Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Session 86 25/8/1484 Fort Morninglord - The Periapt of Aumvor

Knight Old photo KnightOld.jpg
Pyvim I Kyatt, King of Elturgard, Duke of Westmarch
In Hallomak's tower (where Dunstan & Serka have been getting thoroughly reaquainted) Dunstan Jareth & newly returned Paelias travel by Portal with Hallomak & Liana to Castle Kyatt in Elturgard, meet with King Pyvim Kyatt and his daughter Princess Shaedra, who is leading the attack on Fort Morninglord, where Aumvor the Undying is close to breaking the seals. Paelias remembers frosty dealings with Shaedra years before.
Group rides swiftly with the King & his entourage from Castle Kyatt to Fort Morninglord where thousands of Paladins encircle the fort. To cheers the 200 strong assault team enters the Fort, fighting through hundreds of undead to the inner chamber where the Periapt awaits. Hallomak & co establish a perimeter while Dunstan Jareth and Paelias enter the Periapt, fighting through the guardians...

Dragonborn Warmaster & 2 Bluespawn Godslayers 26,800
7 Vestiges of the Peers of Elturel 15750
Total 42,550/3= 14,183 each

14183+310000= 324,183 XP

Need 375,000 for Level 25

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