Monday 7 September 2015

Session 91 3-4/9/1484: Mean Streets of Ched Nasad

Heading through the slum district of Ched Nasad with their drow escort, the group encounter a battle between a gang of orcs & goblins and an onrushing horde of undead Dread Warriors and Hezrou demons - not to mention the Guardian Spiders corrupted by the Jaezred Chaellsin. All in a day's work...
The leader of the orcs is Bolg, a friend of Dhaunayane. He tells her the undead and demons are coming through Shadow portals all over the city, but most near the Temple of Shar, and leads her (with newly controlled Spider), her friends, and three surviving drow conscripts to his lair, then from there to the Teh'Kinrelliz mansion of her drow allies, where plans are made to depose the Chaullsin puppets and return Ched Nasad to the way of Lolth...

4 Hezrou 6050x4=24200
9 Thayan Dread Warriors 1750x9=15750
2 Lolth's Reavers (one controlled by Dhaunayane) 7000x2=14000
Total 53950/5=10790

Make contact with Bolg and Zesstra & Aunda Teh'Kinrelliz +3500 each

Total 14,290 + 409357=423,647
450,000 for Level 26

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