Saturday 31 May 2014

Session 67: 16-17/10/1482 Against the Giants!

16/10/1482 DR The day after Maarth's defeat, Priest Rylgoth of the Azers contacts his 'goddess' Arya, Primordial of Lightning - the Azer Revolution has begun! As expected, most of the fire giant army has descended to the mines to quell the rebellion, while King Snurre directs the war effort from his fortress-throne. Now is the time to strike! Rylgoth's brother Valgoth and a squad of Azer rebel warriors are moving to rendezvous with Arya & co between the Lake of Fire and the surface world, and guide them through the maze of volcanic tunnels between the Lake of Fire and the Halls of the Fire Giant King for the final confrontation...

17/10/1482 DR Forces are gathered, the group travels east to the Endless Caverns with ten guardsmen, leaving horses with the Rangers of the Nine, and descend into the depths. They meet the Azers led by Valgoth conversing amicably with Nolav the lich. Nolav tells them that Phaervorul is now under the control of a band of slaves led by a war troll, who have defeated the ghouls and remaining drow, captured Matron-Mother Urlvrain, and now rule the ruined city from the former Temple of Lolth.

Valgoth and the Azers pay homage to Arya, then he leads the expedition down to the Lake of Fire, and east for hours through volcanic tunnels, to the Gate of the Giant King. With difficulty they get the great obsidian doors open, and enter the Hall. A hidden Azer sounds a gong. King Snurre waits upon his throne...

Photo: The expeditionary force

Photo: Hiya, Nolav. How are you?

Photo: It is, indeed, a force. Hopefully to be reckoned with.

Photo: Fire Giants.

Photo: The Hell Hounds have been released

Photo: Ack!!!

Photo: Paelias' epic run to the lever


Session XP
Encounter with Nolav & the Azers, trek to Snurre's Hall: 600 XP each
Passing the Black Gate: 800 XP each
Tota: 1400+119011= 120411 XP
143,000 XP for Level 20

Dunstan is at -1 on d20 rolls until he has reached a milestone or taken 
an extended rest.

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