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Session 66 RL19 15-16/10/1482 Maarth's Last Kill

Photo: Nasty ghouls gang up on Dunstan.
Photo: Dunstan!
Dunstan falls to the blade of Maarth, drow assassin.
M6-10 1482 DR: Pealias attempts to instruct Tammy in Ranger skills, especially Stealth - she's a somewhat indifferent pupil. At the new Greywood Manor Pealias meets Anaveth, the Silverstar of Selune sent by High Priestess Amathea to aid and advise him. Suspecting that Tammy may be jealous of the beautiful young woman, he introduces her diplomatically. Anaveth expresses interest in Tammy's art and sadness that her own talents do not compare; they seem to get on well. Talking later with Anaveth, Pealias speaks a little of his meeting with Selune, and his feeling that the Gray Vale will be of great importance in a coming conflict. Anaveth seems a little unsure, the Gray Vale seeming a quiet and peaceful backwater, while the great empires of Netheril and Thay clash in the east. Evil fights evil, and the West is at peace - so why are the omens so bad? But Pealias discovers there is a secret Anaveth will not reveal - Amathea instructed her not to unless she felt it absolutely necessary.

15/10/1482: Sir Jorah Blackthorn briefs Lirael, Dunstan & Pealias at Northwood Manor - the Southwood Goblins are encroaching on Rensard Manor and Valeris' southern dominions. Many fear an attack, some families have abandoned the area. A dove arrives from the Stronghold of the Nine with a message from Ranger Captain Quen Harrowleaf - something has been killing the Rangers watching over the Endless Caverns; five have been lost in three days. The first three had their faces eaten away, the killer was driven off before the last two could be mutilated.
Lirael & co ride west, reaching the Stronghold of the Nine a little before dusk to find the Rangers tense and worried. Harrowleaf is grateful for aid. Lirael sets a trap that evening where a drow footprint was spotted by the last killings, but the slayer does not fall into it; everyone rises weary the next day. 

16/10/1482: Lirael picks up the killer's trail by hand/claw markings on the walls, and tracks it into the Caverns to the dragons' graveyard. A figure appears atop the skull of Graxx Rekax - Maarth, Phaervorul Matron-Mother  Urlvrain's assassin, lost in the fighting and now a red-eyed ghoul thing.
As the heroes debate what to do, a dozen more ghouls sneak up on them and attack. Maarth, no longer a silent automaton, cackles about Orcus' power, and proves a deadly foe as he slits the throat of fallen Dunstan. But at last Pealias puts him down; Lirael shoots the last ghoul as it flees and the heroes are victorious. Pealias carries Dunstan's body back to Greywood Manor where they take a boat over the Grayflow and head upstream to Brownstone and the Temple of the Green Regent. Halvath calls back Dunstan's soul from the halls of Moradin; Dunstan feels the All-Father's hand on his shoulder, he is let him go with an admonition to restore Ammarindar.

12 abyssal ghoul hungerers: 500x12=6000
Maarth, drow ghoul assassin: 5600
Total: 11600/3=3866
Level 18 minor quest: End threat to Rangers of the Nine: +500
Total: 4366 + 114,545 = 118911 XP
Need 119,000 for 19th level
Pealias/Anaveth Roleplay Bonus: +100 = 119011
LEVEL 19 Reached
143,000 for Level 20

Dunstan is at -1 on d20 rolls until he has reached three milestones or taken three extended rests.

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