Monday 24 August 2015

Session 90 27/8-3/9/1484 To Ched Nasad

Dhaunayane Portals everyone away to the Fiery Spire - the Green Regent restores Paelias & Anaveth at the Fiery Spire, while the college president Ashara of Akanul consults with Lady Moonfire on using Karsus' power to block Orcus' Shadow-Gates in the eastern Gray Vale close to deTrevani castle.
After consulting with Hallomakk Stromm (returned from Neverwinter, where he finally dispatched the Thayan elf-lich Valindra Shadowmantle) the group decide to accompany Dhaunayane Nasadra to Ched Nasad, while Hallomakk attempts to make contact with Emissary Gerin of the Shadovar and get more of an idea what is happening in Netheril.

Paelias walks the Dark Road with the group to an outer gate of Ched Nasad, where they find the guard post deserted - the reason becomes plain as a Nightwalker attacks. As it is losing it psychic-screams for the aid of three Gugs, who give the group a tough fight and threaten to kill Dhaunayane. Aid for the party arrives in the form of some Nasadi drow conscripts, their leader a low-ranking noble of the ruling house. After the battle Dhaunayane questions him, he doesn't seem to know very much. Other drow regard her with awe.

Nightwalker 30250
3 Gugs 18000x3=54000
Roleplay & Investigation 9000 each
Total 30062

450,000 for Level 26

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