Tuesday 1 January 2013

Loudwater PCs 1480 DR

Halvath of Mielikki - Human Cleric
Halvath is priest of Mielikki for the village of Brownstone. A big, well-muscled man clad in furs and steel, his brown beard is now greying. He is 42 years old. Halvath's family, the Cormarrin, were once a well-regarded family of Zelbross, and provided many men as temple guards at the Temple of Tyr there. When the World-Ash trembled at the Spellplague and Tyr fell in battle with the Hell-Hound Garmr, the fortunes of the Cormarrin and Zelbross declined. Eventually, around forty years ago (1440 DR) the dying town was abandoned, and Halvath's father Joachim Cormarrin sought his fortune to the east, in Loudwater demesne, taking his wife Vira and infant sons. Joachim became Ranger of Brownstone. In time his elder son Raltar became Master of Hounds to Sir Halvard Brooke, also marrying and having several children, while Halvath became the village Priest, serving Mielikki and the spirits of the Vale. Fifteen years ago, (1465 DR) Joachim made the mistake of following a stray cow into the Southwood, and not returning before nightfall. He never came back. Vira died in the hard winter of 1477 DR. Meanwhile Halvath has been growing a little bored with his comfortable life...

Dunstan Ironforge - Dwarf Knight
The Ironforge clan were once famous smiths and armourers in the ancient Shield Dwarf kingdom of Ammarindar, which ruled the Graypeak Mountains for millenia until swept aside by the Tanarukk Demon Orcs of Hellgate Keep, six hundred years ago (880 DR). Many Ironforge Defenders perished in the great battles against the Tanarukk - at Adakmi, the last citadel of dying Eaerlann, and then at Yaunaroth, guarding the Retreat of the Dwarves through Bleached Bones Pass. According to family legend, the Ironforge banner was the last dwarven standard seen upon the walls of Citadel Yaunaroth before it fell. The survivors fled south with the other clans, skirting the Marsh of Chelimber. They received some aid from Evereska in their bitter trek, eventually reaching Scornubel where they scattered to seek what fortune they could. The Ironforge moved east to the Kingdom of Cormyr, resuming their trade of smithcraft, but never forgetting the glories of Ammarindar...
Five years ago in Suzail, Cormyr's capital, young Dunstan Ironforge completed his fiftieth year and was accounted a trained Knight of the Ironforge. Second son to Thane Valgrim Ironforge, Dunstan had no prospect of inheritance and so determined to seek his fortune in the north-west, adventuring across Elturgard to the Sword Coast. More recently he heard rumours that the Glintshield Dwarves have retaken Citadel Yaunaroth: the Dwarves of Amarrindar are gathering to reclaim their ancient home! And so he travelled east, to the Gray Vale, to see what might be done...

Pealias- Eladrin Ranger
Pealias' family were killed in attacks by a pack of werewolves , in the forests around balldurs gate, he joined the militia and learnt his "ranger" skills neutralising the threat, on one of these missions he was gravely injured, a nearby family nursed him back to health, but it turned out that this family were in fact the werewolves who had injured. The intervention of a priestess of Selune, stopped him killing the family, from this point he dedicated him self to the service of selune, and traveled all along the sword coast on missions for the church of selune, his last mission for the church before meeting Lirael and her companions was, to track down, the murderer of a high priest of selune, the trail took him to the netheril were he found to donation that pointed towards the church of shar, after spending some time with the bedine, he left and was on his way back to water deep when he met Lirael.


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