Tuesday, 18 August 2020

FA #3 Day 2 T2/M5/1359 (to 10pm) - 52 XP

- handle bear in woods 50/8 = 6

- get over wall unseen & get into keep, exploration 25

- defeat 2 wolf spiders 100/8 = 12

- defeat 3 giant rats 75/8 = 9

Total: 52

Simon N. (GM):Good evening chaps! :)
Erasmus:Here we go!! :P
Jake C.:Evening!
Red M.:Evening
Kenny H.:Hello Simon! Hopefully Christian/Percy will join us soon too
Erasmus:Fingers crossed.
Simon N. (GM):well it's only 6.26! :D
(From Kenny H.): Have a question for you about spell "Thunderclap" is it 5ft radius with me in the centre?
Simon N. (GM):I'm glad you guys are keen!
@Kenny no it is a 10x10x10 area blasting out from you.
Erasmus:Gonna get beaten unconscious at some point, so may as well get on with it!!
Simon N. (GM):like that
Christian L.:hi
Kenny H.:@Simon Got it, Thanks!
Simon N. (GM):The PHB explains it but easy to miss, I know I did at first! :)
Erasmus:Hi Christian
Kenny H.:Hello @Christian you life saver!!! :)
Simon N. (GM):Hi Christian!
Kenny H.:Advice guys who know ROll22 - our profile icons are taking up half my screen - is it poss to shrink them?
Simon N. (GM):@Jake I'm using a generic masked Rogue token for Sergor, but if you send me URL of your chosen pic after game I can change it.
Red M.:@Kenny You can change it in settings, near the bottom
Simon N. (GM):@Kenny gp to far top right icon
My Settings, scroll down & choose 'names only'
Kenny H.:Done! Thanks everyone!! :)
Jake C.:Thanks! This is much better!
Simon N. (GM):Can you all move your tokens ok?
Christian L.:yep
Simon N. (GM):Playing on Roll20
1. To make any kind of check, roll a d20. Type /roll d20 or tap the d20 icon. To roll with advantage or disadvantage, /roll 2d20. To roll weapon or spell damage /roll the indicated type and number of dice, eg /roll d8+5 or /roll 3d6.
2. Outside of combat, players may move their character on the Virtual Tabletop a distance up to the PC's Speed, at any time. Wait for the GM to post before moving again.
Speed #Squares Distance
25' 5
Simon N. (GM):30' 6
35' 7
40' 8
3. Type your words and actions to speak and act. Use "" for spoken words. Use OOC for out of character speech. In the presence of NPCs please avoid using OOC speech to prevent the NPCs hearing you make plans! :)
Kenny H.:OOC @Simon also I realised after last session that I was only "carrying" my leather armour and was not wearing it!! Now I am wearing it and my AC is now 13, in case this changes your side too...
Simon N. (GM):@Red I'm thinking Afiric's temple of Selune is in Impiltur, the country south of Damara where you are now.
I have you at AC 13 Kenny
GM: Thanks me remembering to the Sidekick rules from the Essentials Kit you have a small horde tonight :D - if too many characters soaking up XP you can always fire some later :)
Sergor the Rogue and Afiric priest (Silverstar) of Selune have joined with two other inexperienced adventurers - Lothrin a dour warrior of the Golden Thorn order, and Dawn Wintersmorn a perky young mage, both from Ravensburg, capital of the Duchy.
You met yesterday at the Cumin Inn on the King's Road. Lothrin is keen to test steel against the raiders rumoured to lair in abandoned Fort Skulnar.
However as the 4 of you scout round the old fortress. you see ahead 4 other adventurer-looking types - are they on the same mission?
Simon N. (GM):Dawn steps forward boldly and waves to the strangers. "Yoo-hoo! Hello there!"
Lothrin regards them quietly.
Syrus (Kenny):@Newbies - What brings you here, friends?
Simon N. (GM):https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kUVaT2YSt-0/Xzt1LRaewLI/AAAAAAAAQH0/tmIein0-i14g87RQnmxlN_EsJC-tPwNoQCLcBGAsYHQ/s200/58010.jpg
Dawn: "We're here for adventures!" She smiles.
Red M.:Afiric motions to Dawn hurriedly "Let's keep our voices down! This is dangerous territory!"
Syrus (Kenny):@Dawn - anything in particular you are looking for?
Simon N. (GM):Dawn blushes. "Oops... sorry Afiric."
Dawn (whispering loudly): "We heard there might be bandits..."
Erasmus:"We are here to find, and hopefully rescue, two individuals from Fulscarp"
Percy (Christian):percy looks back at the other "perhaps we are on the same adventure then "
Simon N. (GM):GM: Percy, scanning the fort you notice movement atop the SE tower - a sentry?
Percy (Christian):OOC east or west
Simon N. (GM):SE - south east tower
Syrus (Kenny):Can I check for anything unusual in our surrounds?
Sergor (Jake):Cautiously steps forward, looking at the other group of adventurers! "I've heard that there's trouble at this fort, and where there's trouble, there's treasure."
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin: "If they have prisoners, we must strike swiftly."
@Syrus you can roll Perception
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+1
Percy (Christian):Percy nudges tenho "do you see movement up there" pointing at the tower
Simon N. (GM):Syrus spots a lone figure pacing the battlements - looks like another bandit. He has a great view of the approach to the ruined gatehouse.
Red M.:Afiric looks towards the gatehouse. "This can't be the only way in" he whispers to the group... "any ideas?"
Syrus (Kenny):Syrus shares this We need to be sneaky!!!
Simon N. (GM):GM: I've marked the upper storey windows on battlemap; there is a battlement on the roof above each giving a great firing position.
GM: Anyone with PP 13+ can now spot the bandit sentry.
Erasmus:"Should we move around to scout the other walls?
Sergor (Jake):"I don't see anything, but if there is something, I might be able to climb the tower."
Simon N. (GM):Syrus, you also make out two faint smoke trails rising from the SE tower, probably camp fires or chimneys.
It's about 3pm BTW, 4 hours to nightfall.
Red M.:Afiric nods. "It would be risky for all of us to go around, but someone should scan the perimeter and we can approach at night, perhaps?"
Syrus (Kenny):OOC The SE Tower is behind where we are, right?
Simon N. (GM):You are south of the fort. Scroll up and right & the SE tower is that one.
Percy (Christian):"i think that is a good idea we should find somewhere to set up camp"
Simon N. (GM):You might want to reduce magnification to see whole fort.
Lothrin nods to Percy. "Aye. Darkness will veil our attack."
Erasmus:"I don't know how usefull us humans will be at night. We cannot see in the dark like some others."
Afiric (Red):"We should stay in the cover of forest - and light no fires. There are some among us who feel up to the task of checking out the east and west walls?"
Sergor (Jake):"The woods sorrounding the tower should also give us enough cover to get closer."
Erasmus:"I'm happy to go take a look."
Afiric (Red):"Yes, perhaps the east wall is best, you can stay under cover of forest. Are you OK to go alone?"
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus - I will come with you - shall we hid under the trees and explore East?
Simon N. (GM):GM: Scouting around the fort (suggest you zoom out to 30%) you can see the 20' high walls are still intact, though in poor repair (DC 15 action to climb half your speed, so 2 checks to get over wall).
Erasmus:"May be best to not be alone, but not as a group, either. Perhaps fanning out would be best?"
Simon N. (GM):The woods on the east side come within 20' of the wall.
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus - sure I will go 5' behind you
Percy (Christian):"i will go west if someone want to come with"
Simon N. (GM):The SE tower and the NE part of the main keep are about 35' high, the rest of the keep is the same height as the wall.
Afiric (Red):"Alas, I think west will expose us, there is no cover there..."
Percy (Christian):"ok "
Simon N. (GM):GM: You don't need to move your minis currently - you split up, sneak round fort to scout and meet up again after 20 minutes.
Afiric (Red):OOC: Who is Tenho?
Erasmus:OOC Our sidekick
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "Greetings all - I am Tenho, merchant extraordinaire! Also master of the blade! Camping until nightfall sounds a good plan - let us pull back say half a mile? We better not light a fire."
Afiric (Red):Afiric nods. "Agreed. And well met."
Simon N. (GM):Tenho gives a bow.
Syrus (Kenny):As we are exploring, Syrus would like to check if there is a particular wall that looks like the best one to climb over - least in sight and fastest to get over
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "I am seeking certain information said to lie within these ruins... and will pay well for it."
That would be either Investigation or Survival Syrus
you can roll either
Syrus (Kenny):Survival check please!
Simon N. (GM):ok
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+1
D'oh!! Anyone else wanna do a check? ;)
Simon N. (GM):Nope, all looks pretty hard to climb.
Repeat efforts use your Passive scores
Anyone got +3 Survival?
Erasmus:What about for a nimble monk? Any particular hand holds?
I'm +4 Survival
Afiric (Red):OOC: I have +3 Survival
Erasmus:rolling d20+4
Simon N. (GM):GM: Erasmus spots an area of the east wall near the tower that has water damage and looks easy to climb (advtg on Climb checks)
I've marked it in red.
Afiric concurs :)
Erasmus:"Hmm. Close to the tower may be useful as it should be out of sight of anyone atop."
Simon N. (GM):It's still 2 DC 15 Athletics checks to get over, mind you :)
Afiric (Red):Afiric sighs at the prospect of climbing, and wonders if he might use his own insight to see if there are alternatives?
Simon N. (GM):@Afiric sure
Erasmus:to GM: Athletics, or Acrobatics? (asking for a friend)!
Afiric (Red):"If we must climb, we must... but perhaps there could be another route for the more... encumbered amongst us..."
Syrus (Kenny):Can I suggest maybe those of us that are good at Athletics to sneak close to that damp wall and plan to climb over at sun down, before it gets totally dark?
Afiric (Red):OOC: Do I make a survival check @Simon
Simon N. (GM):You can roll Insight to read the bandit situation, or Survival for the lie of the land
Sergor (Jake):"It would be best if we get in without being detected. Perhaps catch some of the guards while they sleep?"
Afiric (Red):OOC: I'll make an insight check then, see if we don't get caught out
rolling d20+5
OOC: My first roll yaaassss
Erasmus:OOC Nice.
Kenny H.:BOOM!
Sergor (Jake):ooc Nice one!
Simon N. (GM):GM: Clearly this group of adventurers has recently fought and defeated a small group of badits, so those in the tower are likely on high alert right now, assuming some survivors got back there.
Still, when night falls they are likely to slacken, unless they have strong leadership keeping them alert.
Erasmus:"We killed their leader. They are quite likely to be very wary."
Simon N. (GM):There are some tracks going to the gatehouse from the trees - human and smaller humanoid/.
Afiric (Red):OOC: Just to clarify, did we go all the way along the western wall as part of our scouting, or stop near the climbable entrance? Unsure if there is the potential to explore further up under cover"
OOC: Eastern wall sorry
Simon N. (GM):GM: You've seen all around the fort, the west side has a steep slope making approach v hard.
Erasmus:"However, we may be able to turn this to our advantage." pats Firaen's greatsword
Afiric (Red):"Perhaps then, some of us go through the gatehouse entrance at midnight, and some climb the tower entrance..."
-midnight +night
Percy (Christian):"we could have some of us knock at the front door with the leaders sword while others sneak in"
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin has been musing: "I say we avoid the tower, come from the north. I reckon I could get a rope loop over those battlements, then we could climb over easy enough..."
Afiric (Red):"Whose sword is this and will it help? I am willing to back up anyone going in the front, if the plan is assured..."
Syrus (Kenny):Sooooo I may have a plan for distracting the guards at a correct moment.... I cansneak close to the area damp wall, cast Thunderclap at it which will create a LOUD BOOM for 100' - hopefully all the guards will rush over there allowing everyone else to get in the gate and hide??
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "These are just bandits right? They're not that dangerous..."
Tenho nods to Percy. "An excellent plan!"
Sergor (Jake):to dawn " You'd do well not to underestimate them. ENough of them at once and you won't stand a chance."
Erasmus:to Dawn: "Between four of them and their former leader, they took two of our number out. We do not know how many reside within."
Simon N. (GM):Tenho turns to the newcomers. "We slew the Bandit Queen Firaen in heroic combat. Now let her minions quail before us!" He grins.
Dawn gulps and nods to Sergor. "Sorry"
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric - we slayed the leader of the Bandit (Bandit Queen) and took her sword as a trophy to prove we did it
Percy (Christian):"that is a good idea though someone should go with you so it isn't all of them vs you"
Afiric (Red):"I will approach the gatehouse under cover of night. If we choose to distract the guards or some of you climb the tower entrance, let's make our decision soon".
Erasmus:@GM did we notice any windows on the Eastern side of the tower?
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin nods to Afiric. "Let us strike in the shadows."
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric I will accompany you, I have dark vision so can see when it is dark. @Percy can I take the Bandit Queen's sword from you and say maybe we found it??
Simon N. (GM):Yes, 2 windows on E side
Percy (Christian):"i belive erasmus has the sword"
Erasmus:"I do"
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy Oh Yea, cause he is stronger than me - maybe he should keep it
Simon N. (GM):I've marked the east windows now
Sergor (Jake):"I believe we should climb the tower. I've got a hammer, some pitons and fifty feet of rope. It'd be quieter than casting thunderclap, for sure."
Erasmus:"I was considering going over the wall, rather than in the front door (if I could use Acrobatics rather than athletics)"
Simon N. (GM):The windows are about 24-26' up.
A man might squeeze through; a halfling could get through easily.
Afiric (Red):"Those of you who can climb, take the tower. Those of you less able, come with me towards the gatehouse. We can use the stones for extra cover, perhaps". OOC: Can I check to see if the stones in front of the south wall will aid our approach?
Erasmus:@GM do any of the windows offer visibility of the base of the wall? Would anyone on top have to actively peer over the edge to see the base?
Simon N. (GM):The stones are too low to give cover unless you were crouching behind them.
Percy (Christian):"i could probably fit through the windows "(OOC saying i use acrobatics to climb?)
Simon N. (GM):@Erasmus - there are no machicolations so anyone right up against wall would have good cover from above, yes.
Erasmus:@GM ta.
"We only need to reach the base of the walls. We can do that on the East and skirt round if we want to stay as much out of sight on approach."
Syrus (Kenny):@Eramsmus - OK I think we should all try to reach the base of the wall?
On the East side
Afiric (Red):Afiric nods. "Fine, perhaps I have a trick up my sleeve for getting up this damn wall"
Percy (Christian):OOC @ simon is it night know
Simon N. (GM):I've marked all the windows.
It's about 4.30 now
Syrus (Kenny):OOC whats the wee red square again?
Simon N. (GM):GM: Erasmus' plan looks good. Once you are tight against the east wall the enemy won't have an easy way to shoot you
red square = damaged wall easier to climb
Erasmus:"So some will walk p to the front door with this (pats the sword) and the rest will move to the wall. Some can go over, some can loiter near te entrance to cover the advance group."
Syrus (Kenny):I think we should all start moving towards East wall under cover of trees...?
Afiric (Red):"We're all going to the east wall. Why would we reveal ourselves?"
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin nods. "Aye"
Tenho: "There is an old saying, Never Split the Party - I think in this case it may be wise."
Syrus (Kenny):Syrus starts moving East under cover of trees
Sergor (Jake):"let's get going then!" Sergor says as he begins moving east
Simon N. (GM):GM: You wait; the sun lowers over the western mountains. Lothrin: "Let's see if we can scale the east wall with them unawares."

Afiric (Red) heads with the group under the trees
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus - which of the 2 windows on East Wall shall we aim to climb?
Percy (Christian):OOC does anyone know where my token has gone
Simon N. (GM):GM: It's about 5.30 - nightfall at 7pm; do you want to attack now or wait for dark?
Percy (Christian):OOC sorry i just can't see
Afiric (Red):OOC: Do we just move our tokens up opposite the wall?
Erasmus:"Ok, new plan. Sneak onto the roof, taking care of anyone up there quietly. Drop down a rope for the res of us, then we all go in together."
Jake C.:did you see that ping?
Afiric (Red):OOC: We'll wait for nightfall
Jake C.:your token is next to mine now
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK I am rolling encounter check, on a 6 bad news...
rolling d6
Syrus (Kenny):??!!
Simon N. (GM):LOL always the way
Syrus (Kenny):Uh-oh
Perhaps we were not sneaking enough :-P
Simon N. (GM):As you are moving through the trees, you hear a snuffling noise to your right...
Percy (Christian):i drw my rapier
Syrus (Kenny):Better not be Aretha coming back for another kiss!
Afiric (Red):Afiric motions to the others with his hand. "Wait! Let's keep moving... whatever it is, we don't want to draw attention"
Sergor (Jake):I draw both of my shortswords and try to hide
Syrus (Kenny):ITS A BEAR!!!
Afiric (Red):OOC: One sec, checking my spells
Simon N. (GM):A very large brown bear emerges from the trees.
Afiric (Red):OOC: Can we get a description of the bear?
Simon N. (GM):It regards you.
Syrus (Kenny):Stay still people!!!!

Afiric (Red) freezes.
Simon N. (GM):Its face is covered in honey.
Percy (Christian):whispering "are we supposed to be aggressive or play dead?"
Syrus (Kenny):That thing they say if you don't move they don't go for you??
Erasmus:OOC @Alfric: It's very large, and brown. :D
Afiric (Red):OOC: No injuries or?
Simon N. (GM):GM: It's uninjured. Erasmus Percy & Afiric roll WIS (Animal Handling) please.
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+2
Erasmus:rolling d20+2
Afiric (Red):rolling d20+3
Simon N. (GM):The bear grunts and turns away (needed 2 successes, DC 10)
Syrus (Kenny):PHEW! Well done you three! :)

Afiric (Red) lets out a deep breath.
Erasmus:breathes again
Percy (Christian):"phew"
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "Was that a bear?!"
Erasmus:"Unless it was a druid."
Syrus (Kenny):OK make sure we are quiet...
Percy (Christian):turns around and just nods
Syrus (Kenny):OK so where are we re-grouping? Are we doing the window thing (if so which one) or the roof thing?
Sergor (Jake):Sighs, and continues moving along, taking care to be more quiet now.
Erasmus:@GM How much taller than the wall is the tower?
Percy (Christian):"we should go one by one as to not draw attention as a group"
Afiric (Red):OOC: We're headed to the red square on the east wall, we'll climb it at nightfall. Or is it safer that best climber goes up and drops down a rope?
(Question for GM)
Simon N. (GM):Wall is 20', tower 35', so +15@
Syrus (Kenny):My concern is IF we go through the window, what lies on the other side.... what if its a room full of bandits and we are climbing one-by-one? I am thinking the damp wall maybe our better bet?
Afiric (Red):OOC: Is having everyone climb harder without rope, or sending best climber up and dropping rope to boost worse climbers better I mean?
Simon N. (GM):Climbing rope is automatic unless you have a penalty on STR (Athletics).
Afiric (Red):"Let's wait in the trees - our best climber will get up that wall, have a peek, and drop rope for the rest..."
Afiric moves ahead...
Simon N. (GM):GM: I'd think having your best climber climb wall then tie off to battlement would be best?
Erasmus:"Agreed, but we're waiting for nightfall?"
Afiric (Red):"Absolutely... they'll see us otherwise"
Sergor (Jake):"I believe I'm the best climber here"

Afiric (Red) nods.
Simon N. (GM):GM: You wait - the sun sets and dusk falls. Wind whispers through the treetops. An owl hoots.
Percy (Christian):OOC is climbing acrobatics or athletics
Simon N. (GM):Climbing is normally Athletics as it's STR dependent.
Afiric (Red):OOC: Bold italics for personal actions is /me @Kenny

Syrus (Kenny) like this?

Afiric (Red) nods.
Syrus (Kenny):@me YES! New lesson for today

Simon N. (GM) Simon nods
Simon N. (GM)::)

Syrus (Kenny) Thank You! :)
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK it's dark now. You can see firelight through the nearest tower window.
Afiric (Red):OOC: Can you mark the window with firelight?
Erasmus:@GM is there any light for huumans?
Simon N. (GM):marked fire
Syrus (Kenny):OK who is first up? I don't have Athletics bonus but I have dark vision
Sergor (Jake):I'll try to climb it.
Simon N. (GM):GM: It is Low Light now so humans have Disad on perception
Syrus (Kenny):Can I inspire @Sergor please?
Simon N. (GM):sure syrus
Afiric (Red):OOC: Can I also cast guidance on Sergor
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor I inspire you with a song of success!! OOC @Simon whats the bonus?
Simon N. (GM):You can give a word of encouragement & grant your Inspirayion
advtg on check? Or bardic inspiration?
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon I will use one of my Bardic Inspiration of today pls
Simon N. (GM):ok that is a +d6 on one check
Afiric (Red):OOC: And I would like to cast Guidance, hich is +d4 on a check also
Simon N. (GM):& he has advtg anyway due to the damaged wall
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor you have +d6 for your throw to climb that wall now
Simon N. (GM):and +d4 too!
Afiric (Red):OOC: Might be better for me to do guidance since it's a cantrip though
OOC: Don't waste your spells yet maybe?
Simon N. (GM):You can do both
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric OK! Please go ahead - if thats OK with @Simon?
Afiric (Red):OOC: Your call then, I definitely use guidance since it's a cantrip
Syrus (Kenny):Please use Guidance @Afiric - may need my Bardic Inspiration when we are inside!
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK Sergor you break cover when you're ready, move your token up to the wall.
Sergor (Jake):I walk up to the wall, and attempt to climb it!
Simon N. (GM):OK roll Athletics (STR) w advtg, so roll 2d20
then add a d4
Jake C.:OOC do I add my modifier of +5 to the 2d20?
Simon N. (GM):type /roll 2d20 (enter)
we'll add it after
Jake C.:rolling 2d20
Simon N. (GM):OK you get a 20+d4 and climb up 15'.
All quiet...
One more go and you're over the wall...
OK roll again
w advtg so 2d20
Jake C.:rolling 2d20
Simon N. (GM):You made it!
You climb over the battlements & slip down behind them.
You can hear talking through the nearby window...
"Damn, never thought Firaen would go down like that!"
"Yeah... "
"Is that rabbit not ready yet? Someone should go check on that stupid orc!"
Simon N. (GM):"sigh, I'll go see what's keeping the dumb brute..."
Syrus (Kenny):Who else have a bonus for Athletics that can climb next?
Sergor (Jake):I quickly take the rope out of my bag, and tie one end around the battlement, throwing the rest over the wall. Then I crouch, and move up against the window.
Simon N. (GM):GM: Anyone with STR 10+ can climb the rope without needing to roll.
Percy (Christian):OOC can it be just 10
Syrus (Kenny):OOC what about if Strength is exactly 10?
Simon N. (GM):10+ is fine
10 or higher :)
Syrus (Kenny):OK I am next up that wall!
Erasmus:"There's not much room atop the battlements. Best not to crowd"
Afiric (Red):OOC: Are there multiple layers? The battlements are black
Simon N. (GM):GM: Anyone have a Stealth penalty?
Yeah sorry. :)
Percy (Christian):no (i hope not as i am a rogue)
Simon N. (GM):I didn't think I'd need them :)
Afiric (Red):OOC: Simon - I have 0 for stealth, but because I'm in chainmail it's marked as disadvantage to stealth
Simon N. (GM):gm to right of grey line is battlements
OK Afiric you'll need to roll a DC 3 stealth check.
Syrus (Kenny):OOC @Simon what are the rectangles on battlements above me to the North?
Afiric (Red):OOC: That's just a d20 because I have no bonus or malus to stealth?
Simon N. (GM):those are the battlements. so Afiric roll 2d20 need 3+ on both dice
Afiric (Red):rolling 2d20
Simon N. (GM):OK the bandits remain oblivious.
Sergor (Jake):I draw both of my shortswords, and try to sneak into the nearby window
OOC from what I know, there are two bandits inside? Or did the other one leave?
Simon N. (GM):GM: DC 10 Acrobatics or Athletics to climb through the window Sergor
Afiric (Red):Looking around "Well, we're all here for different reasons. And I think what we're after is probably over there" Afiric points to the building across the courtyard.
Sergor (Jake):Athletics it is
Simon N. (GM):@Sergor roll Perception
Afiric (Red):"Unless someone wants to go in this tower here"...
Sergor (Jake):rolling d20
Simon N. (GM):GM: Sergor you think one left, but it sounds like several more in there.
Sergor (Jake):I reconsider climbing through the window, sticking with the group instead. I'm not ready to fight multiple bandits
Simon N. (GM):The one who left sounded like a woman, she was talking to a man.
Syrus (Kenny):OK to enable more space on battlements, can I sneak up north to explore?
Simon N. (GM):sure
Syrus (Kenny):I have dark vision so I can see just like daylight, right?
Percy (Christian):@syrus "could you create a loud noise near the edge of the woods to draw them out of here
Afiric (Red):whispering "What say some of you scout the battlements... we could take this tower"
Simon N. (GM):GM; It's a 15' drop down inside, there are the remains of several wooden buildings, and the Keep doors can be seen across the courtyard, hanging on their hinges.
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy I can only create noise where I am, not unable to cast noise to somewhere else though....
Simon N. (GM):There used to be ladders going up to the battlements but now there is no way down but dropping, looks like.
Sergor (Jake):Once tim joins us, I could pull the rope back up and throw it over the other side
Simon N. (GM):There is a mossy statue of a dragon-like beast in the middle of the courtyard.
GM: I'll assume Erasmus joins you...
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon is there anything else noticeable as I sneak along the battlements to the North?
Simon N. (GM):@Syrus There is a single dark window high on the keep east wall.
Percy (Christian):percy will follow syrus also scouting the are out
Simon N. (GM):The keep shows no obvious sign of life.
Erasmus:OOC Sorry, my mum just rang!
Simon N. (GM):rolling d6
All seems quiet...
Erasmus:Can we see a door into the tower here?
Simon N. (GM):You can let the rope down and climb down into the courtyard if you wish.
Sergor (Jake):"Afiric, Dawn and Tenho, together we should be able to clear this tower"
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon can you mark where this high window is pls?
Simon N. (GM):No tower door visible from here.
Percy (Christian):@simon are there any lights coming from the building across the courtyard
Simon N. (GM):Dawn nods to Sergor, trying to look brave.
Afiric (Red):"Oh second thoughts, let's not create trouble just yet... our target is that dark building over to the west... perhaps we can get down?"

Afiric (Red) follows the others along the battlements.
Simon N. (GM):marked
Syrus (Kenny):If we continue sneaking along the battlements, it may lead us into the West Tower
Erasmus:Can I drop down and sneak to peer round the NW corner of the tower?
Simon N. (GM):The keep shows no obvious sign of life.
Sergor (Jake):"Very well, but these bandits may have some treasure that they're guarding" Sergor says, following the others, rudely shoving past Dawn, Tenho and Erasmus
Simon N. (GM):GM: There is no way in to the Keep from this wall it looks like, except by climbing out & trying to climb through the dark window (DC 13 Athletics or Acrobatics)
Syrus (Kenny):Perhaps we should wait for others to catch up?
Afiric (Red):OOC: We need to regroup and decide what we're going to do.
Simon N. (GM):@Erasmus you can drop down into the courtyard if you like
Syrus (Kenny):I suggest we should get to the window first, then listen out to see if we should climb in, if not, then climb down from there?
Erasmus:Can I see a door now?
Simon N. (GM):GM: Erasmus peers round the corner. He can see double doors into the tower.
They look rotten & have been damaged but show signs of crude repair.
Percy (Christian):are there any doors to the bigger building via the courtyard?
Simon N. (GM):rolling d6
the keep doorway is visible as I said
Erasmus:I presume the tower is at least two story and we were looking in the upper floor. Can I see in through the doors?
Firstly, are the doors to the tower closed?
Simon N. (GM):GM: I'm going to outline the doors in blue now
The tower doors are closed, probably latched or barred from the far side.
The main keep doors are hanging off their hinges and present no obstacle.
Erasmus:Can I see through any cracks or damage?
Simon N. (GM):Erasmus roll stealth pls DC 5
Erasmus:rolling d20+3
Simon N. (GM):Ersasmus sneaks up to the tower doors..
Percy (Christian):@syrus "should we go through the window, keep doors?"
Simon N. (GM):He sees a burly female half orc in the firelight.
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy do you mean continue along battlement to windows opposite?
Simon N. (GM):She is being yelled at. "You idiot! You burnt the meat - again!!"
Erasmus would need to move north 5' to see the 2nd speaker.
Percy (Christian):"ye or we could head back towards erasmus"
Simon N. (GM):Half Orc mutters: "Bareli is sorry..."
Syrus (Kenny):I sneak north 5'
@Percy lets sneak to high window opposite
Percy (Christian):"ok you lead"
Simon N. (GM):A large muscular woman is yelling at the half orc.
You also see piles of crates & barrels, and several burnt rabbits on a spit over the fire.
GM: north group you can move up to dark window
GM: Climbing through the Keep window needs Acrobatics or Athletics DC 12
Erasmus:Can I get any feeling about how the half-orc is feeling after being shouted at? Does she seem like maybe she'd being kept here against her will?
Percy (Christian):does the walkway continue west or end were we are?
Simon N. (GM):She seems annoyed and morose.
The walkway ends here.
She wears ringmail and has a battle axe, clearly not a prisoner though.
Erasmus:Are either of the women armed and armoured?
Simon N. (GM):The human woman wears a chain shirt over her muscular torso.
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon can I try listen to the window for noises? I guess we can see no light through the window?
Simon N. (GM):And has a longsword at her belt.
@Syrus it's eerily quiet here.
Percy (Christian):can i climb up to the window and peek inside to have a look?
Simon N. (GM):No light, no sign of life.
OK Percy DC 12 check
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy @Afiric shall we climb through window?
and @Jake
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+5
should i do perception as well
Afiric (Red):OOC: I'll follow, sure - let me know if any rolls needed. Open window?
Simon N. (GM):OK Percy edges out and looks through.. there is a dark bare room, a spiral stair to the right, two doors opposite. A window to the north lets in some light.
Syrus (Kenny):Ok I try climbing now! /roll 1d20+4 (Acrobatics)
rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):Nothing needs opening
Syrus joins Percy...
Sergor (Jake):I follow Syrus, trying to climb into the window
Simon N. (GM):GM: The upper tower map is bottom left
I've revealed the room
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d20+5
Simon N. (GM):Sergor climbs in...
The 4 of you climb in...
Erasmus:Can I tell from the positions of the windows whether the courtyard would have any blind spots?
Simon N. (GM):need a couple minutes brb
Syrus (Kenny):Well done so far gang - no one got hurt yet!
Sergor (Jake):"I was hoping I'd get to use my swords. But there's plenty of time left for that."
Syrus (Kenny):I am just Thankful I am not killed yet! This time last Sunday I was unconscious.... :-P Shall we go through some doors or down spiral staircase next?
Simon N. (GM):@Tim lots of blind spots yes
Percy (Christian):i go to the edge of the staircase and look down do i see any light or hear anything?
Erasmus:I'd like to try to make my way over to the doors of the keep.
Simon N. (GM):Percy - no light down there. It smells musty & abandoned.
Erasmus heads over to the Keep's smashed doors.
Percy (Christian):can i use stealth to go down there as quietly as possible
Simon N. (GM):It's too dark inside for Erasmus to see anything.
Syrus (Kenny):And I will go up to one of the doors and listen to see if I hear anything
Sergor (Jake):"let me check my bag. I think I might have a tinderbox
Simon N. (GM):@Syrus no sound at all. There is a sense of loneliness loss and sadness here though. The doors all appear to have broken locks.
@Percy roll stealth
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+7
Sergor (Jake):sets down his backpack, pulling out a hooded lantern and a tinderbox. "This should do the trick, at least if we want some light."
Simon N. (GM):The spiral goes both up and down BTW
Percy sneaks quietly downstairs...
It's too dark to see anything Percy.
Syrus (Kenny):Friends lets not split up too much though
Simon N. (GM):It looks like the spiral goes down to the ground floor, and up to the roof.
Erasmus:I'm listening for any movement inside
Syrus (Kenny):Friends - shall we go downstairs and see if we can meet up with Erasmus?
Simon N. (GM):@Percy there seems to be a large open chamber at bottom of stairs, but you can't see anything.

Afiric (Red) nods.
Simon N. (GM):@Erasmus roll perception
Sergor (Jake):"yes, that does seem like a good idea. Shall I light my lantern?"
Erasmus:rolling d20+2
Simon N. (GM):nothing
Syrus (Kenny):OK to help everyone see better, I pull out my Moonouched Sword which will shine in the dark
Percy (Christian):what is it's range
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor - lets not waste the fuel of the lantern yet
Simon N. (GM):Outside the NPCs confer and decide that Dawn is unlikely to make it through the window...
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon can you remind us range of the Moonouched Sword for light pls?
Simon N. (GM):Syrus' sword glows brightly.
Percy (Christian):can i do perception to see if i can hear any movement down here
Simon N. (GM):10' bright + 10' dim AIR
Erasmus:I move to the corner to see if I can see any of my friends on the battlements.
Sergor (Jake):OOC could I technically climb back, grab the rope and then tie it around dawn to pull her in?
Simon N. (GM):no 15 +15
Syrus (Kenny):OK Gang shall we move down through the spiral staircase quietly?
Simon N. (GM):Dawn waves to Erasmus.
Lothrin sighs, ties off his rope and climbs down
Dawn & Tenho follow
Sergor (Jake):"that would be the smartest course of action."
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "Hello there Erasmus my friend..."
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon OK we head downstairs quietly
Percy (Christian):can i do perception to see if i can hear any movement down here
Simon N. (GM):yup
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+6
Simon N. (GM):could you move your tokens back up to the ground floor map thanks
Erasmus:Whispering to my group: "I cannot see inside the keep; it's too dark. Seems empty. I think the tower is the best bet for finding our quarry."
Simon N. (GM):Tenho nods. "Hm". Lothrin: "We should slay the bandits."
GM: The Moontouched Blade illuminates a hall covered in spider webs.
Percy (Christian):could i hear anything with my perception
Erasmus:"There were two downstairs, a large woman and a half-orc, both armed and armoured. Not sure how many were upstairs."
Simon N. (GM):Sergor Afiric Syrus roll perception pls
all is quiet Percy
Erasmus:"Did the others go iside here?"
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d20
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+1
Simon N. (GM):Sergor looks up and sees movement - Then the giant spiders drop on you...
Percy (Christian):i draw my rapier
Syrus (Kenny):Yikes!!
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK Sergor to go first the spiders then others (currently surprised)
Afiric (Red):Afiric readies his shield!
Sergor (Jake):"SPIDERS! Why did it have to be spiders?!" Sergor says quietly, drawing both his swords
Simon N. (GM):They are man sized grey and furry, with wolf-like markings
Sergor (Jake):Sergor then moves up ten feet twoards the spider near Syrus
Erasmus:to GM: Would I have heard Sergor?
Simon N. (GM):not yet Erasmus
Afiric (Red):OOC: In combat do we go into strict turn based for each character?
Sergor (Jake):OOC technically, I only moved 10 out of 30 feet, so could I still attack?
Simon N. (GM):OOC: I normally let players act in any order or whatever is reasonable. GM: Spider drops down, I'd say Sergor could ready a strike and hit it as it lunges at Syrus, so 1 attack.
Syrus (Kenny):Can I use Bardic Inspiration on Sergor pls?
Simon N. (GM):no
ON;y Sergor is not Surprised
Syrus (Kenny)::-/
Sergor (Jake):ooc alright, so 1d20+5 to see if it hits, and then 1d6+3 if it does?
Afiric (Red):OOC: ok, it's just I want to cast bless but obvs it depends on when I get to go?
Simon N. (GM):yes
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d20+5
Simon N. (GM):you can't do anything yet Percy Afiric & Syrus
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor NOICE!
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d6+3
Simon N. (GM):Sergor stabs it - can sneak attack as it focuses on Syrus
so add +1d6
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d6
12 damage
Simon N. (GM):You killed it!
The second one drops onto Percy...
rolling 2d20
critical hit :(
Percy (Christian):oh no
Simon N. (GM):rolling 2d6+1
4 bite damage and roll a CON save vs poison
rolling 2d6
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+1
Simon N. (GM):+ 9 poison damage, 13 total - Percy falls.
at 0 hp
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon can I do anything to help Percy - he is carrying a healing potion - can I rush over and pour a bottle in does that help??
Simon N. (GM):rolling d6
OK you win init as the spider decides who to bite next, Afiric Sergor & Syrus can act. Percy roll a death save d20
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20
Simon N. (GM):Percy starts to foam at the mouth.
Erasmus you hear fainy yelling from beyond the thick stone wall.
Sergor (Jake):I rush at the spider, swinging one sword at it, then using the two-weapon fighting bonus action to attack it again
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "Hm...."
Erasmus:"What is it?"
Syrus (Kenny):@Simon Percy is carrying a healing potion - can I rush over and pour a bottle in does that help?? @afiric anything you can do vs poison?
Simon N. (GM):OK Sergor holds off the spider while Syrus gets to Percy and uses the healing potion.
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d20+5
Simon N. (GM):hit
(no sneak att)
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d6+3
rolling 1d6
Afiric (Red):OOC: I can heal, but not cure posion I don't think
OOC: Can I take my turn or?
Simon N. (GM):Sergor you do 8 dmg, roll 2nd attack
Afiric yes you can all act
Sergor (Jake):the second one was my two-weapon bonus.
Simon N. (GM):no you have to roll to hit for 2nd sword
Sergor (Jake):oh
rolling 1d20+5
Simon N. (GM):crit!
roll another d6 :)
Sergor (Jake):rolling 1d6
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor WOW!!!
Percy (Christian):good timing as well
Simon N. (GM):You killed it!
Syrus (Kenny):OK we need to stablise Percy ASAP!
Afiric (Red):OOC: Soz guys, gotta run
Simon N. (GM):GM: Percy roll 2d4+2 for the potion
Sergor (Jake):"Take this, you foul beast!"
Syrus (Kenny):OOC @Afiric see you soon!
Simon N. (GM):Bye Red
Percy (Christian):rolling 2d4 +2
Sergor (Jake):ooc See you next time!
Simon N. (GM):Percy wakes up on 6 hp, not so bad!
Lothrin meanwhile heads for the Keep doors.
Syrus (Kenny):PHEW Well done @Sergor for your fearless fight!!!
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin: "Come on - they're in trouble!"
Erasmus:I follow
Simon N. (GM):Dawn looks worriedly at the bandit tower.
Syrus (Kenny):Syrus bows to Sergor for saving him against giant spider
Percy (Christian):percy looks at syrus and says "i guess we are even now"
Sergor (Jake):" T'was easy, these spiders were no match for me."
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy "My Firned" :)
Simon N. (GM):GM: It looks like the spider room was once the Keep's Great Hall.
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy (Typo: Friend)
Simon N. (GM):You can make out web-wrapped corpse husks hanging from the ceiling.
Sergor (Jake):I investigate the room for any sign of valuable objects
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor you beat me to saying it haha!
Can I look at these spider husks?
Sergor (Jake):Investigation /roll 1d20+4
rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):there's bones on the floor here and there, the remains of spider prey; the husks hang from the 20' high vaulted ceiling.
Percy (Christian):are there any doors to the south or just one set of doors?
Simon N. (GM):You'd need a 10' pole to knock them down, or you could try to climb up to the rafters and get them down...
Just the double doors to west.
Outside, Dawn gulps. "Here goes nothing..."
Sergor (Jake):OOC what would I need to roll on my athletics check to climb the rafters?
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor I bet you the corpses inside the husks have treasure - but do we risk it?
Simon N. (GM):She steps through the ruined doors and her staff flares to light.
Percy (Christian):can i hear anything through the doors?
Sergor (Jake):"I would risk it"
Erasmus:now I can see, I follow behind Dawn
Syrus (Kenny):@Sergor I wanna help and see whats inside too
Percy (Christian):percy will try and open the two double doors
Simon N. (GM):GM: Percy you hear footsteps through the doors :)
& see light under the door :)
Erasmus:Is there anything in this room?
Simon N. (GM):Erasmus there are dead leaves and debris here
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy are there bandits??!!
Percy (Christian):percy will open one of the doors with his short bow ready to fire
Simon N. (GM):Several doors lead off the antechamber.
Percy appears!
Dawn jumps. "Oh!"
"I nearly firebolted you!"
Erasmus:Puts hands out "Don't shoot! it's us"
Percy (Christian):percy lowers his bow
Sergor (Jake):Sergor looks up at the husks, deciding to follow Percy through the door for now
Simon N. (GM):Percy where are you?! :)
Percy (Christian):"thought you might be bandits"
Simon N. (GM):I'll make a new Percy
Percy (Christian):i think sergor is on top of me
Sergor (Jake):ooc nope
Percy (Christian):no?
Sergor (Jake):ooc the ping is where I was
Erasmus:OOC may have deleted it in error. I did that the other day.
Syrus (Kenny):I can see you on my screen Percy :)
Percy (Christian):i must have
Sergor (Jake):ooc yep, you're to the left of me
Simon N. (GM):I made a new Percy ok
Syrus (Kenny):I assume Afiric is behind us too?
Erasmus:"Are you ok? You look hurt."
Simon N. (GM):Afiric guards the rear :)
Percy (Christian):"just got bitten by a spider and poisoned but other than that yep i am fine
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin: "There's a broken door down here..."
"and stairs"
Erasmus:"Ok. try to stay out of trouble"
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus and co - Good to see you all again! Sergor just killed 2x Giant Spiders ON HIS OWN!!!
Erasmus:"You did? Good work"
Simon N. (GM):GM: there is an intact door at the end of the east pasage & a smashed door to the stair landing
Percy (Christian):@erasmus "i will try my best"
Sergor (Jake):@Erasmus "Yep, Didn't even get scared. I just ran up and slew them"
Syrus (Kenny):I need to write a song about this!
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin: "There are sigils on either side of the stairs - magic?"
Erasmus:Can I look through the broken door?
Syrus (Kenny):I think Lothrin found something!
Simon N. (GM):sure
Lothrin takes a step back.
Erasmus you see stone steps descending.
crude red sigils are painted on the walls on each side of the stairs.
Percy (Christian):"i have no idea how magic works so i will let you guys have a look
Syrus (Kenny):Is it dark down there?
Simon N. (GM):yes
Syrus (Kenny):May I go after Erasmus so my Moon-touched sword can light the way?
Erasmus:"Is anyone able to detect traps or magic?!
Simon N. (GM):yup
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus Yes I can - Syrus casts detect magic
Simon N. (GM):GM: Syrus you detect faint from underneath the broken door.
faint magic
Syrus (Kenny):OK Team, what now?
Simon N. (GM):Invocation magic, 2 sources, very weak, under door
Percy (Christian):does the door look as if it has rotted and broken over time or has someone smashed it down
Simon N. (GM):It's been smashed - Percy roll Investigsation
Erasmus:Can we check whether the magic is a trap?
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20 -1
Sergor (Jake):"why don't we send the mage in first?"
Simon N. (GM):Percy the door is not lying naturally - someone laid it the way it is
Sergor (Jake):" She should be able to tell. Or at least work like a canary in a coal mine."
Simon N. (GM):It looks to have been deliberately placed, and is lying on something underneath it.
Syrus (Kenny):@Dawn "Mi'Lady can You come and help up front?"
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "er..."
She nervously steps forward.
Syrus (Kenny):I think the door is on top of a magic symbol trap thing
Sergor (Jake):@Dawn "go on, It's not dangerous. I promise!"
Simon N. (GM):"Traps aren't really my field..."
Percy (Christian):OOC jake i like you analogy of NPCs
Syrus (Kenny):@Dawn - do you have anything that can dispel a magic trap or reveal it?
@Percy LOL!
Erasmus:"or perhaps move the door from a distance?
Simon N. (GM):"I can cast guidance on you?" she suggests hopefully.
Syrus (Kenny):Can we jump over the door?
Simon N. (GM):The angle makes it tricky - DC 8 Acrobatics to jump over it
Syrus (Kenny):I have an idea!
Remember last session I put a rock in my coin bag? Shall I throw the rock onto the door and see what happens?
Erasmus:"Or I could try prodding it with my staff"
Simon N. (GM):Dawn moves back.
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus - or prod it with the Bandit Queen's sword??
Erasmus:"Well, not necessarily prodding, more like pushing it aside so we can get a better look."
Syrus (Kenny):(In case it does something to your staff like lights it on fire :-P
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "I think I can hear rats... big rats."
Tenho nods to Percy and points to the west door.
Percy (Christian):can i listen
Simon N. (GM):At the door, Percy hears the ratlike chittering
Erasmus:"Percy - don't open that door!"
Simon N. (GM):And scampering.
Syrus (Kenny):@Erasmus or do you think the door over the sign is a GOOD thing - like we can walk over it?
Percy (Christian):"i am just listening, don't worry"
Sergor (Jake):"Rats? Guess we've got some decent food for tonight, then.:
Simon N. (GM):The west door is hanging sligthtly loose, looks like a dark chamber beyond.
Sergor (Jake):Laughs!
Syrus (Kenny):Or shall we fight the big rats?
Simon N. (GM):Tenho whispers: "I suspect we woke the buggers up!"
Erasmus:to Syrus "It could be - perhaps we deal with the rats first? We don't want those creeping up on us."
Syrus (Kenny):OK lets get the big rats! (Perhaps have rat for dinner afters?)
Percy (Christian):percy will try and secure the door
Simon N. (GM):Percy can roll Thieves Tools (DEX) to fix the hinge.
Percy (Christian):and then look at the others "unless we are going through"
Erasmus:"Can Afiric do any healing on us? he's a cleric, right?"
Simon N. (GM):yup
Syrus (Kenny):Shall the rest of us file around Percy in case anything bad happens?
Simon N. (GM):He was looking a bit shaky after the spiders.
Percy (Christian):do i add proficiency
Simon N. (GM):do you have Thieves Tools prof?
Syrus (Kenny):Everyone lets move out near Percy?
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+5
yes i have prof
Simon N. (GM):It's too badly damaged to fix with your tools, looks like.
Syrus (Kenny):OK Are we ready...!
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "Next time let me use Guidance! It's really useful!"
Percy (Christian):idraw my rapier"shall we go in?"
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin nods, sword drawn.
Erasmus:"You're not going first without healing".
Sergor (Jake):"let's bust it down!" Sergor says, drawing both of his swords but sticking back this time
Simon N. (GM):Tenho readies sword and hand x-bow.
Syrus (Kenny):Can Afiric follow us at the back?
Simon N. (GM):Afiric morosely comes out when called.
Afiric: "I shall tend to the fallen."
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric Much appreciated! bos
Percy (Christian):percy opens the door
Simon N. (GM):GM: Are you bursting through?
Syrus (Kenny):*Syrus holds Moon-touch sword high to shine light
Erasmus:"Ok, I'm a touch beat up, but I'm better of the Percy. I can go first, if we're going in"
Simon N. (GM):up to 4 of you can get in, if you are going in move your tokens in
Syrus (Kenny):I need to go in for light
@Afiric pls can you be behind Lothrin for healing?
Simon N. (GM):GM: You burst in to a debris strewn foul nest of enormous rodents!
Syrus (Kenny):Who gets to go first?
Simon N. (GM):what was once 2 beds, now just rat's nest, and other piled detritus.
The 4 bursting into room can attack before the rats - Percy Erasmus Syrus & Lothrin
You can post your actions & roll attacks
Percy (Christian):do we get advantage
Erasmus:I'll strike the one by Percy with my staff
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin stabs...
Erasmus:rolling d20+5
Simon N. (GM):rolling d20+6
erasmus hits
Erasmus:rolling d6+3
Syrus (Kenny):I think I have "Two-weapon fight", does that mean I attack twice?
Simon N. (GM):AC 12
Erasmus:BA: Unarmed strike
rolling d20+5
Simon N. (GM):miss
@Syrus if you have 2 light weapons can attack twice but rapier is not light
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+5
Simon N. (GM):Percy stabs the wounded rat
Percy (Christian):do i get sneak attack for suprise
Simon N. (GM):you sneak att as Erasmus also attacking it
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d8 +1d6 +3
Simon N. (GM):Rat is very dead!
Syrus (Kenny):Ok I use Rapier
Do I get a modifier?
Simon N. (GM):+4
& d8+2 on a hit
Syrus (Kenny):No Actually lemme use dagger and shortsword so I can attach twice?
Simon N. (GM):that would be +4, d6+2 and d4 (no dmg bonus on off hand attack)
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):off hand attack is a bonus action
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d6+2
Simon N. (GM):wounded
Syrus (Kenny):bonus attack next
rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):hit
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d4
Simon N. (GM):just a nick
Syrus (Kenny):D'oh!
Simon N. (GM):GM: The angry rats leap at Syrus using Pack Tactics!
rolling 4d20
Syrus (Kenny):(Did Lothrin attach already?)
Simon N. (GM):he got a 1. 18 and 10 - 1 hit
Syrus (Kenny):OK!
Simon N. (GM):rolling d4+2
bite for 3 on Syrus
Syrus (Kenny)::-/
Simon N. (GM):ok outside characters next
Tenho tries to shoot a rat - it has good cover so AC 17
rolling d20+4
Dawn tries to do the same with a fire bolt
rolling d20+4
Simon N. (GM):hit!
rolling d10
The rat is blasted against the wall, charred to a crisp!
Sergor do you want to actr
Sergor (Jake):I'll stay out of it for now
Simon N. (GM):ok
Sergor (Jake):I think they can handle the last rat
Simon N. (GM):PCs in room can attack
rolling d20+5
Simon N. (GM):miss
Erasmus:BA Unarmed strike
Simon N. (GM):OOC better stop at 10pm
Erasmus:rolling d20+5
Simon N. (GM):miss :(
Syrus (Kenny):Syrus will do attack twice again...
rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):hit!
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d6+2
Simon N. (GM):wound
Syrus (Kenny):2nd attack...
Sergor (Jake):OOC didn't even realize it was almost 10PM
This was fun
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+4
Simon N. (GM):hit!
d4 dmg
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d4
Simon N. (GM):wounded but still up!
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20 +5
Simon N. (GM):very hit!
Percy (Christian):snk attack?
Simon N. (GM):Yup Percy stabs the rat in the back of the neck..
It's on 1 hp so...
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d8 +1d6+3
Simon N. (GM):The giant rat collapses, very dead.
Erasmus:"Won't be eating that one. there'd nothing left!!"
Simon N. (GM):You have triumphed over more vermin!
Syrus (Kenny):WELL DONE TEAM! :)
No rat dinner tonight *eyeroll
Percy (Christian):"and no one is unconcious?"
Erasmus:"There is a pre-cooked one here, thanks to Dawn."
Syrus (Kenny):@Percy - Right!!??!!
Sergor (Jake):"It's a miracle she didn't cook one of you instead."
Simon N. (GM):Syrus is a bit sore. Dawn grins. "Glad to be of use!"
Dawn scowls at Sergor.
Erasmus:"We all play our part."
Simon N. (GM):Lothrin sighs, looking at his sword.
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric can you heal me without using a spell slot?
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "Anyone fancy searching the rat's nest for treasures? Ah, the glamorous life of the adventurer..."
Syrus (Kenny):Yes to searching for treasure in Rats Den!!!
Erasmus:I'll have rummage.
Percy (Christian):i will start searching
Simon N. (GM):GM: Afiric can only heal by casting.
If you are searching roll Investigation or Perception (whichever higher)
Erasmus:rolling d20+3
Syrus (Kenny):rolling 1d20+1
Percy (Christian):rolling 1d20+6
Sergor (Jake):"I'll pass on searching the rat's nest"
Percy (Christian):perception
Simon N. (GM):Percy finds a leather pouch with 15 cp and 12 sp.
Percy (Christian):OOC graet rolloing
Syrus (Kenny):Can we have a short rest here so I can heal up (also time to wrap for tonight?)
Simon N. (GM):Dawn grants Tenho Guidance as he searches
rolling d20+5
no luck :)
Yes you can short rest now, but I thought Syrus used his Hit Die last session?
Syrus (Kenny):We did rest at a campfire after killing Bandit Queen - can I not get anymore HP from now?
Simon N. (GM):Dawn rummages...
rolling d20+2
Dawn finds all the cool treasure :)
Erasmus:"As I said, we all play our part."
Simon N. (GM):GM: I'll say Afiric uses Cure Wounds on Syrus while Dawn is finding a velvet pouch and a large silver teardrop ear-ring.
Syrus (Kenny):Good on you Dawn!
Simon N. (GM):rolling d8+2
Syrus can have 7 back
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric - Thank You, M'Lady (back on 10 hp)
Simon N. (GM):Afriric: "I am a male"
Syrus (Kenny):@Afiric I meant Mi'Lord
Simon N. (GM):Hard to tell w half elves...
Syrus (Kenny):Hard to tell with my own kindreds! :-P
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "This pouch needs a good wash, but it seems very fine... and this ear ring is lovely!"
Erasmus:"Is it magic?"
Simon N. (GM):Dawn: "Syrus can you Detect Magic ritual on it while we catch our breath?"
(If you have ritual casting it takes 10 minutes, does not use a spell slot)
Syrus (Kenny):What is ritual casting?
Simon N. (GM):Ritual Casting
You can cast any bard spell you know as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag.
Syrus (Kenny):OOC @ Simon there is an "R" next to the spell on my sheet
Simon N. (GM):I just checked
Yes, not all caster classes get ritual casting though
So Syrus can take 10 minutes to cast Det Magic
Syrus (Kenny):OOC @ Simon - ah OK so it takes 10 mins and I can use any "R" spells without using up slot?
Simon N. (GM):Yes. The items are not magical, but should be worth a fair bit cleaned up - might even trade them w Aretha for another healing potion!
Dawn: "I don't know, I like this ear ring... What do you think?" She puts on the (cleaned) ear ring and shows it off.
OOC: OK stopping there!
I'll work out your XP for next time
Syrus (Kenny):Well Done tonight Team!! Great session! :)
Percy (Christian):ok that was fun
Erasmus:"As pretty as it is, I think a healing potion may be more valuable in our line of work."
Sergor (Jake):This was really fun!
Simon N. (GM):(Dawn sighs) :) OOC: I'm free Friday, or would you prefer to wait to Sunday for next game?
6.30pm both days
Sergor (Jake):I'm fine with either
Syrus (Kenny):If we do Friday, does that mean we do not do Sunday?
Erasmus:I'm not available Friday. Sunday is beat for me.
Simon N. (GM):I can do both :)
Syrus (Kenny):Shall we wait for Erasmus and all do Sunday instead?
Simon N. (GM):Yes I think that's best
I want to keep the keen players :)
Sergor (Jake):Yeah, Better to include everyone!
Percy (Christian):i can do both
Erasmus:I don't mind if you have enough to run on Friday, but would appreciate not missing out.
Simon N. (GM):OK cool, I'll crunch your XP and next session Sunday 6.30pm.
Kenny H.:Great! Looking forward to it already. Have a good rest of the week Everyone! :)
Sergor (Jake):Looking forward to it!
Christian L.:ok Sunday it is
Simon N. (GM):Anything I should give Inspiration for?
Sergor (Jake):and by the way @Simon, I'm fine with keeping this token picture
Kenny H.:Us not dying this session??
Simon N. (GM):Erasmus for getting the party over the wall.
Erasmus have Inspiration :)
Erasmus:Aww, bless you! :)
Simon N. (GM):LOL :)
Kenny H.:Well Done Erasmus! What abour Sergor for slaying 2x giant spiders on his own??
Simon N. (GM):I think that was more a matter of hot dice, which are their own reward!
Erasmus:Happy to pass the Insp. to Sergor for that feat!
Sergor (Jake):yeah the spiders were just RNGesus smiling upon me
keep your insp!
Simon N. (GM):Red has dropped out looks like so Afiric is reconsidering his life choices.
Christian L.:oh no not the cleric!!!
Simon N. (GM):Anyone want a last Cure Wounds from him?
Christian L.:me plz
Kenny H.:Oh that's a shame! :-P
Afiric has no spells to cure poison for Percy??
Simon N. (GM):rolling d8+2
Christian 8 back
so full hp
Afiric: "I must go now... Farewell."
He heads out & over the wall in search of higher level adventures I guess :D
Kenny H.:@Afiric Farewell friend, best wishes for your future endeavours - I would sing you a song but that would prob attract bandits :-P
Simon N. (GM):OOC I kinda prefer 4 players anyway - I put 5 in case of drop outs
Kenny H.:Thanks SImon for tonight 0 see y'all on Sunday! :)
Simon N. (GM):Thanks Kenny, all
See you Sunday!
Erasmus:Thanks all. See y'all Sunday! :)
Christian L.:ok bye see you on Sunday

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