Monday 12 May 2014

Session 65 24/6/1481 On the Bridge of Sighs

Following a trail of mindflayer ichor from the dwarven bastion, the heroes traverse down the side of a huge lightless cavern, to a stone bridge over a rushing stream far below. There they are attacked by the wounded mindflayers Vurin & Turin, and their Tanarukk allies - demon orcs! After a long and fierce battle that brings Jareth to the brink of death the mindlayers are slain, the Tanarukk defeated - one overawed Tanarukk surrenders and is sent on his way with a message - the lands east of the stone bridge belong to the humans!

2 Mindflayers lvl 18 elite - 8000
7 Tanarukk marauders lvl 17 - 1600x7=11200
2 Tanarukk steel warriors lvl 18 - 4000
Level 18 quest - end threat to Adakmi: +2000 each.
Total: 6218+ 108327 = 114,545 XP
Need 119,000 for 19th level

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