Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Session 70 16-17/1/1483: The Bridge at Heartford

Photo: It's about to get cold in here.

Photo: Giants!

Photo: Paelias is a wee bit surrounded...

Party bring Valeris' body to Treona at Castle deTrevani, but as Treona tries to Raise her she becomes sheened in icy frost. The group intervene to save her from the enchantment.

Next day the group head east to Heartford, where they hold the bridge against a giant force that has sacked Erstlin, destroyed the Seminary of Torm, and killed many priests and paladins including Orien Black.

Investigations, helping Treona: 1600 XP each

Battle at the Bridge
8 hill giant smasher minions: 600x8=4800
4 stone giant minions: 1038x4=4152
4 frost giants: 1600x4=6400
frost giant ice master (sub-chief): 4150
Total: 19502/6=3250 each

Total: 4850+132850 = 137,700 XP
143,000 XP for Level 20

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