Tuesday 13 August 2013

Giants of the Gray Vale Region

Hill Giants
The weakest and most common of the giant races, the hill giants once served the Earth Titan Stonefang alongside the lesser Ogres and Orcs, but were killed or driven out by the Dwarves of Ammarindar. Since the fall of Ammarindar they have returned to the foothills of the Graypeak mountains, and are the dominant giant race south of Naurogloth, often fighting or allying with the local orc clans. They may also be found in the High Moor, and small numbers exist in the High Forest.

Stone Giants & Goliath
When the dwarves of Ammarindar defeated Stonefang, the Stone Giant thanes knelt in obeisance to the Dwarven King and were permitted to retain their territories, usually high in the Graypeak mountains, alongside their Goliath or Half-Giant kindred. The remoteness and isolation of many Stone Giant holdings enabled them to survive the Hellgate Keep disaster, though those who dwelt on the lower slopes were not so lucky, eg the stone giant temple at the Pillars of Night was soon corrupted and destroyed by the Hellgate demon-spirit  Naarash. Once the Tanarukk wave of demon-orcs subsided the stone giants were able to expand their holdings, and today they are the dominant race in the Graypeak mountains around Dawntreader Gap and points north, except in the highest glacial regions.

Frost Giants
When the dwarves of Ammarindar conquered the region, they killed or drove out the mighty frost giants. Since the fall of Ammarindar frost giant clans have returned from the far north, moving south through the mountains under cover of winter. Today frost giants may be found north of Adakmi and Ogremouth in the high peaks and glaciers of the Graypeak mountains, but remain uncommon except in the far north of the Graypeaks, where they border the Far Forest.

Fire Giants
Most of the Gray Vale region is not volcanically active. The Graypeaks are old and corroded mountains, although the Tannheim forge was rumoured to draw upon elemental fires. However the Lost Peaks and Star Mounts are much younger, and a major hot spot does lie beneath the High Forest, giving warmth to the great fungus Auramycos . Fire giants have established a small fortress atop a magma vent in the Endless Caverns. There are rumours of entire fire giant cities in the Deep Underdark, bordering the fires of Elemental Chaos.

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