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Serka of the Shadowed Chain, Level 9

Serka, Vice Commander of the Shadowed Chain Level 9 Leader
Medium natural humanoid (dwarf) XP 400
HP 68; Bloodied 34 Surges 10 Surge Value 17
AC 25; Fortitude 22; Reflex 18; Will 21
Speed 5

Initiative +8
Perception +7
Low-Light Vision
O Chain Maiden's Boon • Aura 1
Allies within the aura gain a +2 power bonus to Fortitude.
Stand the Ground
Whenever Serka is pulled, pushed, or slid, she can move 1 square less than the effect specifies.
Standard Actions
m War Hammer +2 (weapon) • At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +14 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 + 12 damage (crit 2d6+22 damage).
R Throwing Axe +1 • At-Will
Effect: Serka can shift 1 square and makes the following attack.
Attack: 5/10  +13 vs. AC
Hit: 1d6 + 10 damage (crit 1d6+16 damage).
Minor Actions
C "Don't you die on me!" • At-Will 2/encounter
Requirements: 1/round.
Effect: An ally within 5 squares (or herself) may spend a healing surge and recover their surge value, plus 4 extra hit points.
Other Powers
Steady Footed • At-Will
Action: No Action.
Effect: When an effect would knock Serka prone, she makes a saving throw. If she saves, she remains standing.
Str 18 (+8)    Dex 14 (+6)    Wis 16 (+7)
Con 16 (+7)    Int 12 (+5)    Cha 18 (+8)
Alignment lawful good     Languages Common, Dwarven, Primordial, Giant
Equipment lvl 6 masterwork scale armor (+8 AC), heavy shield, lvl 6 warhammer +2, lvl 1 handaxe +1
Normally a serious and reserved warrior of Clan Glintshield, Serka is determined to prove herself to Commander Duggin and Thane Harvak. Clearly greatly smitten with Dunstan Ironforge, despite her vow of celibacy. Her nose goes a cute pink colour when she's drunk too much. :)
Serka is normally in charge of Shadowed Chain operations north of the Stonefang Tunnel. She is typically accompanied by a squad of three young male Shadowed Chain dwarf warriors: Oin, Thoin, & Glori.
21/6/1480 - In the blooming gardens of the Moonfire Estate, Serka happily promised to marry Sir Dunstan of the Iron Forge - once he destroys the Primordial Dawn Titan Stonefang, thus ending a six-thousand-year war and releasing her from her Vow.
23/8/1484: Dunstan & co kill Stonefang, Dunstan reconfirms he'll marry Serka!
Serka & Dunstan Theme
Dunstan Theme

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