Wednesday, 12 August 2020

FA #1 - Day 1 11/5/1359 DR - 25 XP

Grey the Wizard

Rosana Irkell

Tenho the Merchant

Hi Tim!
Do you have a picture for Erasmus, or can use this Monk one?
Tim M.:It's not the right look, but it'll do for now. I've had a look but can't find anything particularly useful.
Simon N. (GM):Hi Emily!
Emily R.:Hi guys, I'm running a bit behind atm. And I'm a complete noob
Simon N. (GM):No problem!
You are here which beats most people. :)
Emily R.::) I'm filling in my character form as we speak
Simon N. (GM):Is that on D&D Beyond?
Or on Roll20?
Or just text?
Any is good, I'm taking a manual note of stats.
Emily R.:Erm text, I had started a character before seeing this game but it needs tweaking for this session
Simon N. (GM):Cool. :)
(Don't tell anyone but I like text best. Tech scares me :p)
Emily R.:I'm also on mobile right now, trying to get my damn macbook to do something other than suicide
Ayy fair enough, I'm a pretty traditional person myself too
Simon N. (GM):Well done getting Roll20 to load on mobile!
Emily R.:Haha what can I say, I'm a magical elven druid
Simon N. (GM):Hi Iris!
Simon N. (GM):@Emily what's your PC name? Do you have a picture? Or can choose anything you like in the tavern lot?
I use that one for an elf druid in another game.
@Iris do you have a pic for Ivor, or like any in the tavern set?
Emily R.:The visuals on this website are blowing my mind
Simon N. (GM):Can use that Fighter one?
Emily R.:I like that druid
She's cute
Simon N. (GM):cool :)
Iris:Can I have the guy with the beard next to the dwarf
Emily R.:Her name is Elysia and her backstory is a mystery lol. I'm kind of unprepared, I stumbled across this group an hour ago
Simon N. (GM):Tim & Emily see if you can move your characters around in the tavern.
Emily R.:dude
Simon N. (GM):Looking good :)
Erasmus:Thumbs up!
Simon N. (GM):I've been using Roll20 since lockdown started, finally got good enough to dare a public game :)
Iris:This is so cool
Emily R.:Right my issue is that I'm rejiggling my stats to suit the ones you've given but I have five scores between 6 attributes
and its confusing me
Iris:I didn't know d&d beyond existed and I just filled in a character sheet manually, the site was so much easier lol
Emily R.:Am i a dick, yes
Please send help
Erasmus:Emily - Use 15 14 13 12 10 & 8
Emily R.:Ahhh didn't see 14 on there
Erasmus:The other option is to do point buy. That'll be easier on dndbeyond.com and it gives the point costs.
(which is what I did!)
Simon N. (GM):OK I think all 3 of you (& Daniel) now have associated characters & pics.
Emily R.:As in, as long as they = 27?
I rolled for this bitch
Simon N. (GM):yup
Emily R.:god damn
Thanks for being patient
Simon N. (GM):No problem! :D
GM: Is it ok if I start game while Emily finalises her PC? I promise not to kill your character before it's ready Emily. >:)
Oh, should talk a bit about your PC backgrounds first.
Emily R.:Hahaha tbh i don't know if she'll ever be a real person, I'm a bit confused. but please do go ahead
First up, do you all prefer a non-evil PCs game? I can GM an evil campaign but only if everyone wanted that.
For Erasmus Bos the Monk, most Damaran Monks are Lawful & Good, trained at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose high in the Earthspur Mountains overlooking the Glacier of the White Worm.
However there are rumours that the evil Crimson Monks of Loviatar, long thought destroyed, have recently been seen abroad again...
For Ivor Holt the Fighter - the great wars with Zhengyi, Witch King of Vaasa, are finally over, and many soldiers have turned to the life of the wandering adventurer, plying their martial skills on new battlefields...
For Elysia - Elves are rare in the human kingdom of Damara, and often looked at askance by the ignorant peasantry. But some leave the green boughs of the Rawlinswood to learn about the world and employ their talents to help the less fortunate. As an elven Druid, you were trained both by Rylintara the Elf Queen and Jaroo Ashstaff, the human Druid of the Grove in NW Rawlinswood.
Erasmus:A non-evil campaign would suit me best. Erasmus is LN. He adheres to the code of the monastery but has yet to find his place within the hierarchy.
His past can sometimes lead to selfish behaviour
Simon N. (GM):Cool, thanks. So Erasmus was trained by the Monks of the Yellow Rose. The current Grand Master is Cantoule, only 40 years old and one of the youngest ever. Beneath him is the Master of Spring Temminische, and Afrafa the young Mistress of the Wind.
Having completed his intial training, Erasmus will have been sent out into the world to gain experience and insight.
GM: You have all recently arrived in the village of Fulscarp Manor, in eastern Grimstead Barony - https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-EmEcXZlsNlA/Xx_rvu07kxI/AAAAAAAAQA4/6CyBXrGESJ8AjJHTJ1EnSqdUy_rMA-5kQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/Hommlet-Gurzun%2527s%2Bannotated.jpg
Rumour has it that all is not well in the region - bandits, and worse. People have been disappearing on the roads.
It is early evening in late Spring. You are currently just arrived at the Silver Spoon, Fulscarp's only tavern, to find a few locals present along with two merchants, and a couple other adventurer types...
The tavern is being run by an efficient young woman who seems to be sad about something.
Simon N. (GM):The two merchants, whose wagons are stationed outside, are discussing somewhere called 'the legendary lost hold of Hadramkath' - it sounds dwarven.
The locals comprise three farmers - two human, one halfling - and an elderly man at arms, muttering into his foaming beer mug.
(suggest you introduce your PCs and if you want may talk with the NPCs)
Iris:Ivor Holt grew up in a military focused family, he basically had a sword in his hand before he could walk. He joined the military and served for a couple years. He was able to return home for a while after being injured to find a drought struck the village and many were perishing. Luck would have it that a mysterious stranger came along and gave him ‘magic’ seeds. Ivor grew the seeds and they gave out bountiful food for the whole village. Ivor went back to his duty but could never get the peace of being in the fields out of his mind. He returned after the war and tried to become a farmer. Ivor is a simple man of the sword and had no clue how to be a farmer so he read many books and took notes in his journal (crudely written notes). Until he saves up enough money to have his own farm he’ll continue to take odd jobs and collect seeds. He travels around looking for good seeds for his future farm and hopes to run across the ‘magic’ seeds one day.
I think Ivor wants to talk to the farmers
Simon N. (GM):GM: We can say you've ordered dinner & introduced yourself to each other as potential comrades-in-arms.
Erasmus:Erasmus is a tall, muscular human with long, shaggy dirty-blond hair and a full beard. Piercing green eyes look out from under a heavy brow.
Emily R.:Emily is hanging back cos she just realised she is 'likely to be attacked on site' and regrets coming here as a Wood Elf lol
Erasmus:He wears robes of the Yellow Rose and carries a wooden quarterstaff.bound with leather wraps.
Emily R.:Elysia* oops
Simon N. (GM):The young landlady of the Inn gives Ivor a smile, apparently quite taken with the handsome soldier. The farmers give Elysia wary glances, muttering beneath their breath.
The old man at arms gives Erasmus a respectful nod - the Monks of the Yellow Rose are much admired in these parts for their good works.
Erasmus:*nods back
Simon N. (GM):Old soldier: "Hail, friend. Vendle's the name. Corporal to her Ladyship, the Lady Blackthorn of this manor."
OOC: Feel free to move your PCs (up to 6 squares at a time), post conversation & actions etc.
Vendle: "You all heard the news?"
Erasmus:"Greetings, Vendle. I am Erasmus. What news?"
Emily R.:Elysia listens but doesn't speak, aware of a tangible tension
Simon N. (GM):Vendle nods in the direction of the young woman at the bar. "Rosana there - her father and brother are missing on the road! Slain by bandits, I fear."
The farmers mutter agreement. "Aye! No wagonload of provisions is worth dying for!"
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"Are these bandits ruining you ability to sell your crop?"
Simon N. (GM):Halfling farmer: "I'm telling you Vendle, they're coming from that damned ruin - Fort Skulnar!" He looks to Ivor. "Not exactly - the road to Grimstead is still clear. But travel to Ravensburg is becoming too dangerous to risk!" The other farmers nod.
One of the merchants across the room speaks up. "I hear Firean, the 'Bandit Queen', has been seen in these parts. That could be your problem." He stands, offering Ivor a hand. "Tronak's the name."
Vendle looks uncertain. "I've seen tracks in the woods. Didn't look like bandits to me. Didn't even look ...human." He eyes Elysia.
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):Ivor takes Tronak's the hand, "Ivor Holt, call me Ivor."
Simon N. (GM):Tronak smiles. "A fellow old soldier, eh? "
Erasmus:noticing the look, "Looks can be deceiving. And not being human does not mean evil, of course."
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"Not old yet!" Ivor smiles. "I've still plenty fight left in me."
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia looks to Erasmus, offering him a warm, half-smile
Simon N. (GM):Vendle looks slightly abashed at Erasmus' words. "No no, of course not. Some of my best friends are, well..." he indicates the halfling. Tronak grins to Ivor: "Aye. Thought the end of the Wars would bring peace - not a bit of it."
Tronak looks at Vendle. "Two of the Heroes of Bloodstone are half-elves. Vendle. Without them Gareth Dragonsbane might not have saved Damara!"
Vendle shifts uneasily. "Aye, aye, I meant no offence milady" (to Elysia "I weren't thinking of your kind. These tracks were eerie, small..." the halfling harumphs.
Halfling: "Vendle, it's Goblins, I tell ye! You need to take your men, go clear out that ruin!"
Erasmus:to Vendle "Where were these tracks? Nearby?"
Simon N. (GM):Vendle shakes his head decisively. "No. With the men I have, 'tis suicide. We must wait until Sir Jorah returns..." He looks to Erasmus. "On the trail east of here. Close by the Hag's tower."
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"When would Sir Jorah arrive?"
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia bows her head to vendle, understanding that the tension in the place was, in fact, a blanket of fear
Erasmus:"The Hag's tower?"
Simon N. (GM):GM: As you arrived today you all noticed a ruined tower on a rise about 4 miles east of the village.
Vendle: "Aretha - the Hag of the Jagged Tower. You've not heard of her?!"
Rosana steps forward from behind the bar. To Ivor: "Sir Jorah is a Ranger Knight of the Golden Thorn - he is aiding Duke Dragonsbane in the north. He could be gone for weeks, months..."
Rosana gives Vendle a dismissive look. "In the meantime, we have no one to protect us!"
Erasmus:"Does the village need protecting?"
Simon N. (GM):Rosana: "My father and brother need rescuing - or avenging!"
Vendle: "Aye, we are short of resources, good sir Monk. The war took many good men, and Lady Aryn's sons are all away..."
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"How long have your father and brother been missing?"
Simon N. (GM):Rosana: "They're overdue by two weeks!"
Erasmus:to Vendle: "I see. Do these bandits encroach on the village?"
Simon N. (GM):Rosana: "Vendle there went into the woods looking for them, came scurrying back - never even set foot in the old fort!"
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia feels compelled to help Rosana. She looks to Ivor and Erasmus
Simon N. (GM):Vendle reddens at Rosana's words. "I do what I can..." he turns to Erasmus. "There's signs of them on the east roads. People have been disappearing for months - travellers, now the Innkeep too..."
Tronak: "If it's Firean, though, her reputation is more to kill only those who resist."
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"So there is a chance that your brother and father are alive as long as they complied?"
Simon N. (GM):Tears well in Rosana's eyes. "But if they were kidnapped - why no ransom demand?!"
Erasmus:"Hmm. So someone would need to go looking for them. Perhaps this is something my new friends and I could assist with. What say you both?"
Simon N. (GM):Rosana puts a hand on Ivor's manly chest. :) "Please sir, I beg you, help us!"
Vendle nods at Erasmus' words. "We would all be in your debt, sir!"
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia nods, bowing her head in agreement... even if she is slightly jealous of Rosana's forwardness
and impressive rack
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"It would be horrible if I were to leave such a damsel in distress." Ivor sighed. "I shall find out the fates of your family, and if possible return them dead or alive."
Erasmus:"Then it's settled. How far is this Skulnar place?"
Simon N. (GM):Rosana smiles at Ivor, tears in her eyes. "Thank you!" GM: You all notice the other merchant as he stands and walks over. "Hello all, Tenho's my name. You thinking of heading over to Fort Skulnar?"
Erasmus:"It would seem that way".
Simon N. (GM):Tenho nods. "I happen to have an interest in that place myself... If you find any writings or maps there, I'll pay well for them."
Vendle: "It's ten miles to the old fort - other side of Skul peak. Take the east road, then turn north past the Jagged Tower."
Vendle: "Best watch out for wolves, bears, brigands... and the Hag, of course." He makes a sign to ward against Evil.
Tronak chuckles. "Oh, I hear those who win Hag Aretha's favour may gain all kinds of rare boons, potions..."
Vendle glowers: "I wouldn't know about that. Tronak."
Hi Damian
Simon N. (GM):You're on audio BTW :)
thanks :)
Sorry Daniel not Damien!
Grey:lol i was wondering if you were talking to me
sorry im late, had to put the little one to bed
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia steps outside to greet Daniel, eager to get away from the crowd of people in the tavern
Simon N. (GM):GM @Grey - tired after your hike from Grimstead village, the wizard Grey arrives in the Silver Spoon tavern, and is immediately accosted by an elf lady stepping outside for some air. >:)
@Daniel - suggest you take a few minutes to scroll up & read over the story so far.
Elysia (Emily PC):real quick OOC but I'm going for a cigarette
Simon N. (GM):sure
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia is timid and takes time, instead, to survey the area surrounding the tavern
Simon N. (GM):@Daniel I had an idea your PC could have been an apprentice to the wizard Baroness Sylvia of Ostel, but had a falling out over her sinister methods & dealing with devils, and fled over the border to Carmathan where you are now - would that work?
Erasmus:quick Q - how do you get the italics for flavour type stuff?
Simon N. (GM): works I think
Erasmus:*like this?
Simon N. (GM):Yeah, asterisk text asterisk
Erasmus:oh, like this?
Simon N. (GM)::)
Erasmus:cool, ta.
Simon N. (GM):GM: The story so far - the Village of Fulscarp Manor is troubled by evil apparentyly coming from the ruins of Fort Skulnar (the Innkeep & his son are missing, leaving only his daughter Rosana), and they have asked some novice adventurers for aid. The merchant Tenho also has an interest in any maps or journals recovered from the ruins.
OOC I can play to around 7.15/7.20 tonight - I can run again on Sunday evening if that suits most of you?
Erasmus:Should be fine for me
Elysia (Emily PC):Yeah that's fine :)
Iris:Fine for me as well
Simon N. (GM):Is 6.30pm Sunday good? I know Daniel has to get little one to bed first. :)
Grey:that suits me fine, you can carry on with out me for the remainder of this if you want, so I can watch and get a feel for a written adventure
thanks for considering :)
Simon N. (GM):GM: Grey gets a stool by the bar; the serving girl brings him a nice warm beer. :)
The sun is now setting behind the western mountains.
Tronak goes back to join Tenho in discussing business.
Elysia (Emily PC):Elysia notices the crowd disperse and joins Ivor and Erasmus at the table
Simon N. (GM):Vendle: "I should tell her Ladyship there are adventurers in town - if you are successful, I'm sure she'll want to meet you."
Erasmus:To Rosana "It's getting late. Do you have rooms so we can rest and set off early tomorrow?"
Simon N. (GM):The old soldier rises stiffly.
Rosana to Erasmus: "Just this common room - but I have blankets and bedrolls if you need them. Free to you and your friends, sir."
Vendle: "Good night, all."
Iris:Ivor nods to Vendle with a small wave.
Simon N. (GM):Vendle nods to Ivor and heads out. The farmers nod. "We should be going too - early rise tomorrow, cows need milking early, this time of year..."
Erasmus:"G'Night Vendle. We'll se you again, no doubt."
Iris:"It was a pleasure speaking with you." Ivor smiles at the farmers.
Simon N. (GM):Rosana brings clean bedrolls and blankets from behind the bar to the two merchants.
The farmers nod cordially to Ivor. Halfling: "You too, sir! Good to see a real man in these parts, again!" He looks hurriedly to Erasmus. "You too sir, of course!"
Simon N. (GM):The three farmers rise somewhat unsteadily and head for the door.
Rosana sighs as they go, looking at her few remaining customers.
Ivor Holt (Iris PC):"Do we have any plan for tomorrow?" Ivor asks the group at the table.
Simon N. (GM):GM: Shall we skip ahead to tomorrow morning? I can assume Grey introduces himself and joins your band. :)
Grey:I can start a quick intro now if you want
Simon N. (GM):cool please do Daniel
Erasmus:To Tronak and Tenho "You're sleeping here too? Are you not from Fulscarp?"
Simon N. (GM):Tronak: "No, travelling men we are! I'm from Valls, up in Arcata." Tenho: "And I'm from Ravensburg, capital of this fair Duchy."
Tronak: "Men like us ply the roads, bringing trade, the lifeblood of prosperity!"
They seem a bit tipsy now.
Tronak: "Normally I work the route from Valls down to Gurzun's Hall, but I heard there was a scarcity of ironmongery out this way... sold half my wagonload already today."
Grey:His eyes looked deeply into the warm flagon of beer that sat in front of him, he watched the bubbles linger and pop almost as if he was no longer in his body, a large blue spell book slung across his shoulder rattled a little from its chain. His lack luster hat making his unhappy hunch some even sadder looking, like a plant that had not been watered for days. holding the flagon with both hands he turned his head a little listening to the conversations around him
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "Yes... well I, personally, am interested in what may lie within ruined Fort Skulnar."
Tenho: "The Ironwolfs were said to have been seeking the lost dwarf hold of Hadramkath..."
"...It's possible clues to its location may still lie within the fort!"
Erasmus:to Tenho "So you're not a merchant, then?"
Simon N. (GM):Tenho: "A merchant, a historian... a man of many parts!"
"Did you know I studied under Hardby of Praka, himself?"
GM: Grey could you roll me a d20 for History (INT)?
type /roll d20 to roll
Grey:roll d20
Simon N. (GM):needs the /
rolling d20
Simon N. (GM):GM: The name is familiar the Grey - Hardby the Drunkard, the Sage of Praka.
Praka is the capital of Ostel Barony and seat of power for Baroness Sylvia, who Grey studied under until their falling-out.
'to Grey' not 'the Grey'
GM: You finish your dinner; it's now full dark.
Grey:His heavy looking eyes turned towards the man who claimed to be a man of many skills, his spell book knocking loudly against the bar as he did "You mean Hardby the Drunk don't you Mr History" I say in an weary but well spoken voice
Simon N. (GM):Tenho smirks. "Yes, well, he does like to imbibe a little..." Tenho looks curiously at Grey. "You look a little familiar, sir. Do I know you?"
Tenho walks over to Grey.
Grey:Grey would breath deep the moment as he suddenly realized he was doing the one thing he always told himself not to do, get involved "Well the you must have met me before, How lucky for you" he chuckled nervously having the worst feeling he new this man but the memory was gone but not forgotten, like a name on the tip of the tongue "And just were is it you know me from my learned friend
Simon N. (GM):Rosana the barmaid looks a little nervous.
rolling d20
Tenho: "You... no, I can't place it. You're not from Ravensburg, are you?"
GM: Lucky - Tenho failed INT check by 1 :)
Grey doesn't really remember Tenho, but if he studied under Hardby, chances are Tenho saw him at some function in Baroness Sylvia's court, hanging on her coat-tails as it were.
Since Grey likely has a price on his head back in Ostel, probably best to be incognito.
Erasmus:To GM: Rosana's nervousness - is it because Tenho approached?
Simon N. (GM):You can roll Insight Erasmus (DC 7)
type /roll d20 to roll
rolling d20+4
Simon N. (GM):Rosana was nervous in case a fight broke out.
Simon N. (GM):She's a fairly strapping lass but probably didn't fancy knocking heads together :)
Tenho starts laying out his bedroll. "Time for sleep, I think."
Tronak nods and begins doing the same.
Rosana: "You four all have bedrolls?"
Grey:Placing a slightly more confident hand on the man called Tenho shoulder as grey felt the weight suddenly fall away as he smiled "Oh then you must have passed threw when I was on my pilgrimage of learning, library's tend to attracted the same folk
Simon N. (GM):GM: If you have standard PC starter kit, should be a bedroll in there :)
Erasmus:"I do, thank you."
Simon N. (GM):Grey roll CHA (Intimidate or Deception)
is it d20 again ?
Simon N. (GM):yup, always d20s except for damage
rolling d20
Simon N. (GM):Tenho nods, seeming convinced. "A fellow scholar! Of course!" He smiles. "Well if you go to the ruins and find anything of interest, be sure to let me know!"
GM: Seeing that no one seems likely to buy anything more tonight, Rosana latches the front door.
Grey:Oh ..... I'm sure to do so" he laughed nervously having idea of the ruins he was talking about, but he was in the lie now so had to keep it up
Simon N. (GM):Rosana: "I'm bedding down now - if you need to relieve yourselves overnight, please go outside and re-latch the door when you return."
GM: These are primitive conditions to Grey, more used to the fine saloons of Praka!
Rosana heads back behind the bar and rolls out her own bedroll.
Erasmus:Erasmus heads to the corner and unrolls his bedroll. He takes a a holy symbol out of his pack and sets it down before spending 10 minutes in meditation.
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK, coming up to 7.20 when I need to stop. I shall award you all 25 XP for participation. :D
Iris:Ivor quietly takes out his bedroll and is quick to fall asleep on it.
The tavern settles down for the night...
Grey:Seeing everyone settling down grey nodded to the question of if he was going to sleep in this bar, of which he clearly was now. slumping against the side of the bar he threw a pillow behind his head and clutched his spell book closely. looking around at everyone nervously.
Simon N. (GM):OOC: OK will schedule next game 6.30pm Sunday, then probably the same again Wednesday if that suits. Your night passes peacefully if none of you cause trouble - will resume next morning.
Grey:sounds good to me :)
Simon N. (GM):Are you all ok with how I'm running the game so far? I wanted an easy intro to get you used to the system. :)
Erasmus:Sounds good. I'll let you know if there's any issues.
Iris:Was a fun experience, see you next time
Erasmus:I'm new to D&D, and even newer to a text one. It's a good start and I look forward to getting on the road!
Grey:I enjoyed the short moment I had :) itll be interesting to go forward with more
Simon N. (GM):Thanks all :)
Erasmus:Thanks Simon. 'See' you Sunday! :)
Simon N. (GM):I expect the action will heat up next session. >:)
Bye now!