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FA1 Downtime - Goodrock Inn Ravensburg to 16/8/1359 DR


Erasmus at the Ducal Court...

Simon N. (GM):There are Yellow Rose monks in Ravensburg guarding the new Duchess, who they basically installed
Old Master Temminische who defeated the Scarlet Monks 50 years ago, young Mistress Afrafa, and some junior monks.
Erasmus:Erasmus will take some shifts, if it means he doesn't have to face Jyrdani!!
Simon N. (GM)::)
hold on...
It's a hard life in the Yellow Rose :D
Erasmus:Ooo. Posh!
Simon N. (GM):Ravensburg Throne Hall - the original seat of power of the Damaran kings
Erasmus:Erasmus is hob-nobbin' it now! XD
Simon N. (GM):Temminische introduces you to Sir Arthur Dahnim, the Ducal Steward, often seen as the power behind the throne
Dahnim: "We are most grateful for your efforts in rescuing Sumata Mercellin - and all your good works in the region, Brother Erasmus."
Erasmus:"It is my duty to serve. We have done everything we could to aid in the emancipation of captives and in shutting down the Cult of Chaos that was active within the Darkwood."
Simon N. (GM):Dahnim nods. "Indeed - your assistance to Prior Mordrin in dealing with that renegade was an example to us all! Now let me introduce you to the Duchess..."
The newly installed Duchess Malla Devlin greets Erasmus warmly; she still seems slightly bewildered at her newly elevated position.
Duchess Malla: "You know Norrin & Einar, Brother Erasmus? Please send them my greetings. You are always welcome to visit us here at court."
Erasmus:OOC I presume Erasmus would know how to address a duchess?
Simon N. (GM):Your Highness is good :)
Erasmus:Erasmus bows deeply. "Yes, Your Highness. I have met Lord Einar, and Norrin is a member of our little adventuring party. It is indeed an honour to serve."
Simon N. (GM):Sir Arthur takes Erasmus aside. "On the matter of Gurzun's Hall - you understand that it lies in Arcata, and Carmathan cannot be seen to intervene. Off the record, the Duchess and myself would be pleased to see the Hall returned to Lady D'Ashe, provided that the ...wenches... remain well taken care of."
Afrafa:"I think Gurzun is a nasty piece of work - he's been dealing with the slavers of Goblin Town! He may be a favourite of the Arcatan court, but I doubt Duke William will lift a hand to protect him."
Erasmus:"Our party hail from all over. Our involvement will not imply intervention from Camarth."
Afrafa:Dahnim: "Yes, indeed. And if Lady Barbara were to marry the dauntless Sir Norrin, that would be all to the good. Our western border needs securing - you've seen the growing evil for yourself..."
Erasmus:Erasmus rubs the now healed wound on his chest. "Indeed, I have."
Simon N. (GM):Temminische: "And with the Heroes of Bloodsone off chasing dragons, Damara is particularly vulnerable at present."
Erasmus:"I heard rumours of dragons. I wasn't sure wheather to believe them or not."
Simon N. (GM):Temminische: "Oh yes! A whole army of them attacked Bloodstone Pass! Wanting revenge for Dragonsbane's slaying of Tiamat, most likely."
Dahnim: "A tough fight, even for Grand Master Kane and the Heroes of Bloodstone."
(Kane is the greatest Yellow Rose Monk)
Erasmus:"This is indeed troubling news. Well, I hope the Heroes of Bloodstone are up to the task, as I doubt there are many others capable of dealing with a whole flight of dragons. Our party would struggl with a wyrmling!"
Afrafa:smiles "We were all there once. You'll soon be Riding the Remorhaz as a Master of Dragons, Brother."
OOC: to reach level 6 a Yellow Rose Monk must literally ride a remorhaz. :)
Erasmus:"Ha ha. That may be a long way off, Misttress Afrafa. But I am a long way from the day I was taken in by the monastery, too."
Simon N. (GM):Dahnim nods cordially. "Now if you'll excuse me, I must circulate..." he heads down the steps to talk with Sumata & some other Mercellins.
Simon N. (GM):Temminische: "Afrafa here was our youngest ever to ride the Remorhaz! And the first female Master of Dragons! Commendable!" Afrafa blushes slightly.
Afrafa:"Thank you, Master."
Simon N. (GM):Temminische: "Brother Erasmus, we are always here if you need us - with the threats faced by our new Duchess, I fear it will be a long time before we can return to the Monastery.... and it is rather warmer here in the winter!" he chuckles.
OOC: better go make lunch :)
Erasmus:Cool. Will pick up later, perhaps. I'm at work too, so dipping in and out!!
"An impressive achievement, Mistress. May I follow in your footsteps soon."
“Master Temminische? You are the wisest man I have ever known. May I ask your advice on a, um…” Erasmus casts an eye toward Afrafa then lowers his tone. “sensitive matter?”
Simon N. (GM):Temminische: "Walk with me...." he bows to the Duchess & leads Erasmus down the side steps to a secluded corner.
Erasmus:“I am conflicted. As you are aware, I do not know what happened to my wife after the attack on the village. I know you told me there were only two other survivors that you could find, and no-one matching her description among the dead. I can only surmise that she was taken captive by the orcs that attacked us. At first, I simply took that to mean certain death and so had resigned myself to the life of a widower. But now? Now I am not so sure.”
Simon N. (GM):Temminische nods. "It is possible.... It is possible she was taken by the slavers of Goblin Town."
Erasmus:“In the past 3 months, our party has rescued and returned about ten people from various captors. Who is to say that another adventuring party had not succeeded similarly after Isawyn was taken? Do you think me foolish for clutching too tightly to the past?”
Simon N. (GM):"If others had succeeded in rescuing Isawyn, I am certain we would have heard of it. Many heroes have been lost in the attempt to rescue captives taken to the Stoneheart Vale."
Temminische sighs.
"I do not think you foolish, Brother Erasmus. But it has been a long time."
Erasmus:"Thank you, Master. I will contemplate on your words."
Erasmus will continue his duty at the castle as long as he is needed, then return to the Inn for the evening.
Cheers Simon! I'll probably do something in the thread later. I presume most of my days will now be spent at the castle?
Simon N. (GM):at you wish
Erasmus:Saves me having to come up with what I've been doing all day!!
Simon N. (GM):Temminische is happy to put you to work on geneological research
Erasmus:Ah! Books!
Simon N. (GM):& legal research on supporting the claim that only Malla is the legitimate Duchess of Carmathan
Erasmus:Is that is question?
Simon N. (GM):as not everyone is convinced and the Baroness of Ostel had been threatening to move in following the flight of the impostor Duke Helmont
Malla was born to the previous Duke's renegade daughter after she eloped with an adventurer
Erasmus:Ok, Erasmus will do some research while he's here.
Simon N. (GM):The rules allow for female line succession in extremis but there has never been anything like this - and Malla was raised in poverty, after her mother's death by the Sisters of St Cecilia
So basically Temminische wants precedents to buttress her case.
Erasmus:"I will do what I can."
Erasmus Bos
"I haven't found anything yet, unfortunately."
Simon N. (GM)::)
Erasmus:Shall I roll for every day, to see whether I'm actually of any use?!!
Simon N. (GM):Repeated efforts use passive score so 13
Erasmus:Better than 6!
Simon N. (GM):you'll dig up some useful stuff eventually :)

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