Saturday, 13 February 2021

FA1 18/8/59 Gurzun's Fall, to 3/9/59 (450 XP)


Ted:Holy shit they're commin!
Simon N. (GM)::)
Erasmus Bos
Ted:Yo Dudes look
Kenny - Syrus:GAHHH Bottom right!
Simon N. (GM):GM: Your band of riders follows the trail back & finds blood splashes on the grass.
Malied:soz i'm late
Erasmus:Gonna try a different machine. Give me a few minutes.
Ted:West it's the friggin ring wraiths
Chris T.:Hiya James
Muiz:Hi James
Simon N. (GM):Then Ted points out the riders ahead - 7 armoured men, two in full plate armour, the leader massive.
Kenny - Syrus:Do we see body of Jack??
Barbara D'Ashe:"Gurzun!"
No bodies, just blood.
Qiviel:So who's Frodo in this adventure @Ted :) I guess James can be Gandalf...
Gurzun:"D'Ashe! You bitch! You're for it now!"
GM: Gurzun yells to his riders to charge...
Ted:ooh gandalf waht a big staff
Geoff:So much for regrouping and replanning....
Gurzun:I've rolled your inits so we're all set. :D
Qiviel:(I don't see the init tracker?)
(ah! there it is)
Malied:whats our plan of attack?
Geoff:"Stay behind me, Barbara. If things go bad, ride for Ramvira and tell Einar. Don't stop for anything."
Kenny - Syrus:"GIVE US BACK OUR JACK!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!"
Qiviel:("I have a plan. Attack" - Iron Man)
(sorry, couldn't resist :D )
Muiz:lol Keelia
Simon N. (GM):23 Malied
Gurzun: "You *ers killed two of my men! Now you're gonna die!"
rolling 1d20_+3
rolling 1d20+3
Simon N. (GM):(can't find hash sign on new PC!)
ah #there
Malied:I'll move to within 120 feet of the nearest enemy and cast firebolt
Kenny - Syrus:@DM What is the movement range of our Horse again?
rolling 1d20+5
Kenny - Syrus:(Thanks Muiz)
Simon N. (GM):60
Kenny - Syrus:Oh 60 feet!
Qiviel:(James has posted he keeps getting disconnected. If there is a delay from him, that will be why)
Muiz:oops ssorry
Simon N. (GM):120' is SW of the big tree
not sure you can even make it
Malied:firebolt 120 feet
Simon N. (GM):#20 Strohm
You are nowhere near 120' range Malied
Malied:i take it 13 missed
on the ridge
Simon N. (GM):Missed as you are nowhere near 120
Muiz:ready a fireball
fire when an enemy is in range
end of turn
Simon N. (GM):fireball? From where?
Muiz:fire bolt i mean
Simon N. (GM):LOL
Malied:I was gonna say :P
Simon N. (GM):J readies a javelin
Qiviel:"Are we holding our ground here?" Q shouts out
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Strohm you can shoot at Gurzun
120 feet
Fire Bolt (+4)
bad start
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:
Jyrdani of Jiyyd

Javelin: to hit
Jyrdani of Jiyyd
Kenny - Syrus:nice!!
Simon N. (GM):J hits him!
Qiviel:very nice!
Muiz:Whoo go Jyrdani
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:

Javelin: damage
Jyrdani of Jiyyd
Simon N. (GM):not a crit,
Simon N. (GM):10 dmg
Norrin are you readying sword?
Simon N. (GM):brb
Kenny - Syrus:Anyone know who are the dwarves on bottom right??
Ted:reckon' i dont
Simon N. (GM):OOC kilo of Biltong from amazon came - should last me the session :)
Chris T.:Yummers
Kenny - Syrus:Yummers???!!!
Chris T.:The Biltong :D
Muiz:my thoughts those are dwarves that were staying at Gurzun Festhall not sure tho
Kenny - Syrus:LOL I thought you meant the Dwarves!!
Simon N. (GM):#Fraener you & your men are nearing the hal when you see the cavalry battle developing on the plain.
most of one side are hidden by a ridgeline upslope
Chris T.:They gallop closer to see what's going on. Could these by the ones they are looking for? The ones recently at Khundrakar?
Simon N. (GM):(moved you 80' west)
Chris T.:thanks
Simon N. (GM):#Ted
Muiz:oh shit the dwarves is Chris
Geoff:As allies, I hope
Malied:Quick, kikll them
we can't risk it!
Ted:ride in shoot and ride away
Barbara D'Ashe:"Gurzun! I have come to claim what is mine!"
Ted:(sorry got s a bit of a freeze here)
Simon N. (GM):Ted ok
Shortbow (+5)
Simon N. (GM):80' short
you're at 96' - you miss anyway
Ted:ok horse dash
Simon N. (GM):horse can move 60'
or 120' if you take the Dash action
Erasmus:Erasmus spurs Eras'ni forward alongside Norrin
Ted:(Ive got ecstacy of gold on loop - nirvana
Erasmus:"Stay behind us, Barbara!"
Simon N. (GM):no ready?
Erasmus:hmm... nope.
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Or Dodge?
Erasmus:Dodge is good call. Forgot about that.
Qiviel:Q moves up to help hold the line and readies her spear, bracing it against her saddle
Simon N. (GM):Babs always dodges :)
Muiz:Theres Q
Simon N. (GM):made a new Q :)
Qiviel:(don't know what happened - maybe Rocco hit warp and threw Q suddenly :D )
Chris T.:hehe
Q is Ted hero
Simon N. (GM):Tenho shoots xbow at Gurzun
rolling d20+4
Kenny - Syrus:WHOA!
Simon N. (GM):AC 18 plate no shield
rolling d8+2
Muiz:At least the NPC hit and always with full damage
Simon N. (GM):Tenho grins.
Muiz:Go Tenho
Ted:great shot
Ted remembers that
Kenny - Syrus:What race is Gurzun?
Ted:horse race atm :-P
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:OK
1) Syrus rides his new shiny horse Jyrdan’Mus up next to Jyrdani
2) Draws his crossbow and shoots at this Guard “GIVE US JACK BACK!!!”
Crossbow, Light ()
Syrus, Bard of Many Guises
7Piercing Damage
Alokoth:"Your friend's dead!"
Muiz:we all been there XD
Ted:raises eyebrowm
Gurzun:Gurzun holds up bloodstained gauntlets.
"Ostrikka's gauntlets! We took them off his corpse!"
Geoff:Norrin grimaces as he remembers the story behind those gauntlets....
Gurzun:"Remember, folks - thieves never prosper!"
"Now you gonna die..."
Ted:*spits and does the thrice rolled eyes. That is your death Gurzun."
Kenny - Syrus:"YOU LIE!!! I know your strip your female captives naked - so Jack is probably stripped naked somewhere too!!!"
Ted:totslly dude
Gurzun:"Stripped posthumously!"
Muiz:if i have a drink i would done a spittake XD
Geoff:"Just as you stole D'Ashe Manor from its rightful owner!" Norrin shouts back.
Gurzun:"Just for you, I promise not to take that bitch captive though - I'm putting her head on a stake!"
Muiz:the shit talk is real XD
Gurzun:"She shouldn't have embezzled the takings! We had a deal!"
Geoff:Norrin does his best Morpheus (from the Matrix) impersonation, and beckons at Gurzun.
Gurzun:"She's lucky I only gave her to Ostrikka...."
Malied:Malied picks his target
Ted:that's a pretty run of he mill threat this days Gurzun very netlix, amazon streaming ...
Malied:"I think you will be my little firelight this time"
fire bolt at Gurzun
rolling 1d20+5
Gurzun:scorches his armour (AC 18)
Malied:end turn
Gurzun:You're not +6?
Simon N. (GM):The Sphinx gave you +2 INT
Malied:o yea, weird, macro wasn't updated
so 18
Simon N. (GM):yup
Muiz:A permanent Boost
Simon N. (GM):hit
rolling 1d10
end turn
Simon N. (GM):#strohm
Muiz:attack teh Hall Guard with my greatsword
Simon N. (GM):AC 18 w shield
Excruciator, Sword of Amaul (Bonded) (+7)
Kenny - Syrus:WHOA!
Simon N. (GM):he rocks back
Muiz:End turn
Simon N. (GM):
Ironwolf RAGING (+7)
Simon N. (GM):the foe is near cleft in twain!
Muiz:Way to go Jyrdani
Erasmus:Double Teamed!
Muiz:Here comes Gurzun
Simon N. (GM):Norrin roll Intimidate to attract Gurzun DC 16
Simon N. (GM):Gurzun turns his steed and charges Jyrdani
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 14 slashing
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 20 slashing
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 15 slashing
Muiz:Holy shit triple attack 0_0\
Simon N. (GM):J AC 18, 1 hit for 15/2 = 7
Ted:Hold it together Strohm
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"Take your best shot!" grins
Ted:I'm comming
Muiz:and his attacks are plus 8 damn
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:#Norrin
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:You get 2 now (or 4 w action surge)
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):1 hit for 15
Simon N. (GM):Gurzun is looking a little battered
Simon N. (GM):Fraener - you recognise Tenho Isotalo, the Sage of Khundrakar!
For some reason he's fighting Gurzun Half-Orc
Chris T.:The dwarves dash closer to Tenho. Something strange is going on here.
Barbara D'Ashe:"Gurzun! Your doom is upon you! I have come for revenge!"
Muiz:Go Ted
Ted:Ted's eyes roll back as he hides behind the tree then shoots! the ripple eye is on you Gurzun of the empty hall&#
Simon N. (GM):You'll need to dismount for bonus action hide
Simon N. (GM):ok roll stealth first
& don't move tokens :)
oh you don't get a BA yet
Simon N. (GM):regular shot then
or hide now, shoot next round?
Shortbow (+5)
Qiviel:(weird, Q has disappeared off the tracker...)
Simon N. (GM):ah
Simon N. (GM):added you back Q
Qiviel:(thank you :) )
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Go Qiviel
Qiviel:Q starts to head over to the battle
She'll ready her spear for any that approach
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Qiviel does not have a lance?
Qiviel:(No, she has a spear which she is using like a lance)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc (cool)
Erasmus:Erasmus shifts his position to protect Barbara, and dodges again
Tenho Isotalo:"Oh hullo there my dwarven friends! Just helping Lady D'ashe here reclaim her manor - care to assist?"
rolling d20+5
Chris T.:"Tenho! These are the ones then?"
Tenho Isotalo:19 Persuasion :)
"Aye! The Victors of the Fallen Halls!"
Chris T.:"Then LOOK OUT GURZUN!"
Kenny - Syrus:WHOOOOP!!!
Tenho Isotalo:shoots at guard on right
rolling d20+4
Simon N. (GM):Jyrdani fends off two atackers.
2 come at Qiviel - you get your Readied attack
Spear (One-Handed) (+5)
2Dueling Style
Simon N. (GM):10 dmg?
Qiviel:10 dmg
Simon N. (GM):one is wounded. Both swing...
Qiviel:ac 22 for Q
Simon N. (GM):nowhere close :)
Gurzun's deputy charges Norrin
Simon N. (GM):
Jack's +1 Longsword (One-Handed)
Alokoth, Veteran
Damage: 8 slashing
Jack's +1 Longsword (One-Handed)
Alokoth, Veteran
Damage: 11 slashing
Jack's sword bites :)
11 dmg
Geoff:"Is that all you got?" Norrin mocks.
(From Ted): jacks +1 sword = you bastard lovely stuff
Alokoth:"Saving myself for the blonde bitch!"
Geoff:"You have to get through me first!"
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:1) Syrus rides up to the defence link
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Go Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:2) Puts away his cross bow and takes out a scroll and casts Dissonant Whispers at Gurzun!! (DC14 Wisdom save)
Wisdom Save
Components: V
14Psychic Damage
Dissonant Whispers
Syrus, Bard of Many Guises
Simon N. (GM):
Ability: 17
Kenny - Syrus:Dammit!
Simon N. (GM):half dmg?
Kenny - Syrus:Through the used scroll on the ground
Correct, half damage
3) Moves a bit more next to Erasmus ”Let’s do this for our Dear Jack!”
3) Moves a bit more next to Erasmus ”Let’s do this for our Dear Jack!”
Kenny - Syrus:END TURN
Moves next to Erasmus
Malied:next round?
or am i lagging?
Simon N. (GM):#23 malied
Malied:moves up to be just in range of Gurzun
Simon N. (GM):ok
Malied:"just die and be a cheap funeral already"
rolling 1d20+6
Simon N. (GM):From your raised elevation, no cover... crit!
rolling 1d10
Simon N. (GM):crit
Malied:end turn
end turn
rolling 1d10
Simon N. (GM):pew!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Attack Gurzun
Excruciator, Sword of Amaul (Bonded) (+7)
Chris T.:nice
Geoff:Take him down!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):is he still alive?
Simon N. (GM):rem you Fighters get action surge...
You bloodied him (under half hp now)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):action surge
attack again
Excruciator, Sword of Amaul (Bonded) (+7)
damn low damage
end turn
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:attacks Gurzun
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:
Ironwolf (+7)
+1 sword
Gurzun:"Die, elf!"
attacks Strohm
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):casts shield
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 16 slashing
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 11 slashing
+1 Greatsword (Melee; Two-Handed)
Damage: 17 + 8 slashing
crit for 25
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):damn that bites
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Geoff:Attack Gurzun, with action surge
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):hit
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):hit
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):miss
1 more
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
I wasn't sure if it was 3 or 4
Erasmus:Oh snap! 34 damage in a turn!!
Chris T.:nice
Simon N. (GM):Gurzun is hammered, barely able to stay un the saddle. He won't last much longer.
#17 Fraener
Chris T.:Gallops towards the battle at maximum speed.
Geoff:"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry."
Chris T.:done
Barbara D'Ashe:"Your death aproaches, Gurzun! You have lost!"
Ted:shoots Gurzun
Shortbow (+5)
Chris T.:nice!
rolling d6
Kenny - Syrus:NICE!!
Barbara D'Ashe:Gurzun topples from his steed to be trampled underfoot.
Chris T.:yay!
Simon N. (GM):have inspiration Ted :)
Ted:Dude, was very uncool
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Simon N. (GM):#13 Qiviel & #11 Erasmus
Malied:giving Keelia a poke
Simon N. (GM):anyone there?
Erasmus:"Tenho! Cover the Lady!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Keelia?
Malied:she would have attcked on of the ones next to her though
Tenho Isotalo:"Aye aye, Erasmus!"
I'm here
Erasmus:Erasmus spurs on toward the guards by Qiviel, wheeling around to come alongside.
Tenho Isotalo:#13 Qiviel & #11 Erasmus
Qiviel:She'll attack the one she wounded before
Spear (One-Handed) (+5)
2Dueling Style
Tenho Isotalo:ok
Simon N. (GM):parried
Erasmus:As he goes by he grabs at the rider, attempting to pull him to the ground.
Simon N. (GM):opposed Athletics
Athletics (+1)
Erasmus Bos
Simon N. (GM):
He fends you off
Erasmus:Do I stay mounted?
Alokoth:"Fall back!"
The enemy turn & flee - Norrin opp att vs Alokoth if you want
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Alokoth:Qiviel & Erasmus & Jyrdani too
Erasmus Bos
Darkwood Staff
Erasmus Bos
Kenny - Syrus:NICE!
Alokoth:6 dmg E?
Qiviel can attack too
Erasmus:Your call. I'm riding, so would probably have been 1-hand, but I'll take your judgement.
Alokoth:I'm saying 2hw unless you don't have 2 hands free
Simon N. (GM):
Ironwolf RAGING (+7)
Kenny - Syrus:'Ras is an expert at Dancing stick combat!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Keelia you have a free attack
Spear (One-Handed) (+5)
2Dueling Style
Simon N. (GM):GM: The enemy flee the field, galloping back towards D'Ashe Manor
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus rides up next to Strohm to cast Cure Wounds on him on 2nd level
Simon N. (GM):You're out of init
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):dismounting Strohm strips Gurzun equipment
Kenny - Syrus:
Components: V, S
2nd LevelHealing
Higher Level Cast
Cure Wounds
Syrus, Bard of Many Guises
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Thanks Syrus"
I capped Gurzun's ass
Simon N. (GM):Tenho to Fraener: "Good to see you, old bean!"
Kenny - Syrus:"Great strike with that sword of yours Strohm!"
Chris T.:"Tenho, well met my friend."
Geoff:"They are leaderless now, so we have some time to come up with a plan to ferret them out."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Thank you but the kiiling blow belong to Ted"
Erasmus:Erasmus rides over to Jyrdani. "Are you hurt? I couldn't see with all the bodies and the commotion."
Tenho Isotalo:"We could probablty use your help with what comes next. There are dwarves in the Hall... Torag and his men. They may listen to you."
Ted:dues i thx i totally did it
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:smiles "Just a flesh wound!"
Ted:has the dude got any magic for ted dm dude?
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:She only has a scratch (34/41)
Chris T.:"Tenho, with a face like mine, not even dwarves tend to listen. But Torag is a sensible fellow. Show him Gurzun's head and he'll be sensible."
Geoff:Norrin gives Barbara a warm hug and a long kiss.
"We did it."
Erasmus:"Take this." He offers her a potion of healing. "Just in case."
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Ted move your token!
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus points at Gurzun's trampled body and asks his pals 8"Who is taking this Greatsword of his??"*
Chris T.:"Let's take a look at Gurzon Dragon-Slayer, shallwe?"
Ted:wha..you did...you...ok cool
Barbara D'Ashe:looks very relieved as she embraces Norrin and kisses him passionately.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"well this was a hectic night we lost a friend but manage to kill our target do we rest for now after taking Gurzun belongings?"
Kenny - Syrus:"Guys, GUYS! Theres a Greatsword up for grabs!!! Gurzun's sword!!!"
Barbara D'Ashe:Gurzun has an arrow sticking from his neck; he's dead.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"is it better than mine?"
Geoff:"I don't think we should wait too long, or else Alokoth and his army will have the chance to fortify more, and then we'll have another big fight on our hands."
Chris T.:Fraener is keen to strip the iron off Gurzon's body.
Simon N. (GM):He was wielding a +1 greatsword & wore plate armour. He was carrying Jack's gauntlets of ogre power (STR > 19)
Ted:yeah man what are the gauntlets like due?
Kenny - Syrus:Are the Gauntlets best used in Melee?
Simon N. (GM):Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Requires Attunement
Your Strength score is 19 while you wear these gauntlets. They have no Effect on you if your Strength is already 19 or higher without them.
Geoff:"Jack got those gauntlets from Ostrikka's body, after he saved me. He wanted to give them to me, but I insisted he keep them. He earned them, after all."
Simon N. (GM):brb tea break, you can short rest
Chris T.:But he bows to the lady first.
Erasmus:"I know Jyrdani could make good use of those gauntlets."
Kenny - Syrus:Then Sir Norrin you should take the Gauntlets!!
Ted:oh yeah im guessing these rad mma gloves are for you guys
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"hmm mine is better somebody can take the great sword"
Geoff:OOC: Norrin has 18 STR, so he would benefit from them.
Ted:waves golves
Kenny - Syrus:OOC GEOFF you should take the gaunlets
Geoff:"And don't call me Sir. I'm just a caravan guard who got lucky a few times." lol
Ted:(no he would not)
Erasmus:Norrin! Norrin!
Qiviel:Not sure if the greatsword will benefit Q...
Kenny - Syrus:OOC if no one takes Gurzum Great sword Syrus will keep it?
Geoff:Norrin will gratefully accept the gauntlets, in Jack's name.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc no complain from here
Kenny - Syrus:In future if anyone want Gurzun's +1 Greatsword, just ask Syrus :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"so what do we do what now?"
Geoff:OOC: IIRC Jack had magic armour too.
Kenny - Syrus:And who is taking the Plate Mail from Gurzun?
Chris T.:any complaints if the new guy takes his armour? May be able to resize it?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc no problem go ahead Chris
Kenny - Syrus:OK "New Guy" takes plate armour!
Chris T.:Geoff - Yes. Jack had +1 Half Plate
Thanks guys
Simon N. (GM):OOC the gauntlets give flat STR 19 so no benefit if STR 18+ already
Ted:new guy.. you mean me?
Simon N. (GM):so not much use to Jyrdani or Norrn
Ted:no you didnt did you
Kenny - Syrus:@SIMON: Syrus is keeping hold of Gurzun's +1 Greatsword
Chris T.:New guy who can wear plate armour :D
Simon N. (GM):would prob be best for Ted or another lower STR PC
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc (give the gauntlet to Eramus or Jyrdani)
Simon N. (GM):(OK Syrus)
Geoff:Can Erasmus use the gauntlets? Would they help with his unarmed combat?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc (or give it to Ted OR cHRIS)
Simon N. (GM):Erasmus can use STR to attack instead of DEX & help w Athletics rolls
Erasmus:DEX is +4, but would definitely helps with athletics.
Simon N. (GM):Barbara: "If no one wants those gauntlets, I'll claim them."
can i take um?
do you imnd?
Qiviel:Q will take them if no one else is
Malied:technically I could hv them! xxD
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"YOU WANT THE GAUNTLETS tED?"
Barbara D'Ashe:picks up the gauntlets
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc sorry for the caps
Ted:thats not fair
Barbara D'Ashe:"Ted, your reward for killing Gurzun!"
gives Ted the gauntlets
Ted:t#thats very fair
Barbara D'Ashe:smiles
Erasmus:"A fitting reward."
Ted:i uv em
yeah cool
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):grin "well even if that was sneaky you desearve it as doing the killing blow Ted"
Barbara D'Ashe:"An assault on the Hall will still be bloody - with Gurzun dead, we may be able to persuade them to surrender."
Chris T.:The ugly dwarf speaks
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"so do we move to the festhall now?"
Chris T.:"So who's in charge here?"
Geoff:"My thoughts as well. We can't let them have too much time to reinforce their position. I say we attack as soon as we are able."
Barbara D'Ashe:"Technically, I'm in charge - Norrin here is my Champion and field commander."
Chris T.:As his housecarls strip the plate armour from Gurzun, packing it and wrapping it. Taking measurements as they work.
Barbara D'Ashe:Gurzun's armour will need a lot of reworking to fit a dwarf - but forge priests very good at that :)
Chris T.:"Well we'd be honoured to help you retake your hall, madam."
Simon: That's what I was banking on :D
Simon N. (GM):"Thank you, kind dwarf."
Geoff:"With Gurzun gone, hopefully his men will be demoralized and no longer have the heart to fight. Alokoth showed his colours today by fleeing."
Ted:admires gloves
Erasmus:OOC Did Jyrdani take the healing potion offered?
Kenny - Syrus:"M'Lady, I am hopeful that Jack is still alive, held captive (possibly naked) somewhere!!"
Chris T.:"I am Fraener. These are Adrik, Duergath and Fargrim. We are at your service."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"we killed 3 guards and Gurzun they still have 16 fighting men with them you better have a good threat to make them surrender my Lady"
Chris T.:"I'm guessing burning the hall down around them is not an option?"
Ted:searches corpses for loot
Simon N. (GM):>>OOC Did Jyrdani take the healing potion offered?<< No, she'l just short rest
Erasmus:"Money is usually a convincing argument. If they get paid and get to live, that can be compelling."
Simon N. (GM):
rolling 4d6
Erasmus:OK, Ta.
Simon N. (GM):Ted finds 10gp on the 2 bodies
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc oh we can short rest?)
Erasmus:If we do, they do.
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d12+2
Geoff:"Their source of income is now food for the vultures, and they're facing a possible death at the end of a sword. I think that might be incentive enough."
"I doubt they have much loyalty."
Simon N. (GM):i said you shorted rested 20 mins ago Muiz :p
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
HIT DICE (D10+2)
HIT DICE (D10+2)
Ted:yeah big Nirrin dude
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc back to full
Ted:frisks guzrun
Chris T.:During the rest, Fraerner will catch up on the facts from Tenho and introduce himself to the others."
Simon N. (GM):ok you have rested searched bodies & chatted
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"so we agreedn to go the hall now?"
Tenho Isotalo:"Yes, these are the heroes who took the Mountain Door! I was a humble witness to their mighty deeds that day. Norrin slew Great Ulfe himself!"
Qiviel:Q reins Rocco over and waits to see the decision on where everyone is headed.
Kenny - Syrus:OOC I have to go, so Tim is now in charge of Syrus - have a Great rest of session! :)))
Geoff:2 hd short rest for Norrin?
Chris T.:Fraener looks impressed "Then The Mountain Door is open?"
Have a great week, Kenny
Qiviel:(have a good evening, Kenny!)
Kenny - Syrus:See y'all next week!
Erasmus:Chers Kenny. Have a good one!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"unfortunately no Dwarf the door is still sealed"
Geoff:Have a good week!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):see you next week Kenny
Tenho Isotalo:(OK I have you copied so can move you to the Hall when you want)
Ted:*cleans arrow heads pretending not ot listen
Chris T.:Fraener nods at the elf's words...
Simon N. (GM):spend any hd now pls
Ted:G'night comrades X
Chris T.:Goodtogo,Simon :)
HIT DICE (D10+3)
HIT DICE (D10+3)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Ready Simon
Erasmus:Syrus will Song of Rest too
Simon N. (GM):ok you head west across the heath to the Hall...
Chris T.:Takes Gurzun's head
Malied:spending HD would imply that Malied has lowered himself to engaging in melee combat..most unsightly#]
Erasmus:+d6 to a short rest
Chris T.:"Heads tend to get attention."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):is Ted not following?
Ted:i dunno?
Chris T.:Looks like you're taking a nap under the tree,GTed :D
what ever good? luck gus!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):lol
Simon N. (GM):Fraenor wants to hack off Gurzun's head?
Anyone got Soldier background or Insight trained?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):better or else we have no proof
Qiviel:Q has insight
Insight (+4)
Erasmus Bos
Geoff:Norrin will mount Gurzun's head on a pike with a sign, "Under New Management"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):pure bred noble
Chris T.:Yes, tossing it at the feet of those negotiating may narrow their focus.
I have insight
Ah, Ras has it.
Simon N. (GM):OK, taking his head is very disrespectful & likely to persuade them you won't abide by the rules of war.
Chris T.:Okay, forget it
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):damn
Simon N. (GM):They are veteran mercs so hard to terrorise but may be persuadable
Erasmus:"His sword will serve as symbol enough. Alonok(?) knows what befell their leader here."
Malied:"we could probably bring the body to them and allow them to give him a proper burial"
Simon N. (GM):usually after battles there is a negotiated exchange of the dead, and POWS ransomed
Geoff:"Yes, and the soldiers that fled with him are witnesses."
Erasmus:Can we bring his horse?
Simon N. (GM):ok
Erasmus:"Put him over his horse. We will reeturn him to his hall, then they can take him wherever they wish."
Chris T.:a lot of valuable horseflesh there..
Simon N. (GM):Jack had a warhorse too btw
Erasmus:Norrin should take it.
Chris T.:Jack had a huge sack of gold too
among his many treasures
Simon N. (GM):ok you load the bodies on Gurzun's horse
Geoff:"Let's see if we can find any sign of Jack first."
says I
Simon N. (GM):A short ride brings you to the Hall... soldiers line the walls. You see Alokoth by the gate.
Chris T.:625GP,+1 Half Plate, +1 sword, the gauntlets and 2 potions of climbing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Norrin did you not notice Gurzun lieutenant was using Jacks sword"
Simon N. (GM):They are ready to fight but don't shoot immediately
Malied:Q's token is missing?
Geoff:"Yes, I did. Jack wouldn't have given that up without a fight."
Simon N. (GM):(you only have the gauntlets so far)
Q is there, just wait
Ted:give it up dude says ted to alkoth
aint your day
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"well if we have Gurzun thay have Jack at least that what i believe"
Geoff:"One can only hope."
Alokoth:"You have the upper hand - but we have a strong position, and many allies in our Hall! I suggest we talk!"
Geoff:"Agreed," Norrin calls back.
Alokoth:"First, return our dead and we'll return yours - undefiled."
Ted:let Jack go man
Geoff:"Agreed," Norrin calls back.
Alokoth:They bring Jack's body up to the battlements.
Geoff:We have no use for a dead half-orc anyway, Norrin thinks to himself.
Alokoth:2 men climb down ropes & Jack is lowered down.
Qiviel:"What about his belongings?" Q murmurs to Norrin.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"should i bring the body?"
Chris T.:Jack, never a big man, looks very small in death.
Alokoth:Jyrdani packed both Gurzun & the merc she killed.
Syrus (Kenny):"Surely there's no need for any more bloodshed here today? We have your leader's body. You are welcome to have it back to do with as you please. We want our friend back so tht we may give him an appropriate funeral."
Geoff:"I'm not sure," Norrin replies to Q. "We looted Gurzun's body, we have to assume they did the same to Jack."
Alokoth:She carries the soldier, Norrin Gurzun?
all the bodies are loorted of course
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"i carry Gurzun"
Simon N. (GM):You exchange the dead
Syrus (Kenny):"The trade of the dead is not the only reason we are here, as you know. This hall is the rightful home of Lady D'Ashe and we would like to negotiate for it's return to her."
Simon N. (GM):(you can move Jack now)
Geoff:Nodding, Norrin adds. "We are ready to hear the terms of your surrender."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc can i go bakc to my horse?
Alokoth:"Aye, I see you're under the witch's spell! As Gurzun was, to his doom."
Syrus (Kenny):"Not at all. We are simply here to ensure that which is rightfully owned is returned."
Erasmus:Erasmus would like to insight "witch"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"all men think irrationally when in front of a pretty woman"
Insight (+4)
Erasmus Bos
Erasmus:Just a turn of phrase.
Alokoth:"Aye! Well in any case, my terms are..."
Malied:Malied casts charm person
Alokoth:"I and my men to be given safe passage, with all our gear. The same for everyone in the Hall who wishes to leave. In return you may have the Hall, the Treasury, and your friend's possessions."
Malied:ah, nvm
Alokoth:>>Malied casts charm person<< You realose that's visible?
Malied:he was a reasonable boy
Ted:uh ha ha ha
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):eyes widen whispers to Norrin "that is a good deal"
Geoff:"I can live with that," Norrin says quietly. "Gurzun was the true enemy. The rest are just lackeys."
Malied:I'm pretty far from him...
Barbara D'Ashe:"Therec were a couple magic items in the Treasury - a rope and a lantern I recall. Make sure those stay!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):is very happy with the thought of sleeping on a bed tonight
Malied:"one of us needs to go in first and verify that th eitems are there"
Ted:oh Eldred would hav eloved this...
Barbara D'Ashe:"Alokoth! We accept your terms. Provided you leave all the treasury - including the magic items!"
Malied:"one slight request to thwe terms, one of our group comes in first and verifies that all of the treasury is there, items and all"
Chris T.:Fraener will offer to go see. He can detectmagic.
and it's about time he made himself useful
Geoff:"I will go," Norrin volunteers.
Simon N. (GM):Alokoth glowers but nods. "Very well."
Geoff:"Assuming they allow it."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"He allows it"
Simon N. (GM):ok move your tokens to gate if going in
They open the gate & let Morrin & Fraener in.
Chris T.:F examis Alokoth closely as we approach. Does he look like a man who has surrendered or one laying a trap?
Erasmus:Whispers "Is this a good idea? Look what happened last time we separated."
Geoff:I assume Barbara has told Norrin what items to look for?
Chris T.:
rolling 1d20+4
Ted:ted foolows Q
Alokoth:You two walk for the Hall. "You must be Norrin? I've seen you in the Hall. You're getting quite a reputation."
Geoff:"A reputation is only as good as the man behind it," Norrin replies.
Alokoth:"Seriously, don't trust the D'Ashe woman. Gurzun caught her embezzling the girls' takings - she'd secreted away a good sum..."
"Seriously, don't trust the D'Ashe woman. Gurzun caught her embezzling the girls' takings - she'd secreted away a good sum..."
Geoff:"She and I have a debt to each other," Norrin replies. "And I always replay my debts."
Chris T.:Fraener says nothing during the awkward silence :D
Alokoth:You reach Gurzun's room.
Alokoth pulls a massive treasure chest out from under the double bed.
Fraener uses detect magic?
Geoff:"Keep watch" Norrin whispers to Fraener.
Alokoth:He unlocks the chest.
Chris T.:"May I?" Begins the detectmagic ritual.
Alokoth:"Sure..." shrug
Geoff:Norrin rests his hand on his sword, getting ready just in case....
Alokoth:GM: There is a magic lantern & rope just like Barbara said... and a plain iron rod also glows magical.
Chris T.:"Looks like it's your girl's stuff."
Alokoth:"While you're counting the cash, we'll need an hour to get ready and leave. I expect some of the wenches will want to come with us - maybe some of the guests too."
Geoff:Recognizing the items, Norrin nods. "And for our companion's items. As agreed."
Alokoth:GM: Fraener you saw 4 dwarves in the Hall.
Chris T.:"Who are the Dwarves?"
He asks as he begiuns the Identify ritual
Alokoth:GM: You & the mercs pick up the massive chest & take it back outside.
Chris T.:"Blast!" His little legs fly as he racestocatch up.
Alokoth:"Torag and some of his men - he has a hold just west of here. Good man. Likes drink, gambling, wenches..."
300cp, 9000 sp, 1900 gp, 60 pp, Art: Gold ring set with bloodstones & ruby (250gp), Gold bird cage with platinum filigree (500gp), Silver necklace with emerald pendant (250gp), Lantern of Revealing, Immovable Rod, Rope of Climbing.
Chris T.:F will briefly say hello to Torag as the pass.
Geoff:"One hour," Norrin says, "We will be watching for treachery. Whomever wishes to follow you will be given free passage."
Alokoth:With the loot ID'd you return to the gate. Torag: "Aye, ye're the pair who just killed Gurzun?!" he seems uncertain whether to be admiring or angry.
"Very well."
Chris T.:"Not me, Torag. I'm just here to check the loot."
Alokoth:Torag nods to Raener. "Aye, I ken."
Geoff:"Who wants to know?" Norrin asks neutrally.
Alokoth:Norrin & Fraener get the loot back outside.
Chris T.:(Fraener speaks with a lilting, attractive, Welsh accent. It seems odd considering his grizzled visage.)
Simon N. (GM):GM: The mercs get their gear and assemble as agreed, a few Festhall wenches depart with them, but no guests - Barbara tells Alokoth their safety is guaranteed.
Barbara D'Ashe:smiles at Norrin. "The Hall is ours."
"Shall we go in?"
GM: Think I best wrap up now & do aftermath next week.
Suggest you split the loot?
Geoff:"Yes, it is," Norrin replies, blowing a huge sigh of relief. One step closer to ultimate goal.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Lead the way my Lady?"
Chris T.:Thanks, Simon. Everyone :)
Malied:thanks smn
Geoff:"Free beer for everyone," Norrin says to his companion.
"Let's drink to Jack."
Jack Jack Jack
Erasmus:I assume the loot is technically all Barbara's and any reward she deems fit to provide would be her choice?
Chris T.:Does Barbara have need of a smith and maybe some dwarves to helpwith any rebuilding?
Barbara D'Ashe:"I am very much in need of good smiths!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc yeah that what i thoutght too
Erasmus:Otherwise, I'm happy to calculate the individual shares.
Qiviel:Q will settle Rocco in the barn, brushing her coat and cleaning her tack and weapons before doing anything else. :)
Chris T.:Jack's spirit looks down kindly on his companions.. His young face finally at peace.
Barbara D'Ashe:"You must all be rewarded, of course.... I'll consult with Norrin about the best distribution."
Geoff:"We will return Jack's body to his order for the proper rituals," Norrin says. "It's only right."
Chris T.:"The my men and I will be Glad to help. Though I have business with these heroes, I think."
Malied:Malied will find am empty bedroomand start reading a book
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"well i go introduced myself to the girls"
Malied:the main hall is too noisy
Erasmus:Erasmus takes a drink with his companions in honour of Jack, but then asks Barbara for a quiet, private chamber.
Chris T.:and Fraener begins rthe reforging of Gurzun's plate armour :)
Ted:ted wanders about wondering about elred
Barbara D'Ashe:XP is 450 each
Geoff:When things settle a bit, Norrin intends to have a long and very pointed talk with Will the Weasel.
Chris T.:yay! 2ndlevel :)
Simon N. (GM):
rolling 1d100
Qiviel:Excellent, Q can level :)
Simon N. (GM):I'd say bring levelled-up sheets next time. Rem training is 20gp
I'll say goodnight now & add your XP on
Average for HP
Chris T.:G'nigh all. Stay safe untilnext week.
Malied:night all
Simon N. (GM):bye now!
Erasmus:Can we have another IC thread in the forum? That was fun last time! :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):bye everyone thanks for the game
yeag agreed with Eramus
Geoff:Thanks for a great session everyone! I'll be here next weekend, but I'm not available on the 27th. Someone in our office managed to get themselves "let go" (not me), so the rest of us have to pull more hours to make up the difference. :(
Erasmus:Presume we'll be hanging around the hall for a while to make sure nothing untoward happens?
Geoff:Norrin wouldn't mind having Alokoth and his cronies declared as outlaws, but he doesn't have enough pull in local politics.
Qiviel:20 gp removed and Q leveled up.

Dinner 3/9/1359

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