Saturday 3 August 2013

Wages & Income notes

Single Adult Subsistence: 3gp/month
Family Subsistence, 2 adults & 3 children: 10gp/month
Middle class lifestyle: 30gp/month
Upper class lifestyle: 100gp/month

Serving maid or scullion, ca 6 hrs/day labour: 3gp-5gp/month (0-2gp, + 3gp value bed & board)
Tavern maid or cook, ca 12 hrs/day labour: 6gp-9gp/month (Green Tankard pays 5sp/day, 15gp/month)
Soldier, Infantry: 6gp-9gp/month (eg Northwood Manor Guard 6gp wage, + 3gp value bed & board)
Soldier, Light Cavalry: 9gp-15gp/month (eg caravan guard 1gp/day temp, or 15gp/month)
Festhall Girl: 20gp-40gp/month (avg 4 clients/day at 1 hr/client, or 1 client for 8 hrs)
Soldier, Lieutenant: 40gp-60gp/month
Innkeeper: 30gp-100gp/month
Master Smith: 60gp-200gp/month 
Soldier, Captain: 100gp-160gp/month

(On wages - 3gp/month is subsistence for a single adult; 10gp/month can support a family of two adults and three children; 30gp allows a middle-class lifestyle, 100gp allows an upper-class lifestyle).
a house maid or scullion typically earns around 3gp a month with accomodation, tavern staff earn more as it's harder work, but 6gp-9gp is typical for a good serving maid or skilled cook. Either Pamela Bardew must be earning a lot at the Fisher's Friend for Algrim to have lured her away from the Green Tankard, or else she just prefers working on her back to working on her feet... (compare Northwood Manor wages - 2gp/month per servant & 6gp/month per soldier, bed & board not counted)
(You can add on effectively ca 3gp per person for your manor staff for effective wage, since they get bed & board covered. So eg where you employ a married couple, effectively it's like 4+6=10gp and they can afford to raise three children at the manor. Historically unskilled castle staff were not paid at all!)
(Marsh's bar staff work 12 hour days almost constant labour, your servants really work more like 6 hour days although they're on call the whole time, so it's not as big a difference as you'd think.) 

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