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Session 68 17/10/1482-M1 1483 DR: Fall of the Fire Giants

17/10/1482 to M1 1483 DR:
Party & Azers defeat King Snurre and loot his treasury.
Pealias catches Taz'zt, drow emissary of Ched Nasad. He says he was sent by his liege Eclavadra to secure an alliance with the fire giants against the threat of Orcus. Ched Nasad is allied with Netheril. 120411 XP
143,000 XP for Level 20
Azers secure the Halls and capture Queen Frumpy.
Azer rebellion liberates their people and drives the Fire Giants from the Endless Caverns.
Arya reunites with a joyful Rylgoth the Azer, her first priest. He says he worships not what she is, but what she is destined to become.
Heroes bring Taz'zt to Lady Moonfire; she interrogates him and establishes that Ched Nasad is weak, and fears being destroyed as Phaervorul was.
Halvath the Green Regent consults with Mielikki. She tells him that the Shadovar Empire of Netheril is in grave danger, and this may ultimately threaten the Vale.
As the first snows of winter are falling, Jareth and Pealias travel west to Daggerford and take ship south to Baldur's Gate, city of the Twenty Thousand Flaming Fists, where Jareth consults with the High Priest of Tempus, known as the Arch Templar. The Arch Templar tells him that a true follower of Tempus obeys the Rules of War, including the granting of quarter to honourable foes.
By the time they return to the Gray Vale in M1 1483 DR the snow is more than two feet deep, and it is bitterly cold...

Battle with Snurre: 30,000/6= 5,000 XP each
Free the Azers - Level 19 Major Quest - 2,400 XP each
Interrogate Taz'zt, Drow Emissary of Ched Nasad - 400 XP each
Seize King Snurre's Treasure - 1,200 XP each
Jareth gains enlightenment from the High Priest of Tempus at Baldur's gate - 400 XP each
Total: 9400 + 120400 = 129800 XP
143,000 XP for Level 20

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