Monday, 22 February 2021

FA2 26/8-11/9/59 DR: Fleeing the Midnight Tree, Prior Mordrin, Carousing at the Cumin Inn 6/9, (150 XP), Arian & Wisteria train 7-11/9/59.


February 23 (4 days ago)

The Midnight Tree & Underhall 


The kenku’s eyes widened at the sight of the white wolf, fangs bared. Then his beady eyes narrowed and he cast Blight. A wave of necrotic energy washed over Arian, along with an overwhelming feeling of dread and doom. She tried to shake it off, knowing it could kill her and just managed to stay on her feet, but she could feel the hit within her bones, like she had been touched by death. The kenku advanced upon her until he was within easy reach with his spear.


She wanted nothing more than to tear his flesh from his frame, to feel the satisfying crunch of his bones, but she had more to think about than herself: her mission and her companions. So she growled in frustration, turned, and ran for the door.


Wisteria followed her and easily managed to un-bar the door, opening it to reveal the concerned and bloody face of Greeba just outside. “Greeba! With Lord Myrkul so near at the moment, I feel truly alive, how about you?”


“Still good, but Thibault is sleeping...is everybody safe and running out?”


Arian howled. No. They were not safe. The Chief was right behind her.


Greeba paused and looked behind Wisteria to notice the wolf for the first time. She raised an eyebrow, but did not flinch. She would have asked, but Gorlock ran past her out the door, interrupting her train of thought. He went so fast that his robes were a blur.


Around the tree, Torgin raised his head, worried. Bloody wolves? That was all they needed. He didn’t have time to think more – Greengloss leaned over the edge of the platform and shot an arrow at Eamon. Torgin ducked reflexively, even though it wasn’t aimed at him and breathed a sigh of relief as two arrows missed their mark. The monk had the luck of the lady.


“Mangy old crow,” he called up. The kenku snapped his beak at the dwarf.

“I shall not let you kill Torgin!” declared Eamon, unfazed by the arrows.


Torgin thumbed his nose at the crow and ran over to the unconscious Thibault. He still looked pretty, even with blood matting his hair. The dwarf shouldered the passed out paladin and legged it as fast as his short (but shapely) legs would go to the cover of the forest. “Be careful, mother!” he shouted over his shoulder as he disappeared into the brush.


Meanwhile, around the tree, Xarius had decided the better part of valor would be to follow the warlock out the door. He ran as fast as he had ever run before in his life, his amethyst and turquoise hair fanning out behind him.


Chief Kreeak was still coming after her. Arian’s fur stood on edge and growled deep in her throat. The fur around her muzzle was still stained with blood. She hoped the kenku would see that and be afraid. He paused; she wasn’t sure why. For a moment, she debated tearing into him, but shook her head. They were too wounded. Every time the foul creature hit them, it hurt. She ran again, tail low, Wisteria and Greeba right behind her.


Above, Greengloss shot two last arrows at Eamon, but one missed the mark and the other the monk slashed out of the air before it hit him.


Stunned, the kenku let out a surprised SQUAWK and ducked out of sight.


“There is nothing that can harm me when I am protecting Torgin!” Eamon yelled into the sky.


Nearly everyone was far from the tree now. It was just Arian and Wisteria who were still near enough to see Kreeak when he came bursting out of the door. He raised his thin, feathery arms and cast a spell that Arian recognized. It was a druid spell, though not one that she knew already. Spikey growths and thorns erupted around them, sure to tear their skin if they stayed where they were.


Arian gathered her legs beneath her. She still wasn’t used to this form, but she could feel the strength in her muscular haunches, strength like she had never had before. She turned and leapt for the safety of the large root to the right and once she had landed there with ease, she continued on, her paws padding the ground.


Seeing Arian leap out of the way, Wisteria did the same, but in the other direction, not looking back to see if Myrkul’s shadow was upon her or not.


Chief Kreeak stopped. He sighed. Then he turned around, went back inside, and slammed the door shut.


 They all ran, meeting up under the trees and sticking to their cover once they caught glimpses of giant ravens flying the skies above them. They were still being hunted.


Arian was worried. They needed to go farther into the depths of the Darkwood. If they went back the way they had come, they would surely be discovered. But she could not speak in her current form and she was worried about whether or not her normal body would be up for it. She had been sorely wounded. As she whined and tried to attract their attention, Eamon finally noticed her.


“Oh my god, a wolf! Stay back, Torgin!” He raised his sword towards her.


“Wait, wait, it’s Arian,” said Gorlock. He had been stunned to see her transform in the Midnight Tree, but grateful. The kenku guard had not lasted long.


Eamon lowered his sword. Torgin reached into his bag and offered Arian a bit of leftover bacon sandwich.


As hungry as she was, she shook her head and whined. They needed to move. They needed to get somewhere safe. She paced back and forth, trying to herd them, but they were milling about like sheep. Maybe Gorlock would listen? She pointed into the woods like a hunting dog and tried wagging her tail.


“I think she wants us to go that way,” he said. Finally!


“Oh, aye, the big birds won’t be able to get at us in the trees,” agreed Torgin.


Arian whined until they finally started moving. She began to relax after they had covered some distance. They even found a place safe enough for a short rest. She shifted to herself, but only briefly, still not willing to give up the relative safety of the wolf’s skin. At full health, she felt much better.


By late evening, the woods were beginning to thin out. Ahead, they saw some ruins, an old ruined broch covered in brambles—and a campfire. And where there was smoke, there was sure to be a fire.


“Er, Tiff? You there, dear?” asked Gorlock.


“Of course I’m here, silly!” said the sprite chirpily, appearing on his shoulder.


“Can you take a quick peek ahead? Invisible, of course.”


“Sure thing, boss!” She disappeared, a vague whoosh going off towards the ruins. She was back within moments. “Just three people in red robes sitting round a campfire - two men and a woman. I just peeked down the steps but it looked scary!” She shivered. “There was a big room with a slimy pool. And tunnels! And pillars!”


They all looked to Eamon. “It’s the Scarlet monks,” he said. “I recommend we head back to town. There’s no way of telling their individual strength or true numbers.”


They all argued about it amongst themselves. Should they stay? Should they go? Should they investigate further. Arian was rather glad she had kept her wolf form. She sat back and scratched her ear as she listened to them argue. She sniffed the air. Ah. Roasting rabbit. She wasn’t sure about the monks, but they could cook, at least.


The others had come to a decision. Maybe they could smell the rabbit too. They had decided to at least investigate. They moved as a group to an opening in the crumbled down wall, except for Torgin, who attempted to hide himself behind it. Arian took up a position in front. Perhaps a full grown wolf would give the red robed monks or whatever they were pause.


“Hello, good sirs,” said Gorlock, seemingly ignoring the fact that the most powerful one among the monks seemed to be female.


“We come in peace,” said Eamon.


“Underhall is now under the wardship of the Crimson Monks. Begone!”


Well. So much for being friendly. Arian let her teeth show, just the slightest bit. Greeba and Gorlock tried to get information out of the monks, but got nowhere and nothing but insults for their trouble. There was a brief moment where the half-orc looked ready to do more than argue, but then she took a deep breath. Arian kept a close eye on Greeba. If the berserker made a move, she would go for the red robed woman first. And then…maybe the rabbit.


But after a bit more talking, the others decided they were too tired and carefully backed away. “May Myrkul walk closely behind you....until next time,” called Wisteria back to the red-robed monks who were watching them walk away.


“Don’t threaten them, Wisteria,” said Eamon. “It’s dangerous.”


“That wasn’t a threat! It was a blessing!” Wisteria grinned. “Well, I suppose it depends on your perspective…”


Arian took one last look back to make sure the monks were watching. She marked the entrance to the ruins. They’d be back here someday, she just knew it. She would remember this place.

Meetings and Rumours at Moravin Priory (write-up from 22/02/21 session)

1:45PM (13 minutes ago)

Wisteria decided to accompany Eamon and Sir Thibault to the Priory, to learn more of the ways of monks.  On the surface, they seemed very similar to the priest-hood and yet, there were some things she just couldn't fathom.  Why, for example, did Eamon let those red-clothed monks talk to him in such a fashion, and when they were clearly doing something he disapproved of, and seemed to have no respect for his whatsoever?  In Myrkul's eyes, you must of course reduce all of your enemies to dust, for their own good as much as anything.  It was actually a kindness: they got to sit in Myrkul's lofty halls and chat about the errors of their ways. Wisteria was personally quite keen to see if the colour of those monks' blood matched their clothing, but she understood that it might have to wait until another time.

Arriving at Moravin Priory, Wisteria was surprised and delighted to see Prior Mordrin, the very monk who had saved her life but two years back!  He was as kindly and hospitable as ever, with excellent wine, that looked pleasingly like blood, and led Wisteria to thinking about those pesky red-cloaks again, tapping her armour-claw ringed finger on the side of the glass in anticipation.  Mordrin had no kind words to say about them in any case, and was suspicious that they might be after some artifact or other from the Nar temple.  Even worse sacrilege!  And apparently they worshipped some sort of depraved sex goddess and an old, diseased, hag.  What a bunch of deluded clowns, Wisteria thought.

Now Mordrin was talking about a white dragon that had been seen hunting along the mining trail close to D'Ashe Manor. One of a number of dragons apparantly, here in Damara to take revenge for the slaughter of their goddess, Tiamat.  Not much of a goddess if she could get killed so easily, Wisteria thought; but then, as the Lord of Death, Myrkul is truly the most powerful.  And at least that over-grown bulls-head Orcus had been dispatched in the process.  Not a bad situation on the face of it, but then, dragons on the rampage would soon upset the Balance. Wisteria sighed.

Just before the dinner bell, Mordrin promised Eamon an Aid spell and some healing potions to help against those crimson idiots.  Dinner was surprisingly delicious, pheasant and mashed potato!  And Wisteria had honestly thought monks lived on prayers, stale bread and water!  She was learning more and more; and decided to talk to a friendly looking monk, Friar Tooley, about the differences in burial rites between their orders.  He seeemed a little nervous at first, and Wisteria made a mental note to tone down the 'death-grin' that had been taught as a matter of politeness at the Temple.  Things were different outside, however, she had to keep reminding herself that.

As it was getting late, Mordrin extended his hospitality even further by letting them stay the night.  The monks' cells were, again, surprisingly comfortable, and Wisteria drifted off into a mercifully dreamless sleep...........


Greeba (Jelena):I suppose I can roll for Phil if he doesn't get here on time
Simon N. (GM):yup cool
OK #22 Chief Kreeak.
Gorlock (Tony):noooo
Arian (Kimberly):Hiya! Also have the "your connection has been interrupted" message
Simon N. (GM):He comes round the corner in hot pursuit to see his path blocked by a big white furry bundle of wolf.
Tearing apart one of his followers.
Kreeak: "BLIGHT!"
Arian (Kimberly):blood and feathers dripping
Simon N. (GM):A wave of Necrotic energy washes over Arian-Wolf...
rolling 8d8
34 necrotic damage, CON save DC 14 for half using wolf CON
Gorlock (Tony):dead again
Arian (Kimberly):
Gorlock (Tony):alive
Greeba (Jelena):yay!
Simon N. (GM)::)
17 dmg to wolf, her fur goes a bit limp.
Arian (Kimberly):spits a feather at him
Simon N. (GM):Kreeak moves up to spear range
#14 Eamon. The Kenku above is drawing a bead on you.
Eamon (Bill):i stand in front of torgin ready for the arrow and raise my sword defensively
Simon N. (GM):OK, +2 AC using the sword defence power as discussed
Eamon (Bill):its a kensei ability
end turn
Simon N. (GM):#11 Arian
Arian (Kimberly):Ok
I really want to bite him
Simon N. (GM):rem kenku has 10' reach spear
Arian (Kimberly):Can I bite and then run
Gorlock (Tony):spear!
watch out
Simon N. (GM):yes, he gets opp att when you leave
Arian (Kimberly):Bleh
Arian growls, turns, ands runs towards the door
But without blocking it
Simon N. (GM):he'll get opp att unless you disengage
Arian (Kimberly):oh he's already close enough
Gorlock (Tony):she never attacked
Simon N. (GM):Simon N. (GM):rem kenku has 10' reach spear
Gorlock (Tony):desengage and run
Arian (Kimberly):Yep, okay, disengage and run
Simon N. (GM):ok
move to where you want to go
Arian (Kimberly):I'll stay one back from the door
Simon N. (GM):40' speed afaik
Arian (Kimberly):So that someone with hands can reach it
50 speed
Simon N. (GM):ok
too far
move 50'
Gorlock (Tony):that is 50'
Arian (Kimberly):Where do you think I should be?
Simon N. (GM):50' is there
Arian (Kimberly):ok
So long as they can get around me ok
Simon N. (GM):yup
house ruled you can pass through allies no penalty
unless you are allied to a gelatinous cube :)
Gorlock (Tony)::)
Arian (Kimberly):I would never be friends with a gelatinous cube
Wisteria of Skullspire:Lol
Simon N. (GM):Thibault death save
Gorlock (Tony):Hde is stable
he is stable
Greeba (Jelena):He is stable , passed 3 saves
Torgin:i thought Thib was on 1?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I got inspiratipn for it
Simon N. (GM):ok I found it, stable yup
didn't edit token
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Sweet!
I suppose I can't do anything unless somebody else heals me?
Simon N. (GM):Thibault sleeps peacefully
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):ZZZZZZZZ
Arian (Kimberly):snore
Simon N. (GM):#7 Wisteria
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"My hair!" I say in my sleep...
Wisteria of Skullspire:I'll move to the door and try to open it.
Simon N. (GM):OK there is a massive wood bar in double brackets
DC 10 Athletics action to get it off & open door
Gorlock (Tony):go girl
Wisteria of Skullspire:
rolling 1d20 +1
Simon N. (GM):(open door bit is object interaction)
Greeba (Jelena):Yay!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):WOOP!
Simon N. (GM):Yaay :)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wiseria smiles and flexes.
Simon N. (GM):You see Greeba :)
Greeba (Jelena):wave
Simon N. (GM):#7 Greeba
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hello Greeba! With Lord Myrkul so near at the moment, I feel truly alive, how about you?
Gorlock (Tony):Max, when your turn, sprint as far as you can
Greeba (Jelena):"Still good, but Thibault is sleeping...
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hmmm, let me see what I can do about that.
Greeba (Jelena):"Is everybody safe, and running out?
Gorlock (Tony):safe is relative :)
Arian (Kimberly):howls
Greeba (Jelena):cocks eyebrow A wolf?
Torgin:Torgin looks worried bloody wolves thats all we need
Greeba (Jelena):(can I grab Thib and run away? How far from the door?
Arian (Kimberly):OOC I kinda feel like old Granny Featherbritches mighta warned us how high a level the Chief is
Simon N. (GM):OK I guess Greeba is having a nice chat at the door - any movement?
Gorlock (Tony):Greeba, I have cure wounds..I need to be able to touch 30' movement
Simon N. (GM):You can run back to Thibault w a Dash action Greeba
Gorlock (Tony):She can't help him
get healed
Simon N. (GM):or leave? Run away?
Greeba (Jelena):OK, I need healing... if I dash, that's all of my turn?
Simon N. (GM):yes
Greeba (Jelena):OK, I'll wait here for healing, readied javelin action just in case
end turn
Gorlock (Tony):Run
Simon N. (GM):#5 Gorlock
Gorlock (Tony):done
Simon N. (GM):Gorlock vanishes into the bushes...
Gorlock (Tony):I'm under Wysteria...
Have you seen her...
Simon N. (GM):You stop there?
Gorlock (Tony):I can dash...
Simon N. (GM):you run off into trees?
Gorlock (Tony):30' mvt
Simon N. (GM):ok
Gorlock (Tony):as far as I can go
Simon N. (GM):Greengloss shoots down at Eamon
Eamon (Bill):ac 17
Simon N. (GM):
Ravenfolk, Warrior
Attack: 8
Ravenfolk, Warrior
Attack: 11
Gorlock (Tony):whiff
Simon N. (GM)::(
Torgin:mangy old crow
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Pffiu!
Arian (Kimberly):You have to miss SOMETIMES
Eamon (Bill):"i shall not let you kill torgin"
Gorlock (Tony)::)
Simon N. (GM):#3 Torgin
Eamon (Bill):"run torgin"
Torgin:Come on Thib ill get you outa here
picks up Thib and flees
as far as his stumpy but shapply legs will take them
Simon N. (GM):ok stand up w Thib takes half move, can move 37' I reckon carrying Thib as high STR
into nearest bushes?
Torgin:ok end tuen
Gorlock (Tony):yep, into bushes
Max:I dash
Simon N. (GM):ok
Arian (Kimberly):Xarius is gonna book it
Max:as fast as humanly possibly
Arian (Kimberly):Arian barely registers the swish of his cloak as he passes by
Simon N. (GM):#22 Kreeak
Torgin:BE CAREFULL MOTHER shouts Torgin over his shoulder
Arian (Kimberly):Arian fluffs herself up as big as she can
her fur standing on edge as she continues growling deep in her throat
Gorlock (Tony):shaking in anticipation
Eamon (Bill):"don't worry torgin i will not be wavered by attack"
Arian (Kimberly):Did he dash?
Wisteria of Skullspire:What is Kreeak's speed??
Simon N. (GM):Kreeak chases after Arian-Wolf
30', Dashed
couldn't get LOS for a spell at 30' :)
Arian (Kimberly):Arian hopes he notices the blood and feathers on her muzzle
Eamon (Bill):i run up towards torgin
i stand in fron tof him and raise my sord in defense once more
Simon N. (GM):you're in bushes now (cover +2 AC)
Torgin:ooh mother you are sprightly
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Thibault of Brandiar, Knight of the Golden Cup Weapon, Common
Proficiency with a longsword allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.
Sorry. Just tweaking stuff.
Simon N. (GM):#11 Arian
Arian (Kimberly):Ok, I disengage again and RUN, hackles raised
Simon N. (GM):ok move 50'
Wisteria of Skullspire:I'll go as fast as I can after Arian. dash.
Simon N. (GM):guess so
Greeba (Jelena):Dashing into the shrubbery as fast I can (60')
(OOC hoping for help from the Knights who say Ni)
Simon N. (GM):#Gorlock
Gorlock (Tony):I say! Get thee to a shrubbery
Dash around the tree out of LOS
Simon N. (GM):Greengloss shoots at Eamon
Eamon (Bill):ac 19 because bush
Simon N. (GM):
Ravenfolk, Warrior
Attack: 14
Ravenfolk, Warrior
Attack: 21
Eamon (Bill):reaction
i slice the arrow in mid air
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d8+3
Arian (Kimberly):Kung Fu Monk
Eamon (Bill):
rolling 1d10 + 6
i cut the arrow in half midair
Simon N. (GM):"CAAAW"
sad Kenku
He ducks back out of sight
Eamon (Bill):"there is no thing that can get me while i'm protecting torgin"
Simon N. (GM):#Torgin you can escape now w Thibault
Torgin:nice mother ...nice
Greeba (Jelena):"Skilful, this monk!
Simon N. (GM):#Xarius
Max:I dash yet again
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Thank you Torgin!
Max:I am OUTTA here
Torgin:Torgin plats Thib's hair dwarf maiden style while he sleeps
Gorlock (Tony):Goldilocks
Simon N. (GM):Chief Kreeak emerges, full of righteous vengeance.
Gorlock (Tony):oh no...
Arian (Kimberly):sigh
Simon N. (GM):Spike Growth
2 transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 150 feet
Components: V S M (Seven sharp thorns or seven small twigs, each sharpened to a point)
Duration: Up to 10 minutes
Simon N. (GM):Classes: Druid, Ranger
The ground in a 20-foot radius centered on a point within range twists and sprouts hard spikes and thorns. The area becomes difficult terrain for the duration. When a creature moves into or within the area, it takes 2d4 piercing damage for every 5 feet it travels.
The transformation of the ground is camouflaged to look natural. Any creature that can’t see the area at the time the spell is cast must make a Wisdom (Perception) check against your spell save DC to recognize the terrain as hazardous before entering it.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):As long as you don't tie my shoelaces together!
Max:oh my GOD agh
Arian (Kimberly):where does it hit?
Simon N. (GM):The earth & tree around Wisteria & Arian geta all spikey & horrible.
Gorlock (Tony):perception check
Eamon (Bill):i run once more to torgin and raise my sword in deffense
Arian (Kimberly):
9 + 1
Simon N. (GM):OK Eamon you are away w Torgin & Thibault
Arian (Kimberly):My wisdom is bad as a wolf
Gorlock (Tony):ok never mind they could see the area
Simon N. (GM):you don't need a check Arian
Arian (Kimberly):ah ok
Gorlock (Tony):fly...
Simon N. (GM):you keep INT WIS CHA in wolf form
Arian (Kimberly):Hm, the character sheet for Arian Wolf has different values
Simon N. (GM):feel free to edit it :)
Gorlock (Tony):run out of circle as fast as you can. How far can you leap?
Simon N. (GM):I just gave you the wolf stats
Arian (Kimberly):Anyway, Arian gathers herself and leaps towards the root to the right
I'll edit the sheet later
Gorlock (Tony):will leap help?
Simon N. (GM):you can standing jump half your STR in feet
Arian (Kimberly):Ok so wolf str is 17
I leap/jump to the right
Simon N. (GM):yup you leap over the spikes onto the root, and can escape
Arian (Kimberly):And then I run
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I might need to reload as I can't seem to scroll through the chat histoy anymore.
Gorlock (Tony):Not a bad idea for INT 8
Simon N. (GM):#Wisteria
You are in the spikes
your go
Gorlock (Tony):Jump 6' to the left (West)
then run
Wisteria of Skullspire:Can I try jumping across the spikes to the left with a strencth check?
Or Dex check?
Gorlock (Tony):1/2 strength distance
Simon N. (GM):OK DC 10 Athletics to clear the spikes
Wisteria of Skullspire:
rolling 1d20 +1
Gorlock (Tony):go girl
Greeba (Jelena):Sweet!
Simon N. (GM):Wisteria leaps over the spikes
& flees
Kreeak sighs & slams the door shut
Wisteria of Skullspire:How much movement do I have left?
Simon N. (GM):Enough to escape :)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Lol thanks!
Simon N. (GM):GM: I'll go out of combat now
Greeba (Jelena):Yay!
Gorlock (Tony):phew
That was a lot for a little
Simon N. (GM):GM: As you flee, you see giant ravens taking off from the Midnight Tree, hunting for you
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):We made a good dent in their defenses.
Simon N. (GM):Can roll Survival DC 10 if you have it trained
Arian (Kimberly):
Gorlock (Tony):sweet
Wisteria of Skullspire:Can the rest of us hide under Arian's coat?
Eamon (Bill):"oh my god a wolf stay bqck torgin"
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK - Arian - if you go back the way you came along the south edge of the Darkwood, it's quite open terrain & they'll likely spot you. You could head into the depths of Darkwood to escape but it is dangerous, though less so of late perhaps.
Gorlock (Tony):Darkwood
Simon N. (GM):BTW Arian you can't talk in Wolf form
Gorlock (Tony):for chrissake
Wisteria of Skullspire:I think Darkwood
Simon N. (GM):& Thibault is still KO'd
Arian (Kimberly):whines motions with head towards the Darkwood
Gorlock (Tony):I have one cure wounds
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):If you heal me, I can then heal people
Arian (Kimberly):paws the ground
Wisteria of Skullspire:Is Thib on 0?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):yes, 0
Eamon (Bill):i raise my sword defensively toward the unknown wolf
Gorlock (Tony):wait wait its arian
Eamon (Bill):"where is arian"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Ok I'll heal Thib, my power Circle of Mortality give max dice on allies with zero HP.
Torgin:offers wolf crust of bacon sarnie
Arian (Kimberly):whines paces back and forth
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Sweet!
Wisteria of Skullspire:
Cure Wounds
Evocation 1
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: A creature you touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous
A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.
At Higher LevelsWhen you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the Healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.
Eamon (Bill):"ok that's odd but ok if you say so gorlock"
Arian (Kimberly):*points (like a setter) to the Darkwood
wags tail
Gorlock (Tony):I think she wants us to go thatta way
Torgin:oh aye the big burds wont be able to get at us in the trees
Arian (Kimberly):whines insistently
Simon N. (GM):how many hp back Wisteria?
Wisteria of Skullspire:So Thib gets 10HP back total.
Arian (Kimberly):points with muzzle towards the sky
Gorlock (Tony):Need short rest
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Brilliant! Thanks Wisteria!
Simon N. (GM):GM: A few miles from the Midnight Tree, you stop for a Short Rest?
Gorlock (Tony):yes!
Greeba (Jelena):Yes!
Wisteria of Skullspire:You are very welcome Sir Thibault!
Eamon (Bill):"mabye a bit further along"
Arian (Kimberly):Can I do another survival check?
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Arian (Kimberly):first?
Gorlock (Tony):I cast cure wounds on myself before short rest
Cure Wounds
Evocation 1
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.
Simon N. (GM):(ok) GM: Your rest passes peacefully, you almost feel as if some benevolent spirit is watching over you.
Wisteria of Skullspire:(It's clearly Myrkul!)
Gorlock (Tony):
rolling 2d8+3
Arian (Kimberly):I shift back to Arian
rolling 2d10 + 6
Simon N. (GM):Then you press on - occasionally you see giant ravens high above & far off hunting you, but here in the Darkwood no sunlight or raven-eye reaches the forest floor...
Eamon (Bill):ooc you don't have to send the spells description every time
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Hit Dice
Thibault of Brandiar, Knight of the Golden Cup
Gorlock (Tony):Tiffsany back
Arian (Kimberly):Though I consider first surreptitiously peeing on Eamon's foot for waving a sword at me. But I don't.
Greeba (Jelena):
HIT DICE (D12+2)
Simon N. (GM):@Arian do you want to go out of wolf form or just re-shape to full hp wolf?
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC but the thing is not all of us have a photographic memory like you Bill!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):
Hit Dice
Thibault of Brandiar, Knight of the Golden Cup
Arian (Kimberly):AHHH yes, reshape then
Gorlock (Tony):The wolf is a badass
Greeba (Jelena):
HIT DICE (D12+2)
Arian (Kimberly):I need all the HP I can have
Eamon (Bill):
rolling 1d8 + 1
Simon N. (GM):(guys be sure to add your hp on to your PC sheets so the tokens recharge) :)
Greeba (Jelena):
HIT DICE (D12+2)
Arian (Kimberly):It's on there :-)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I have 2 Cure wounds
I also have up to 10HP to dispatch
Max:i have 1 2nd level slot 1 1st level slot i think
Simon N. (GM):GM: It's late evening when the woods begin to thin out - then you see ruins ahead, and the smoke of a campfire.
Eamon (Bill):brb
Gorlock (Tony):Do you want to see something really scary
off map
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC brb I have to reload.
Simon N. (GM):having token issues
Eamon (Bill):i'm back
Gorlock (Tony):awesome
Arian (Kimberly):
Gorlock (Tony):meat shield
Arian (Kimberly):oh sorry mis-click
Gorlock (Tony):spooky. Ruins with a stairway to hell
Greeba (Jelena):Not sure I want to go down those steps
Gorlock (Tony):send in the wolf...
Simon N. (GM):It looks like an old ruined broch amidst brambles & ferns
Smoke rises from a campfire(?) to the NE.
You can make out the steps in the middle of the ruins yes.
Gorlock (Tony):I tried to get Tiff back, did she apear?
Arian (Kimberly):OOC Simon, I edited the INT WIS and CHA. What about skills? Would I keep the training in the same things?
Torgin:Which way did we FLEE?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Course I'm here, silly!"
Gorlock (Tony):sweet, can you take a quick peek?
invisible please
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:(KIm you better read PHB or ask me later)
Arian (Kimberly):OOC Okey Dokey
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Sure thing, boss! I'll just go invis & sneak in..."
Skill: 25
Gorlock (Tony):nice!
super stealth
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:Tiff reappears after a few minutes.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):(OOC: I healed up from the sort rest and also added some of my Lay on Hands pool to make it to 27/28)
Arian (Kimberly):OOC Found it -- I do retain skills. Will edit later or, if necessary, sooner
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I still have 2 cure wounds in case somebody needs!
Gorlock (Tony):me too
no healing lights though
Jelly:Keep them we'll need all the healing we can get down there I think.......
Gorlock (Tony):What did you see down there?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Just three people in red robes sitting round a campfire - two men and a woman. I just peeked down the steps but it looked scary!"
Greeba (Jelena):Just three.. at first?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"There was a big room with a slimy pool."
Torgin:I'm not familiar with red robes what do they mean?
Gorlock (Tony):Slimy pool. Gross...
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I think I remember something about red robes....Eamon's enemies??
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"And more tunnels out - and pillars!"
Gorlock (Tony):Eamon knows
sounds huge
Wisteria of Skullspire:Rival monastery?
Greeba (Jelena):Is the pool similar to the one under the Cumin Inn?
Eamon (Bill):its the scarlet monks
Gorlock (Tony):You can take them :)
Torgin:wgat do we do mother?
Gorlock (Tony):Shall we investigate?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Nasty slimy pool! Yucky!"
Eamon (Bill):"i recommend we head back to town there's no way of telling their individual strength or true numbers"
Torgin:ok mother
Gorlock (Tony):Cave of soul crystals?
Eamon (Bill):"we can return later but last time i checked we were fleeing from a tree full of big birds"
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:BRB wine run :)
Gorlock (Tony):ha!
Greeba (Jelena):"on the other hand, the birds won't see us if we're underground"
Gorlock (Tony):Drunken sprite
Eamon (Bill):"yeah but something else will"
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC but surely that's D and D?
Gorlock (Tony):heads or tails?
1 yes 2 no?
rolling 1d2
Eamon (Bill):"i think heading back to town like planned is the best idea we can always report evil monks to the local church meaning getting backup"
Gorlock (Tony):go in
Wisteria of Skullspire:My vote is to head in as well.
Arian (Kimberly):scratches ear
Gorlock (Tony):We have a lot of healing and loads of charisma
Eamon (Bill):"there's a monastery not too far from here we can gain help there"
Torgin:perhaps we should interrogate the monks mother?
see what les benath
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I am fully healed but I can understand if some people are not and prefer to head back"
Arian (Kimberly):licks paw, cleans nose
Gorlock (Tony):fully healed
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I will escort them to the village
But if everyone is ready, I will go in with the group in the dungeon with pleasure
Eamon (Bill):"well we can interrogate the red robed people but i dis-advise going beyond that.
Torgin:yeah yeah
Arian (Kimberly):sniffs air
Torgin:grins tomb stone grin
Arian (Kimberly):Are they cooking anything on the fire?
What can I smell?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Yes!"
Simon N. (GM):Arian Wolf smells roasting rabbit.
Greeba (Jelena):hopeful Any chicken?
Arian (Kimberly):licks lips, pants, stomach growls
Gorlock (Tony):let's go say hello
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC yup we've voted to talk to the monks.
Simon N. (GM):GM: If you are going in, move your tokens up to 2 moves (60' if speed 30)
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I let more stealthy people come out and see what it's like
If you get noticed,then I'll come out
Torgin:the black squares are a wall?
Eamon (Bill):"wisteria you should be more cautious"
Simon N. (GM):rough ground counts double ofc
black is the walls, about 12'-18' high
Arian (Kimberly):I could go farther, but I want to stay with the group
Simon N. (GM):torgin that is more than 50' :p
I said max x2 your speed
Eamon (Bill):"greetings"
Torgin:(thought it was double move x2 dash)
Simon N. (GM):You see three scarlet robed figures.
Arian (Kimberly):sits, panting
Simon N. (GM):They glare at Eamon.
Gorlock (Tony):Hello good sirs
Eamon (Bill):"we come in peace" " we are just curious"
Gorlock (Tony):Max move!
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well met.
Simon N. (GM):The woman speaks: "Underhall is now under the wardship of the Crimson Monks. Begone!"
Eamon (Bill):"good for you"
Arian (Kimberly):OOC What do we know about Underhall
Gorlock (Tony):I know NOTHING
Greeba (Jelena):OOC that it's half way between the Midnight Tree and Cumin Inn
Torgin:Underhall blast yee its dwarf land and yee dont look like dwarfs to me
Greeba (Jelena):"Are they usurpers, Torgin?" in dwarwish
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):(I notice that our monk has retreated strategically)
Simon N. (GM):Underhall - said to be an old Nar dungeon complex from the days of the Narfell Demon Empire. Still produces a fair bit of treasure.
Greeba (Jelena):As a Nar Smith, interesting...
Arian (Kimberly):Wasn't someone at the Inn talking about it?
Eamon (Bill):"i don't think it's wise to compete with a rival monastery without our local ones approval we know nothing of the possible politics going on"
Torgin:oh history check fail its not dwarf land my apologies bows
Simon N. (GM):(yup, but weeks ago)
Gorlock (Tony):We are simply here to view these wonderful ruins for ourselves
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hmmmm, as a cleric I tend to agree.
Gorlock (Tony):We have a Nar smith among us
Simon N. (GM):Woman: "No, it is not Dwarf land... I am Vakara. A Nar Smith?"
Gorlock (Tony):Yes indeed
Simon N. (GM):"I am in command here."
Greeba (Jelena):"Greetings, I am Greeba
Gorlock (Tony):these lands are well known among them
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Eamon & Wisteria, you note her sorcerer markings on her robes
Greeba (Jelena):And this is what I can make showing Warhammer in a peaceful manner
Simon N. (GM):Roll Persuasion Greeba
Gorlock (Tony):great sorcerers
Greeba (Jelena):
Torgin:leans against the wall and frowns bloomin talking so confusing
Gorlock (Tony):sh!t
Eamon (Bill):"i advise we leave these fine people alone until further notice"
Gorlock (Tony):less persuasive...
Simon N. (GM):Vakara: "Primitive work... the Nar are a crude and savage race."
Gorlock (Tony):oh crap
Arian (Kimberly):hackles raise
Gorlock (Tony):I assume Greeba goes nuts
Greeba (Jelena):"Yet you are happy to live in a Nar place?
Gorlock (Tony):Very diplomatic
Arian (Kimberly):Arian keeps an eye on Greeba, ready to pounce if my half-orc friend looks too displeased
Simon N. (GM):"Tell anyone you see. do not come here. These ruins are claimed by us..." turns to Greeba. "Our plans are not your concern."
Gorlock (Tony):Tiff, can you keep an eye on the other ones?
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:"Certainly! I'll be extra sneaky!"
Greeba (Jelena):shakes head, deep breath
Gorlock (Tony):well done
Eamon (Bill):" a sorcerer wearing red is always a good sign you should move along i think we should leave them be"
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:
Skill: 28
Gorlock (Tony):very sneaky
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:Tiff gets Inspiration!
Greeba (Jelena):"Why is that, monk?
Gorlock (Tony):If I weren't celestial...I'd say slit their throats...
Eamon (Bill):"red sorcerers usually hold powerful magic some type of magic we should not toy around with"
Greeba (Jelena):OOC our magic users are still low level
Tiffany, Angelic Sprite:~They're just shuffling a bit and watching you, Gorlock. I only see the three of them."
Gorlock (Tony):Thank you for your time...please take car eo fthis wondeful exmaple of craftmanship
Arian (Kimberly):sniffs
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I think you are right Eamon, let's advise at the village"
Arian (Kimberly):rabbit smells good
Gorlock (Tony):let's go back
Arian (Kimberly):whuff
Eamon (Bill):"thank you thibault"
Wisteria of Skullspire:May Myrkul walk closely behind you....until next time.
Greeba (Jelena):"For now"
Simon N. (GM):>>please take car eo fthis wondeful exmaple of craftmanship<< You're leaving them something? The hammer?
Gorlock (Tony):Long rest
Eamon (Bill):"don't threaten the nice people wisteria it's a bad look also dangerous"
Gorlock (Tony):no the ruin
Simon N. (GM):(ok)
Wisteria of Skullspire:That wasn't a threat, it was a blessing!
Simon N. (GM):GM: You're leaving?
Gorlock (Tony):yep
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Yep
Eamon (Bill):"sounds to me like a threat but i'm not a death priest"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yes we've decided to head back to the Inn and plan next steps.
Arian (Kimberly):But if I smell a live rabbit, it's mine
Simon N. (GM):OK, the Crimson Monks watch you as you walk away.
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well...I suppose it depends on your perspective, good monk!
Gorlock (Tony):feeling wimpish...
Arian (Kimberly):Arian wolf marks the entrance before she goes
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I keep an eye on our retreat and make sure the monks do not follow us...
Simon N. (GM):Heading east/north/east you eventually come out of the woods and return to the Inn that evening.
Wisteria of Skullspire:(OOC it was a veiled threat, but Wisteria is good at covering her tracks).
Gorlock (Tony):LONG rest
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK you can rest & train
Gorlock (Tony):How much...?
Arian (Kimberly):Who has leveled? Just Torgin?
Greeba (Jelena):Greeba decides to craft some stuff!
(If we have time)
Simon N. (GM):10 days for Torgin to level up; 20gp for him, 10gp for modest lifestyle for others but if not Torgin you can craft etc
You'll all be Long Rested of course
Arian (Kimberly):I'd like to try and ply my brewing or herbalism trade because I am POOR
Wisteria of Skullspire:How much XP do we get now? Would it be enough to level for Wisteria?
Simon N. (GM):I'll givev +50
Arian (Kimberly):Can make creams and salves or ale or limoncello
Simon N. (GM):so Wist on 756
Wisteria of Skullspire:Thank you! Out of 900 I'm guessing?
Arian (Kimberly):?? I was at 431?
Aren't we at the same?
Simon N. (GM):Arian maintains a modes if gooey lifestyle, no unguent cost
Arian on 756 too
Gorlock (Tony):I was at 1040, what do I have now?
Greeba (Jelena):we're at 1440
Arian (Kimberly):gooey
Gorlock (Tony):Gotta get to 2700
Torgin:Greeba, Ive taken the smith option I can help you craft armour and stuff
Gorlock (Tony):I got my 4 healing lights back...
Can craft something with my jewelers kit
Arian (Kimberly):
Brewer's Supplies (2+0+2)
Gorlock (Tony):and 10GP diamonf
Arian (Kimberly):Trying to craft a nice brew
Greeba (Jelena):Is a week = 10 days here? So I can craft a scale armour and that's it? Or start something else in the remaining 3 days (if week =7)
Gorlock (Tony):I've got 8GP, can I spend it, and make something and sell it
Simon N. (GM):Greeba, Nar Steelsmith of Soravia (Jelena) Half-Orc female Barbarian-3 XP 1390/2700 AC 15 HP 32 P-PER 10 P-INV 9 P-INS 12
Thibault of Brandiar (Philippe) Half-Elf male, Knight of the Golden Cup. Paladin-3 XP 1390/2700 AC 18 HP 28 P-PER 12 P-INV 9 P-INS 10
Gorlock the Warlock (Tony) Half-Elf male Celestial Warlock-3 XP 1390/2700 AC 15 HP 27 P-PER 11 P-INV 11 P-INS 11
Eamon of the Yellow Rose (Bill) Human male Monk-3 XP 1390/2700 AC 15 HP 21 P-PER 12 P-INV 10 P-INS 14
Xarius Janeuss (Max) Half-Elf male Wild Sorcerer-3 XP 1390/2700 AC 12 HP 20 P-PER 10 P-INV 10 P-INS 12
Torgin of Hillsafar (Matt) Mountain (Shield) Dwarf Fighter-2>3 XP 934/900>2700 AC 18 HP 22 P-PER 13 P-INV 9 P-INS 11
Simon N. (GM):Wisteria of Skullspire (Jelly) Moon Elf female Grave Cleric-2 XP 706/900 AC 17 HP 17 P-PER 14 P-INV 12 P-INS 14
Arian (Kimberly) Moon Elf female Druid-2 XP 706/900 AC 14 HP 17 P-PER 14 P-INV 11 P-INS 12
Torgin:we really need a pay day
Simon N. (GM):Add +50 to the above
Gorlock (Tony):50 XP
Simon N. (GM):Greeba you can craft scale in 5 days
Eamon (Bill):i head to the local monastery for advice on the crimson monks taking residence in underhall
Arian (Kimberly):Can someone with good charisma chat up the people in the pub for leads on jobs?
Simon N. (GM):a 'work week' is 5 days
Wisteria of Skullspire:I like that music?
Arian (Kimberly):So two weeks then
Brewer's Supplies (2+0+2)
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC Skyrim?
Arian (Kimberly):If I had 25 gp I could make a healing potion or two
But I have only 10 gp
roughly. Does anyone have gold to spare that I could turn into a healing potion?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):May I go with you, Eamon?
Simon N. (GM):Music was Compass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR3qkECLJbw
Greeba (Jelena):Thanks, Simon - so I can sell one (presumably for 50gp) and keep one, and still have all my money I started with?
Simon N. (GM):No you don't auto-sell stuff
You can craft to maintain a modest lifestyle which equates to 1gp/day income
50gp is what you pay to buy shiny new stuff fr merchants
Arian (Kimberly):But if anyone has 25 gp, I could craft a potion for them
I just don't have the gold myself, though I can do some gathering
Greeba (Jelena):OK, so I can craft one for me for 25 gp, then earn 5 gp in the second week, leaving me only 20 gp down?
Simon N. (GM):So if Greeba crafts for herself for 5 days, she spends 5gp on upkeep, 25gp on armour, deduct 30gp. The remaining 5 days she could do odd jobs for the smith & maintain herself for free.
Greeba (Jelena):Understood
Arian (Kimberly):Are there any fancy ladies hanging about the Inn?
Wisteria of Skullspire:How much upkeep do we need to pay Simon? Wisteria can camp in the woods if necessary (she only has 4GP!)
Arian (Kimberly):I should like to try and sell them some lovely handcrafted lavender face cream -- excellent for keeping the skin glowing and healthy
Gorlock (Tony):so 10 days at 5GP per day of value gets 50GP but need to buy materials?
Simon N. (GM):(You can maintain a modest lifestyle for free Wisteria doing blessings etc). Eamon goes to consult with Prior Mordrin at Moravin Priory about the Crimson Monks. Anyone want to go with him?
Arian (Kimberly):Or a honey-flavoured lip balm for eminently kissable lips
Simon N. (GM):Gorlock do you have a craft skill?
Gorlock (Tony):Jewlry
Clan Crafter
Simon N. (GM):OK you can maintain a modest lifestyle for free or can make stuff for yourself.
Gorlock (Tony):make stuff
Wisteria of Skullspire:Phew I'll do that, thanks GM!
I'll go with Eamon, yes please.
Gorlock (Tony):I have a diamond that I want to enhance to sell
Arian (Kimberly):Actually, can I have Xarius or Gorlock with their high charisma sell my wares ;-)
Gorlock (Tony):exactly
Simon N. (GM):Doing the latter for 10 days you deduct 10gp for upkeep & 50gp for gems & metal & you make 100 gpv of jewelry
Gorlock (Tony):perfect
Wisteria of Skullspire:I'm always keen to find out more about about fellow religious bretheren.
Gorlock (Tony):Now need to seel for 200GP :)
persuation :)
Simon N. (GM):(if you find a rich merchant or noble you can see about selling)
Arian (Kimberly):That's why I wanna see if I can find some high class ladies to sell to!
Gorlock (Tony):brb
Arian (Kimberly):Actual ladies. Fancy ones. Who don't want wrinkles.
Gorlock (Tony):shall we find the rich dude?
need Gold
Wisteria of Skullspire:Simon I asked to go with Eamon please.
Gorlock (Tony):or kill things
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK doing the Priory now
Wisteria of Skullspire:Oh I've appeared, thank you!
Greeba (Jelena):Gold is needed, indeed! Other shiny things too.
Eamon (Bill):"it's good you decided to come along"
Arian (Kimberly):Definitely after this rest we need to kill things...er...earn some money
Simon N. (GM):South of the Darkwood, Eamon & Wisteria arrive at Moravin Priory. A Friar escorts them in to see Prior Mordrin.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I think I remeber now that the Crimson Monks we have seen are Monk of Loviatar which is quite a sinister cult"
Arian (Kimberly):Thibault should be there too
Eamon (Bill):"it's an honor to meet with you sir"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Simon, I went with Eamon to see his order"
Simon N. (GM):The kindly faced, lean man of middle years rises to greet you. "Welccome..." with a shock, Wisteria recognises Mordrin - the man who saved her life at the Ford of Goliad two years ago!
Wisteria of Skullspire:Ah! Mordrin! Is it truly you?
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin smiles warmly. "I believe so."
Eamon (Bill):"you two know each other?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Myrkul smile upon you. * she bows deeply.
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin: "Please, sit. Some wine?"
Eamon (Bill):"no thanks brothers of the sword don't drink"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Prior Mordrin saved my life two years ago. I am in his debt.
Simon N. (GM):(to Eamon): "Ah? of course. Some water, then."
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well, luckily the same cannot be said for the followers of Myrkul. I shall have a glass, thank you!
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin serves excellent wine from his cabinet to Wisteria & Thibault.
Greeba (Jelena):So will THibault, with gratitude1 (AFK)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Whilst living, we must enjoy ourselves!
Simon N. (GM):"Indeed."
"We are starting to hear news of your band's exploits...."
Eamon (Bill):"well you two can drink i like to keep my mind as sharp as my blade as well as my sect thinks that"
Arian (Kimberly):OOC It can't be good news
Simon N. (GM):"Your rescue of an Arcatan noble, for example."
Wisteria of Skullspire:Ah yes, a bloody business, that one.
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin pours water for Eamon.
Eamon (Bill):"odd how did that find your way to you nobles are captured as rescued all the time it seems"
Simon N. (GM):"I take it you've heard the reports of dragons?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Excuse me? Dragons??
Simon N. (GM):"Yes... from the north."
Wisteria of Skullspire:And the cause?
Gorlock (Tony):I sense a werewolf..
in LOndon
Simon N. (GM):"A white dragon has apparently claimed the mining trail west of D'Ashe Manor... I hope Sir Norrin can deal with it. And reds, blacks, greens too, all over Damara."
Gorlock (Tony):interesting, rainbow
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hmmmmm.....dark omens. This does not seem balanced. Not balanced at all.....
Eamon (Bill):" dragons that's terrible news"
Simon N. (GM):"The cause is well known - Gareth Dragonsbane slew Tiamat, bathed the Wand of Orcus in her blood to destroy it and defeat the Demon Prince. Her consorts want revenge, and have gathered dozens of wyrms."
"There was a great battle at Bloodstone, not long ago - the dragons were driven off, but hundreds perished."
Gorlock (Tony):I need to find a noble...
where's pretty boy
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hmmmm....well as a Fingerbone of Myrkul I am glad that Orcus is defeated, but the consequencces seem dire.
Simon N. (GM):"Even one of the Heroes of Bloodstone fell - luckily, he was Revified in time."
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC are gods actually able to be slain in Faerun?
Simon N. (GM):(they generally reform in a century or so)
Eamon (Bill):"who is this hero of bloodstoen never heard of him"
Wisteria of Skullspire:So the wyrms wish to bring back their mistress?
Simon N. (GM):"Really? The men who defeated Zhengyi the Witch King? Defeated Orcus and planted the White Tree? You must have been very engrossed in your Studies, Brother."
"I believe they seek only mindless revenge on the land they blame for her death."
Eamon (Bill):"i only ventured out the temple to adventure not too long ago and i don't trust the riff raff all that much so i tend not to hear many stories"
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin sips his wine. "Now, to local matters... You wished to consult with me?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well, even so, I believe that Myrkul will wish to bring back balance to this situation. I will have to pray and meditate on this.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"We have met some Crimson monks"
Eamon (Bill):" ah yes we found some monks of the crimson order in underhall and we wish to ask you what we advise we should do"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"They prey Loviatar don't they?"
Simon N. (GM):nods "They have been seen more than once in recent months. They are at Underhall, eh? Seeking something, I expect."
Wisteria of Skullspire:They seem to have little respect for the heritage of the place.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Maybe time to get them beofre they find what they want?"
Simon N. (GM):nods
"They are a sinister group - and bitter foes of the Brothers of the Yellow Rose. They revere Loviatar, yes...and also Talona."
Simon N. (GM):"The 'maiden' and the 'hag'."
Gorlock (Tony):Ouch
Simon N. (GM):(definitely an Elf version!)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Can I make a Religion check on these two?
ok Wisteria
Torgin:old school
Wisteria of Skullspire:
rolling 1d20 +4
I'd like to find out if they are seeking something for these goddesses?
Gorlock (Tony):From French Kiss... She's a goddess....
Wisteria of Skullspire:And what the main aspects are?
Simon N. (GM):Loviatar is a sex/pain/death goddess; Talona is the hag goddess of disease and poison
Gorlock (Tony):quite the opposites, but just the same
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Eros and Thanatos! ;-)
Gorlock (Tony):we need money!
Simon N. (GM):Loviatar is a bitter enemy of Ilmater, who teaches quiet endurance of suffering, where she is the sadomasochistic goddess :)
Torgin:sex/pain/disease/poison/death that sounds like a great Friday night
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil)::-D
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin: "We have heard reports the Crimson Monks are active in the region of their old Monastery, but smal groups have been seen further afield. Including at the Roadhouse Inn..."
glances at Eamon "Apparently seeking to recruit your brother."
Eamon (Bill):"he would never give in to their corrupted ways"
Simon N. (GM):"Indeed. I hear he gave them several bloody noses!" chuckles "More water?"
Eamon (Bill):"no i'm good"
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin pours more wine for himself & the others.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Cheers. Thank you good Sir!
Simon N. (GM):You chat w Mordrin, he invites you to dinner in the Refectory with the Friars.
Eamon (Bill):"sounds great"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Lovely! Thank you very much!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Mordrin: "If we were to go with our companions to clean up that nest of evil, would you be prepared to help us with additional forces or material?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wisteria will ask about Vakara: has Mordrin heard of her?
Eamon (Bill):"i don't think this a more battle oriented monastery"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Perhaps we could split any treasures we find in the Nar complex, also.
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin: "We are a peaceful Order Sir Thibault, but I can offer Aid (8 hour spell, gives extra hp) and some healing potions perhaps?"
Eamon (Bill):"if we want people of the cloth who fight like me their are other places we can go"
Gorlock (Tony):we need GP
Arian (Kimberly):OOC healing potions would be LOVERLY
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Healingpotions will be perfect too!"
Simon N. (GM):"Vakara? No... I believe these new Crimson Monks are not native to Damara."
Wisteria of Skullspire:That's very kind of you, Prior Mordrin. We are extremely grateful for any aid.
Eamon (Bill):"thank you good prior"
Simon N. (GM):"Ah, the dinner bell!"
GM: You repair to the Refectory for a fine pheasant roast & turnip mash.
Eamon (Bill):"splendid"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Delicious! I haven't had such wonderful fayre since leaving the Temple!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"VERY nice! Thank you so much for such generous welcome!"
Simon N. (GM):Among the Friars here is Tooley Beriwether, who did the Benediction at Bryn's burial.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Awww
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin smiles: "We eat modestly, I hope, but well."
Eamon (Bill):"you do not eat like kings nor do you eat like the peasants you eat like a true monastery"
Simon N. (GM):"You'll stay the night? The Guest Dormitory is ready. I'm afraid it is single-sex, as it were."
Eamon (Bill):"we shall and that is perfectly fine"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I go and quickly salute Tooley and thank him again for his heartfelt Benediction at Bryn's funeral
Wisteria of Skullspire:That is not a problem, and thank you for your hospitality.
Simon N. (GM):Tooley: "You're most welcome."
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wisteria will start a convo with Tooley about the differences in burial rites between this monastery and the Temple of Myrkul.
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin smiles warmly at Wisteria. "The least we could do."
Tooley seems a bit nervous of Wisteria! Several Monks are uneasy with her presence, and wonder at their Prior's camaraderie with her.
Wisteria of Skullspire:I think the wine has made Wisteria a little more chatty and bolder than usual!
Eamon (Bill):"worry not brothers of the cloth i can assure you no one would want to be with wisteria ha i jest i hope you forgive my comments wisteria but alas the oppurtunity was too good to give up"
Simon N. (GM):Tooley: "Have you heard all these rumours of demon cults? No sooner do we squash one, than three more spring up! And now the Crimson Monks, too!"
Eamon roll Performance
Eamon (Bill):
Wisteria of Skullspire:I understand Eamon and I appreciate the humour!
Simon N. (GM):Amazingly. the Monks laugh good naturedly as Eamon breaks the ice!
Wisteria of Skullspire:He truly seems to be the life of the party! Me, on the other hand........
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I try to reassure Tooley and talk to him about the various Evil monasteries.
At the same time I give smiles to Wysteria to show that I trust her.
in front of Tooley
More specifically, The crimson monks
Wisteria of Skullspire:Demon cults, ugh! A thorn in all our sides, truly!
Simon N. (GM):After dinner & after dinner drinks Mordrin shows you the adjacent Guest Dormitory & bids you goodnight.
GM: The night passes peacefully. Next morning you breakfast with the Friars (porridge w apple sauce, ham & eggs w bread).
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Anybody know any scary stories before bedtime?... something about Crows maybe?"
Simon N. (GM):Do you want to speak w MOrdrin again or head home?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Yummy!
Eamon (Bill):"well the crows did kill you"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Delicious!
I think we can head home?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Can we take the potions before we leave?
Gorlock (Tony):Sorry...internet died
Using phone
Edgar Allen Poe
Simon N. (GM):What potions?
Mordrin doesn't seem to be handing over any potions.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I thought he promised us some healing potions?
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yes I'd thought we'd said yes please and thank you very much to the Aid spell and the potions?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"I ask him again very politely"
"May I dare to remind you ..." etc...
Simon N. (GM):>>Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):To Mordrin: "If we were to go with our companions to clean up that nest of evil, would you be prepared to help us with additional forces or material?"
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin: "We are a peaceful Order Sir Thibault, but I can offer Aid (8 hour spell, gives extra hp) and some healing potions perhaps?"<<
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):That's the one!
Wisteria of Skullspire:,isteria of Skullspire:That's very kind of you, Prior Mordrin. We are extremely grateful for any aid..
Sorry I tried to copy and paste my previous reply.
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin: "When you are ready to assault the Monastery, call on us here. We shall have supplies made ready for you."
Eamon (Bill):"sounds good we will"
Simon N. (GM):Mordrin nods.
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I bow and salute them "Thank you so much, generous Sirs"
Simon N. (GM):GM: You head back now?
Eamon (Bill):"i think it's time to bid you adew"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yes please.
Max:internet finally, sort of, kinda, maybe works
Simon N. (GM):GM: Mordrin bids you farewell.
GM: The 22 mile trek back to Cumin Inn takes most of the day.
Torgin:Shall we search the caves under the Inn for lost treasure?
Simon N. (GM):When you get back & rejoin your friends, Thibault you see a familiar face petting Barcat & chatting with your servants.
Gorlock (Tony):any where. we need cash
Torgin:or just oslters beer
Gorlock (Tony):familiar face
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC I'll have to finish by 9pm (sorry everyone, energy levels still not back to normal).
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I go there and Salute that familiar face
Simon N. (GM):Sirondar of Banacath, a fellow knight who fought alongside you during the Vaasan War.
(am stopping 9pm yup!)
Arian (Kimberly):Am half here, hopefully. Had to use my phone as hotspot, but it's at an iffy one bar
Greeba (Jelena):petting and feeding Bob
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Thibault! I've been waiting for you!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I warmly hug him actually!
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC he sounds like someone useful to bring treasure hunting!
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"Where have you been, my noble friend"
Sirondar Altur Banacath:The two warrior knights engage in much back-slapping! :)
Gorlock (Tony):nobel...
can he buy a small gem?
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"Ah... Quite the tale. But suffice to say the King tires of my presence, I thought it best to seek new opportunities!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):(I make a quick gesture to one of the delicious wneches to bring us some drinks (my servants included)"
If it is opportunities that you seek, you will be delighted!
Torgin:Torgin is broke so he's working as bar staff and brings the drinks to Thib, he pretends Thib pinches his bum oooh you cheeky paladin
Wisteria of Skullspire:OOC he's prob strapped for cash if he's seeking new opportunities lol
Sirondar Altur Banacath:Thibault recalls Sirondar is a relative of the new King of Damara (From Morovar. A first cousin to Dimian Ree Banacath (he is the son of Dimian's aunt Elphina), the Prince-Baron of Morov & King of Damara, who despises Sirondar's adherence to Law & Righteousness.)
Rosey: "Drinks - our best wine - here y'are Sir Thibault Sir!"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Hello Rosey! Thank you so much! You are much better behaved than you new colleague the saucy Torgin.
Sirondar Altur Banacath:"I heard you'd established an adventuring company here, already making a name for yourself. I was wondering if you'd have me?" grins
Torgin:blows a kiss from the bar
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):"You read my mind! I wouldn't have let you go and help any other company than mine. Your arm and your sword is too precious to be wasted"
Eamon (Bill):"he was actually killed by a bird and then revived by another bird"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Winks at Torgin cheekily!
Sirondar Altur Banacath:Arian & Wisteria - you can overhear the group of adventurers in the corner. Appatently they just returned from Underhall and killed a 'Death Dog' whatever that is!
"Thank you, Thibault. I'll do my best not to let you down!"
"Now, perhaps you can introduce me to your charming companions?"
Wisteria of Skullspire:A Death Dog? I'll be the judge of that!
Arian (Kimberly):Arian, to Wisteria -- They just returned from Underhall? How did they get past the red monks?
Greeba (Jelena):"What is a Death Dog, Wisty?
Wisteria of Skullspire:Wisteria, flagon of wine in hand, marches over to the adventurers. 'What's this you say about a Death Dog?'
Arian (Kimberly):OOC Do you mean Braltak, Andrea, etc.?
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):I am sure you won't !
I can't wait to introduce you to my new companions of adventure: some solid people who knows how to swing a weapon!... like us!
Sirondar Altur Banacath:Timo: "Lucky those stupid Monks had softened it up for us!" Andrea: "Yes, but I'm worried there may be more of them..."
Arian (Kimberly):More Death Dogs or more monks?
Simon N. (GM):Timo looks up at Wisteria. "Aye! Big two-headed beast!"
"It had slain a Crimson Monk, but was wounded - we took it down hard and fast!"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Hmmmm. And the monks?
Simon N. (GM):Braltak: "The Power of my Rage destroyed it!"
Timo: "Aww, they huffed and puffed, but were too beaten up to stop us - they let us past."
Greeba (Jelena):"Rage? Are you a barbarian?"
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):(romantic music!)
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well, it all sound truly heroic!
Simon N. (GM):Braltak: "Aye! Of Soravia! Like yourself, eh?" grins
Wisteria of Skullspire:*sounds
Greeba (Jelena):lashes fluttering, I mean "Yup!"
Simon N. (GM):Wisteria roll Persuasion
Wisteria of Skullspire:
rolling 1d20 -8
I'm afraid it's not my strong suit!
Gorlock (Tony):not convincing...
Eamon (Bill):you rolled with -8
Simon N. (GM):Braltak grins: "You're a fine looking one! I know some good half orcs from up Palischuk way."
Wisteria of Skullspire:Oh sorry. Getting tired.
rolling 1d20 -1
Oh, better!
Simon N. (GM):Timo: "Tell you what Priestess, why don't you buy me a drink and I'll tell you all about my adventures..."
Arian (Kimberly):OOC Easier said than done...better be a cheap drink...OH, Arian passes Wisteria a bottle of her own brew...
Greeba (Jelena):Slaps Braltak on shoulder and sits next to him
Arian (Kimberly):She was working on a mead
Simon N. (GM):Braltak: "Wenches! More ale for me and my friend!"
Wisteria of Skullspire:Well, and why not? What's your poision?
Torgin:pets dog and cleans tables, whistling while he works
hi ho
Gorlock (Tony):OOC, Max has to go to bed...
Wisteria of Skullspire:Have you tried this fine homebrew that my elven friend makes in small batches?
Simon N. (GM):Timo: "A nice brandy... Lyrabar, if they have it."
GM: Ok better wind up.
Wisteria of Skullspire:Ok :-)
Simon N. (GM):Timo tries the liqueurs and is very appreciative.
Braltak & Greeba carouse and share watr stories & such Narish flirting.
Gorlock (Tony):;)
Greeba (Jelena)::D
Arian (Kimberly):passes Greeba a pot of perfume -- rose scented
Simon N. (GM):Eventually as the night grows late there is retiring to corners and canoodling.
Arian (Kimberly):but with a hint of musk
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):It's like watching the Mandalorian and his friend
Greeba (Jelena):sneezes Thanks, Arian
Gorlock (Tony)::D
Simon N. (GM):GM: OK I'll give another 100 XP, so 150 total tonight.
Greeba (Jelena):Thanks Simon!
Simon N. (GM):Thanks everyone & prob more fighty stuff next week!
Gorlock (Tony):so 1590
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):No worries. RP is good!
Wisteria of Skullspire:Thanks Simon! Well done everyone :-) See you next week!
Gorlock (Tony):thnaks
Arian (Kimberly):856 for me an Wisteria. ;-) Hopefully our internet won't die next week
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):Good night everyone! Thanks for the game Simon!
Greeba (Jelena):1540
Arian (Kimberly):Thanks, all!
Greeba (Jelena):Bye all, thanks for the game!
Gorlock (Tony):night!
Wisteria of Skullspire:Yay levelled up :-)
Arian (Kimberly):Nope, we need 900, don't we?
Gorlock (Tony):after training and wasting gold
Torgin:thx for the game, well played, 'see' you next week
Arian (Kimberly):muah
Eamon (Bill):well if you write an account kimberly there will be enough
Arian (Kimberly):Ooooh, true
ok, on it tomorrow
G'night everyone
Thibault of Brandiar (Phil):G'night!
Max:good night

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