Monday 7 January 2013

Session 33 Wyrmscrag Castle 3/2/1480 DR

After resting overnight at the Green Tankard, Pelias and Halvath chat over breakfast with two other patrons of the Inn - Curuvar the Brazen, the resident Wizard of Loudwater, and Galion of the Dragon Coast, a newly arrived mercenary adventurer. There is much chat in the tavern of yesterday's demonic incursion, driven back by 'Ashara the Fire Wizard, Lirael Sirocco and her companions'.
Leaving Lirael to recover from yesterday's exertions, the group saddle up and ride for the High Moor (having loudly declared they're going hunting Goblins in the Southwood). Arya uses ice magic to freeze the Highflow River, allowing the group to cross, and they reach the Wyrmscrag Ruins towards evening, finding them infested with lurking Yuan-Ti. A running battle drives the surviving Yuan-Ti back through sorcerous chambers beneath the fortress. After a lengthy battle the enemy seal themselves behind a wall of living corpses, leaving the party to catch their breath in a chamber dominated by an eerie statue of the dead dragon 'god', Emerald Dawn...

3 Yuan-Ti Malison Sharp-Eyes: 2400
2 Yuan-Ti Abominations: 2000
Total: 4400/6 = 733
+67 XP each Roleplay Bonus= 800 XP each.
26,000 for Level 11 (Paragon Tier)

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