Monday, 15 April 2013

Session 40 21/2/1480 DR - Assault on Brooke Manor

Arkos' Vampire Spawn
Zhents Everywhere

9 Vampire Spawn - 1125
10 Assault Troopers - 2000
6 Darkhold Troopers - 1200
4 Archers - 1400
3 Battleguard - 1800
6 Templars of Cyric -  3000
War Captain Arkos - 1600
Total: 12125/7=1732 (EL 17!)x1.5=2598 each
Free Brownstone - Level 13 Major Quest: +800 each
Total: 3398 + 33,152=36550
Need 39,000 for 13th level.

Postscript: You find several survivors of the Zhentarim occupation in the manor house cellars, including Halvath's sister-in-law Terriss and her children Ralf and Kara. They had been hidden by the serving maids the Zhents had kept alive to serve on them.

Halvath communes with Mielikki overnight as he seeks to resurrect Sir Halvard Brooke and  Lana Jameson. But they were killed in dedication to Cyric, God of Murder, and dark forces hold their souls in thrall. Halvath realises that if he wishes to attempt to rescue them from eternal torment, his spirit must journey into the Shadowfell - alone - and face the forces of Cyric in contest...
Zhent War Captain Arkos, vampire (RIP)

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