Monday, 1 March 2021

FA0 8-9/9/1359 DR - 3rd expedition into Ramvira Stonehell Dungeon


Lineup 8/9/59

3rd expedition 9/8/59

"A railway carriage! Looks mid Twentieth Century..."

Suddenly a faint, garbled metallic-toned voice sounds from an unseen source, somewhere past the end of the carriage. It takes you a moment to understand the words.

“…Patchogue, Bellport, Mastic-Shirley, and Speonk.”

"Sounds ...American?"

Gundred Rondus Einar and Shukura follow her into the carriage.
It is empty, and seems in good repair, with rows of square-cushioned seats in a check pattern on either side. Through the glass windows you see a cavern of sorts - the oddly melted walls are of fitted red brick and mortar, what looks like tears and blood ooze from gaps in the brickwork. The grey cavern floor is similarly melted and warped, like congealed candlewax.
There are two end doors at each end of the carriage, opening out into the cavern 6' above the ground, and a connecting door at the far end leading into a second carriage.

Mr Rabbit

Gary Stu

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