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FA1 7-9/10/59 Rockwood Hall - Coming of the Orcs


Simon N. (GM):GM: Qiviel you take the horses back to D'Ashe Manor to keep them safe?
Qiviel:Yes, taking horses away :)
Ted:i'll go with Q
Simon N. (GM):GM: Qiviel & Ted take the horses to D'Ashe
rolling d6
& return home safely next day :)
Qiviel:phew :D
Kenny - Syrus:OOC didn't manage to catchup on the IC thread but know you have all made plans -pls so let me know if there are specific things that Syrus can help with when the time comes1
Malied:hi again
I think i'm sorted now
Simon N. (GM):GM: If you are still wanting to dig pits and set traps and such please place your tokens where you are working
Malied:note to self, do not try to play Roll20 while dwnloading several GB of music -.-
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d8
Erasmus:"Do we start close and work out from the hold, or start away and move in?"
Simon N. (GM):The weather is cloudy/overcast but dry.
OK I see Qiviel Ted & Norrin outside the fort. You three tell me what you are making.
Geoff:Norrin will start building the Cheval de frises to block the roadway.
Malied:In terms of combat? best to have picket lines and fall back as the battle continues
Qiviel:Q is digging wolf holes wherever indicated by the plan
Geoff:Let's get some of the miners out there to help dig pits. They're miners, after all....
Chris T.:Fraener keeps an eagle eye out from the battlements ready to give artillery support. It is the work of months to preparesuch works.
Ted:keep your eyes peeled for scouts dudes
Malied:Malied is guging the range for his spells
Erasmus:"The field is too large to allow that tactic Malied, however that issort of the intention. Limit their movement, and funnel them so they don't get too large a front."
Ted:(no muizz tonight?
Simon N. (GM):(Muizz might have been caught by clock change?)
Kenny - Syrus:Syrus helps with digging by casting Mage Hand to push away dug up earth (didn't really want to get his hown hands dirty)!
Erasmus:"Norrin, do you agree with this placement?"
Geoff:"That's good. Maybe another one between the rocks where Ted is, and the pond just south of there."
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Erasmus:Like this?
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
rolling d6
rolling d6
Geoff:Along the road, too
Simon N. (GM):
rolling d6
Ted:I'll get up on the roof
Simon N. (GM):I take it the 4 of you are workling on the Cheval de Frise. Malied's Mage Hand doesn't help much. :)
Ted:i can see my cave from here
Geoff:Once that's done, Norrin will lend his strong back to help dig pits.
Erasmus:"Archers on the roof may have trouble hitting them while they're slowed by the outer range."
Simon N. (GM):OK after 2.5 days the 5 Cheval de Frise are completed; no sign of Orcs.
Erasmus:Plus any dwarves that wish to defend their home.
Geoff:If we slow then down enough, they may try to go around, and stumble into some other of our traps.
Malied:I'll cast a fog cloud over the pit that have been dug, it will heavily obscure the area around them, more likely to fall in
Simon N. (GM):If you want to dig some 'wolf hole' pits start marking them (no more than 1 per PC working)
Chris T.:They have the good sense to prepare defences inside too. Choke points below ground. F suggests at the room with the orange rug.
for a start
Erasmus:Where is their lair? To the south, I presume?
Chris T.:To the SW I think?
Simon N. (GM):South then west
Erasmus:So the new East Road is a decoy, right?
Chris T.:It has a evil citadel m,arker on the map
Simon N. (GM):East goes down to the river & then Dwarfstead etc
Erasmus:And there are no secret entrances to the mines?
Ted:(whats the name of the place we are at?)
Simon N. (GM):>>And there are no secret entrances to the mines?<< Passive Insight 15, Erasmus can tell that the dwarves wouldn't tell him if there were. >:)
Erasmus:"This will be the last hole dug."
Simon N. (GM):You're at Rockwood Mine
GM: I'm not seeing any holes on map. I can see te barricades ok
Malied:no pits outside?
Erasmus:"Flint, if you want us to make the best defence possible, we need to know about every possible weak point."
Simon N. (GM):oh I see a giant pink one by Norrin
Anyone helping Norrin build his giant pit?
Malied:My mage hand will help, probbly stronger than Malid is anyway :P
Simon N. (GM):Now I see a giant orange one too.
Ted:(k thx) there's an Orc Glen is to the west. We found tracks of a demon ape going that way
Kenny - Syrus:OOC where should I put Syrus as an Archer?
Simon N. (GM):@Malied Mage Hand max carry is 10 lb so it's extremely weak
Ted:if Stohm would come up here and keep am look out with his sharp elven eyes of leeching I'll cone down and help Norrin
Geoff:Norrin is digging some wolf holes in that area. Did you want the specifc locations of them?
Erasmus:"Ted, should you and I keep watch? We're the quickest in the party, should we need to fall back at pace."
Chris T.:(Can the dwarves construct defensuive barriers e-w across the north and souith entrances to orange rug room and n-s before the pit room. If we need to fallback it will be important to know where we can defend.
Ted:Sure Erasmus - wanna get out into the trees?
Erasmus:"Does anyone have a shortbow I can borrow?"
Ted:i've got Eldred's long ow if you wanan borrow that. he wont mind :-P
Kenny - Syrus:@Erasmus you can borrow mine?
Erasmus:"I can't use a longbow, but I can shoot twice with a shortbow as opposed to only once with a crossbow."
Kenny - Syrus:ACtually I have a Crossbow Light?
Malied:"Sorry, I'm not much of a 'weapons' guy"
Chris T.:Just a couple of hand axes if they will help?
Simon N. (GM):Excavation rate - Norrin/STR 18 can do 180' square feet/day, Ted STR 19 190 sq ft, 190 STR 9 90 square feet.
Simon N. (GM):(had to look up 1e DMG - it has a rate for 3-4 men building a giant trench over 6 weeks, scaled down from there) :)
Ted:Ted's shoulders sag "back on the chain gang it is then"
Strohm get up on the tower keep those sharp eyes of yours peeled for the enemy#
Erasmus:(If Ted is keeping watch, can he lend his gauntlets to someone else to help them do the digging?)
Geoff:Okay, so no large scale pit. Norrin will just dig some wolf holes in that area.
Chris T.:it's cubic feet we need to worry about.
Simon N. (GM):>>Can the dwarves construct defensuive barriers e-w across the north and souith entrances to orange rug room and n-s before the pit room. If we need to fallback it will be important to know where we can defend.<< You can draw out where you want them to put barriers, they'll do it if seems reasonable.
Chris T.:done,in grey
Ted:(Can Strohm go up on the tower and keep watch that seems reasonable too)
Chris T.:just three to fall back on where they can't be flanked. Have a good choke point for aoe magic and long approaches for concentrated crossbow fire
Simon N. (GM):@Chris do you want spiky barriers like outside? Or like tower shields/big doors?
Malied:I've got a spell or two to lock them down, plus some nasty stuff for when they bunch up
Ted:Ted sings in a raspy tennor while he digs
Chris T.:Idealy 3/4 cover for Dwarves, 1/2 for men.
Simon N. (GM):What are those red crosses?
Erasmus:(If our melee fighters fall back as far as the red crosses, it gives us the best coverage for the smallest front. Ranged fighters and casters behind to hit them as they come down the corridor.)
Simon N. (GM):4' high wood barrier Chris?
Chris T.:Simple miners debris for cover, moveable boxes.
We can fall backif need be and have killzones forthe crossbows where they can't be flanked.
3' please, Simon
Ted:"its all you need so believe me honey..."
Chris T.:(I know how much effort goes into digging a pit :D )
Ted:"ooowooah yeah yeah its only right now"
Simon N. (GM):ok the dwargves stack crates from the stores and roll boulders to where Fraener directs.
Outside Norrin is diffing lots of little holes that might catch an orc's ankle :) - small enough to hide effectively and with a sharp stick in the bottom, could be nasty.
Erasmus you & Jyrdani are digging 5' wide 'wolf holes'? 7' deep?
Erasmus:"What do you think , Norrin? Small or large?"
Simon N. (GM):Jyrdani w STR 18 can dig one of those a day.
rolling d6
Chris T.:where those crosses are will risk defenders getting cut off from East and West.. No one should be north of the red rug room once battle is joined.
Ted:"gimme all you lovin', hugs n kiss too"
Hey Muizz
Muiz:Hello everyone sorry im late i thought we start 30 mins later
Chris T.:Hiya Muiz
Simon N. (GM):GM: Day 3, afternoon: Ted & Norrin dig a bunch of litle pits for spikes. Jyrdani & Erasmis get their first pit dug.
Geoff:Small holes. big enough to break an ankle or two. Plus we can dig more of them, and faster
Simon N. (GM):Hi Muizz - clocks went forward in UK last week
It's 6.08pm now
rolling d8
Geoff:thoughtfully "Maybe both...?"
Simon N. (GM):ok don't move any tokens now
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:wipes brow "It's definitely... a pit."
Ted:"here I am rock you like a hurricane"
he night is calling I have to go, the wolf is hungry he wants the show"
Muiz:yeah didnt check the game time properly so i wake up late
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:
Muiz:okay dont know where im supposed to be anyway
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Sadly the Orc SCouts get 18 on Stealth so you don't spot them unless PP 19+ :)
Chris T.:not here
Erasmus:Ted & Erasmus were keeping an eye out.
Qiviel:Q has 11 - she sees nothing aside from the hole she's been digging
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:I take it Strohm is on the Keep roof as he doesn't like being underground
(diggers can't use PP BTW)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc preferably yes
Erasmus:I thought J and N were digging, T & E on watch.
Chris T.:F on watch too
but no where near 18PP
Malied:Orc ninja's
there are 10 of them in this Chat right now, they are so stealthy
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:GM: It's getting dark and those outside are getting ready to pack it in for the night when you see the dark figures approaching through the trees.
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc holy shit
Simon N. (GM):What is that big red ball of twine on the cliff?
Geoff:"Time to go." Raising his voice: "Enemies! Enemies at the gate! Back to the keep!"
Erasmus:Q's Wolf hole, I believe.
Simon N. (GM):OK It/s rock there so she's not made much progress
But the dwarves have built a pit inside the palisade & are putting a cover on it.
OK roll init please
Simon N. (GM):
Erasmus:(Do you want me to do J?"
Chris T.:
Simon N. (GM):
Erasmus Bos:
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):
Ted:"Get outta here big guy, I'm right behind you"
Simon N. (GM):
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc well im defintely last thankfully im indoors
Kenny - Syrus:
Qiviel:Nope, Q is last :/
Chris T.:"Get crossbowmen on the barricades in the mine, those Orcs will come on quick!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Q has inititiative of 8?
Simon N. (GM):everyone rolled?
Chris T.:(North and south of the red rug room and then around the eastern corner to the south of there
Simon N. (GM):GM: One of the dwarven scouts atop the Keep blows his War Horn, warning of the approaching Orcs.
Qiviel:The 8 init didn't stick, so I had to reroll and it was a 2
Simon N. (GM):
Ted:that is one sharped eyed dwarf
Scout, Dwarf:"More of 'em to the east!" points
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):alright but dont stay outside to long Q
Scout, Dwarf:#Fraener
Chris T.:Fraener casts Shield of Faith and moves to the mine entrance. Readies sacred flame. Done
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Geoff:"C'mon Ted, we're leaving."
How would the horse traps affect movement?
Ted:"right on chief"
Simon N. (GM):You could fo prone & crawl under, otherwise Acrobatics to cross over without stabbing yourself
Geoff:He's not feeling very acrobatic today, so he'll crawl under.
Simon N. (GM):OK so 45 to there
Simon N. (GM):end turn there under it :)
Kenny - Syrus:Dashing up 60' next to Malied for a look (End Turn)
Simon N. (GM):Action to open Gate
Kenny - Syrus:Then I just wait at gate. End turn :)
Erasmus:OOC Gate opens outwards?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):brb
Simon N. (GM):it can swing both ways
Do you want to open the gate Syrus?
Kenny - Syrus:Yes, lets open gate so others can come in
Simon N. (GM):#Malied
Malied:Going to provide some heavy cover for Era and Jyr
fog cloud here
i think thats the right size
20" radius
Simon N. (GM):that's a square :)
Simon N. (GM):that's only 12.5' radius :/
Malied:thanks, holding alt didn't work :/
Simon N. (GM):should be a circle 40' across
Malied:ah, ok, a little further down
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Back
Malied:right, thats it
I hate drawing things -.-
k, heavily obfuscated
end turn
hopefully it will help
Simon N. (GM):hopefully E & J don't fall in their pit :)
Erasmus:(We know where it is.)
Simon N. (GM):#Erasmus you are suddenly blinded as fog rolls over you
Malied:"Over hree!"
Simon N. (GM):DC 10 Survival if you want to take an Action to navigate safely out. I'll give Advtg as Malied yelling :)
& you can take J'yrdani's hand if you succeed & lead her out
Erasmus:Erasmus is surprised by the dense fog which suddenly descends. "Shit. J, come this way" and he takes her hand and points it back toward the hold. He then runs back to the north west.
Simon N. (GM):on fail, random direction
BRB food run
Erasmus Bos:
Erasmus:Mother F...
Erasmus Bos:
Chris T.:eek
Erasmus:Thanks for reminding me!
soz for throwing the cloud, but you got an archer and demon ape coming up, figured you'd need the cover
Chris T.:It's going to be a close race.
Erasmus:How does this movement work then?
Malied:good question...
Erasmus:The cloud is pretty good. They can only dash as a BA if they can see us
Chris T.:The Orcs get a free extra move when heading toewards enemies
They can see the fort and its defenders
I'm guessing that willcount?
Erasmus:Max 90', bo no attack once they get there.
Chris T.:My advice is still to fall back now and defend the mine. Beforewe get in each other's way.
Simon N. (GM):(back)
Malied:lets get everyone back to the fort then go from there, picking them off and making them bleed for every step
Chris T.:And once they have even one of us pinned?
The sight lines within the stone walls of the mine are set.
Malied:we pull back inside
Chris T.:We can contain their numbers and maximize our fire power.
Simon N. (GM):OK Erasmus you can move another 25' from there w Jyrdani (using her Reaction)
Erasmus:Step of the Wind
Simon N. (GM):The big rocks in the pond are about 8' to top so block LOS at ground level
OK you leave J to her own turn then
Ted:can ii cross the pond or do i have to go under the barrier?
Simon N. (GM):You can dive in pond & swim (at half speed & prone)
Ted:thats half a dash
crawl under
Geoff:"Hi Ted, fancy meeting you here."
Ted:hey dude
then cunning action dash
if i can
Simon N. (GM):You also have your BA yup I'll move you
65', stand 80'
90' to there
Ted:think he'll commando crawl avoid missles
Simon N. (GM):good plan!
Ted:as best he can
Simon N. (GM):to there & prone
end turn
Simon N. (GM):J action move 30' (already used her move w Erasmus)
Ted:how high is the stockade?
Simon N. (GM):12'
Ted:very high for dwarves
Malied:O shit, they have a battering ram O.o
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):wait there is more to the west?
Chris T.:yup
Simon N. (GM):#Strohm
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):yeah to the east i mean
Malied:about 30ish total, 3 more though one, ape dude and queen bitch
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):Dash to the curtain wall
Malied:and the battering ram team
and three archers
Simon N. (GM):Prob take your turn to there from roof Strohm
Ted:phew thought strohm was gonna shoot me...again
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Kenny - Syrus:OOC - I love the scared Deer that is hiding in SE
Chris T.:(Malied and Strohm can be killing them by the dozen with their Burning Hands in the tight confines of the mines)
Malied:a Deer?! o god we must surrender! they have a Deer!
Chris T.::D
Qiviel:Q shifts along the road. end turn
Ted:oh deer
Simon N. (GM):#Fraener
Chris T.:Moves up the steps to take advantage of cover in the doorway. Hold action on Sacred flame. "Make sure there are men ready to move the barricades when we head down and replace them once we pass." Done.
Simon N. (GM):#Norrin
Ted:"Comon big guy"
Geoff:Extracts himself from under the barricade and dashes for the fort.
Simon N. (GM):30 to there
60 to there
Geoff:That will do.
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:Move up next to Malied…
With my Crossbow Light, I can shoot up to 320’ at Disadvantage. I would like to try, at this Orc near the Fog Cloud?
Simon N. (GM):um, you can't see through the cloud!
Kenny - Syrus:OK then I try this one to the East?
Malied:(there are some to the east)
Simon N. (GM):From the heights you can't shoot through the tree cover
So you need a clear LOS for a shot
Kenny - Syrus:OK so I cannot see any of them to the East?
Simon N. (GM):Also you need to be on the cliff edge to look over it
I don't think so - I tried w the dwarves, no clear shot so they Readied
to shoot when foes reach
that area
Kenny - Syrus:OK then I move to edge of cliff to see the area you pinged... End Turn
Simon N. (GM):& ready bow?
Kenny - Syrus:(Thanks!)
If I dash to get there I cannot ready an action, right?
Simon N. (GM):yes those are both actions
Kenny - Syrus:My normal movement I would not get there
Simon N. (GM):ok
Malied:toss a rope to Era and Jyr so they can climb up
then rdy action firebolt
unless the rope thing counts as an action
end turn
Simon N. (GM):Throwing a rope isn't an action but that doesn't help them either
Malied:really, o, k
Simon N. (GM):Well it would just lie at their feet being a rope
Malied:ah, i meant like throw one end down so that they could climb up
my bad
Simon N. (GM):Since you are too weak to haul them up w/out hammering it in I suggest you just ready FB
Malied:I'll just ready a firebolt
thanks for rubbing in how weak Malied is :P
end turn
Simon N. (GM):On the cliff edge so you can see orcs coming yes?
Simon N. (GM):#Erasmus
Erasmus:Erasmus runs to the place where the cheval de fris meets the cliff. Planting his hand on the cross bar, he runs up and along the wall to drop behind it.
Twice, if possible.
Simon N. (GM):ok
Geoff:"Showoff," Norrin says to Erasmus, as his own armour is dirty and covered in mud.
Erasmus:"Have to be some advantages to getting hit easily!"
@GM is that just movement?
Simon N. (GM):>>At 9th level, you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on Your Turn without Falling during the move.<< Not until 9th level :)
Call it difficult terrain so +3 move x2 = +30'
Erasmus:I'l say I'm done all the way to there, then.
Simon N. (GM):ok
Ted:Stand and run. "Hi Q, Bye Q"
Qiviel:Q nods as he passes
Simon N. (GM):15' to stand
Ted:got another 10
Chris T.:"Watch the pit!"
Simon N. (GM):Ted teeters :)
Ted:"Dont shoot i'm on yourside"
Chris T.:hehe
Simon N. (GM):PP 15+ you hear an orc shouting a warning
PP 15+ & Speak Orc you hear him yelling: "Watch for the little pits!"
Geoff:Norrin is both 15 PP and knows Orcish "Dammit, they know about our traps."
Simon N. (GM):Malied & Syrus roll Perception, if you get 15+ you see the yelling Orc & can use Readied shots on him
Kenny - Syrus:
Simon N. (GM):he's 100-105' away
Simon N. (GM):OK Syrus you spot him
Kenny - Syrus:(I didn't ready an action as I dashed in last round)
Simon N. (GM):Oh ok
Kenny - Syrus:Which one did I spot?
Erasmus:"If they slow them, they work. If they force them around the fog, they work."
Simon N. (GM):Syrus points out the orc to Malied who then misses it :)
Malied:wasted a nat 20
Simon N. (GM):
Dwarf sharpshooter squeezes off a shot...
Chris T.:"Yay!"
Simon N. (GM):The wounded orc screams in pain
Ted:crack shot
Malied:...does it fall into one of the pits ?#
Chris T.:first blood :)
Erasmus:Which did he shoot, please?
Simon N. (GM):the one by the wee pits
Simon N. (GM):You glimpse the Barlgura demon swinging through the trees
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Watching Erasmus vaulting the defences, she tries the same thing.
with a dash
Done to there, I guess?
Simon N. (GM):ok
Simon N. (GM):You see orcs coming into plain view now
As they head for your barricades
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):move to the laddder and end turn
ooc how tall is the wooden wall?
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Chris T.:12'
Simon N. (GM):12'
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):got it
Qiviel:(Are we pulling back into the palisade area?)
Malied:"Time to fall back!"
The orcs will advance VERY fast now that they can see us
Qiviel:So we're grouping up near Fraener? I'm working out where I'm supposed to retreat to :)
Chris T.:"If only they had listened."
Qiviel:Assuming that's where we're retreating to Q will go into the palisade
Malied:"we know how many we are dealing with now, that was worth statyin g up here for"
Simon N. (GM):
Chris T.:"We can not hope to even dent their forces with a few bolts and arrows! We must take up a position where we can bring our spells to bearon their massed ranks."
(How do youdo the ping location thing please?)
Erasmus:hold the mouse button over where you want it
Simon N. (GM):just press & hold
Malied:hold left clik
Chris T.:hmmm I can'tseeit..
Malied:make sure you have the cursor button selected
Chris T.:Ah! Thanks guys :)
Simon N. (GM):JUst click on the location & don't release yup
Malied:no worries :)
Chris T.:Thosearethe areas where we can defend and do serious damage
Kenny - Syrus:ping again pls!
got it!
Malied:yep, thats what I meant by picket defense Chris ;)
Chris T.:Where their forceswill be forced to mass
Malied:soz if i didn't explain
Chris T.:well no one seemed interested during the week :D
Malied:soz, got flooded with stuff as usual -.-
Chris T.:No worries,we are where we are
Simon N. (GM):A dwarf steps out beside Fraeer and yells tp the non-dwarves. "Get inside wi' ye! Soon as the orcs are through yon gate, we're barrin' the keep door! Any o'youse still outside then are stayin' out!"
Erasmus:(Right click to turn corners, Geoff)
Chris T.:Fraener will hold the doors for as long as he can. He's all set up to kill the demon. He asks the crossbowmen to make sure every shot they can get they take at the demon. He will ready Bless for if it comes into view over the walls. Done.
Simon N. (GM):Dwarf: "You reckon bolts will hurt it, Father?"
Geoff:"Run away!"
Ted:"watch out for the pit big guy"
Chris T.:"I don't know my friend, but I will call the blessings of the Dvarfatter to guide your shots and hope his magic serves."
Simon N. (GM):The dwarf cocks his light x-bow. "As you say, Father. I'm Vili, by the bye."
Chris T.:"I am proud to stand beside you, Vili!"
Simon N. (GM):Vili: "Aye, you ain't seen me shootin' yet!" grins ruefully
Chris T.::)
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
Kenny - Syrus:“Guys, I am gonna try something new I just learned, hopefully slow this group down a bit!!!”
Casts “Hypnotic Patterns” at this group of Orcs (30 feet Cube)
Simon N. (GM)::)
Chris T.:(Do we need to slow them until we can get fire onto them?)
Simon N. (GM):
Simon N. (GM):
Kenny - Syrus:One saved!
Simon N. (GM):6 are hypnotised plus the leader! They stand staring at the pretty swirly things
Malied:how long does that last?
Kenny - Syrus:Moves back 30' then End Turn
@Malied that lasts 1min (10 turns) or until someone wakes them/hits them
End Tuen
Simon N. (GM):#Malied
Malied:ok, firebolt the one thats awake then pull back to the palasaide
Simon N. (GM):slight singe
Kenny - Syrus:Nice attack roll!
Simon N. (GM):#Erasmus
Malied:shit damage as per usual end turn
Erasmus:Hearing Syrus's call, Erasmus turns and tries despearately to hit the standing orc with the crossbow he acquired from the dwarves.
Malied:brb, drink run
Erasmus Bos:
Kenny - Syrus:WOW!!!
Simon N. (GM):OK for E it has cover bit he still crits :)
Kenny - Syrus:He is better with a bow than his stick!!
Simon N. (GM):need to roll crit die
Chris T.:yay
Erasmus:100' range so disadvantage.
Simon N. (GM):ah right
have inspiration anyway :)
Then :)
He falls back
Simon N. (GM):#Ted
Ted:I'll get up on the roof with the sniper dead dwarf
(not sure of the move it'll take though)
Simon N. (GM):ok I'll do it
"scuze me dudes"
Simon N. (GM):90' to the ladder
Ted:ok thx Simon.
Simon N. (GM):You see a stout dwarf butt above you as a sniper climbs the ladder.
grins showing gold fangs
Simon N. (GM):The dwarf grunts.
Ted:dont shoot im on yer side
Simon N. (GM):The Barlgura scrambles along the cliff, claws digging chunks from the hard stone.
Ted:(are they loop holes in the wall?)
Simon N. (GM):there are arrow slits in the keep walls
Ted:(not on the roof. ok thx)
Simon N. (GM):The roof has battlements
Chris T.:"Inside! Inside the doors!" Bellows Fraener
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Jyrdani considers throwing a javelin at the orc by the sleeping group but, hearing fraener, and seeing the barlgura, decides instead to book it to the safety of the pallisade.
rolling d8
20' left minus anything for diff. terrain
Simon N. (GM):Minus the 15' for getting round the barrier
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:done there then
Simon N. (GM):The wounded orc shakes his boss awake
Then looks doe some cover
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"Sorry Syrus, didn't want to risk getting locked out."
Erasmus:Looking up to the roof "Where are all the archers? Why aren't they already up there to cover us?"
Ted:Hut hut hut (orc swat chant)
Malied:am I lagging?
Chris T.:"Stop yer squawking and get in here!"
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):no Simon is dealing with the orcs
Malied:ah, k
Ted:52 grunts
Simon N. (GM):#Strohm
Chris T.:(and our spell casters can take them down a dozen at a time in the underground corridors.)
Malied:He only has himself to blame :P
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):"Everyone to the mine or the Dwarves will lock us out"
Dash to the mine
end turn
Simon N. (GM):(stairs are x2)
Qiviel:I can't work out which stairs we're running towards, but Q double moves in (and out of the way if possible)
Chris T.:"Holdsharpshooters! Bring down the demon1"
Simon N. (GM):(stairs down to bottom, stairs up to top)
The snipers don't have LOS on the demon, roll Intimidate DC 12 Fraener
Malied:(those dwarf archers can get in right?)
Chris T.:
rolling 1d20-1
Simon N. (GM):There's only 1 dwarf outside, he's minding the gate, +snipers on the roof
They shoot at the orcs at the barricade
One drops - first fatality of the battle!
Chris T.:Yay
Simon N. (GM):#Fraener
(I'll prob do a couple more rounds, end by 9.30)
Chris T.:Fraener casts Bless on himself, Vili and Strohm. "Vili lad,if that demon pokes it's head up, shoot the bugger off! The rest of you inside quickly!"
sof f goes down of course
Simon N. (GM):Vili nods. "Aye father! Very good!"
Channeling Father Ted here :)
Geoff:Norrin will dash into the keep and take up a guard position just inside the door, ready to help bar it once everyone else is in.
Chris T.:hehe
Simon N. (GM):there are several inner doors
Geoff:The main door to the keep
Simon N. (GM):#Syrus
BRB drinks run
Kenny - Syrus:Dash action to get as far into the keep as possible
On passing Erasmus, I throw some Glitter Confetti over him and give him Bardic Inspiration! ;)
End turn
Malied:Malied will double move into the keep
Erasmus:Erasmus is emboldened by his friend, if a little irritated at the form his inspiration takes!
Malied:the best he can do :P
Chris T.::)
Simon N. (GM):back
drink became cake :)
Erasmus:Erasmus, avoiding the covered pit, runs into the keep. "Get inside and bar the gate!"
(That last was to Jyrdani)
Simon N. (GM):Ted goes up to roof?
Ted:Can Ted use the hide action behind the battlements to take sneak attacks?
Simon N. (GM):ok
rem range though
Ted:"Hi guys"to dwarf snipers "what we shootin at?"
Simon N. (GM):hide gives advtg, no sneak if disad fr range
"Those orcs"
Ted:Have i go any move left?
Simon N. (GM):yes that was only 25'
inc going up ladder
Ted:BA dash cant use hide
regular shot
Simon N. (GM):ok
they're 90'+ away
Simon N. (GM):still hit :)
Ted:ducks behind battlements end turn thx
thumbs up the dwarf snipers
Simon N. (GM):You can drop prone if you like
Simon N. (GM):The battlements are made for dwarves & not very high :)
Ted:of course hahaha
"shame we didnt soak those barriers in fuel eh guys"
says Ted to the snipers
Simon N. (GM):Dwarf: "Yeah, cos that always works..."
Ted:"oh youve done this before then?"
Simon N. (GM):"Yep"
Ted:"my first time"..mutters "hope its not my last"
Simon N. (GM):"Yep"
Chris T.::(
Malied:DC of 0?
Chris T.:eek
Erasmus:(Soz, only meant 1)
(Probably DC11 or 12)
Simon N. (GM):DC 13
Simon N. (GM):The Bar Lgura summons tangling vines that grasp at Jyrdani and the dwarf gateman
Erasmus:No LoS needed. :(
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):someone can give inspiration to have her reroll
Simon N. (GM):Need LOS to origin point
Malied:I haven'y used mine
Chris T.:(I think F has 3 insps stored up? He will give one to J if he can?)
Malied:I have at leasty 2
Chris T.:(I was hoping to save them for the demon but saving a character is more important.)
Simon N. (GM):Hm. ok Fraener has LOS on her so can yell at her I guess
Qiviel:(Q should have 1 or 2 ? you're welcome to hers also)
Chris T.:"C'mon lass! You can make it!"
Simon N. (GM):still fail
Only 1 Insp per roll please :)
Chris T.:He groans
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:"It's too tight!"
Simon N. (GM):
Malied:she canb rage and give herslf adv
on her turn
Simon N. (GM):The dwarf is trapped too
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:How tall is this barlgura?!
Simon N. (GM):He's Large - he looked round the corner not over the palisade
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Yeah, I get that, but I'm trying to get a picture here!!
Simon N. (GM):#Jyrdani
About 9' maybe but he's hunched over
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Oh, Ok.
Simon N. (GM):Shaped like a v big gorilla
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Rages
Chris T.:yay!
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):just save right?
Simon N. (GM):It's a STR check not a save
still 22 w advtg :)
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Ah. Save first, check after. Sorry.
Simon N. (GM):J uses her rage & action to tear free
Chris T.:"Grab the dwarf!"
Kenny - Syrus:YAY!!!
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Presume I can't shut the gate?
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ooc should she close the gate
Simon N. (GM):The gate is entangled too, presumably that was the demon's main target
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):ahh clever monkey
Simon N. (GM):It's an action to try to tear dwarf or gate free
so not this round
Rage ends EOT as you've not attacked or taken damage
Jyrdani of Jiyyd::(
Malied:attack something man!
Simon N. (GM):J had her action already
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Already used action.
Malied:ah, bollocks, right
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Hang on, isn't by the start of her next turn?
Simon N. (GM):Orcs pick up a barricade and chuck it in the pond.
Malied:yep, if you get hit before the start of you next turn you stay raged
Simon N. (GM):>>Hang on, isn't by the start of her next turn?<< No, "Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked Unconscious or if Your Turn ends and you haven’t attacked a Hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. "
(I usually play barbarians so I know it off by heart but that is a copy.paste) :p
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Well that's just shit. :(
Malied:o yea...
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:But roolz iz roolz!
Simon N. (GM):Orc bosses yell at their men to shake the hypnotised ones awake.
Kenny - Syrus:eyeroll
Simon N. (GM):someone checking my orc moves? :D
Kenny - Syrus:Someone chuck a Fireball at that cluster of Orcs as a readied action?? ;)
Chris T.:ifonly! :D
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):only Syrus have 3rd level spell slot i believe
Simon N. (GM):#Strohm
(ending end of this round)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):moves deepr to the mine
end turn
Simon N. (GM):30 to there
Chris T.:(Strohm is Blessed by the way)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):thank you chris 1d4 to all rolls?
Chris T.:attacks and saves
Simon N. (GM):attacks & saves for 1 minute
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:(Attacks and saves)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):okay
Jyrdani of Jiyyd:Jinx
Simon N. (GM):#Qiviel
Qiviel:I'm torn... I can't save my movement until the others have moved, can I?
Simon N. (GM):You can Ready a move
Qiviel:OK, I'll ready her movement to follow the others down or put herself between them and any Orcs that make it up before the others can retreat
Simon N. (GM):ok
OK stopping there
Kenny - Syrus:Thank You for the tense build up tonight!!!
Ted:dear all, thanks for the game x
Kenny - Syrus:Well done Team for all the Prep!
Chris T.:Thanks for another exciting session, Simon, everyone! :)
Strohm of Leth (Muiz):next week will be a grind for sure
Erasmus:Jeez, Simon! How many orcs?!!
Geoff:Too bad none of it was effective.
Qiviel:Thanks everyone! Have a good easter weekend! :)
Kenny - Syrus:Won't be able to join next week - see y'all the weekend after for some gory action (to the enemies!!)
Erasmus:Have a good week and see you Sat!
Chris T.:Have a great Easter everyone!
Geoff:Thanks for the game everyone. See you next weekend!
Erasmus:Oh, BTW, do we even get XP for the orc the dwarf killed?!
Simon N. (GM):no xp today
Chris T.:No surprise there! :D
Erasmus:I know not today - but like, ever? XD
Simon N. (GM):If you survive the battle you get xp
Ted:i counted 52 grunts, 8 black suns of anarchy 5 trackers that ginger chimp and the Moon Witch
Chris T.:Aye,we need to get them where we can bring our strengths to bear. That was never going to be outdoors.
Ted:nite all
Simon N. (GM):bye matt
Chris T.:If anyone is up for some detailedplanning during the week on here, using this map, I'm game.
We need to coordinate our powers
'nite Matt
Erasmus:I'd be down for that. What days/times are you thinking, Chris?
Chris T.:How does Wednesday grab you,Tim? I'm free all day and night.
(oh I have a game between 1-4)
Simon N. (GM):OK I set you 2 to this map so you have access
Chris T.:Thanks Simon
Simon N. (GM):even when I'm GMing other group! :)
Erasmus:Yeah, sure. Evening will be best - I have work till about 6 then dinner. How does about 7:30 sound?
Thanks Simon.
Chris T.:7.30 on Wenesday. Look forward to it.
Erasmus:Cool. See you then! :)
Thanks again Simon.
Chris T.:G'night all!
Erasmus:Night Chris.
Chris T.:night Tim

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