Sunday 4 March 2012

Character Goals

Character Goals- list from White Dwarf 54. Choose up to 4 goals from the list below or suggested by player and agreed by GM. At the start of an encounter/scene, declare if you are acting in pursuit of one of your goals. Each PC can declare one goal per encounter/scene. If you then act* in accordance with goal I will award at least a Minor Quest XP award, or more depending on particular achievement, roleplay etc. You can replace a goal each level.

*For some goals such as Battle Glory and Wealth this may require going beyond D&D's default 'Kill Things & Take Their Stuff' play mode.

Furtherance of Scholarly Studies - history, linguistics, customs etc
Furtherance of Art - music, architecture, craft etc
Furtherance of Science and Technology
Wealth - finances or hoards of treasure
Earthly pleasures - wine women drugs etc
Romance - true love
Power over others - political, religious, criminal etc
Fame - renown far and wide
Rank - social, military etc
Preservation of status quo - inc 'Balance'
Preservation of Nature
Preservation of Order
Comradeship - friendship, feasting etc
Risk - physical or financial
Commercial business - set up trade caravans, run merchant ship etc
Collecting - jewelry, antiques, weapons, paintings etc
Religious Service
Battle Glory
Image Cultivation - distinctive appearance, vehicle, style etc
Freedom - personal or for others
Chivalry - mercy, fairness etc
Honour - duty to liege, family, friends or own dignity
Mystical Power - finding new spells, magic items etc
Patriotism - acting in country/tribe's best interests
Discovery - bringing new knowledge to own culture/civilisation
Experience wonders - travel through strange lands, other planes etc
Intrigue - secret scheming & plotting
Materialism - have & care for horses, castle, private island etc
Welfare of others - 'Good'
Responsibility - to care out task, take care of charges etc
Expansion of Civilisation - pioneering spirit
Wanton Destruction - Chaotic Evil
Cruelty - Evil
Persecution of Evil
Competition - relish race to complete quest etc
Personal Feat - hunting great beast, climb mountain etc 'Because it's there'
Creation - make new magic items, design vehicle etc
Self-Discipline - ascetism, managing without, self-control
Trickery - thwarting authority, practical jokes etc.

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