Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Session 69 15-16/1/1483: Winter for Valeris

15/1/1483 DR
Jareth & Arya are drinking in the Green Regent. Rumour has it that frost giants are attacking the eastern Gray Vale. A messenger asks them to attend on Lady Moonfire, who is being visited by Queen Valeris of Orlbar. They are joined by Dunstan. Valeris tells them that frost giants descending from the Graypeaks have conquered the territory of the Mountain King. Stone Cultists opened the gates of Ogremouth to the giants. Valeris is worried that the giants may be moving on Orlbar. Jareth wants a reward to help out.

16/1/1483 DR
Dunstan, Jareth, Arya, Cerdic, and Boulder ride east with Valeris and four of her Royal Guards on the road from Loudwater along the south bank of the Grayflow. It is cold and snowy. South-west of Orlbar the Grayflow freezes. Arya senses powerful Fey magic. Then frost giants and a huge mammoth are spotted through the snow, crossing south across the frozen river, and attack. In the fighting the giants are defeated, but Valeris and her men are killed.

Discussion with Moonfire & Valeris: lvl 16 minor, +350 XP each
5 frost giants lvl 17 brute XP 1600x5=8000
1 Nyfellar mammoth lvl 20 brute XP 2800
Total: 10800/4=2700+350=3050 XP each
3050+129800=  132850 XP
143,000 XP for Level 20

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