Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quinn Background

Quinn Eventide was born in a nameless fishing village on the southern shores of the sword coast (in a tiny barony along the cliffs between the Duchy of Daggerford and the Troll Hills ). Music and art claimed her interests and stories and songs of ship wrecks and treasure filled her ears. It was not long before she was able to withstand the wanderlust no more and at the age of 18 she left her home and traveled up the coast in search of adventure.

Danger and adventure found her often, usually due to her awful sense of direction, but her wits and almost fantastical voice always saw her through. At the age of 20 she wandered through the town of Waterdeep and found herself involved in a barroom brawl that she halted when she jumped onto a table and sang for all those gathered, making them forget about their differences. 

As fate would have it the wizard Hallomak Stromm witnessed the scene and recognized the magical potential behind the young ladies voice. An offer she could not refuse and many years of training and exploration followed as she learned much about her gifts the arcane world. Now at the age of 27 she has struck out again with the intention of proving her ability to her master before he teaches his final lesson.
Quinn and her Hat.

From Tim:
I feel the need to describe Quinn's hat. It is something I have always had in my head but never actually explained anywhere. If you check out Quinn's photo on the blog you will see that she is wearing a red hat. I picture it as almost like the talking hat in Harry potter. It doesn't talk or have any practivcal benefit but it does move around slightly and will growl at anyone other than Quinn who tries to touch it. I kinda picture it as a gift from Hallomak when she left on her journey. 

Quinn is very attached to the hat and will go to great lengths to protect it. 

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