Monday 1 July 2013

13/4/180 DR Llorkh - the Palace of Queen Esmerelda

On a bright and sunny Spring morn, a blood-red eagle flies over the town, and drops a scroll case in the courtyard before winging off towards the east. Kitana, who is in town to report to Esme on the unlikely success of her latest suicide mission (rescuing the blind daughter of the headman of Irondawn from a nest of Grell in the Tomb of the Blind God) picks it up and examines it curiously. The case is marked with the sigil of Bane...
Queen Esme is breakfasting with her husband, the Prince-Consort Galtos, when Kitana enters, flushed with excitement.
Kitana: "Wonderful news, your Majesty! We have been blessed with a message from Fzoul Chembryl himself!"
Kitana hands Esme the now unsealed scroll:

"From the Grand Preceptor, the Chosen Tyrant of Bane, Fzoul Chembryl, Mulmaster, 12/4/1480 DR
To (insert name here): His Humble Servant, the Bane-Child Queen Esmerellda of Llorkh, Imperious Greetings!
(Message Begins)
Know thou that the wretched Szass Tam of Thay has Betrayed and Rejected our Lord! In his folly, it is now Discovered that He has Pacted with the Disgusting Goat-Head, the Orcus, Demon Lord of Undead. Accordingly, We hearby declare Anathema upon the Traitor Szass Tam. No Assistance is to be Given to him or his servants. They are to be Opposed at every turn. You are Required to Report all Signs of Thayan activity at once.
By My Command!
X Fzoul Chembryl
(End Message)
Copies to all Preceptors, High Preceptors, Warlords, Black Cloaks, etc etc"

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