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FA1 16-19/9/1359 DR The Troll of Egilmarsh, Mirna's Hall, & Ambushed by the Mountain Orcs (350 XP)

16/9: Troll hunt, Sir Rodney Carlin found dead. Overnight at Egilmont.

17/9: Travel from Egilmont via D'Ashe Manor to Dwarfstead, overnight in Mirna Norasdottir's Hall.

18/9: Head for Rockwood mine, nearing the mine party ambushed by 20 mountain orcs led by 2 Black Sun Orc champions.

Locket Mirna

Mirna Norasdottir

Simon N. (GM):OOC I was expecting you'd get home from your next adventure to hear about the troll attack on Egilmont, bit of a fluke Strohm decided to go that way at very end of your rest period.
Syrus if you are spending a week on looking for sword buyer (instead of crafting or training) deduct 25gp & roll Persuasion check.
Kenny - Syrus:@Simon - not looking for buyer this week - our next rest period I will do it via Forum as not to take up game time :)
Simon N. (GM):ok
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Arriving in D'Ashe Manor "friends on my way back from dropping Lady Beverly at Master Tul. Lady Daetha wife of a local lord inform me that young children were kidnap by a troll in a dead of night and her husband left to rescue them. She request our help to rescue the missing children and lord please i need all your help to slay this troll"
Muiz:Hi Kenny
Kenny - Syrus:Hi Muiz! :)
OOC my Roll20 keeps crashing! :-/
Qiviel:Q sits up, "We cannot leave children in the hands of trolls."
Barbara D'Ashe:"How awful! We should help her." nods to Qiviel.
Geoff:Norrin nod. "Agreed. Neighbours must stick together."
Barbara D'Ashe:Hi James! Kenny maybe try a different browser?
Muiz:Hi James
Simon N. (GM):that was OOC :)
Qiviel:(Barbara was having a religious experience on a different plane of existence :D)
Muiz:Kenny maybe using a different browser microsoft edge works fine for me
Simon N. (GM):GM: Are you mounting up and heading for Egilmont? It's already 4pm so 2 hours to dusk.
Qiviel:Q is prepared to leave at once
Simon N. (GM):It's 16 miles, if you ride fast can be there a bit after 5pm - the horses will then need to rest.
Erasmus:Hi all. Sorry I'm late, PC was updating.
Kenny - Syrus:"Let's Troll some Trolls, Friends!!!"
Simon N. (GM):Hi Tim!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Hello Tim
Qiviel:(anyone not prepared to leave immediately to go fight a troll in the evening, call out, otherwise we'll take it as ok to go)
Geoff:Okay, let's bush through and get there before dark.
* push
Barbara D'Ashe:"Norrin, take the Companions (that's the PCs) :) and see what can be done."
Malied:"Malied closes his book, ready when you are"
Geoff:"I will, my dear. Wish us luck."
Chris T.:back
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"lets hurry before its too late"
Simon N. (GM):Barnara gives Norrin a goodbye kiss. "Come back to me." GM: You ride fast on the east road - this time of year the ground is still firm, a month or so before the autumn rains.
Erasmus:"Agreed, we need to do this before it gets too dark."
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus is looking forward to getting on his new horse "Erasni" - hoping it will go as fast as the old monk himself while in Way of the Wind mode
Geoff:*Norrin is riding his "new" warhorse, formerly belonging to Gurzun.
Malied:Malied rents a riding horse
(he really needs to buy his own)
Chris T.:Fraener has his sturdy pony
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Strohm ride one of his Draft horse
Simon N. (GM):You are a dramatic sight as you gallop & canter across woods and heath, reaching Egilmont manot within the hour. Servants come to take your steeds and a teary Lady Daetha welcomes you, pointing the way to the troll trackson the edge of the village...
The tracks lead into the woods east of town, in the direction of the Egilmarsh - the troll lair...
Qiviel:Q dismounts and leaves Rocco in their care and casts channel divinity sacred weapon to light up her sword like a torch.
Chris T.:"Best leave our mounts here?"
Malied dismounts and ties his horse to a tree
Qiviel:"Yes, they are tired and will not be happy near a troll lair."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Friends should i cast light or are we sneaking to the trolls nest?"
Qiviel:"Light until we are near, so we can follow the tracks, that is my thought," Q says.
Simon N. (GM):GM: The manor stablehands will take good care of your hard-ridden steeds. You should have a nominated lead Tracker - ideally someone with a good Survival bonus.
Sunset in 1 hour.
Chris T.:"With a bit of luck the Troll will see the light and come to us. My legs aren't long enough for swamp work."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"i will follow youre suggestion Qeelia"
Kenny - Syrus:OOC Syrus has +2 Survival)
Erasmus:"I will lead, if that will suit."
Kenny - Syrus:Probs not enough!
Qiviel:(that's better than Q - she's only +1)
Chris T.:"Aye."
Qiviel:Q nods to Erasmus, "Lead on, friend."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Qiviel*
Simon N. (GM):OK, to follow tracks through woods is a DC 10. A second PC w Survival trained can Help, and other PCs could provide Guidance and/or Bardic Inspiration etc
Erasmus:"I am proficient, but any assistance is always appreciated."
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus will "help" his pal Erasmus
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc (i dont have guidance or proficient in survival)
Chris T.:Fraener offers the Guoidance of Moradin to your ytask. +1d4
Simon N. (GM):If Syrus is Proficient in Survival he can Help giving Erasmus advtg
otherwise Bardic Insp?
Kenny - Syrus:Saving Bardic Inspo for later me thinks
Erasmus Bos (Tim)
Kenny - Syrus:Am proficient, in Survival
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):occ Phew
Kenny - Syrus:And Frae offered Guidance to add +4 to your roll
Erasmus:OOC Thanks for the guidance - only rolled a 4 on the die!!
Simon N. (GM):Cool. :) OK Erasmus at the front you follow the tracks through oak woods, close to the marsh stepping over carpets of acorns, for both peasants and wildlife have begun avoiding these parts.
Erasmus:Whispering "Keep your eyes and ears peeled, everyone."
Simon N. (GM):The sun is slipping behind the western mountains when you reach the edge of a dismal mire. This time of year the ground is fairly solid & Fraener probably need not fear sinking, though you'll certainly be getting muddy.
GM: Dusk falls as you enter the marsh...
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Alright the Sun is set Eramus can i cast light now?"
Qiviel:Q can't help the moue of disgust behind her helmet at the muck sticking to her armour and that she'll have to clean it off later.
Simon N. (GM):Qiviel needs a squire!
Geoff:"Should we wait until morning? I don't relish the thought of blundering about in a swamp in the dark."
Malied:Malied casts Mage hand and has it hold his Robe above the marsh
Erasmus:(totally read that as 'squirrel'!!
Malied:"hmm, yes, it maybe wizer to wait"
Erasmus:"Sir Carlin may be breakfast."
Chris T.:"Wait? Here in the swamp, close to the Troll's lair?"
Qiviel:"We should push on."
Chris T.:"In this muck?"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"but then its too late the lord has just left if we can find we can leave and fight the troll tommorow"
Qiviel:"The tracks are clear enough and we have light enough to follow them."
Malied:"let us move quickly then, I do not relish the thought of remaining in the swamp any longer than needed
Chris T.:"I agree with Qiviel. Let's get this done."
Erasmus:"Indeed, let's press on. If we need light to fight, we have the means."
Geoff:"Alright. Let's go."
Simon N. (GM):GM: It's dim light now so Erasmus would have disad tracking unless you have Bright light. Syrus could track normally but it would need somene with darkvision & Survival to Help him.
Kenny - Syrus:"Who's helping meeeee!!"
Qiviel:Q's got channel divinity
on her weapon
it's bright
Simon N. (GM):Base DC is now 12, usually higher but the swamp conditions are unusually good for tracking right now.
Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon
Class: Oath of Devotion
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
As an action, you can imbue one weapon that you are holding with positive energy, using your Channel Divinity. For 1 minute, you add your Charisma modifier to attack rolls made with that weapon (with a minimum bonus of +1). The weapon also emits bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light 20 feet beyond that. If the weapon is not already magical, it becomes magical for the duration.
You can end this effect on your turn as part of any other action. If you are no longer holding or carrying this weapon, or if you fall unconscious, this effect ends.
Erasmus:"I'm happy to have light, I don't know what benefit we gain from stumbling around in the dark. Just keep your heads on the swivel so we don't get ambushed."
Simon N. (GM):That only lasts a minute Q
Qiviel:She'll keep calling it :)
Chris T.:More guidance for the tracker. +1d4
Malied:I have Darkvision
Erasmus Bos:
Erasmus Bos
Malied:nut not p[rof in survival
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Alright" Casts lights with Excriciator
Qiviel:(lovely roll)
Simon N. (GM):GM: It looks like a lone human followed the troll into the marsh. Erasmus follows the trail aided by light from Strohm's sword.
2 hours later...
can you all drag & drop your tokens into the bottom left 8x8 squares please
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):oh cool
Chris T.:Ijust see a black screen?
Simon N. (GM):Ahead in the darkness a great and sinister figure looms.
Geoff:Me too
Kenny - Syrus:OOC Can anyone see anything?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):new map really nice
drop yall token
Chris T.:I see no tokens or map
Erasmus:Go to the journal tab (next to chat).
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):click and drag your character sheet to the bottom left ogf the map
Simon N. (GM):I've added Fraener & Norrin
I can't see any reason why you should not all see the map
Chris T.:Still no mapor token
Simon N. (GM):ah
Erasmus:Bottom left
Geoff:I see it now
Chris T.:I'm at the bottomleft
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):i can see fien really nice map
Chris T.:just black still
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):wheres is Qiviel
Simon N. (GM):ok something weird w the page
Malied:Roll20 issuse
Geoff:I had to refresh the browser
Malied:she'll be back shortly
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):i see two Fraener
Chris T.:Ah! We're in busimness :)
Simon N. (GM):ok Chris I gave your token vision
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Keelia youre their?
Qiviel:(I'm almost back in...)
Simon N. (GM):All the lighting options are turned off so I have no idea why this is needed
Qiviel:(I seem to be back)
Simon N. (GM):ok can you all see tokens & map?
Chris T.:Thanks,had to log out/in
Erasmus:I can
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yes
Chris T.:yup
Simon N. (GM):Something huge & hideous in the (unintentional) darkness to the NE
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc i can see it and holy shit were too late
Chris T.:"Itsthat the Troll?"
Kenny - Syrus:"WTF is THAT!!???!!"
Erasmus:"What do you see?"
Simon N. (GM):You see blood - the elves & half elves see the troll with the mangled remains of Sir Rodney
Chris T.:F can't see it..
Simon N. (GM):OOC bad luck - I rolled for when/if the troll met Rodney, he got worst possible result
Qiviel:"Oh dear."
Geoff:Norrin squints into the darkness, cursing his human eyesight.
Simon N. (GM):(just gave your token darkvision Chris)
Chris T.:Still see nothing
Kenny - Syrus:*"I think there is another a big blood splash to NE!"
Simon N. (GM):ok found the errant tab!
Malied:"Well... as horrible as this is, we still have a job to do"
Chris T.:Ah! Now I have it
Kenny - Syrus:YIKES!!!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"their is the remains of Lord Rodney has perished and the troll can be sighted nort east to us"
Geoff:"Poor kid."
Simon N. (GM):GM: The moon breaks through the clouds revealing the horrid scene
Rodney was about 60 :)
Geoff:"Poor guy."
Simon N. (GM):You may roll init
Erasmus:"Very well. At least we now know this is nolonger a rescue mission.
Kenny - Syrus:
Kevven Gellantara
Chris T.:
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Kenny - Syrus:OOC lets get the Nat 1 out of the way ASAP
Erasmus Bos:
Erasmus Bos
Chris T.:
Simon N. (GM):
Initiative: 9
Jyrdani of Jiyyd
Malied:keep forgetting to select my token before I roll -.-
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):remeber to click your token first before rolling initiative
Simon N. (GM):ok #22 Norrin - only the streams & trees & rocks are difficult terrain, green is clear
Geoff:Norrin will advance as far as he can, since there's no point in hurrying anymore.
Simon N. (GM):Those w PP 13+ can see the troll has what looks like a hideous nest, mixed branches leaves and gnawed bones
Erasmus:Erasmus crosses the stream, stepping on the small protrusion and takes up a position across from Norrin.
He then takes a defensive stance, awaiting the troll's approach.
Simon N. (GM):#Malied
Erasmus:"Use fire, if you can!"
Malied:Firebolt then move up 30
Fire Bolt (+6)
end turn
Simon N. (GM):Malied misses
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Qiviel:double move, end turn
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):occ oh shit really Keelia 0_0
Simon N. (GM):Sadly Q is 5' beyond troll charge range :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Nice
Simon N. (GM):#Troll - with shuffling lanky gait it heads right
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):the fuck it vanish
Simon N. (GM):and disappears into the stream with a splosh
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):cast snare north west of me
north east i mean
Abjuration 1
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: A circle with a 5-foot radius on the ground or the floor
Components: S, M (25 feet of rope, which the spell consumes)
Duration: 8 hours
As you cast this spell, you use the rope to create a circle with a 5-foot radius on the ground or the floor. When you finish casting, the rope disappears and the circle becomes a magic trap.
This trap is nearly invisible, requiring a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC to be discerned.
The trap triggers when a Small, Medium, or Large creature moves onto the ground or the floor in the spell’s radius. That creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or be magically hoisted into the air, leaving it hanging upside down 3 feet above the ground or the floor. The creature is restrained there until the spell ends.
A restrained creature can make a Dexterity saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Alternatively, the creature or someone else who can reach it can use an action to make an Intelligence (Arcana) check against your spell save DC. On a success, the restrained effect ends.
After the trap is triggered, the spell ends when no creature is restrained by it.
Simon N. (GM):1 minute casting time
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):oh shit nevermind
Simon N. (GM):LOL
Malied:more of a prep spell :(
Glyth are like that too >.<
Kenny - Syrus:"I think if we head towards it's nest or the corpse it will DEFINITELY show up!!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):stand by on a river and ready action
Simon N. (GM):what action?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):attack the moment the troll is within range
with the sword
Simon N. (GM):The troll has left Rodney's partially eaten corpse hanging on the branches of a fallen tree
ok Strohm readies his sword
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):end turn
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Jyrdani rushes across the stream and joins Qiviel. "Move away from the stream! Form a perimeter."
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:Follows Jyrdani!!
Tht's it!
Simon N. (GM):#Fraener
Chris T.:F moves 25' beside Strohm. Bonus action, Shield of Faith. Readies hammer attack. Done.
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Geoff:Sword and shield held at the ready, Norrin moves up toward the nest and the sad scene.
Simon N. (GM):#Erasmus
Erasmus:Erasmus follows the barbarian's directions, forming up with the group, hefting the staff, and peering out into the darkness.
Simon N. (GM):still Dodging?
Erasmus:Readied attack
Simon N. (GM):readied staff ok
Malied:Move up
any sign of it?
Simon N. (GM):no you can't see it, just the fresh tracks left to the stream behind the big boulder
Malied:hold a fire bolt for when I see it then end turn
Qiviel:Q moves towards the stream a little and readies her sword in case the troll attacks
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc the troll show is here
Simon N. (GM):The troll rises from the water, dripping slime...
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc dont know what im saying XD
Malied:readied action?
Simon N. (GM):Malied can fire bolt yup
Fire Bolt (+6)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):why
Simon N. (GM):Malied shoots the darkness
The troll can only reach 2 tin cans Qiviel & Strohm so it goes for the one w/out a shield...
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ready action?
Simon N. (GM):yup
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Excruciator, Sword of Amaul (Bonded) (+7)
Simon N. (GM):
The troll makes three attacks: one with its bite and two with its claws.

Attack:8 | 24
Damage: 15 slashing
Attack:26 | 27
Damage: 11 + 8 slashing
Attack:22 | 20
Damage: 6 piercing
Chris T.:ouch
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Abjuration 1
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell
Range: Self
Target: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 round
An invisible barrier of magical force appears and protects you. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC, including against the triggering attack, and you take no damage from magic missile.
Simon N. (GM):no you used Reaction already for readied attack
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):damn
Simon N. (GM):17 dmg
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):okay lesson learn shield cost reaction XD
"you got me Troll now its my turn
Excruciator, Sword of Amaul (Bonded) (+7)
bonus action second wind
Second Wind
Simon N. (GM):Green blood flows
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):End turn
Simon N. (GM):#Jyrdani
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Jyrdani roars at the troll and rushes forward, Ironwolf raised high. Her rage rises and she recklessly attacks.
Ironwolf RAGING (+7)
Jyrdani of Jiyyd
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):nice
Simon N. (GM):hack
You added Rage dmg so I assume BA Rage
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:yep.markers added.
Troll:Troll thinks Jyrdani looks tasty & delicious
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:1) Syrus chases after Jordan, “Wait, WAIT Jyrdani!!!”
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:OOC who's Jordan?!
Kenny - Syrus:2) Object Interaction Takes out a flask of oil and his tinderbox
3) Action: Pours oil all over Jyrdani’s sword and sets it on fire, “This could help with Trolling this Troll!
Simon N. (GM):"Tonight the part of Jyrdani will be played by Jordan"
Simon N. (GM):eh that is too silly Kenny
Kenny - Syrus:I wanna set her sword alight!
Simon N. (GM):Well it would take longer than a round, you'd need to be holding the sword, & it would only last a round
She is hacking at a troll w it right now
Kenny - Syrus:Then I throw the flask of oil at the Troll!
Simon N. (GM):better :)
Kenny - Syrus:What do I roll?
Simon N. (GM):OK roll a DEX check
Kenny - Syrus:
Syrus, Bard of Many Scrolls!
Simon N. (GM):DC 11
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Nice
Kenny - Syrus:Whats the Damage?
Simon N. (GM):You have +4 DEX? Nice, the flask hits the troll spattering it w (unlit) oil.
Kenny - Syrus:Oh shit!
Malied:if i can hit it will be very my it :P
Kenny - Syrus:*"Everyone I heard a song saying that Fire helps to damage Trolls!!!"
Simon N. (GM):& falls to the ground spilling oil at its feet.
Kenny - Syrus:BA Bardic Inspo to Erasmus (+d46)
Chris T.:Fraener uses his bonus action to summon Moradin's Spiritual Hammer to attack the Troll.Then uses his action to call down Radiance, hoping to dry the slime. DC12 Dex. Spiritual Weapon attack roll this round ?
Simon N. (GM):you can drag the hammer token from your journal Chris
Ability: 17 | 7
It dodges the forge radiance
Chris T.:No idea how to drag the spell.
Simon N. (GM):click on Journal, select hammer, drag onto VTT
Chris T.:He places it by the largest of the three rocks behind the troll
Malied:drag from the right of the text
Simon N. (GM):You know the Journal tab? Where your PC sheet is?
Chris T.:No.
Simon N. (GM):sigh ok above the text are icons
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):its not a spell but a cgaracter sheet on your journal
Simon N. (GM):chat, pics, journal
& information
Erasmus:(Only GM has pics)
Simon N. (GM):(thx) click journal
it will have your PC sheet & a bunch of stuff I've 'Shown' you or put in your Journal
Chris T.:In give up
I give up
Lost the will to live
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):lol
Kenny - Syrus:o_O
Simon N. (GM):Dunno how you could drag Fraener token w/out doing that. OK I'll do it
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):its okay Chris relax
their the hammer is on screen
Simon N. (GM):roll hammer attack
Chris T.:
rolling 1d20+4
Malied:I just posted in the on messanger what it looks
Simon N. (GM):hit
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):nice hit
Simon N. (GM):thx James
Chris T.:
rolling 1d8+2 #Force. End turn
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Geoff:Norrin will move up and attack. Will he still get 2?
Simon N. (GM):yup
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):30' exactly!
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Simon N. (GM):1 hit
end or action surge?
2 more?
Simon N. (GM):yup
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):nice
Simon N. (GM):another hit, it's bleeding a lot now
Simon N. (GM):#Erasmus
Erasmus:Erasmus runs forward, up the side of the large boulder, leaps into the air and brings the staff down at the troll's head.
Erasmus Bos:
Darkwood Staff ()
Erasmus Bos
11Bludgeoning Damage

custom: roll
Erasmus Bos
Simon N. (GM):hit w bardic insp (just!)
Erasmus:15 to hit?
Simon N. (GM):11 dmg!
E bonks it on the head. It roars in pain.
Erasmus:Flurry of blows
Erasmus Bos:
Flurry of Blows ()
Erasmus Bos
5Bludgeoning Damage
Simon N. (GM):hit
Erasmus Bos:
Flurry of Blows ()
Erasmus Bos
8Bludgeoning Damage
Simon N. (GM):& miss
It staggers
starting to look for an exit route...
#Malied AC 15 to light it up
Malied:not wasting anything major on this
Fire Bolt (+6)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Malied and Qiviel finish it
at least i hit the damn thing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):damn
Simon N. (GM):The oil splashed on it catches on fire
Malied:and its on fire ^^
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yeah you did XD
Simon N. (GM):another 3 dmg
Malied:end tyurn
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
5 ft
Longsword +1 (1h) (+6)
2Dueling Style
14 + 6Slashing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):damn if only advantage
Simon N. (GM):The troll turns to head for the stream, leaning down, when Q's sword cuts off its head :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):oh Nice
Simon N. (GM):It drops
Geoff:"Burn it!"
Simon N. (GM):It falls into the pool of oil, which catches alight...
Malied:Malied will burn the bastard
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus lights up the oil on the ground with Tinderbox
Malied:swearing at it for making him miss so many times
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):are we out of initiative
Chris T.:"If only we'd got here sooner."
Simon N. (GM):With some encoutragement from Malied's fire bolts the troll burns merrily, a foul stink rising
(out of combat)
Kenny - Syrus:"Hey, What's in it's nest???"
Erasmus:Erasmus moves away from the stench and heads over to the body of Sir Rodney.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"anyone accomapny me to the trolls nest?"
Geoff:"Watch out, there may be more."
Kenny - Syrus:"MEEEE!!!"
Chris T.:F starts his ritualcasting to detect magic.
Simon N. (GM):Sir Rodney appears to be at least a half day dead, well before you could have done anything
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"lets go"
Malied:Detect magic irt
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"anyone here?"
Simon N. (GM):OK 10 minutes ritual casting you two
Erasmus:Erasmus cuts him down and lays him on the ground.
Chris T.:1 min for DM?
10 min Identify?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"there was told the troll kidnap children but i guess were too late"
"lets see if we can find the missing child here"
Simon N. (GM):Thx Chris yup 1 minute
Geoff:Norrin will help Erasmus with Sir Rodney's remains.
Simon N. (GM):is a lot of blood and gore including what looks like child remains
The troll was clearly well fed.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"we should bring Lord Rodney back to his wife give him a proper funeral"
Kenny - Syrus:"Ewwwww, its stinks here!!"
Simon N. (GM):Detect Magic registers something hidden in the rotten trunk of the fallen tree.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"im sorry child we were too late"
Malied:Have the detect magics picked anything up?
Chris T.:"Something here!"
Simon N. (GM):just faint
Malied:what school?
Kenny - Syrus:"Ohhhhhh what you look there Frae??"
Qiviel:"any sign of the children?"
Erasmus:"Does anyone have any cloth, or spare robes we can wrap the body in? It would not do to stroll back into town with Sir Rodney looking like this."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"gone and devoured Qiviel we were too late"
Simon N. (GM):Rooting inside the trunk you find the troll's treasure cache, including the potion of healing that triggered DM
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus begrudgingly hands over his Cloak of Billowing
"'Ras please clean it afterwards before returning it back to me..."
Malied:O no! Your batman cloak!
Kenny - Syrus:o_O
Erasmus:"Are you sure, Syrus? I know you're very attached to this cloak..."
Qiviel:Q sighs
Kenny - Syrus:o_O
Simon N. (GM):220 gp in coin, Art (175 gp total value for all together): - Small gold bracelet, Pair of engraved bone dice, Small gold bracelet, Copper chalice with silver filigree, Gold locket with a painted portrait inside, Small mirror set in a wooden frame, Silver ewer, Potion of Healing
Malied:How will you fight crime without it?!
Kenny - Syrus:LOL @Malied
Simon N. (GM):Busy troll
Chris T.:afk 2 mins
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Fraener pack it up were going back to Lady Daetha to tll her the bad news"
Qiviel:Q mutters last rites over the remains
Simon N. (GM):ok brb beer run
Kenny - Syrus:"There are lots of trinkets here - that we can sell off??"
Malied:"I think so, yes"
Geoff:Norrin will see if he can take a shiny trinket as a gift for Barbara (OOC: That can be part of his treasure share, if everyone is okay with it.)
Malied:"That locket though might be worth returning, it looks like a keepsake of sentimental value"
Kenny - Syrus:Fine with me - you may wanna wash it first as everything is stinky!!
Chris T.:back
Best take the knight's equipment backwith him along with the Troll's treasure.
Malied:"I'll hold onto the locket (after washing it in the stream) and try to find its owner once we return home"
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Jyrdani watches sombrely as Qiviel performs the last rites. "At least it won't kill anyone else."
Geoff:"Unless they're more of them."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Eramus any signs of Multiple Trolls?"
Malied:"....then we kill them too..."
Kenny - Syrus:Whispers to Jyrdani "Loot is poor with this stinky one" eye rolls
Malied:Maalied starts burning the corpse more lost in the flames
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:can roll Survival if searching
Chris T.:"It looked to happy to have been married..."
Erasmus:"From what I know, trolls tend to be solitary. I'll take a look though."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"not tonight we leave for Lady Daetha and return her husband"
Kenny - Syrus:
Kevven Gellantara
Erasmus Bos:
Erasmus Bos
Simon N. (GM):Syrus sees no sign of any other trolls. Erasmus can't see much as the clouds block the moon again.
Kenny - Syrus:"Seems like theres only one Troll"?
Simon N. (GM):The locket holds a painted portrait of an attractive young woman.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Thank the goddess"
Geoff:"Okay, let's go, then." Norrin will help carry the body of Sir Rodney.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"can i see the locket Malied?"
Malied:"Ofc, do you recognise her?"
Simon N. (GM):There is some faint writing on the back "To keep me in your heart - Mirna"
Chris T.:"Mirna? Like the Dwarf Queen?"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"nope but you should appreciate beauty in all forms"
Simon N. (GM):Well the portrait looks human
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"to Thin to be a dwarf im afraid"
Geoff:"Whomever lost this would not have given it up willingly."
Simon N. (GM):Mirna Norsdottir rules Dwarfstead yup
Malied:"Hmm, well hopefully we'll find the right person to return it too"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Mirna i will keep that in mind"
Malied:"Right do we plan to ride through the night? or make camp by the horses and set off in the morrow?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):give back the pendant to Malied
Malied:"thank you"
Chris T.:"I know this Mirna. F looks for evidence of Dwarf bones among the nest.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"the horses is with Lady Daetha"
Erasmus:OOC Let me know what anyone wants to keep and I'll divvy up the rest.
Simon N. (GM):You are only 4 miles from Egilmont
Chris T.:Well Fraener was just having dinner with Mirna during the week
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Geoff:Norrin will keep the gold bracelet to give to Barbara. After washing the troll goop from it first.
Simon N. (GM):no sign of dwarf bones
Chris T.:thanks
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):it will take two hours to arrive the late lord Radney manor so we better hurry if we want sleep
Malied:"might be a different Mirna?"
Chris T.:"Worth asking her, don't you think?"
"right, off we go to the manor"
Chris T.:"There is trouble at the mithril mine, south of her steading. Perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone?"
Erasmus:"We should check with Lady Daetha if she knows a Mirna, too."
Chris T.:"Good idea."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"you okay we help her Fraener i thought you would want to raid the dawrf forges again?"
Malied:OOC Unless it something magical I'm mostly need coin for the ungodly expensive spell scribing -.-
Simon N. (GM):That night you return to Egilmont Manor, where Lady Daetha is saddened but unsurprised to learn of her husband's death. "sob Y-your swift action and courage avenged him, and ensured no more will perish to the troll. I am grateful."
"You must have the offered reward, of course."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"it is unfortunate we couldnt save the children as well"
Kenny - Syrus:(OOC I need to go now, and Tim has control over Syrus again - looking forward to next week when I can hopefully stay the whole session! 'Night!)
Geoff:"I mourn your loss, my lady, but please rest assured you always have friends at D'Ashe Manor."
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d20
Malied:Night mate
Geoff:Good night, Kenny!
Erasmus:Nite bud.
Chris T.:G'night Kenny! Watch the vampires don't bite!
Malied:Malied will carefully ask about a woman named Mirna
Simon N. (GM):Daetha: "There was a knight of Ostel, Sir Hugo, who led his men into the marsh two months ago in search of the troll. He did not return - he wore a locket like that."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"oSTEL WHERE IS THAT?"
ooc sorry for the caps
Simon N. (GM):Daetha smiles at Norrin. "Thank you, and please convey my warm regards to Lady Barbara. We may have different Dukes, but we are all Damaran and should be friends."
Geoff:"Thank you, my lady. I will do that."
Simon N. (GM):Ostel is the Barony east of Carmathan Duchy where you are right now
Malied:"hmm, that helps a great deal, atleast we know where to look for her now, atleast it might give her some peace knowing what happened"
Chris T.:(Notsure Muiz)
Malied:"atleast she'll know why he has not returned"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"so near grimstead?"
Chris T.:(I found the mithril mine having the trouble though)
Simon N. (GM):You are currently in Egilmont, in the Barony of Grimstead in the Duchy of Carmathan in the kingdom of Damara :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"oh Ostel is very far away multiple days maybe weeks for us to get their"
"maybe when were done here in Damara we go to Ostel"
Simon N. (GM):about 60-70 miles to Ostel from here
Erasmus:"I thought you were looking to settle down, Strohm?"
Simon N. (GM):Daetha: "I believe Sir Hugo came from a manor near Karvolia, near the Ostel border with Carmathan - you could enquire there?"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"of course but to return this locket to a fair maiden i will go to any lenghts"
"still that is very far we still have resposibilities here"
Simon N. (GM):Karvolia is a small market town or large village in Ostel.
The area has a fairly sinister reputation - the Transylvania of Damara :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc noted
Erasmus:"Of that, there is no doubt, Strohm. I feel we should return to Khundrakar so that Fraener may complete his current quest. We can deal with mines later."
Simon N. (GM):many legends of vampires, werewolves, ghosts & such
Chris T.:"I fear I have another favour toaskof you my friends. But one that may pay dividends..."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Lady Daetha can we stay at your home for tonight let us rest and ecuperate before we at dawn tommorow"
Simon N. (GM):GM: You rest comfortably overnight at the manor. Daetha has a servant bring Norrin (assumed to be your leader) the advertised reward of 300gp for slaying the Troll.
Erasmus:"What is it, Fraener?"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Strohm spends a short rest
Chris T.:"Flint Rockwood. the mithril miner is under attack from Orcs and a demon... Ifwe can save him and his mine we may be rewarded in Mithril, which, when we recapture the Halls,I can forge into magicalitems forus.."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
HIT DICE (D10+2)
Geoff:Norrin will add the 300 gp reward to the loot found in the troll's nest, to be split evenly later on.
Chris T.:"It is only a day or two out of our way.."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"im oksy in getting rid of Orcs and Demons"
Erasmus:"I'm always happy to deal with orcs. Demons, on the other hand..."
Qiviel:(I may wander off before we get into the next bit - so I don't end up staying up super late)
Malied:"I'm in"
Chris T.:"A demon, some minor fiend..." He adds hopefully
Geoff:Norrin nods to Fraener. "I'm in."
Chris T.:"Rockwood would be a fine ally to have."
(almost directly SW from our current position)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"where is thisRockwood?"
Chris T.:"We could break the journey at Dwafstead?" Fraener is a bit smitten by the lovely Lady Mirna
(SW of our current position,Muiz)
Qiviel:"I am happy to assist where we are of most help," Q says. "Orcs, demons, or otherwise."
Chris T.:about 2 days travel/60 miles
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"oh i see another dwarf settlement at least we dont have an half orc preventing us from staying in town"
Simon N. (GM):LOL
Chris T.::D
Erasmus:Erasmus frowns at the mention of Ted.
Chris T.:(Of courseif you have something else linned up for us, Simon...)
Simon N. (GM):This is a sandbox game :)
Chris T.::)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"many treasure have we lost to that rougish half orc"
Geoff:"I'm still considering putting out a warrant for his arrest," Norrin says sourly.
Simon N. (GM):Let me know what you're doing - of course there are folk in D'Ashe Manor worriedly awaiting your return.
Geoff:We could to to Dwarfstead and have them take word to D'Ashe about what we're doing.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"so to Rock wood or we report back to Lady D'Ashe?"
Simon N. (GM):If you are still below full hp you can have back 1 hp/level for overnight rest Strohm
Chris T.:Fraener agrees with Norrin.
Erasmus:"Trvel will be quicker by road. We could go back to the manor today, then to Dwarfstead on the morrow."
Malied:"Makes sense]
Chris T.:ooc-or doit over three days, sure.
Simon N. (GM):You could be at D'Ashe for lunch & Dwarfstead for dinner easily :)
Chris T.::)
Geoff:Yes, let's do that.
Chris T.:Soundsgood
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):its okay i recovered from the short rest
Simon N. (GM):rem those are 2 mile hexes & you have horses
Erasmus is right about faster by road though
Chris T.:(ah!I wascounting as5milke hexes)
Simon N. (GM):GM: You bid farewell to Lady Daetha after breakfast & head west...
rolling d6
Chris T.:"Lady Mirna is a gem among women. A river to her people and a great beauty too!"
Erasmus:"Let's do that. We will have to rely on your relationship with the leader of Dwarfstead to allow us to rest overnight there. Do you think she would be amenable?"
Chris T.:"I am sure youwill all like her."
Geoff:"Methinks the dwarf is in love..."
Simon N. (GM):The road is empty - few travellers these days, esp w a dragon about - and you reach the Manor before noon.
Chris T.:"Bah! Norrin, you jest?! Why the likes of Lady Mirna would not look at an old anvil like me!" He blushes below his beard
Simon N. (GM):Akemi & Geradile are v happy to see Strohm :) - Barbara smiles with relief as Norrin rides in through the front gate
Barbara D'Ashe:"Welcome back, everyone! You must tell me what happened!"
Erasmus:Erasmus nudges Fraener and gestures toward Jyrdani. He shrugs.
Geoff:Norrin will tell Barbara about the events in the swamp and the unfortunate passing of Sir Rodney. He will give her the gold bracelet as a gift.
Barbara D'Ashe:looks at it "It's beautiful!" kisses Norrin
Malied:A gift from a troll nest that belonged to a now dead person...
talk about deadmans boots
Geoff:"Hey! I fought hard for that!"
Barbara D'Ashe:"That is sad, Sir Rodney's death. He was a great warrior once. Now Lady Daetha rules alone - I think Baron Solkar will soon rule there, for he is married to her last daughter."
"This year she has lost a daughter and now a husband, too."
Geoff:"I have pledged our friendship to her," Norrin says. "There may be times that we may need to rely upon each other."
Barbara D'Ashe:Barbara nods. "That was the right thing to do. We must make the best of things."
Erasmus:Erasmus shares out the coin, leaving the remaining trinkets in a pouch in his room to be dealt with once there is time.
"65gp each."
Chris T.:"Thank you, Erasmus"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Thank you Eramus"
Geoff:OOC: Did you include the 300 gp reward from Daetha?
Erasmus:Yup. 520/8
Barbara D'Ashe:After lunch (& for Strohm a quick visit to his ladies) you can head south to Dwarfstead.
Qiviel:Q nods her thanks to Erasmus for sharing it out
Chris T.:"We should ask Lady Mirna about the locket, perhaps?"
Simon N. (GM):The sun still shines bright but a cold wind is blowing down from the snowcapped slopes of Fang Mountain to the west, a presage of the winter to come.
Erasmus:Erasmus shivers in the cold wind. "I wonder if that dragon has anything to do with the chill."
Chris T.:"Fang Mountain... I fear we will be there before too long.."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"again i doubt Lady Mirna the 'Dwarf' would know Mirna the 'Human' who lives somewhere in further north"
Simon N. (GM):Even giving your mounts an easy time, the 8 miles south to Dwarfstead across heath & woodlands passes swiftly enough and you reach Dwarfstead that afternoon, a fortified hamlet of some 200 or so dwarf farmers, shepherds - and warriors.
Chris T.:F shrugs. (It is a good reason to visit, along with news that we go to rescue Flint.)
Simon N. (GM):Dwarves tilling the wheat fields by the steading pause to watch your approach. A horn blows and the gates swing open, giving you admittance.
Geoff:"We'll follow your lead, Fraener."
Simon N. (GM):Mirna is on the village green, training a squadron of younger warriors, of both sexes.
She looks up from swinging her great maul, wipes a bead of sweat from her brow and grins. "Welcome back, Father Fraener! Welcome, friends of Fraener!"
Mirna Norasdottir:"What brings you back to our humble home?"
Chris T.:Fraener is delighted to seeher again so soon. He will introduce the brave band of which they talked on his last visit. He will also tell of making good on the promise that he would help, Flint. Then at a convenient time mention the locket
Malied:Malied shows her the locket
Chris T.:Her hairlike burnished copper bright!
Mirna Norasdottir:"I don't recognise this girl. Good name, though!"
Malied:Her hair IS Copper :P
"as I susupected"
Malied put it away again
Chris T.:"I would ask foryour hospitality once more before we leave in the morning for Flint's mine."
Simon N. (GM):The two Mirnas do seem to have similar hair.
Malied:will be AFK in a few to gtake in tak away
Chris T.:"And of course will be happy to pay for any out of pocket expenses this may cost you."
Mirna Norasdottir:"Of course! Drink and feast with us tonight. No charge, of course - we welcome your company."
Mirna seems more relaxed on the training ground than when Fraener met her before in her Hall.
Chris T.:Fraener beams widely at this generous gesture. He so wants his friends to like her.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"well were here to help Rockwood getting rid of orcs and demosn"
Erasmus:"Your hospitality is most gracious, Lady Mirna."
Chris T.:and for her to like them..
Simon N. (GM):You are ushered to guest quarters (1 male room 1 female) to freshen up before dinner.
Chris T.:"The lamb here is divine!"
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:to Qiviel: "Tomorrow we go hunt a demon - that's your thing, right?"
Erasmus:Erasmus gets cleaned up, then waits near thewomen's room for Jyrdani. When she emerges, he gives her a kiss and they walk to the hall arm in arm.
Chris T.:Fraener polishes his ancestral armour until it gleams.
Qiviel:"Anything not aligned with the holy aspects should be dealt with if it causes harm to the innocent, but you would say undead is more my thing, although I am still improving my skills," she grins to Jyrdani
Chris T.:Combing and platting his beard and sparse hair. Arranging them to best effect. Though this is something akin to polishing a turd, he reflects sadly.
Qiviel:"I am finding that anything that harms those under my protection that my sword can bite falls under my purview."
Simon N. (GM):Jyrdani grins back at Qiviel. "May be time to expand your repertoire, milady." Over a good dinner in the great hall of Mirna's longhouse you eat well and listen to the dwarves talk of sheep, sowing & planting, building in wood and stone - and of the darkness that threatens these lands.
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"That sounds fair. I guess you could say anything I can hack the arms off is 'my thing'!"
Geoff:As a representative of D'Ashe Manor, Norrin will make a point of speaking with Mirna, as a way of opening up a dialogue between Dwarfstead and D'Ashe regarding trade, etc. He will likewise pledge their friendship to the dwarves.
Qiviel:Q laughs softly. "Indeed. A glorious sight we make on a battlefield then."
Mirna Norasdottir:To Norrin "We are glad of your friendship. I knew Sir Brandon D'Ashe, back in the old days... much has passed since then. I am glad Lady D'Ashe has a new ...companion. And I am not too sorry to see Gurzun gone."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Strohm looks for any human maids that has caught his attention
Qiviel:(sorry guys, I'm going to wrap up here since, please move Q around as you need her :) )
Mirna Norasdottir:bye Keelia!
Malied:I'll drive her!
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Night Keelia
Geoff:"You honour me, Lady Mirna," Norrin replies, bowing.
Chris T.:G'night Keelia, stay safe :)
Qiviel:(have a great rest of the game - night!)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):see ya Next week Keelia
Geoff:Good night, Keelia!
Simon N. (GM):Dwarfstead appears to be 100% dwarf, sadly for Strohm.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):sigh
Malied:I though you said that Mirna was training a mixed group?
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Male/female
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):sippin on his Dwarven drink
Simon N. (GM):yup
Malied:Oooo, right
Simon N. (GM):male dwarves & female dwarves
Chris T.:And this is a most wholesome steading. Not some knocking shop! :D
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):what time is it now?
Simon N. (GM):Mirna is too diplomatic to say anything about what D'Ashe Manor has become, but Fraener & others w passive Insight 13+ can tell she's not wholly approving.
about 7.30pm as you eat dinner
Mirna Norasdottir:"About the Rockwood mine - it is very isolated. Mostly they take boats downriver past the ruins of Robden to the White Worm, thence to Ravensburg to sell their silver and buy supplies. We rarely see them here."
Chris T.:"But you mentioned he was beset by a demon and it's Orc thralls?"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Strohm will quietly eat his dinner
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Erasmus pauses at the mention of his old home.
Mirna Norasdottir:nods If you go south from Dwarfstead a mile or so you will hit a trail running west. Follow it to the silver stream - you will need to ford the Stream - then follow the west bank south until you see signs of their habitation.
"The last Rockwood miners here were three weeks back, buying mutton and wool. They spoke of a demon-ape leading the orc raiders."
Chris T.:"My friends and I will rid the Rockwoodmine of this menace."
Mirna Norasdottir:The last mine-boat south was sore beset - they drove off the orcs, but losses were high."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):looking at the map "do we have to pass Argus and Talhanen?"
Mirna Norasdottir:"They said the demon caused the trees of the riverbank to bend and twist, plucking dwarves from the boat to their doom."
Chris T.:""Will we be able to cross the river at Silver Vale?"
Mirna Norasdottir:shakes head at Strohm
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"oh never mind see the road now"
Mirna Norasdottir:turns to Fraener "Yes, this time of year it can be forded."
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"just notice the thin road
Chris T.:"I could not do this alone. Once more the brave and good souls that I call friends have agreed toi help."
Mirna Norasdottir:"The good news is that the ape-demon seemed wounded by their crossbow bolts."
smiles at Fraener "If Rockwood still lives, he will be grateful for all of your aid."
Chris T.:Fraener tries not to blush under her fair gaze.
Mirna Norasdottir:OOC :)
GM: After a massive apple pie with cream for dessert, you have after dinner dwarven whisky and things start to settle down for the night.
Erasmus:"If I may? Perhaps we should all get an early night. We can set off at first light."
Chris T.:(OOC the river flowing through Silver Vale will be a super highway to the south for goods manufactured Khundraker...)
"Indeed. An earlynight will serve us well. Lady Mirna, once more you have my thganks."
Mirna Norasdottir:(OOC there is a track south from Khundrakar to White Worm River - though that area is currently full of orcs & ettins!)
Simon N. (GM):GM: You retire for the night. Most of you spend a rather uncomfortable night on hard dwarf beds, though Fraener has the best sleep in ages & it reminds Erasmus of the Monastery floor he slept on as a Novice, not that long ago.
Chris T.:(Indeed the whole area betwixt the White Worm and the Silver Vale willneed attention if it is to come under the protection of Khundrakar. :) )
Erasmus:Erasmus is surprisingly comfortable, even if he does miss the soft down of his bed at the manor.
Simon N. (GM):Next morning you rise, dine on heavy dwarf porridge.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):this might be the last night Strohm stays in Dwarfsead XD
Geoff:Norrin curses the bed; he was used to such accommodatons when he was a caravan guard, but spending his nights in a soft bed beside Barbara has made him soft.
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:kisses Erasmus "I think those dwarf beds are harder than the stony ground itself!"
Chris T.:Fraener is all smiles.A comfortable bed and heartybreakfast. "Porridge with rocks in, just likemother used to make."
Erasmus:"When we get back to the manor, remind me to give you a nice massage. It does wonders for morning aches!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc are the shepperds dwarves too?
Simon N. (GM):After breakfast you prepare to leave - you should be ok to take the horses, indeed they should get you across Silver Stream without getting your bottom halves (Fraener bottom 3/4s) wet.
Yes these dwarves are shepherds and farmers.
Very unlike the tales of dwarf miners, fighters & drunkards Strohm grew up with.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc where is beverly and geradile from?
Chris T.:"Isn't she wonderful? Virtue and beauty in equal measure. Fierce as a lioness too, I'll warrant."
Simon N. (GM):Geradile & Beverly are from a human farmstead NW of Dwarfstead
south of D'Ashe manor
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"this dwarf settlement is really quaint not like the songs or tales i heard"
Erasmus:"Haha. It is one thing to be smitten, my pious friend, but be sure to keep your head in the game during combat." Erasmus looks over at Jyrdani. "I can't recall the number of times I've nearly died because I was distracted."
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:smiles at Fraener "She certainly swings a maul well!"
Chris T.:Jyrdani understands!
Geoff:"She has the best interests of her people in mind, that's for sure. And that's admirable," Norrin says, not sure what to make of her.
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"She must have a hundred warriors here - they could do a lot... not just farm sheep."
Chris T.:"Now lets kill some Orcs and their pet ape"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"here here"
Erasmus:"I fear it may be the other way around."
Simon N. (GM):GM: You bid farewell to Dwarfstead. Riding south you soon reach the western trail.
It leads west across open moorland for about 4 miles. To the south rise the Moonfog Hills, still glimmering with the last of the morning mist that oft enfolds them. It has a slightly eldritch look about it.
Then a few miles through the woods, growing denser until you reach the banks of the Silver Stream, the small river gurgles merrily along. It looks quite crossable at present.
Chris T.:Check out the trees for lurking Ape-Demons
Simon N. (GM):Do you follow Mirna's advice re crossing to the west bank then south?
You see no ape demons here :)
Erasmus:Follow the directions we were given.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz)::"better follow the madm dwarf advice"
Chris T.:Follow Mirna's advice.. yes,yes..
Simon N. (GM):GM: Your horses & pony ford the stream to the far bank. There is a faint trail, but the land here is clearly wild and unsettled even by the standards of the borderlands.
Chris T.:"We should call upon Rockwood, see how the land lays."
Simon N. (GM):You travel 4 miles south, at a slower pace as the faint track winds along the riverbank.
After a couple hours you reach a jetty, with nearby solid wood building - it has been burned and partially demolished. A ruined barge lies submerged by the jetty.
A faint trail leads uphill west through the woods.
Chris T.:"Flint Rockwood's mine must be close."
Follow the path upwards?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"lead the way"
Chris T.:F does so. Probably better the miners see a dwarf first than a heavilyarmed group of humans etc?
Geoff:"Yes. And a human would still be better than a half-orc."
Chris T.:F makes sure the Hammer and Anvil sybolof Moradin is clearlyvisible on his shield
Simon N. (GM):You head up the trail...
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"It's quiet... too quiet."
Erasmus:OOC Aww! Look at the squirrels and birds!!
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Can you place your tokens on the trail below the little stream thanks :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc indeed
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:horses are in your Journal
Simon N. (GM):most of you are on riding horses BTW :) - Norrin has Gurzun's warhorse
Malied:Q has a speacial one i think but its not on my list
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yeah but no riding horse in journal
Simon N. (GM):ok where did that pony go?
Malied:Ah, I have the pony
Chris T.:(OOC I have no idea how you guys are getting your tokens up)
Simon N. (GM):sorry I've added riding horse to journal
If you are on a computer you should see seveal icons above the text chat window. One says Journal if you hover over it.
Chris T.:yup, brought that down and found the character sheet
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):newspaper symbol between the text speech and information symbol
Chris T.:(The Luddite in me is struggling with technology)
Simon N. (GM):
Ability: 3 | 17
An orc lying in ambush manages to scare a squirrel, that bounds away squeaking.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):holy
Simon N. (GM):As you pull up your horses the Orcs rise up. Two savage looking orcs across the stream scream & raise their great mauls. "KALL DAR GTHAK!"
(kill the humans in Orc)
Initiative: 16
Simon N. (GM):
Orc, Black Sun
Initiative: 10
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Simon N. (GM):ok roll init. James tap your token!
Simon N. (GM)::)
Chris T.:
Erasmus Bos:
Erasmus Bos
Jyrdani of Jiyyd
Chris T.:
Initiative (+4.16)
Syrus, Bard of Many Scrolls!
Simon N. (GM):everyone rolled?
Geoff:OOC: So the squares with the triangesl indicate difficult terrain?
Simon N. (GM):yes, also the trees are difficult & can be used for cover
pools & stream difficult too
While mounted you have horse movement
Geoff:Seeing the orcs on the other side of the fallen trees, Norrin will dismount and wait for them.
Simon N. (GM):ok move to adjacent to horse
Erasmus:Erasmus dismounts and heads toward the orcs to the east, then takes his defensive stance.
Simon N. (GM):#Strohm
Erasmus:"Come at me!"
Simon N. (GM)::)
Malied:Hurray! Rocco
Simon N. (GM)::)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):cast burning hands
Simon N. (GM):you can get 3 ok?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):okay
Dexterity Save
Self (15-foot cone)
Burning Hands
nice roll
Simon N. (GM):
Ability: 7 | 8
Ability: 9 | 18
Ability: 16 | 3
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):end turn
Simon N. (GM):2 orcs go up in flames & die, 1 is scorched
2 orcs come at Strohm, axes swinging.
Attack:20 | 24
Damage: 14 slashing
Attack:19 | 15
Damage: 9 slashing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Abjuration 1
Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell
Range: Self
Target: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 round
An invisible barrier of magical force appears and protects you. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC, including against the triggering attack, and you take no damage from magic missile.
cast sheild
Simon N. (GM):thought so :D
better than 23 dmg...
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):1 spell slot left
Simon N. (GM):Orcs come at Norrin - readied attack
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):brb
Simon N. (GM):Geoff?
+1 Nar Hero Sword (+8)
9 + 1
sorry, daydreaming
Simon N. (GM):Norrin wounds the first one in.
3 attack him
Attack:12 | 10
Damage: 14 slashing
Attack:12 | 23
Damage: 7 slashing
Attack:23 | 21
Damage: 13 slashing
Geoff:AC 22, sword and shield
Simon N. (GM):1 hit for 13
an orc attacks Jyrdani
Attack:23 | 19
Damage: 5 slashing
scratch :)
orc throws javelin at Jyrdani
Javelin (Melee)
Attack:9 | 8
Damage: 7 piercing
Simon N. (GM):miss
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:ducks
Simon N. (GM):Orc comes in using
As a bonus action, the orc can move up to its speed toward a hostile creature that it can see.
swings at Syrus
Attack:25 | 8
Damage: 11 + 12 slashing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):oh fuck
Syrus (Kenny):o_O
Simon N. (GM):orc swings at Malied
Chris T.:ouch
Simon N. (GM):
Attack:7 | 6
Damage: 5 slashing
Simon N. (GM):orc attacks Syrus' horse
Attack:21 | 22
Damage: 15 slashing
Chris T.:ouch again
Syrus (Kenny):"Eras'niiiiii!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):great weapons are terrifying
Simon N. (GM):Syrus' horse goes down, Syrus falls prone besifde it.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):*hopefully its not sign
Simon N. (GM):javelin at NOrrin
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:6 | 17
Damage: 5 piercing
Simon N. (GM):javelin at Erasmus
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:6 | 13
Damage: 7 piercing
6 miss (disad)
Erasmus:Bats it aside
Simon N. (GM):javelin at Strohm
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:20 | 14
Damage: 9 piercing
Shielded so miss right?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yup till his turn
24 AC
Simon N. (GM):An orc reaches Norrin & swings
Attack:18 | 8
Damage: 6 slashing
bounces off :)
Simon N. (GM):javelin
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:8 | 11
Damage: 5 piercing
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:23 | 24
Damage: 8 piercing
hits NOrrin!
Geoff:Norrin is starting to look a bit concerned....
Simon N. (GM):javelin at Strohm
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:19 | 18
Damage: 7 piercing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yeah numbers are terrifying flooding us with a sea of bodies
Malied:in theory I could help him, but it means signing my own death warrent :P
Simon N. (GM):bounces off Shield
javelin at Strohm - he's a good looking target :)
Javelin (Ranged)
Attack:8 | 20
Damage: 8 piercing
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):cause he is atop of horse i guess
Simon N. (GM):yup so no cover
Malied:ok, not gonna risk it
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):go Malied turn this around with your magic
Malied:move to the left
take the oop attack
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):wow really
Simon N. (GM):you can't go through a tree but I guess you could go round it to south off map
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):no burning hands or anything?
Simon N. (GM):
Attack:22 | 11
Damage: 12 slashing
Malied:can't get them all from there
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ouch
Simon N. (GM):Shield?
Chris T.:ouchers!
Simon N. (GM):oh hits anyway
burning hands the lot of them
Simon N. (GM):ok those 3
Self (15-foot cone)
Burning Hands (+6)
Half damage
Dexterity Save
All Creatures within a 15 foot cone
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):nice
Simon N. (GM):
Ability: 5 | 18