Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Session 82 23/8/1484 Pile the Bodies High

The battle for the Roots of the World rages. Lirael arrives, replacing Dunstan who is having trouble with his visor... Stone Thralls and Cthonic Apostles hit hard, but fall in droves. A human Cthonic Stoneshaper arrives, leading reinforcements, but Paelias evades his grasping stony hands that erupt from the rock... Defeated he attempts to flee, but Paelias skewers him and casts him into the pit. The last hill giant survivor surrenders and is interrogated by Lirael. He speaks of the Inner Sanctum where lies the Eye of Terra/Terror, and of a terrible Earthquake Dragon guardian...

18 Stone Thralls killed - 1513x18=27234
7 Cthonic Apostle hill giants defeated, 6 killed 1 captured - 6050x7=42350
1 Cthonic Stoneshaper killed - 6050
Total: 75634/4=18908 each

18908+231,281= 250189 XP

Need 255,000 XP for Level 23

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