moments before Jareth sees the danger and launches himself towards the trio of corpses, felling two with one swing of his giant sword. He rounds on Halvath's brother, the final one standing and prepares to strike him down. Quinn sees the stricken look on Halvath's face and steps forward, putting a hand on Jareth's shoulder, shaking her head slightly as he looks at her. 

She steps forward and waits for the zombie to approach her. When he is almost within arms reach Quinn looks him in the eyes sadly and whispers something so low that no one else hears. "You're dead."

The corpse of Halvath's brother stops and sways for a moment before crumpling to the floor, whatever dark magic that was pushing it forward evaporating. 

Quinn turns and walks back to Halvath, putting a hand on his shoulder before making her way towards the mansion, suddenly afraid of what else is going to test Halvath's resolve before the day is over.

3 Darkhold Troopers - 600
5 Assault Troopers - 1000
1 Cenobite, Kaloth - 500
4 Archers - 1400
18 Zombies & 1 zombie dog - 950
Total Kills 31
Total XP: 4450/7=635 (EL 11)x1.5=952 XP each
Quinn account +100=33,152
Need 39,000 for 13th level.

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