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Crafting Magic Armour (Prof: Smith's Tools)

Mithril armour (Uncommon): Mithril adds to the standard armour cost (half PHB list price). If the mithril is purchased on the market it costs +200gp for chain shirt or scale, +300gp for breastplate, +400gp for half plate or chainmail, +600gp for splint, +800gp for full plate., so eg mithril splinted for 100+600=700gp, mithril full plate for 750+800=1550gp. 

ArmorCost Standard
(Lvl 1, 50gp/week)
Cost +1
(Lvl 5, 10 weeks)
Cost +2
(Lvl 11, 25 weeks)
Cost +3
(Lvl 17, 50 weeks)
Light Armor
  Padded5 gp500gp5,000gp25,000gp8 lb.
  Leather10 gp750gp7,500gp37,500gp10 lb.
  Studded leather
45 gp1,000gp10,000gp50,000gp13 lb.
Medium Armor
  Hide10 gp750gp7,500gp37,500gp12 lb.
  Chain Shirt
50 gp1,000gp10,000gp50,000gp20 lb.
  Scale Mail
50 gp1,000gp10,000gp50,000gp45 lb.
  Breastplate400 gp2,000gp20,000gp100,000gp20 lb.
  Half Plate
750 gp3,000gp30,000gp150,000gp40 lb.
Heavy Armor
  Ring Mail
30 gp800gp8,000gp40,000gp40 lb.
  Chain Mail
75 gp1,500gp15,000gp
75,000gp55 lb.
  Splint200 gp2,000gp20,000gp
100,000gp60 lb.
  Plate1,500 gp4,000gp40,000gp
200,000gp65 lb.
ShieldLvl 1, 1 dayLvl 3, 2 weeksLvl 5, 10 weeksLvl 11, 25 weeks
  Shield10 gp200gp2,000gp20,000gp6 lb.

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