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Barony of deTrevani

Resources 1484
Castle deTrevani - military, 35 17 men-at-arms, Baroness Amara Dragonheart-deTrevani (Lvl 18), Treona the Wise Woman (NM, Religious & Healing Rituals to level 12), Sir Dolf Dragonheart (or at Erstlin) (Lvl 14), the infant Ashara Dragonheart-deTrevani, born M1 1482 DR.
Trevan - hamlet, pop. 343
Greentree - village, pop. 950
Heartford - hamlet (fr. 1481), pop 150
Erstlin - pop. 350, Seminary of Torm
Fiery Spire - Ashara of Akanul (Fire Wizard Lvl 14), Tawny Kytra (Rogue Lvl 9). Nexus Focus gives +3 Level bonus in combined Arcane Rituals (5 Ritualists) to highest level caster, currently 14+3=17. +3 for specifically fire related enchantments, eg can enchant fire-related magic items to Lvl 20.

Barony population (1484): 1600 (after loss of two villages to demon attack in M8 1484) - Healthy, +4% +2%
Trevan - (from M2 1480 DR): The Baroness Amara deTrevani, daughter of Lord Kiris Alkirk, at Castle deTrevani, aided by the the genasi fire wizard Ashara, Head of the Fiery Spire school of pyromancy.
Greentree - (from M4 1480 DR): mostly half-elves & some elves
Erstlin - Sir Dolf

 Castle deTrevani
 22/6/1480 DR ca 4pm: Lirael and Dunstan have been riding east along the river road for several hours, through the villages of Hartsfont (greeted cordially by two of the Covere siblings Marco & Agnes, out for an lunchtime stroll on the riverbank) Greentree and Trevan, then north for five miles or so through meadows and light woodland until they see ahead the sturdy stones of a rugged hilltop keep - Castle deTrevani, built on the south-western end of a craggy ridgeline. The castle still shows signs of considerable fire damage from the conflagration, when Amara deTrevani and Lirael's old friend Ashara of Akanul incinerated the Orc clan that had long occupied Amara's ancestral seat. Riding up a narrow track towards the Gatehouse, a lookout sounds a horn and the gate is opened at your approach. Amara is already in the courtyard to greet you, wearing a high-necked black mourning dress that sweeps the dusty cobbles. With her is Treona, the old Wise-Woman of Kiris Manor. Both women wear holy symbols of Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead - lockets depicting a skeleton hand grasping a Balance.

Sturdy hilltop fort at the south-west end of a craggy ridgeline, with an outer curtain wall and courtyard. Shows signs of fire damage. Amara has a large, airy, bedchamber/study on the upper floor. Spiral staircase to upper floor and down to stores, chapel to the gods of the Vale including Kelemvor/Silvanus/Mielikki and below that the deTrevani family crypt. 
As of 1482 DR the Baroness Amara has a force of 35 17 men-at-arms, mostly recruited from the villages and normally commanded by her husband Sir Dolf Dragonheart of Erstlin.

The Baroness Amara deTrevani

Treona: Aged (late '70s?), calm and pleasant human wise-woman and long time adviser to Kiris Alkirk, she discovered evidence that a Slaying Stone still lies in Kiris Dahn.  Treona is a powerful Ritualist (religious & healing), even restoring the Genasi Ashara back to life when she was slain by wolves - Raise Dead is an 8th level ritual.  She subsequently (30/8/1479) Raised both Amara deTrevanni and Esmerelda of Waterdeep, both of whom had fallen in the struggle against the Hand of Naarash. Her tower lies a mile east of the tumbledown former Kiris-deTrevani manor, now abandoned; she was the last inhabitant of the old Kiris demesne. Following the death of Kiris Alkirk M6 1480 DR, Treona agreed to leave her tower in Kiris Manor and keep Amara company in Castle deTrevani, acting as her advisor.

deTrevani - The Fiery Spire
Tawny Kytra, Steward of the Fiery Spire
Tawny Kytra, Steward of the Spire (Lvl 9, ex-PC): This vivacious Tiefling Rogue Adventuress took a leading part in the defeat of the Winter Curse of the 'Icy Spire' (Draigdurroch Tor), which threatened to plunge the Gray Vale into supernatural winter, in 1479 DR. Next year in 1480 DR she aided Ashara of Akanul (PC) and Amara deTrevani in taking control of the Spire, which lies at a magical nexus point, and converting it to the Fiery Spire, headquarters of Ashara's new School of Fire Wizardry. Tawny was appointed Steward of the Fiery Spire. 
Lady Moonfire the High Lord of Loudwater is said to consider Tawny a 'close personal friend' - they attended the 1480 Midsummer Ball as a couple, and Tawny stayed the night there.

deTrevani - The Northern Farms - theme

(22/6/1480): From Castle deTrevani Lirael and Dunstan ride north over the hills and into wild wooded country,
Willa Wilsam's-wife
where the eastern Gray Vale gives way to the High Forest. The signs of Orc despoliation are starting to heal, and they pass a couple newly built or rebuilt farmsteads; rugged or desperate men and women who have already started to recolonise this frontier. At the second such they stop to ask directions from a wild-haired human woman, a baby on her back. "...Yes milady, the Halflings of Downwater lie yonder upon the river; the village is well hidden but look for the bluebells upon the trail..." She pauses: "You - you are Lirael! I know you, milady! You saved us on the Black March! The Hand of Naarash attacked our village, but you saved us! The others stayed at Erstlin, but Wilsam and I heard the Baroness was giving Freeholdings here... Wait while I fetch him!" 
Willa Wilsams-wife: The woman nods to Dunstan: "I'm Willa milord! I was heavy with child when Lady Lirael saved us at the village, me and the others. She was taking us back down the Black March with Sir Dragonheart and Father Orien, when the Hand of Naarash attacked us again - after they wounded her leg with an arrow, she stayed behind to snipe them, hold them off while we got away... She saved us all!" Lirael has only dim memories of this  - Lirael vaguely remembers Wylla among the survivors at the burning village; the trip back down the Black March road with them, the Banite ambush, being wounded by a black-fletched arrow, and taking up a sniping position in the high boulders... holding off the Banites for an hour until her own arrows ran out... then a hobgoblin club to the head, and it all went black until she awoke in the prison cells of the Temple of Naarash beside the deva paladin, Shawna Carter.
Wilsam Willas-husband:...Willa scurries off and returns shortly with a stocky, balding, middle-aged human male, carrying a heavy wood axe. Wylla: "Lirael, this is Wilsam, my new husband! We met at Erstlin..."
 The Farm: Willa looks to Wilsam. He turns from watching the flame-arc across the sky, and shrugs: "We've not been in Erstlin for months, but it was all going fine with him last I heard. His Seminary attracts many fine young men to study as Paladins and Clerics. I wanted my own land, though, a freehold to call my own - our own." Willem gestures towards the wheat growing in the nearby field, and the pigs and chickens scratching around by the midden pile. "We found that stone farmhouse, fixed up the roof... This is pretty good land here, and Lady deTrevani's guards do a sweep-through every couple days, chase off any goblins that come calling. In a couple months we'll be harvesting for the winter. Should do alright."
 Lirael: "It is time to reclaim the land and make the Vale a happy, growing place once more." Willa and Wilsam nod in agreement. 
Willa: "Yes, milady... My first husband Connor, he died fighting for what he believed in... He wouldn't yield to the Naarash, wouldn't join them... When the Banites killed him, I lost hope." Willa wipes a tear from her eye at the bitter memory. "But you've given me back hope, Lady Lirael. You, and our Lady Amara." Willa takes her baby from her back, holds him proudly. "Little Connor here, he'll grow up a free man, 'cos of you, milady."

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