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Amara deTrevani, level 10

Amara deTrevani, Baroness of deTrevani & Fire Mage of Akanul
Level 10 Controller (Fire Mage)
Medium natural humanoid
HP 58; Bloodied 27 (dead at -27) Healing Surges: 7  Surge Value: 13.
AC 23, Fortitude 20, Reflex 23, Will 22 
Speed 6 Initiative +6 Perception +5
Heroic Effort (free, encounter):  Can add +4 to a failed attack or save, after roll.
Dagger (at will) ATT +12 dam 1d4+8 (INT melee training); thrown ATT +11 dam 1d4+9
Magic Missile (at will) Range 20, 11 force damage
Burning Hands (encounter): close blast 5, +13 vs Reflex, 3d6+8 fire damage (crit 1d6+26)
Flaming Sphere (Daily): Conjures sphere in Ranged 10, 1 creature adjacent to sphere, +13 vs Reflex, 3d6+6 damage (crit 1d6+24).   Creatures that enter or end adjacent take 8 fire damage. Move 6 as move action, Sustain minor.
Fireball (Daily): area burst 3 within 20, +13 vs Reflex, Hit 4d6+8 fire damage (crit 1d6+32), miss half damage.
Skills:  Arcana+14   Insight +10  History +14 Religion +14
STR 8 (+4) DEX 12 (+6) CON 12 (+6) INT 19 (+9) WIS 10 (+5) CHA 16 (+8)
Languages: Common, Goblin, Giant, Elven
Appearance: 5'4", slim, brown hair, beautiful, very shapely.  A slavers’ ‘Z’ brand on her left thigh is always concealed.
Equipment: Lvl 1 Magic Orb +1, dagger, noble’s clothes, adventurer's kit, 2 Lvl 5 potions of healing (10hp), and a pouch of coin, ca 4d6x10gp.
Lady Amara is the brave but troubled daughter of Kiris Alkirk (dec’d M6 1480 DR), and heir to the estates of both the Kiris and deTrevani noble families.  She has mastered the magics of the Fire Wizards of Akanul. Raised by Treona the Wise Woman following her murder by Naarash dopplegangers in 1479, she reveres Kelemvor. With her mentor Ashara of Akanul, in early 1480 DR Amara recaptured deTrevani Castle from the Hill Orcs, re-establishing the Barony of deTrevani.
Amara is skilled in both Fire Wizardy and Akanul Portal Magic, knowing the following Rituals:
lvl 1 Hold Portal
lvl 4 Arcane Lock
lvl 4 Knock
lvl 6 Portal Jump
lvl 8 Analyze Portal
lvl 8 Linked Portal
lvl 8 Seal Portal

 "I... I never wanted... All my life... My father wanted me to be a son, a warrior... strong.. To crush our enemies, to take back what was lost. I tried...I was riding... I'm not a good rider... My father wanted me to learn, to be a knight... I was riding out by the river, when the river-pirates... *aaa*  I... I never told him... but I blamed him... for what happened." 
"The Death-Cyst, the Tigerclaw... How can we fight that? I've tried so hard, Lirael. But I can't protect my people... I can't even protect myself. Ashara taught me how to kill, Lirael. We burned the Orcs, slaughtered them here... Even the children. The smell... I wanted to vomit."
"You know the Covere say we're cursed? My grandfather, Aumvor Trevani, he had two daughters. Anwyn was the firstborn, the heir... But she married Velius Covere, against Aumvor's wishes. He disowned Anwyn, made my mother Ama heir to deTrevani... They said she was barren.... She was forty when I was born, after Aumvor was already dead. The Covere - Aryn Blackthorn, Brandini Covere - they say we're cursed, because Anwyn was the true heir, and through her to Brandini Covere. They say the line of Trevan will dwindle and fail."

Portal Jump

Component Cost: 75 gp and 1 healing surge
Market Price: 360 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Level: 6
Category: Travel
Time: 1 minute
Duration: 2 rounds
Choose one unoccupied square adjacent to you and one unoccupied square within 20 squares of you. You create a teleportation portal to link those squares. Any creature that enters a linked square can teleport to the other square by using 1 square of movement. Whenever a creature teleports in this way, it is dazed until the end of its next turn.
    Ritual Scroll: You can perform this ritual as a standard action when you do so from a scroll. If you do, the portal lasts until the end of your next turn.
Published in Dragon Magazine 405.

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