Wednesday 7 August 2013

Esme's letters, 28/6/1480

To the Glintshield Dwarves - sent by dove to Stonefang Tunnel 28/6/1480

"Dear Friends,

I would appreciate the latest location of the Shadovar forces, their numbers, and how they are going about their battle with the Orcs, with Ilmater on your side, we can defeat these evil creatures seeking to take the Vale,

Please trust me in the use of the tools I have at my disposal, throwing two great enemies at each other, might save our beautiful vale! (Has I'm sure the shadowchain, are aware.)



To Lady Moonfire: 

 "Dear Lady Moonfire,

It has come to my attention , that one of your vassals has been preying on children. Killing them and keeping the trophies on her premises, unfortunately, when my vassal found out about the location of where this atr
ocity occurred, he went ahead and assaulted the Manor of Jeala.

Please accept my apologies for this assault on one of your vassals, however, I would like to hold a trial for Jeala, where she can be held to account for her crimes, it would be held in Llorkh, and I will be Judge and Juror, if you have any objection, please make them to my new Emissary, who has delivered this message to you.

All the best,

The Iron Queen

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