Tuesday 6 August 2013

Rylgoth, Azer Foot Soldier (level 11)

Rylgoth, Azer Foot Soldier
Level 11 Soldier (Leader)
Medium elemental humanoid (fire)
XP 600
HP 77; Bloodied 39
Surges 9 Surge Value 19
AC 27; Fortitude 25; Reflex 23; Will 24
Speed 5
Resist 20 fire
Initiative +9
Perception +7

Warding Flame (fire)
An enemy adjacent to Rylgoth who makes an attack not targeting him takes 5 fire damage.
Standard Actions
m Warhammer (fire, weapon) • At-Will
Attack: +16 vs. AC
Hit: 10 damage plus 5 fire damage (critical hit: 15 damage plus 5 fire damage).
Minor Actions
M Healing Flames • Daily
Effect: Self or adjacent ally may spend a Healing Surge.
Str 18 (+9)
Dex 14 (+7)
Wis 15 (+7)
Con 15 (+7)
Int 9 (+4)
Cha 16 (+8)
Alignment unaligned     Languages Giant
Equipment Forgemail armor, light shield, warhammer
Rylgoth was a slave soldier to the fire giants of King Snurre's hall in the Endless Caverns. When his patrol was defeated in battle he surrendered to the Heroes of Loudwater and, believing Arya to be a Primordial of Lightning, became her fanatically loyal follower.

Update M7 1480 DR: After being flung back to Phaervorul from the Web Between Worlds, Rylgoth returned to his people as the first Priest of Arya, preaching of a day when the Lightning Primordial would come to liberate the Azers from their bondage to the Fire Giants.

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