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Session 34 Treasure of the Dawn 3/2-5/2/1480 DR

Recovered from her battle with the demons, Lirael goes downstairs at the Green Tankard and has a late breakfast, chatting with Galion, a handsome mercenary who is keen to accompany her against the Wyrmscrag. Lady Moonfire's elderly factotum Edmund enters the Tankard and consults with Lirael on a suitable 'Warden of the North' to take over rulership of Loudwater's northern territory, a position vacant since the loss of Moonfire's cousin Lady Eclara Travys last year.
Lirael buys Galion a horse and the pair head for the Wyrmscrag, Lirael using her abilities to find a safe crossing over the Highflow river.
Reaching the Wyrmscrag ruins they pass dead Yuan-Ti and enter a strange temple underneath, where they join the rest of the party just in time for the final battle to commence - two Yuan-Ti and a Dragonborn attack from the chamber of the Soulstorm Vortex, while the statue of Emerald Dawn dominates Lirael then Quinn, sending Quinn into the Vortex - she escapes just before her soul can be sucked into the Abyss. The enemy are defeated in a brutal fight, and the final trap - lightning pillars - does not prevent the group seizing Dawn's hoard, including the Stormlord Armour of King Boareskyr and over 300 lb weight of coin - 17,600gp!
The group return to Loudwater well after nightfall, and revel long into the night... Drunkenly they discuss plans to go to Waterdeep, or not. Pelias suggests sending the Ring of Nemeia with Galion so they don't have to bother. Halvath distributes alms to the poor. Galion is given a horse and 200gp.
4/2/1480 DR
Next morning with bad hangovers, Edmund asks Lirael to attend on Lady Moonfire; she brings her 'cohorts and Fr Halvath' to a kipper brunch. Moonfire discusses the Warden position and asks Lirael to take it; she accepts on a provisional basis after talking with Sir Jorah  Blackthorn, a Ranger and former Steward to the Travys who failed in his duty by drinking with his brothers in Tavysburg the night the Travys manor was sacked by the raiders, to the anger of Lady Moonfire. Palias had intercepted Blackthorn at the river ferry and spoken with him. 
Jareth visits the Loudwater Smithy and commissions a masterwork fullblade from the strapping Megana Nistral.
5/1480 DR
Next morning at dawn the group board Bargemaster Tollun's river barge, bound downriver for Daggerford Duchy with iron ore from the mines near Llorkh. First stop will be the old wharfs at ruined Zelbross, then Secomber and on down to Daggerford.

The Stormsoul Vortex
Quinn in the Vortex
NB: Lirael knows it was definitely the bandit slavers working for the Najarans who attacked Travys Manor last year. You know this because when you & the Burning Hand defeated 'Humungus' and his men (and lizardman spellcaster) at Zelbross (6/7/1479), among the women you rescued was Pamela Bardew, who had been a maid at Travys manor, and she's now working as a serving girl at the Green Tankard. She can tell you that while Humungus took her as a concubine, Lady Eclara Travys and around two dozen other women were sent south into the High Moor, presumably bound for the serpent realm of Najara. The other 9 women you rescued there were all brought in later.
Lady Moonfire
Megana Nistral

Sir Jorah Blackthorn
Dragon Statue/Altar: 1,200
2 Yuan-Ti Abominations: 2,000
Dragonborn Raider: 800
Soulstorm Vortex: 700
Energy Pillars: 700
Seize the Treasure of the Dawn - L12 major quest: 3500
Loudwater Roleplay/Politics: 3500(!)
Total: 12400/6= 2066
26000 for Level 11 (Paragon Tier)

Also see Loudwater Area NPCs 

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